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UNANIMI CONSENSI ■ Ancora da fissare la data del funeraledi Massimiliano Belotti, il giovane dece-duto venerdì notte in un incidente strada-le nel Milanese. Stabili invece le condi-zioni delle altre due persone che erano inauto con lui e che sono state ricoverate inprognosi riservata. E’ stato uno schianto fortissimo, tantoA Livigno un’intensa assemblea provinciale da sba

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Blood Glucose Control Management Pathway for People with Type 2 Diabetes After diagnosis discuss lifestyle changes, refer to DESMOND and provide a newly diagnosed information pack. At ALL appointments reinforce lifestyle messages, check on medication adherence and develop a collaborative care plan with the person who has diabetes. First and second line therapy If BMI < 22 or


LE SAC DE PORTAGE La Ginseng est livrée dans un sac interne avec un sac de portage de 42l . Il pourra contenir l’ensemble de votre maté-riel de vol c’est-à-dire : voile, casque, sellette sans planch-ette, parachute de secours léger, vêtement de vol. Ce sac est simple et léger mais nous n’avons pas oublié la pratique montagne en équipant le sac d’un système de por-tage (ce

Primary care physician report

Primary Care Physician Report Edward Vanelli, MD June 9, 2005 Victor Gomez has been under my care for approximately seven years. In February of 2003, Mr. Gomez was involved in a work-related accident that resulted in severe burns over 65-70% of his body. He was hospitalized initially at University Hospitals in Phoenix then underwent rehabilitation at Payson Regional Medical Cent


SOUTH CAROLINA MEDICAL MALPRACTICE CLAIMS What You Must Know Before You Decide To Sue A Doctor By Shelly M. Leeke, Attorney at Law Goose Creek Mt. Pleasant LeekeLaw.com Shelly Leeke Law Firm, LLC Goose Creek 103 Laurel Avenue Goose Creek, SC 29445 (Main Office) Mt. Pleasant 222 W. Coleman Blvd All rights reserved. No part of this report may be reproduced, stored in a ret

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Prescription List for Final Expense Application For use with Final Expense applications on Insureds ages 45 and up Disclosures: 1. This list is not all inclusive and is intended as a guide only. All cases subject to review. 2. This list only identifies some uses for the medications. There may be other uses that could positively or negatively impact the final classification of the case being rev

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La web TV de la LEWB : www.lewb.tv Résumé des règlements vétérinaires à propos du dopage et du contrôle des médications • « Prohibited substance » : substance interdite, toute substance non-admise dans les fluides corporels (sang, urine, salive, .) du cheval durant • « Banned substance » : substance dopante ou non-admissible. • « Controlled medication substan

20 lowenstein paradiso

The Metropolitan Corporate Counsel February 2010 Abbott Labs v. Sandoz: The Federal Circuit Provides Clarity On Product-By-Process Claims Robert J. Paradiso and Lisa K. Schroeder Supreme Court precedent, the treatmentof product-by-process claims throughoutthe years by the United States Patent and LOWENSTEIN SANDLER PC Trademark Office, and other bindingcourt decisions, t

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Liste des médicaments disponibles en conditionnement trimestriel Antidiabétiques Spécialité Dénomination Présentation Conditionnement “Prix public TTC commune internationale (octobre 2008-IMS Health)” Liste des médicaments disponibles en conditionnement trimestriel Politique du médicament/Dim – janvier 2009 • 1 Liste des médicaments disponibles

Postnatal steroids

Steroid use in chronic neonatal respiratory disease Background Postnatal corticosteroids lead to earlier extubation and are associated with a reduction in the combined incidence of chronic lung disease or death, irrespective of when steroids are given postnatally [1-3]. However, the systematic reviews highlighted concerns regarding long term side effects (neurodevelopmental impairment and

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RELAPAZ® comprimidos recubiertos con película (Citalopram) NOMBRE DEL MEDICAMENTO. RELAPAZ ® 20 mg comprimidos recubiertos con película. RELAPAZ ® 30 mg comprimidos recubiertos con película. COMPOSICIÓN. Cada comprimido contiene respectivamente 20 ó 30 mg de Citalopram (hidrobromuro). DATOS CLÍNICOS. Indicaciones terapéuticas: Episodios depresivos mayores. Tratamiento preventi


Stellungnahme Novartis gegenüber der Redaktion «ECO», per E-Mail am 23.01.2014 1. Die Anzahl und Höhe der Bussgelder gegen Pharmaunternehmen sind in den USA stark angestiegen. Auch Novartis ist davon betroffen. Ist das für Sie ein Anlass, Ihr Geschäftsgebaren zu ändern? Wenn ja / nein, warum / nicht? Die Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation (NPC) hat im Zusammenhang mit der Ankla


Disposición 7908/2004 VISTO el Expediente N° 1-0047-0000-016955-04- 7 del Registro de la AdministraciónNacional de Medicamentos Alimentos y Tecnología Médica, la ley de Medicamentos N°16.463, el Decreto N° 150/92 (t.o. 1993), sus normas complementarias y la DisposiciónANMAT N° 6323/04;Que mediante la Disposición ANMAT 6323/ 04 se estableció que los laboratorios titulares deespeciali

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Evaluation of GC/MS Data Systematic Toxicological Analysis in Forensic Analyses by A main objective of forensic toxicological analysis is the identification of general unknown poisons in biological material. A reproducible and automatic extraction procedure for the analysis of Chemometric Methods drugs in post-mortem samples of blood and tissue has been developed [1]. Extracts are

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ON THE POSSIBILITY OF DIRECTLY ACCESSING EVERY HUMAN BRAIN BY ELECTROMAGNETIC INDUCTION OF FUNDAMENTAL ALGORITHMS Perceptual and Motor Skills, June 1995, 80, 791-799 ISSN 0031-5125 [This statement by the author of the following paper says it all : "Within the last two decades (Persinger, Ludwig, & Ossenkopp,1973) a potential has emerged which was improbable but which is no

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Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) What is low dose Naltrexone? Naltrexone is a class of drug known as an opiate antagonist and is normally used in treating addiction to opiate drugs such as heroin or morphine. It has been used in the treatment of auto-immune diseases in the USA since 1985 but is relatively new in Europe. At a much lower dose (1.75 -.4.5 mg) it has been gaining popularity as a


Room Sale, 11am Thursday 13th June 2013 MICROSCOPES & CAMERAS Leitz No14 under Gallenkamp name. Monocular, twin head, brass tube, mechanical stage, mirror, condenser & diaphragm. Objective: x 10 Leitz x40 (No6), engraved 41 both brass. Eye piece: Leitz x12 Simple Microscope, early German. Brass & enamel Monocular course, focus only. Objective: "triple" power compound


Distribution Agreement Signed with Italfarmaco of Italy for Serestill® in China (Hong Kong, 15 June 2007) – Lee’s Pharmaceutical Holdings Limited (GEM) Stock: 8221; Website: www.leespharm.com) announced today that the Group has signed a Distribution & Supply Agreement with ITALFARMACO S.p.A. for the distribution and marketing of Serestill® (Paroxetine Betaciclodextrin), in the

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LICENSING EXECUTIVES SOCIETY The Newsletter of the Licensing Executives Society Britain and Ireland Issue 142 May 2013 Court of Appeal confirms invalidity of patent for EXELON because it was obvious to resolve racemate using standard techniques Novartis AG v. Generics (UK) Limited (t/a Mylan) [2012] EWCA Civ 1623 The Court of Appeal has upheld the High Court's ruling that Novar

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Cholesterol-lowering therapy and cell membranes. Stableplaque at the expense of unstable membranes?Glyn Wainwright1, Luca Mascitelli2, Mark R. Goldstein31Independent Reader of Research, Leeds, United Kingdom2Medical Service, Comando Brigata Alpina “Julia”, Udine, Italy3Fountain Medical Court, Bonita Springs, FL, USAComando Brigata Alpina “Julia”Medical ServiceCurrent guidelines enc


These are just a few of the symptoms of lupus. To Lupus is a chronic disease that can affect the joints, diagnose lupus, a doctor has to see several of these Someone you know or care about may have lupus. skin, kidneys, lungs, heart, brain, and other organs symptoms as well as certain results of blood or urine Please share this brochure with your family and and tissues. But usually only a f




SISC CO-PAYMENT REFERENCE GUIDE Medco manages your prescription drug benefit at the request of SISC. Your plan gives you the option of getting your covered medications through the Medco Pharmacy ™ mail-order service or at a participating retail pharmacy. Your plan features a list of generic and brand-name drugs called the Preferred Prescriptions ® drug list. This list includes a wide se


The 411 on Antibiotic-Associated Diarrhea and Kefir What is Antibiotic-Associated Diarrhea? Physicians often turn to antibiotics as their first line of defense when a patient is sick with a bacterial infection. But in the process of wiping out the bad bugs that are causing our aches and pains, these prescription medications can upset the balance of good and bad bacteria in your gastroi


2 Wissenschaft– Parodontologie Effizienz der Photodynamischen Therapie mit dem Helbo-Verfahren Erste Ergebnisse einer klinisch kontrollierten Studie bei parodontaler Entzündung B. W. Sigusch, A. Völpel, M. Engelbrecht, W. Pfister, E. Glockmann, Jena Die klassischen mechanischen Methoden der Therapie bzw. der adjuvante Ein- Die Anwendung von antiseptischen oder anti- satz von Ant

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Lowcountry Psychiatric Associates Intake Form Name______________________________ DOB____________ SSN_______-_____-_________ Emergency Contact: _________________ relation: ____________ Tel.# ______________________ Referred by _________________________ Primary Physician _____________________ What are the problem(s) you are seeking help for today? ___________________________________

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A SURVEY OF THE VASCULAR PLANTS AND BIRDS OF LITTLE BIGHORN Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology The following report on vegetation and birds at the Little Bighorn National Battlefield includes three parts. The first is an annotated flora, based on a compilation of existing reports and on original field surveys. The second is an annotated checklist of birds seen at the Battlefield, ba

Swine flu questions and answers

Swine Flu Questions and Answers What is swine flu? Swine Influenza (swine flu) is a respiratory disease of pigs caused by type A influenza viruses. Outbreaks of swine flu happen regularly in pigs. People do not normally get swine flu, but human infections can and do happen. Most commonly, human cases of swine flu happen in people who are around pigs but it’s possible for swine flu viruses


Although many books contain lists of lenses, these tend each to be a snapshot of a given period and none covers the whole history in the sort of detail a collector might wish. A collector needs to know about the minor products as well as the major ones and the most important developments. And the focal lengths and mountings are valuable information. Thus this list has been very much influenced by


Do I Really Have to Give Up Caffeine? I am generally a big believer in doing any lowcarb diet plan exactly as directed for the first 2-4 weeks, really ALL the way through and of course continuing forever through maintenance, unless/until there is some reason (usually hitting a weight loss standstill) a long way from goal, which makes it necessary to take a closer look and consider tweaking.

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COMMENT A CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO SUE MANAGED CARE ORGANIZATIONS illions of Americans rely on Managed Care Organizations M(“ MCOs”) for their health insurance, and every day MCOs make administrative decisions that deny necessary medical treatment to those in need.1 In the case of “wrongful” withholding of treatment, Americans would normally turn to the courts for help, but

What’s peer-reviewed and is it the same as academic

What’s Peer-Reviewed? Is it the same as Academic? How can I tell? The terms academic, scholarly or peer-reviewed are different ways to describe the intellectual rigour of an article, book or publication. The terms tell the reader that the article is reliable and authoritative, and makes a valuable contribution to the topic of study. Usually, when we talk about peer-reviewed item, we mean an

Fiche du prestataire aticia communication

Fiche du prestataire : Aticia Communication Contact : J. ELOTO Adresse : Aticia Communication Description : Spécialiste des solutions logicielles et Internet, ATICIA répond aux besoins des structures souhaitant acquérir des solutions simples d'utilisation, intuitives, flexibles et rentables pour un budget maitrisé. Site Internet E-commerce et site vitrine Edition de logiciels d'


Food Allergy/Restrictive Diet Form If your child has food-related allergies, it is required that the family discusses the allergies with our cook and your child’s classroom teacher prior to their first day of enrollment. If the food allergy is not life threatening, the parent may substitute a like item for the allergy food. The family must also provide substitutions for religio


Characteristics of Children Receiving Proton Pump Inhibitors Continuously for Up to 11 Years Duration ERIC HASSALL, MBCHB, FRCPC, WENDY KERR, RN, BSN, AND HASHEM B. EL-SERAG, MD, MPH Objective To characterize those pediatric patients who receive long-term proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) and to determine the safety of long-term use of PPIs in this population. Study design Patient d

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ELENA PITA CALANDRE Universidad de Granada. Granada. FORMACIÓN EXPERIENCIA PROFESIONAL Profesora de Farmacología en la Facultad de Medicina de Granada Facultativo Especialista de Área en el Hospital Clínico de Granada EXPERIENCIA INVESTIGADORA Y/O DOCENTE Profesora y directora de trabajos de fin de master en el Master de Neurociencias y Dolor de la Universidad de Granad


[ SPETTACOLI In piazza della Libertàtornano i burattini(bge) All’auditorium di piazza Libertà a Bergamoprosegue la dodicesima edizione della rassegna«Burattini a Natale», promossa dall’associazio-ne Arts in collaborazione con la Fondazione Be-nedetto Ravasio. Oggi le compagnie «Arrivanodal mare!» di Cervia e «Pulcinella di mare» diNapoli propongono «Pulcinella a quattro mani�

Os-cr kc-3 metformin hydrochloride 500 mg extended release tablets

OS-CR KC-3 Metformin Hydrochloride 500 mg Extended Release Tablet s This formulation features Metformin Hydrochloride 500 mg tablets developed with Carbopol®* 974P NF polymer and hypromellose as the Tablet Properties 2. Carbopol® 974P NF Polymer Dissolution/Drug Release** 1 hour: 32 - 35% 5. Hypromellose Substitution Type 2208 USP ** USP Apparatus 1, 100 rpm, 900 ml pH 6

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Pijncentrum Informatiefolder Ziconotide U heeft het geneesmiddel ziconotide voorgeschreven gekregen en er is u ook uitgelegd waarom u dit middel gaat gebruiken. Deze brochure is samengesteld om u nog eens schriftelijk te informeren over de eigenschappen en het gebruik van ziconotide. In deze brochure vindt u informatie over een aantal onderwerpen zoals: • De meest gestelde vragen

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Chemical Resistance of Polypropylene „ BACKGROUND As a general class of materials, polyethylene (PE) There are many laboratory test procedures available and polypropylene (PP) are recognized for their to evaluate the potential effects of chemical exposure on PP containers of other molded parts including environments. This property has resulted in the ASTM D 542,“Standard Test M


The League of Women Voters of Pullman is a nonpartisan political organization that encourages informed and active participation in government, and influences public policy through education and advocacy. Officers Chair of the Board: Sue Armitage, 332-4279; Vice President: Alice Schroeder, 334-2470; Secretary: June Crawford, 332-7186; Treasurer: Joan Folwell, 332-3946; Voter Service: Ka


MOVIMENTO EDITORIAL INDÍGENA: estudo das especificidades da produção escrita indígena através da análise de edições de mitos Kaxinawá Érica dos Santos Lima Profª Drª Cynthia de Cássia Santos Barra PORTO VELHO JULHO-2012 MOVIMENTO EDITORIAL INDÍGENA: estudo das especificidades da produção escrita indígena através da análise de edições de mitos Kaxinawá


Institut für medizinische & molekulareDer Morbus Whipple ist eine seltene bakterielle Infektionskrankheit. Die Symptomatik ist sehr mannigfaltig,wobei hauptsächlich der Dünndarm (Malabsorption, chronischer Durchfall, Gewichtsverlust) und derBewegungsapparat (Arthritis, Arthralgien, Spondylodiszitis) von der Krankheit betroffen sind. Im weiterenkönnen aber auch das Herz (Endokarditis

(dr. luiz pimentel - cirurgi\343o pl\341stico, cirurgia pl\341stica, cirurgia est\351tica, medicina est\351tica)

Dr. Luiz Pimentel - Cirurgião Plástico, Cirurgia Plástica, Cirurgia Estéti. http://www.luizpimentel.com.br/sobremim/hyaluronp.htm Injeção Local de Hialuronidase para Aumento da Sobrevivência de Retalhos Cutâneos — Estudo Experimental1] Membro Titular da SBCP - Clínica Luiz Pimentel - Niterói, Rio de Janeiro,Brasil. 2] Professor Associado - Instituto de Biofísica Carlos Chagas

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When Doing Everything We Know is Not Enough At three, Sam drank kerosene from a used “Mountain Dew” can. As a toddler he had his clothes stapled to the floor as a means of control or cruelty or deranged parenting. At four, Sam is expelled from kindergarten for a host of reasons including wiping feces on school bus windows. He was the youngest of five siblings and the sex toy for older yo


RAPORTTI LIIKUNTATIETEELLISESTÄ TUTKIMUSPROJEKTISTA Tutkimuksen johtaja ja suorituspaikka: Mustafa Atalay, Kuopion yliopisto, Fysiologian laitos Tutkimusryhmä; M. Atalay, N. Oksala, J. Lappalainen, Z. Lappalainen, K. Kaarniranta, S. Hyyppä, Z. Radak, C.K. Sen Tutkimuksen nimi ja asiasanat: Protective and anti-apoptotic role of thioredoxin system: effect of endurance training an


Cas cliniques de réanimation - Exercices de révisionsInfirmier en unité de réanimation médico-chirurgicale. Votre vacation est de 8H00 à20H00. Vous avez en charge un secteur de trois box mais seuls deux sontMonsieur PAPO, âgé de 70 ans, a été admis le 29 juin 2006 pour prise en chargepost-opératoire d’un pontage aorto-bifémoral (pour anévrysme de l’aorte abdominale). - Insuff

Health professions (general) regulations 2000

[ CH.233 – 11 HEALTH PROFESSIONS (GENERAL) REGULATIONS, 2000 PRELIMINARY 1. These regulations may be cited as the Health Citation. Professions (General) Regulations, 2000. 2. In these regulations — “accredited” with respect to school, college, university, institution, program or course, means a school, college, university, institution, program or course recognize


THE MEDIA – INFORMATION TRENDS AND THE JOURNALISM 1. ABOUT JOURNALISM IN GENERAL The process of informing is becoming one of the fundamental social processes, and the true, fast, accurate and complete information is a foundation of the democratic society and the political participation The method of creating information has become a subject of the academic interest and social pr


Karl-Gustav Larsen Legg ved: NRRLs redaktør for QSTLA er LA5BBA Kåre Nesset. Informasjon for møter og aktiviteter sendes på E-post [email protected] senest torsdag kveld. 1. Amatørradio 2-2013. 2. Nye radioamatører. 3. Åpent hus. 4. Gruppenytt. 5. Gruppemøter. 6. Lære morse. 7. QSTLA. 8. Tester. 9. DX-nytt. 10. RPO. 11. NIHRAC ringen. 12. Nostalgi ringen. 1. Amatørradio 2-2013:


School Year: ____________ Student’s Name: __________________________________________________________ Grade: _____________ Father’s Name: __________________________________ Mother’s Name: ________________________________ Address: ____________________________________________________________________________________ Home Phone: _________________Father’s Cell: _________________ Mother’

110 cmr 2

110 CMR: DEPARTMENT OF CHILDREN AND FAMILIES 110 CMR 2.00: GLOSSARY Whenever used throughout 110 CMR, the following words shall have the following meanings, unless the context plainly requires otherwise. Abuse means the non-accidental commission of any act by a caretaker upon a child under age 18 which causes, or creates a substantial risk of physical or emotional injury, or constitutes a sexual

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Ketamina Che cos’è? La ketamina è un anestetico usato negli interventi chirurgici su umani e animali, ma a dosi inferiori da quelle mediche viene usata per scopi ricreativi e psichedelici. La ketamina si trova nel mercato illegale sia in polvere da sniffare sia in liquido da iniettare, ingoiare o, più prudentemente, trasformare in polvere da sniffare. L’iniezione intramuscolo


ACTOS COMUNICATIVOS QUE PROMUEVEN NUEVAS MASCULINIDADES EN LOS CENTROS EDUCATIVOS. Autores: Juan Carlos Peña (Universitat de Barcelona);Oriol Ríos (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona). CREA-UB. Centro Especial en Teorías y Prácticas Superadoras de Panel 4 . Coeducación y masculinidad Abstract La literatura científica sobre masculinidad ha puesto de relieve las consecuencias


Tips collected from Australian online role-playing designers during an email ice-breaker activity preceding our National Summit on Online Role Tips for Moderating Online Role Play A. Life Cycle of Online Role Play Establish boundaries in using outside contacts (including the real person if the role-play is based on real people) Mark Freeman, UTS Explain total approximate time lear

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8th. Latin-American Summer School on Epilepsy - LASSE VIII “Epilepsy in neurodegenerative diseases and aging” 16-25 February 2014 – São Paulo, Brazil 08:30 – 09:30 – Welcome address and introduction to LASSE 09:30 – 10:30 – Concept of focal and generalized ictogenesis – Peter Wolf (Denmark) 11:00 - 12:00 – Neonatal seizures – Loreto Rios (Chile) 12:00 – 13:00 – Seizu


Mobile Computation (Position Paper) 1 Introduction These are thoughts about some new issues on the computing horizon. I believe a fun-damentally new model of computation has been brewing in the shadow of the WorldWide Web, and very little foundational work exists to back it up. The foundationalwork that exists does not directly apply, although hopefully much current knowledgecan be adapte

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LEBANON VALLEY COLLEGE ATHLETIC CLEARANCE/MEDICAL HISTORY FORM The information contained in this medical history form will only be used by the Sports Medicine Department of Lebanon Valley College for purposes of determining if you pose a health threat / risk to yourself on the athletic field. This information will remain CONFIDENTIAL at all times. (Please print clearly in BLUE or B


Dr. Alberto Malucelli geboren am 17. November 1964 in Mailand (Italien), italienischer Staatsbürger Ausbildung und Berufserfahrung Studium der Veterinärmedizin an der Università Statale di Milano (Staatliche Universität Mailand, Italien) Promotion (110/110), Staatsexamen und Approbation (1990) Wissenschaftlicher Angestellter am Institut für Phy


Flexibilidade e Precarização do Trabalho: A Experiência Brasileira Marcia de Paula Leite Cibele Saliba Rizek USP/São Carlos Prepared for delivery at the 1997 meeting of Latin America Studies Association Continental Plaza Hotel Guadalajara, Mexico April, 17-19, 1997 Flexibilidade e precarização do trabalho: A experiência brasileira Introdução A questão das no


North American Weed Free Forage Certification Standards Designated Noxious Weed List   or Undesirable Plant Species List Absinth wormwood (Artemisia absinthium) ND, WA, [P] [F]Bermudagrass (Cynodon dactylon) UT [P] [F]Buffalobur (Solanum rostratum) ID, OR, WA [A] [N or F]Canada thistle (Cirsium arvense) AB, ID, KS, MT, NE, ND, NV, OR,SD, UT, WA, WY[P] {F]Common burdock (Arctium minus) AB,

Intravenous immunoglobulins for relapses of systemic vasculitides associated with antineutrophil cytoplasmic autoantibodies: results of a multicenter, prospective, open-label study of twenty-two patients

Vol. 58, No. 1, January 2008, pp 308–317© 2008, American College of RheumatologyIntravenous Immunoglobulins for Relapses of SystemicVasculitides Associated With AntineutrophilResults of a Multicenter, Prospective, Open-Label Study of Twenty-Two Patients´rie Martinez,1 Pascal Cohen,1 Christian Pagnoux,1 SteLuc Mouthon,1 Laurent Sailler,1 Claire Delaunay,1 Alain Sadoun,2 and Loı¨c Guille

The "river blindness"

Speeches and Short Articles THE “RIVER BLINDNESS” CONTROL PROGRAMMES OCP AND APOC IN AFRICA: A CRITICAL REVIEW André Rougemont* ABSTRACT Onchocerciasis Control Programme in West Africa (OCP; 1974 – 2002) was one of the most successful large scale operations ever carried out in the field of vector transmitted diseases. It is also an example to demonstrate that a

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Luxottica Group Conference Call Transcript Event date: March 1, 2013 CORPORATE PARTICIPANTS: Alessandra Senici – forward looking statement & introduction Andrea Guerra – 2012 highlights Enrico Cavatorta – FY 2012 results Andrea Guerra – behind the rule of thumb & secular growth drivers Paolo Pezzutto – relentless optical expansion Paolo Alberti – the rising wa


Prévention du cancer de la prostate : un réel espoir… Une équipe américaine vient pour la première fois de montrer la possibilité de réellement prévenir le cancer de la prostate. Avec une baisse de 25% du nombre de cancers après 7 ans de traitement par le finasteride, c’est une avancée très stimulante. Avec 10 000 morts par an dans notre pays, avec aussi 220 000 nouveaux cas

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Animal research highlights a therapeutic potential of cannabinoids for the treatment of depression Regina A. Mangieri Department of Pharmacology, The University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX 78712, USA Abstract Long known for their mood altering effects, cannabinoids are currently under investigation for their therapeutic potential in the treatment of depression. Findings from multi

Heimbegehung luitpold _bericht 2 v_ 26.+27.04.2012

Lebenshilfe Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen Geschäftsleitung Herr Gulder Prof.-Max-Lange-Platz 8 83646 Bad Tölz Vollzug des Bayerischen Pflege- und Wohnqualitätsgesetzes (PfleWoqG); Prüfbericht gemäß PfleWoqG nach erfolgter Anhörung gemäß Art. 28 Bayerisches Verwaltungsverfahrensgesetz (BayVwVfG); Träger der Einrichtung: Lebenshilfe Bad Tölz-Wolfratshausen Geschäftsleitung: Herr


N E W S L E T T 1/2009 E R EIC - LABOKLIN acquires an exclusive license for European countries Exercise Induced Collapse (EIC) is a neuromuscular disease affecting Labrador Re-trie vers and closely related breeds. Affected animals develop signs within 5 to 15 mi-nutes after start of intensive training or stress. Typical signs are weakness of muscles and collapse th

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Technical Report #9 Adjuvant Multi-agent Chemotherapy and Tamoxifen Usage Trends for Breast Cancer in the United States Departments of Pathology1 and Surgery2, Massachusetts General Hospital and the Department of Pathology3, Harvard Medical School, Boston, Massachusetts Correspondence to James S. Michaelson Ph.D., Division of Surgical Oncology, Cox Building Room 626, Massa

3aih jun 12 pdf

In order to reduce the dose of prednisolone needed the doctor looking after you will often choose to start you, at some point, on an additional drug treatment. In most people the drug used is azathioprine (in some individuals other agents will be chosen). Azathioprine and related drugs are very effective at reducing the doses of prednisolone required to keep autoimmune hepatitis under control

Richtlijnen inname van voeding en vocht voorafgaand, tijdens en na (zware) fysieke inspanning

Richtlijnen voor inname van voeding en vocht voorafgaand, tijdens en na zware training of wedstrijd 1. Een week voorafgaand aan een halve- hele marathon Meer koolhydraten eten tijdens ontbijt, lunch en avondmaal. Zorg dat tenminste tweederde van de totale voeding uit koolhydraatrijke produkten bestaat, d.w.z. een combinatie van zetmeelprodukten (brood, rijst, pasta, aardappelen, ont

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Ten guidelines for creating and using hypotheses Here is how to make a useful research hypothesis: STEP 1: THE QUESTION Our example starts with a small article in a journal for chemists. Scientists at the Technical University of Copenhagen had a test done with plastic pipes for drinking water. They had filled tubes with water in their laboratory and left it there for a couple of days. The


Volume 1, Issue 2 July 2005 Spraying for Soybean Aphids and Mites Special James Tew Interest Points Soybean aphid . Increasingly across Ohio, soybean aphids and soybean mites are becoming a problem. Spray programs are necessary to keep these pestsbelow economic levels. Common insecticides for controlling the soybean aphidare: Warrior (lambda-cyhalothrin), Asana

Famotidine for the prevention of peptic ulcers and oesophagitis in patients taking low-dose aspirin (famous): a phase iii, randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial

Articles Famotidine for the prevention of peptic ulcers and oesophagitis in patients taking low-dose aspirin (FAMOUS): a phase III, randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial Ali S Taha, Caroline McCloskey, Rakesh Prasad, Vladimir Bezlyak Summary Background There are few therapeutic options for the prevention of gastrointestinal mucosal damage caused by low- Lancet 2009; 374

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How Many People Are Affected by Depression? Why Are So Many People Going Untreated for Depression? How Can I Distinguish the Illness of Depression From a Normal Emotion? • Self-identification quiz for depression • Self-identification quiz for bipolar disorder What Are Antidepressants and Mood Stabilizers? How Can You Help Someone Who Is Depressed? How Can I Help Myself Get Through Depres

Goat parasite dewormer chart

Goat Guideline for Anthelmintic Dosages (internal parasite dewormers) July 2006 *Important --- Please read notes below before using this chart* Oral dosing . Subcutaneous injection Cydectin Cydectin Cydectin Valbazen SafeGuard Levasole *Injectable* Albendazole 1 Fenbendazole 2 Ivermectin 3 Levamisole 4 Moxidectin 5 Moxidectin 6 Moxidectin 7


Case 5:04-cv-01762-F Document 279 Filed 06/13/11 Page 1 of 28 IN THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE WESTERN DISTRICT OF OKLAHOMA ANNABEL DOBBS, Individually and as )Personal Representative of the Estate of )TERRY DOBBS, Deceased,Before the Court is the renewed motion for partial summary judgment (doc. no. 266) of Defendant Wyeth Pharmaceuticals (“Wyeth”). The renewed motion was


Proprietà Funzionali Gli effetti studiati sui prodotti della Linea Unikum comprendono: - protezione antiossidante- effetto sulla funzionalità del sistema cardiovascolare- regolazione della pressione sanguigna- regolazione del colesterolo- effetti sul sistema immunitario- aumento della performance fisica determinato dall'aumento del flusso sanguigno,anche attraverso un'in-fluenza sulla gitt

Istruzioni rino

LA PREPARAZIONE ALL’INTERVENTO In preparazione all’intervento sono necessari alcuni esami per escludere qualsiasi controindicazione: glicemia, azotemia, creatininemia, bilirubinemia, prove complete di coagulazione (PT, PTT, FATTORE VIII), transaminasi, pseudocolinesterasi, emocromo con formula e conta piastrine, elettroliti ematici, esame completo urine, gruppo sanguigno


VBP15: PASSI IN AVANTI NELLA RICERCA Proseguono gli studi su VBP15, una molecola con attività anti-infiammatorie, che potrebbe in futuro sostituire gli attuali glucocorticoidi. L’utilizzo del cortisone (steroide) rappresenta da diversi anni uno standard di cura per i pazienti affetti da DMD. Nella pratica clinica questo farmaco serve a contrastare i processi infiammatori responsabili - nel

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Los preceptos legales que regulan el secreto o reserva respecto de ciertos actos y documentos en el contexto de la Ley de transparencia Nº 20.285.- en su artículo 21, los que son reproducidos y precisados en el Reglamento de esta misma ley en su artículo 7º (decreto Nº 13 del Ministerio Secretaría General de la Presidencia, publicado el 13 de Abril del 2009) transcritos a continuación


LAKEWOOD PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH Rev. Terence A. Lucarelli PALM SUNDAY . April 17, 2011 GUESS WHO? Matthew 21:1-11 “Guess who?” I know you’ve played the game. You slip up behind someone, cover their eyes and say, “Guess who?” And they always know! I do that with the preschool kids every once in a while. It’s such a kick. They know who it is . because they’ve usually

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ESTATUTO DE LA FEDERACIÓN DEPORTIVA PERUANA DE BASKETBALL Estatuto: Regla que tiene fuerza de Ley. Fines, Funciones y Obligaciones de la Federación Admisión, Renuncia y Exclusión de los Asociados Visto el Informe Nº 267-GENADAF-2000 de 07 de Noviembre 2000; Que las Federaciones Deportivas Nacionales son los órganos rectores de su correspondiente disciplina deportiva debiendo r


17 β -Estradiol determination of 17 β-Estradiol in human serum or plasma GenWay Biotech, Inc. _______________________________________________________________________ Product Number: 40-521-475003 (96 Determinations) _______________________________________________________________________ CONTENTS 1. INTRODUCTION 2. INTENDED USE 3. PRINCIPLE OF THE ASSAY 4. MATER


“Casa de Fe” October 2007 “House of Faith” Finger Prints of Faith His work is perfect. Praise and Prayer Karina is a beautiful Achuar Princess. I am so happy that God has brought us another Achuar child to care for and love. The Achuar people are strikingly beautiful and handsome, as well as being a very proud and independent tribe. Karina came to us ve

Tragedia en cuatro actos

CÉSAR Y CLEOPATRA TRAGEDIA EN CUATRO ACTOS PERSONAJES DEL DRAMA 1. Julio Cesar Emperador, Dictador, Cónsul Romano 3. Pompeyo el Grande Emperador, Cónsul Romano 4. Cneius Pompeyo Capitán General en España 5. Bruto Marco Junio Senador Romano Asesino de Cesar 7. Escipión Metelo Pío Capitán General en África 13. Casio Longino Senador Romano Asesino de César 14. Casca Serví


Stabilized Autologous Fibrin-Chondrocyte Constructs for Martin Fussenegger, MD,* Johann Meinhart, PhD,† Walter Höbling, MD,‡ Werner Kullich, PhD,§ Siegfried Funk, MD,¶ and Gu¨nther Bernatzky, PhD ࿣method, because it is able to overcome many of the problems Abstract: Stabilization of fibrin-chondrocyte constructs with fi- brinolytical inhibitors has been shown to be a feasible metho


Doklady Biological Sciences. Vol. 375, 2000. pp. 590-591. Translated from Doklady Akademii Nauk. Vol. 375. No. 5, 2000. pp. 703-704. Original Russian Text Copyright © 2000 by Chermva, Lapshin. PHYSIOLOGY Opioid Modulation of Pain Threshold in Fish L. S. Chervova and D. N. Lapshin Presented by Academician P.V. Simonov February 23, 2000Pain is a signal and defense response developed

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A Kartográfiai Szakosztály 2012. évi munkájáról (Szakosztályelnöki beszámoló) A vezetésről Szakosztályunk ebben az esztendőben is a 2011. május 26-án újraválasztott régi elnök, Márton Mátyás és az újonnan megválasztott titkár, Gede Mátyás vezetésével működött. A működésről Szakmai előadásainkra nemcsak a Geodézia és Kartográfián, illetve az MFTTT hon-l


Irrigación nasal hipersalina en niños con rinitis alérgica estacional sintomática Irrigación nasal hipersalina en niños con rinitis alérgica estacional sintomática Un estudio aleatorio Werner Garavello1, Marco Romagnoli1, Lorenza Sordo1,Renato Maria Gaini1, Cristina Di Berardino2 y Alfonso Angrisano2 Introducción Evidencia reciente sugiere que la irrigación nasal conLa rinitis a

Tc-link-6ch-2400 datasheet rev 1.indd

Technical Product Overview 2.4 GHz Wireless Thermocouple Node Introduction Features & Benefi ts Combining full thermocouple conditioning with MicroStrain's • 2.4 GHz direct sequence spread spectrum radio is license free award-winning wireless systems, TC-Link® is a complete wireless thermocouple node, designed for integration with wireless • IEEE 802.15.4 open communica


Running a Kaplan-Meier analysis with XLSTAT-Life Dataset to run a Kaplan-Meier analysis An Excel sheet with both the data and results can be downloaded by clicking The data have been obtained in [Gehan E.A. (1965). A generalized Wilcoxon test for comparing arbitrarily singly-censored samples. Biometrika, 52, pp 203—223] and represent a randomized clinical trial investigating the effe


Campione - Provetta Sangue - Provetta Tappo Verde (Litio eparina)Siero - Provetta con Gel Tappo giallo piccolaAndrostenediolo-Glucoronide17-Beta-Estradiolo (estrogeni)Siero - Provetta con Gel Tappo trasparenteUrine 24h + acido (ritirare contenitore con acido in laboratorio)Siero - Provetta con Gel Tappo giallo piccola1-Idrossipirene F.T. OHPFT IPA (Idrocarburi Pol. Aromatici)1-Idrossip

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CURRICULO VITAE Lair Geraldo Theodoro Ribeiro, M. D., F.A.C.C. EDUCATION Educational Foundation Machado Sobrinho, Medical School of the Federal University INTERNSHIP AND POSTGRADUATE TRAINING Residency in Cardiology, Pontificia Universidade Catolica of Rio de Janeiro (RJ), Brazil Research Fellow in Medicine, Peter Bent Brigham Hospital and Harvard Medical School, Boston (MA

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ESTATUTOS DEL CLUB DE LEONES GUATEMALA SAN CRISTOBAL DISTRITO D-3 CAPITULO I. ASPECTOS GENERALES. ARTICULO 1º. Creación. Se organiza el Club de Leones “Guatemala San Cristóbal”, al cual se le denominara Club de Leones Guatemala San Cristóbal. Afiliado a la Asociación Internacional de Clubes de Leones y los asociados serán llamados Leones. ARTICULO 2º. Domicil


Congratulations on having registered in The Landmark Forum. The Landmark Forum is an inquiry into one’s relationship to life—to one’s self, family, teachers, school and peers. The Landmark Forum is designed as an opportunity for people to be more powerful, freely expressed and effective in dealing with life. Å The Landmark Forum for Young People Å The Landmark Forum for Teens • PART


The WALTHAM International Nutritional Sciences SymposiaBovine Colostrum Increases Proliferation of Canine Skin Fibroblasts1,2Celina Torre,*3 Isabelle Jeusette,* Montserrat Serra,y Pilar Brazis,y and Anna Puigdemontz* R&D Department, Affinity Petcare, Barcelona, Spain; yUnivet, Cerdanyola, Spain by Univet, Barcelona,Spain; and zDepartment de Farmacologia, Universitat Auto`noma de Barcelon


For Broker/Dealer use only. Not for distribution to the public. x Face Amount Age 16-391 Age 40-49 Age 50-60 IMPORTANT INFORMATION Less than $100,000 amount of all Phoenixpolicies issued in the past 12 months plus any risk $100,000 to $250,000 $250,001 to $500,000 $500,001 to $1,000,000 by one of our approvedexamination servicecompanies. $1,000,001 to


The converb, in its least specific and sharp resolution, isThe term ›converb‹ was coined, so far as I know,used to mean ›adverbial verb form‹, or ›verbal adverb‹without definition, by the Finnish Altaicist G. Ramstedt(see the subtitle of HASPELMATH & KÖNIG 1995). Mostlyas ›Converbum‹ or ›Converbium‹, in his 1902 mono-and for long it has been known, in the description


In re VIAGRA PRODUCTS LIABILITY LITIGATION This matter is before the Court on Defendant Pfizer Inc.'s Motion to Exclude Plaintiffs'Experts under Daubert, and Plaintiffs' Motion to Exclude Defendant's General CausationExperts. For the reasons that follow, the Court grants Pfizer' Motion in part and deniesit in part, and denies Plaintiffs' Motion. This Multi-District Litigation involves claim


PROSPECTO MEIBI 50-100 (120171-02)_PROSPECTO MEIBI 50-100 29/06/2012 02:59 p.m. Página 1que las tetraciclinas disminuyen la activi- COMPRIMIDOS RECUBIERTOS raramente fal a renal aguda reversible. Industria Argentina Reacciones de hipersensibilidad: Se haninformado urticaria, edema angioneuróti-bacteriostáticos pueden interferir con laco, poliartralgia, anafilaxia, púrpura ana

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ODSP: More Barriers than Opportunities by Tanya Hyland & John Mossa The 1997 Social Assistance Reform Act legislated by the Ontario government brought sweeping changes to Ontario’s 30-year old social assistance programs by introducing rigorous eligibility criteria, workfare legislation, adopting zero tolerance for fraud and creating a separate income and employment support program for pe


Liebe Tierfreunde, die erst kürzlich in Kraft getretene patentrechtliche Situation beim MDR1 DNA-Test nahmen wir zum Anlass für diese neue „Nachricht“ an Sie. Auf der zweiten Seite lesen Sie außerdem mehr zu den entsprechenden Arzneistoffen, zum prcd-PRA- Test und zur Qualitätssicherung bei LABOKLIN. Wir wünschen eine geruhsame Adventszeit und viel Spaß beim Lesen Ihre MDR1-Gente


LINDA LANIER-KEOSAIAN Response to Howard Gardner’s Keynote Address Bulletin of the Council for Research in Music Education Fall, 1999, No. 142 I remember where and when I first read Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World , so dramatic wasthe effect that it had upon me. It was terrifying to think, not only that the kind of tools for mind-control and life-control that Huxley described m


DEW scripts The scripts Ageism , Disability , and Sexual Orientation are the newest, commissioned for DEW in 2009. The remaining 13 scripts are from the previous EIWP project, with the titles and straplines of the DEW project. The scripts were written by Adam Duncan, commissioned by Language Training London on behalf of the DEW Project. © DEW Project 2010 AGEISM I don’t know w

Pii: s1471-4906(01)01985-8

Research Update TRENDS in Immunology Vol.22 No.8 August 2001the sphingosine kinase pathway. Proc. Natl. Acad. 4 Kwak, B. et al. (2000) Statins as a newlyrecognized type of immunomodulator. Nat. Med. specificity and produce side-effects. 5 Proudfoot, A.E. et al. (2000) The strategy ofblocking the chemokine system to combat disease. 6 Reedquist, K.A. et al. (2000) The small GTPase,


ACCESS TO JUSTICE BHRIGURAJ MOURYA Dewan Law College, Meerut. Access to justice in its general term, means that individual's access to court or a guarantee of legal representation. It has many fundamental elements such as identification and recognition of grievance, awareness and legal advice or assistance, accessibility to court or claim for relief, adjudication of grievance, enforcement


SOBRE RICARDO GONZALEZ: Nació en Lima, Perú, el 21 de abril de 1974. A raíz de la contundente observación de un ovni en 1988, se interesó profundamente en el fenómeno de los ‘no identificados’. Cinco años más tarde, en 1993, afronta una experiencia de conexión telepática al recibir un ‘mensaje mental’ de supuestas inteligencias extraterrestres. Esta comunicación, que se dio de f

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Dificuldades de Aprendizagem da Matemática: Leitura e Escrita Matemática ¹ Alessandro Fábio Fonseca de Oliveira ² Observando diariamente alunos do Ensino Básico , enfatizando o processo de assimilação dos conceitos matemáticos, mais precisamente os de 1as e 2 as séries do Ensino Médio, verificamos que, em grande parte, há dificuldades em interpretar textos e/ou gráficos ma

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EXECUTIVE BOARD 133rd session 5 April 2013 Provisional agenda item 6.2 Psoriasis Report by the Secretariat The report aims to provide a basis for discussion of psoriasis, with information on its prevalence, aetiology, natural history, health-related quality of life, diagnosis, management, research needs, and implications for health care services, as well as country-level

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Simulation of Multistage Countercurrent Liquid-Liquid Extraction Annasaheb WARADE1*, Ravindra GAIKWAD1, Rajiv SAPKAL2 and Vilas SAPKAL2 1Department of Chemical Engineering, Pravara Rural Engineering College, Loni, Dist. 2University Department of Chemical Technology, SGB Amravati University, Amravati, India. E-mails: [email protected] (*), [email protected], [email protected],

Doctors assail growing use of antipsychotic drugs for dementia - nytimes.com

Doctors Assail Growing Use of Antipsychotic Drugs for Dement. http://www.nytimes.com/2008/06/24/health/24deme.html?page. June 24, 2008 Doctors Say Medication Is Overused in DementiaBy LAURIE TARKAN Correction Appended Ramona Lamascola thought she was losing her 88-year-old mother to dementia. Instead, shewas losing her to overmedication. Last fall her mother, Theresa Lamascola, of the


VALTER T. MOTTA Bioquímica Clínica: Princípios e Interpretações s e n z i m a s s ã o p r o t e í n a s c o m p r o p r i e d a d e s A catalisadoras sobre as reações que ocorrem As meias-vidas das enzimas teciduais após nos sistemas biológicos. Elas tem um elevado grau liberação no plasma apresentam grande variabili-de especificidade sobre seus substratos acelerando d a d e –


Medications for reducing breast cancer risk Hui Gao, M.D., Ph.D, Harbin Medical University When healthy people take medications to reduce their risk of developing breast cancer, it is called chemoprevention. Now there are several medications available for chemoprevention; however, they all have some side effects. This article will give a brief review of these medications. What medications

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ALLERGY CAST REQUEST FORM ALLERGOLOGY, DIAGNOSTIC & CLINICAL RESEARCH UNIT (ADCRU) Tel: (021) 406-6889 UCT LUNG INSTITUTE Fax: (021) 406-6888 Age/D.O.B: .….…/….…./….……. Account To Relevant Clinical Data: Work Tel.No.:Home Tel.No.: Employer's Name: Time lapse since last adverse reaction: Other: (specify) …………………………………………�


Section 1: Chemical Identification Chemical name: Tetracycline Hydrochloride Identity (As used on label and list): Tetracycline Hydrochloride Gold Biotechnology, Inc. Section 2: Composition/Information on Ingredients Section 3: Hazardous Ingredients/Identity Information Irritant; May be harmful if swallowed, inhaled or absorbed through skin. Photo sensitizerCalifornia Prop. 6


Simultaneous Analysis of Antifungals in Plasma by SPE with Agilent Bond Elut Plexa and an Agilent 1260 Infinity LC/MS/MS Abstract Multicompound analysis of six systemic antifungal drugs in human plasma iseffectively achieved using an Agilent LC/MS/MS system composed of an AgilentBond Elut Plexa polymeric sorbent, an Agilent Pursuit XRsUltra 2.8 Diphenyl column,and an Agilent 1260 Infinity

Moola mantra

Moola Mantra Om Sat-Chit-Ananda Parabrahma Purushothama Paramatma Sri Bhagavathi Sametha Sri Bhagavathe Namaha När man sjunger eller uttalar detta vediska mantra så behöver man inte förstå betydelsen av mantrat för att det ska ha effekt. Mantrat har i sig en inneboende kraft. Om man känner till vad mantrat betyder och sjunger det (uttalar det) med förståelse och in

Colonoscopy preparation frequently asked questions | halflytely bowel prep kits

Colonoscopy Preparation Frequently Asked Questions | HalfLytely Bowel Prep Kits What is the HalfLytely® and Bisacodyl Tablets Bowel Prep Kit? This product is a prescription medicine called a bowel preparation. It is a fast — the average time to first bowel movement is within 1 hour of drinking solution — and effective way to clean out your colon (intestines) b

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Medical Termination of Pregnancy: Clinic Procedure This information sheet has been developed to provide clients with an outline of each stage that you will go through in having a medical termination of pregnancy at a private clinic. It should be noted that individual clinics may vary from the clinic procedure outlined in this information sheet, depending on the management and health


Cuprins Legis PLUS Managementul Afacerii Creditul comercial 1. Ordonanta Guvernului nr. 5 din 19 iulie 2001 privind procedura soma tiei de plata, publicata inMonitorul Oficial al Rom aniei nr. 422 din 30 iulie 2001. 2. Legea nr. 295 din 15 mai 2002 pentru apr obarea Ordonantei Guvernului nr. 5/2001 privindprocedura somatiei de plata, publicata in Monitorul Oficial al Rom aniei nr. 380 din


Monday, 4 February 2013 • 3 taking place in our respective borders,” DEP Pennsylvania regulator to study Secretary Mike Krancer said. radioactivity in drilling wastes that requires landfills to monitor for radia- Pennsylvania’s environmental regulator sources in the shale gas production process, tion levels in incoming wastes, and that only Thursday announced plans to conduct a

Endophthalmitis rates after implantation of the intraocular collamer lens: survey of users between 1998 and 2006

Bruce D. Allan, MD, Isabel Argeles-Sabate, DO, Nick Mamalis, MDAn anonymous on-line survey was sent to 234 intraocular Collamer lens (ICL) (Staar Surgical)surgeons in 21 countries to determine how many of their ICL cases had been complicated by endoph-thalmitis between January 1998 and December 2006. A second questionnaire about the infectiondetails and treatment outcome was sent to those who rep


SILICONE RUBBER Technical Data Sheet No.: Q/XHCJ 07570-2012 Starsil™ HCR 940 U HEAT CURED SILICONE RUBBER Starsil™ HCR 940 U is a silicone master-batch, heat vulcanizing after the addition of a Description vulcanizing agent (chosen according to the transformation process). Starsil™ HCR 940 U is specially recommended for moulding, injection and extrusion of Appli

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MINUTES OF LEDES OVERSIGHT COMMITTEE BOARD MEETING Our thanks to LexisNexis for underwriting the call today and the UTBMS call yesterday. Report by Membership/Treasurer – Not on call. Report of Subcommittee Heads: Budgeting - Cole Morgan and Adam Jaffe – Status Quo; occasional questions from technologists. Ebilling Standards - Ranji Ragbeer and Bill Mertes – Not on call. Timekeeper Attribu

May 2007

Monday – Friday 10 to 6 Saturday 9 to 4 Sunday noon to 4 June 2012 It’s not the heat it’s the humidity. Well for dogs it’s both. Dogs overheat much more quickly than humans. Dogs are not able to sweat and can only cool themselves by panting to blow off heat. This is much less effective than sweating. Even if you are comfortable your dog may well be hot. N

Corte di cassazione penale, sez. iii, 28/1/

(c.c. 19 novembre 2002), Pres. Zumbo - Est. Grillo - P.M. Ciampoli (conf.) - Ric. Marton. In tema di tutela dei brevetti per specialità medicinali, la c.d. “eccezione galenica “ prevista dall’art. 1 del R.D. 29 giugno 1939 n. 1127 (nel testo sostituito dall’art. 1 del D.P.R. 22 giugno 1979 n. 338), secondo cui “ la facoltà esclusiva attribuita dal diritto di brevetto non si este


MANIFESTAZIONI DI INTERESSE BIBLIOGRAFICO 29 MARZO – 4 APRILE 2010 Master class di Canto Lirico del docente Annalisa 29 marzo, 2 aprile Universitaria Cosenza; Istituto concorsi e concerti Calabrese Arte Musica Spettacolo Cosenza Mostra di pittura La Calabria e la Mostra delle opere di Maurits Cornelis Escher, aventi per oggetto panorami e paesaggi calabresi incisi durante il viaggio


Neurologie Mise au point Octobre 2011 SYNTHÈSE D’AVIS DE LA COMMISSION DE LA TRANSPARENCE ARICEPT (donépézil), EXELON (rivastigmine), REMINYL (galantamine),médicaments du traitement symptomatique de la maladie d’Alzheimer Un intérêt thérapeutique faible L’essentiel Quatre médicaments ont une autorisation de mise sur le marché (AMM) dans le traitement symptomatiqu

Aromatasehemmer in der modernen brustkrebstherapie

Artikel erschienen bei Leben wie zuvor, Schweizer Verein für Frauen nach Brustkrebs, Bulletin 65, Sonderausgabe Aromatasehemmer in der modernen Brustkrebstherapie Erstes Behandlungsziel bei Brustkrebs im Frühstadium ist immer die vollständige operative Tumorentfernung. Moderne Operationstechniken und systemische Behandlungen machen heutzutage in zwei von drei Fällen Brust erhalten


JOURNAL OF INTERFERON & CYTOKINE RESEARCHVolume 00, Number 0, 2011ª Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. DOI: 10.1089/jir.2011.0062Interleukin-6 in Sepsis and Capillary Leakage SyndromeAlexander Kru¨ttgen1 and Stefan Rose-John2Bacterial sepsis is one of the most frequent and dreaded causes of death in intensive care units. According to thecurrent understanding of sepsis, bacterial components activate i


Azithromycin Reverses Airflow Obstruction in Established Bronchiolitis Obliterans Syndrome Bryan Yates, Desmond M. Murphy, Ian A. Forrest, Chris Ward, Robert M. Rutherford, Andrew J. Fisher, James L. Lordan, John H. Dark, and Paul A. Corris William Leech Centre for Lung Research, The Freeman Hospital, High Heaton, Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom Introduction: A recent pilot study no

Mit department of biology: h. robert horvitz

MIT Department of Biology: H. Robert Horvitzhttp://web.mit.edu/biology/www/facultyareas/facresearch/horvitz. Home Faculty and Areas of Research H. Robert Horvitz OVERVIEW Medical InstitutePh.D. 1974, Harvard Universitytransduction, cell lineage, cell fate, and morphogenesis, with some emphasis on nervous system development. Study ofthe cellular and molecular


Oncodevelopmental Biology and Medicine, 4 (1983) 219-229 ARE THERE FACTORS PREVENTING CANCER DEVELOPMENT DURING EMBRYONIC LIFE? Department of Oncology of the Karolinska Institute and Hospital (Radiumhemmet) and the NationalBacteriological Laboratory, S-104 01 Stockholm, Sweden On the basis of the following literature observations, a hypothesis is advanced that the development ofcancer is a

Press release

Sandoz Inc. 506 Carnegie Center Drive Suite 400 Princeton, NJ 08540 Phone +1 609 627 8500 Fax +1 609 627 8682 Sandoz launches first generic version of DUETACT® Princeton, New Jersey, January 11, 2013 – Sandoz today announced the US market introduction of its first-to-file pioglitazone hydrochloride and glimepiride tablets, the first generic version of Takeda Pharmaceuticals’ DUETACT�

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JLIC HALAKHA SERIES PASSOVER GUIDE 5768/2008 Prepared by Rabbi Mordy Friedman SECTION ONE: PREPARATIONS FOR PASSOVER 1. THE SELLING OF CHAMETZ - MECHIRAT CHAMETZ Guidelines for properly cleaning and koshering one’s home and kitchen for Passover SECTION TWO: EREV PESACH (*that falls out on Shabbat*) 3. TA’ANIT BECHOROT (fast of the first born) 4. BEDIKAT CHA

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MS Bjerneld worked as a nurse in a camp for Nambian refuges in Angola for the Africa Groups of Sweden. She is telling us about the conditions in the camp as well as the cooperation with SWAPO. She was later the administrator in Sweden for the Medical Aid for SWAPO project. A position the interviewer had held at the beginning of the project. She was lso a board member of the Africa Groups of Swed


Andreas Soma (Selvikvåg) Bosatt i Stockholm. Underviser 30% på Kunstskolen i Rogaland 1994-1996 Det Kgl. Danske Kunstakademi, København, 1987-1988 Staatliche Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, 1985-1990 Kunsthøgskolen i kunstteori och kunstformidling, København 1996 2009 Akershus kunstsenter, Lillestrøm (nov/des), 2009 Snowball editions samling, Lautom contemporary, Oslo, 2008 Snowball Edit

32p-sodium orto-phosphate for injection.

Instructions for use NAME OF THE MEDICINAL PRODUCT : 32P-Sodium orto-phosphate for injection. 2. QUALITATIVE AND QUANTITITATIVE COMPOSITION : 32P Acidum phosphoricum 74 -370 MBq (2 - 10 mCi) or Phosphorus in the form of sodium phosphate The product does not contain any antimicrobial additives. 3 . PHARMACEUTICAL FORM : Radiopharamceuticals - solution for injection. 4. CLINICAL P

Low-level laser therapy in the prevention and treatment of chemotherapy-induced oral mucositis in young patients

Photomedicine and Laser SurgeryVolume 26, Number 4, 2008© Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. Pp. 393–400DOI: 10.1089/pho.2007.2144Low-Level Laser Therapy in the Prevention and Treatmentof Chemotherapy-Induced Oral Mucositis in Young PatientsMeire Maman Fracher Abramoff, D.D.S.,6 Nilza Nelly Fontana Lopes, D.D.S., M.S.,1Luciana Almeida Lopes, D.D.S., M.S., Ph.D.,2 Luciano Lauria Dib, D.D.S., M.S., Ph.D.

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First Name Organisation Postal address E-mail Address Phone number Fax Number Presentation topic Research on children and parents' perceoptions of neigbourhood walkability Presentation title Windows into walkability: Using photovoice to understand the complexities of walking in Auckland Presentation Style Presentation Workshop / Walkshop Estimat


Abstract Enterococci are a group of microorganisms that commonly inhabit the gastrointestinal tract of animals and humans.They are incriminated in causing severe life threatening infections. Enterococci are recognized as a major cause of nosocomial infections worldwide. The majority of infections are caused by E. faecalis followed to a much lower extent by E. faecium . Enterococci have

Dio series.pdf

DIO SERIES DIETS The “Original” High Fat Diets for Diet Induced Obesity Formulas Product # Ingredient Formulated by E. A. Ulman, Ph.D., Research Diets, Inc., 8/26/98 and 3/11/99. *Typical analysis of cholesterol in lard = 0.95 mg/gram. D12450B -Cholesterol (mg)/4057 kcal = 19Cholesterol (mg)/kg = 18D12451 - Research Diets, Inc. Copyright © 2006 Research Diets, Inc. All righ


TITULO PRIMERO Objetivos de la Carta de Inversiones Artículo primero Son fijados, en conformidad-con el segundo apartado del articulo 45 de la Constitución. los objetivos fundamentales de la acción del Estado durante los próximos diez años para el desarrollo y la promoción de las inversiones por medio de la mejora del clima y de las condiciones de inversión, la revisión de

Post-doc electrospinning membrane pile lithium

Laboratoire de Rhéologie Laboratoire d’Electrochimie et de UMR 5520, Grenoble INP, Université Joseph Fourier Physicochimie des Matériaux et http://rheologie.ujf-grenoble.fr/ des Interfaces UMR 5621, Grenoble INP http://lepmi.grenoble-inp.fr/ Titre: Elaboration et caractérisation de nouvelles membranes composites organiques obtenues par electrospinning

Wedding photographer in london

Wedding Photographer in London Wedding Photographer in London - It could be really difficult to choose between wedding photographers, although, deciding onone is among the most essential factors for your special day. Because your wedding would be remembered in photographs, youwould like to ensure that the chosen photographer is the right one for the job. When you meet with wedding photographers

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Center for Marital and Sexual Health, Inc. 23230 Chagrin Blvd. Suite 350 #350 Beachwood, Ohio 44122 (216) 831-2900 (216) 831-4306 (FAX) Educational Background 1982-1986 Kenyon Col ege, B.A. in Biology Summa Cum Laude Class rank: 7 of 327 University of Cincinnati Col ege of Medicine Internal Medicine – Jewish Hospital, Cincinnati, Ohio Psychiatry, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland,


PROSP FLUZOL (120056-06):. 20/04/2012 04:52 p.m. PÆgina 1esofagitis, infecciones broncopulmonares no invasivas, COMPRIMIDOS candiduria, candidiasis mucocutánea, etc., la dosisusual efectiva es de 50 mg diarios administrados Industria Argentina - Para el tratamiento de la candidiasis vaginal debeadministrarse 150 mg de Fluconazol como dosis oralúnica. Para reducir la incidencia de la c

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                                                                                                                                            WHAT IS SEVEN? SEVEN is 7 weeks worth of outreach minded services and events TELL ME ABOUT THE SEVEN NIGHTS:


PREFEITURA MUNICIPAL DE LORENA Av. Capitão Messias Ribeiro, 625 - Olaria C.N.P.J. 47.563.739/0001-75 Transparência de Gestão Fiscal - LC 131 de 27 de maio 2009 Processo CPF/CNPJ Fornecedor Descrição Mod. Lic. Licitação Valor Empenhado Valor Liquidado Valor Pago Movimentação do dia 12 de Abril de 2012 - DESPESA EXTRAORÇAMENTÁRIA


Denny T. Lawrence II,DDS, PA DENTAL INFORMATION Reason for today’s visit: ∫ Emergency ∫ Exam ∫ Scheduled Procedure ∫ ConsultationAre you in any pain? ∫ Yes ∫ No If yes, how long have you been in pain? ________________________________________________Please indicate if you have any of the following problems by checking off the corresponding box:∫ Discomfort, clicking or

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APPROVED APPLICATIONS - ELDC Application No. Approved Planning Permission Change of use, conversion of and 30/06/2009 extension to existing corn store building to provide a water bottling facility, a farm shop for the sale of bottled water and the company's other products to be purchased only by visitors on the organised farm tours and not passing trade, store, office/laboratory, k


FRYER LIBRARY Manuscript Finding Aid UQFL361 Rosemary Opala Collection Size Contents Sketches, biographical material, photographs, artwork and short stories related to Rosemary Opala’s nursing career and her work as an illustrator and writer of popular magazine fiction. Biography Rosemary Opala (nee Fielding) was born in Bundaberg, Queensland in 1923. She trained as a nurse a

1x1 aloe vera produkter

ALOE VERA (opdateret 1. juni 2004) Indholdsfortegnelse Aloe Vera Allerede i det gamle Egypten var saften fra denne plante kendt for skønhed, sundhed og uforgængelighed. Fra antikkens berømte læge Hippokrates stammer følgende kloge sætning. ”Lægen hjælper, men naturen heler”. Christopher Columbus drog aldrig ud på en skibsrejse uden Aloe Vera. Han kaldte den for læg

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39 / 15. Dezember 2010 Interview mit Soenke Lauterbach: Gebührenerhöhungen bei Jahresturnierlizenzen sorgen für Gesprächsstoff +++ FN-Ordnungsverfahren Personalia Gestüts-Geschäftsführer Heinz Merk verstorben +++ Deutsches Reiterkreuz für Hengstleistungsprüfung 2011: Das neue Portal geht online +++ Zuchtrichterausbildung der FN: Die ersten Rasseexperten gemäß APO +++ Beschlu

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Wohnungs- und Siedlungsgesellschaft Kärnten GmbH. Neubau von 2 Wohnhäusern mit je 9 Wohneinheiten in der Gemeinde Brückl MALEREI: BAUWEISE: Stiegenhaus: Weiße scheuerbeständige Innendispersion Fundamente: Plattenfundament in Stahlbeton lt. Statik Außenwände: Mantelbetonwände 25 cm mit 16 cm starken FENSTER: Kunststofffenster weiß, mit Isolierverglasung I


(Cite as: 37 Harv. J. on Legis. 45) Harvard Journal on LegislationWinter, 2000 *45 THE PROPER SCOPE OF THE COPYRIGHT AND PATENT POWER Copyright © 2000 President and Fellows of Harvard College; Robert Patrick In 1998, Congress passed the Sonny Bono Copyright Term Extension Act, extending the durationof copyright protection from the life of the author plus fifty years to the life of the auth

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Berliner Büro Lothar Binding, MdB * Platz der Republik 1 * 11011 Berlin Bürgerbüro Heidelberg/Weinheim Politik für Patienten, für Ärzte, für alle Tagestherapiekosten im Entwurf des Arzneimittelversorgung - Wirtschaftlichkeitsgesetzes Sehr verehrte Damen, sehr geehrte Herren, vielen Dank für Ihren Brief zum Entwurf des Arzneimittelversorgung – Wirtschaftlichkeits-geset

(10. la marihuana; droga legal o adicción ilegal)

LA MARIHUANA: ¿DROGA LEGAL O ADICCIÓN LEGAL? Sebastian Cárdenas S. Hemos tenido, a lo largo de este tiempo, una discusión abierta respecto a la visión en la cual se debe tratar la marihuana en nuestro país. No podemos extrañarnos de que este tema esté actualmente en boga, pues por un tema de quizás satisfacer una necesidad que se cree general; resultaría necesario (aunque sea) fo

The world

PROHIBITED LIST INTERNATIONAL STANDARD The official text of the Prohibited List shall be maintained by WADA and shall be published in English and French. In the event of any conflict between the English and French versions, the English version shall prevail. This List shall come into effect on 1 January 2005. THE 2005 PROHIBITED LIST WORLD ANTI-DOPING CODE Valid 1 Jan


Différentes classes d'antirétroviraux : de l'AZT aux inhibiteurs de fusion Les antirétroviraux sont des molécules de synthèses de différentes natures chimiques regroupées en trois grandes classes selon leur mode d'action : deux classes d'inhibiteurs de la transcriptase inverse et une d'inhibiteurs de protéase. Une quatrième classe d'inhibiteurs de la fusion est actuellement en cours d


I AM YOUR LIVER. .and these are just som e of the things I do for you! I store the iron reserves you need, as well as a lot of vitam ins and other m inerals. I m ake bile to help digest your food and help get rid of som e of your dietary cholesterol. I detoxify poisonous chem icals you give m e, and that includes alcohol, beer, wine and drugs- prescribed and over-the-counter as well as ill


CONTACT: Joy B. Murawski, [email protected] There will be a Junior and Senior Parent/Student Seminar on Financial Aid on Thursday, November 15 from 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm at Lake Forest High School East Campus in the David Miller Theater. Please join members of the LFHS Counseling Staff as they host Jerry Cebrzynski, Director of Financial Aid at Lake Forest College, who will provide an overv

DescriÇÃo de serviÇos

Os desafios da propaganda na era da dispersão As pessoas estão se cansando da propaganda em todas as suas formas. Um estudo recente da Yankelovich Partners, uma consultoria americana em serviços de marketing mostrou que a resistência a uma maior intrusão do marketing e da propaganda nunca esteve tão alta: 65% dos americanos se sentem “constantemente bombardeados” por mensagens e


DISCLAIMER: This information is not presented by a medical practitioner and is for educational and informational purposes only. The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard

D i a r i o o f i c i a l 4 6 6 1 1 d e 2 0 0 7_docx

D I A R I O O F I C I A L 4 6 6 1 1 D E 2 0 0 7 MINISTERIO DE LA PROTECCIÓN SOCIAL RESOLUCION NÚMERO 0676 (marzo 9 de 2007) Por la cual se establece el reglamento técnico de emergencia a través del cual se adopta el Plan Nacional de Control de Residuos de Medicamentos Veterinarios y otras Sustancias Químicas 2007 que deben cumplir los productos acuícolas para consumo h

Lpc list of product licences-india.pdf.xlsx

EUROPAR 500 Adrenaline Injection USP 1 mg/ml (1:1000) LPC's ADRENALINE ZENTWORM LPC's AMIKACIN 250 LPC's AMIKACIN 100 LPC's AMIKACIN 500 EUROMIN SYRUP AMINOBUILD SYRUP Amiodarone Intravenous Infusion BP, 50 mg/ml EUROMIRON AMLODEP-10 AMLODEP-5 AMLODEP 5 EUROCLAV Amoxicillin & Clavulanate Potassium for Oral Suspension USP EUROCLAV – 312.5 Amoxicilli

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Integrated Pest Management and Biological Controls for the Homeowner Does the word “pest” bring to mind your little sister or a nosy neighbor? A pest, by definition, is any unwanted organism. In garden, landscape or lawn management, insects, animals, bacteria, fungi, viruses and weeds may all be pests. Integrated pest management, or IPM, is a pest management strate

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Wijzigingen aan de terugbetalingsmodaliteiten Wijzigingen op 1 december 2004. Volgende specialiteiten worden vergoedbaar vanaf 1 december 2004: Benaming PP TB WIGW Aktief B-107 2114-346 AMOXICILLINE SANDOZ pulv. pr. susp. or. 100 ml 250 mg/5 ml GB-107 2166-627 AMOXICLAV BEXAL compr. 16 x 250 mg/125 mg B-16 2166-650 CARVEDILOL EG compr. 14 x 12,5 mg B-16 2166-643 CARVEDILOL E


NOVUM TESTAMENTUM THE NEW TESTAMENT St. Matthew, one of the twelve Apostles, who from being a publican, that is, a tax gatherer, was called by our Savior to the Apostleship: in that profession his name was Levi (Luke 5:27; Mark 2:14). He was the fi rst of the Evangelists that wrote the Gospel, and that in Hebrew or Syro-Chaldaic which the Jews in the Palestine spoke at that time. The o


BÆKLINGARÖÐ LJÓSMÆÐRAFÉLAGS ÍSLANDS© BÆKLINGARÖÐ LJÓSMÆÐRAFÉLAGS ÍSLANDS © Þessi bæklingur er í röð bæklinga sem Ljósmæðrafélag Íslands gefur út á vef Laufey Ólöf Hilmarsdóttir, ljósmóðir. Helstu heimildir Grant, G.J. (2010) Pharmacologic management of pain during labor and delivery.Í UpToDate, D.S. Basow (Ritstj.). Sótt á vef Up

Informational informed consent

INFORMATIONAL INFORMED CONSENT ORAL (ENTERAL) SEDATION ORAL OR ENTERAL SEDATION is made available by this office to assist in minimizing anxiety that may be associated with going to the dentist. The intent of oral sedatives is to relax you yet still enable you to communicate with the dentist while treatment is being performed. Even though oral sedation is safe, effective and generall


LUNGENFIBROSE Liebe Patienten, die heutige Medizin weiß von 30.000 Krankheitsbildern und 1/3 davon kann sie gut behandeln bzw. heilen. Die Lungenfibrose wie andere Erkrankungen (Fibromyalgie), die an den autoimmunen Formenkreis erinnern, ist schwer zu behandeln. Die Ursache ist unbekannt, gelegentlich als Folge von einer allergischen Lungeerkrankung (Alveolitis) oder Sarkoidose. Wa

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SOUMYANANDA CHAKRABORTI Department of Signaling Neurobiology and Cancer, Institut Curie Bat 110 - Centre Universitaire, 91405 Orsay Cedex, France Cell: 919432068202, email: [email protected] Date of Birth: 30th October, 1983 Present Position: Postdoctoral researcher at Institut Curie, France (Dept of Signaling, Neurobiology and Cancer). Mentor: Carsten Janke. Research Topi


Department Of Pathology Clinitek Status Plus urine dipstick testing with Siemens Multistix Strips Version#2 Department PROCEDURE NO. Printed copies are for reference only. Please refer to the electronic copy for the latest version. 1.1. Siemens Multistix Urinalysis Strips are for in vitro diagnostic use. Urinalysis can provide the physician with important information re


Instituto Superior Tecnológico Metropolitano de Diseño ▪ Código Ético INSTITUTO SUPERIOR TECNOLÓGICO METROPOLITANO DE DISEÑO Código Ético ▪ Instituto Superior Tecnológico Metropolitano de Diseño CÓDIGO ÉTICO CÓDIGO ÉTICO Es responsabilidad de todos los estudiantes del Instituto Superior Tecnológico Metropolitano de Diseño obedecer y hacer 1. Conducirme de tal ma


R A C E , G E N D E R , A N D W O R K I NS Ã O P A U L O , B R A Z I L , 1 9 6 0 – 2 0 0 0 Received 4-19-2005; Revise and Resubmit 6-28-2005; Revised received 8-9-2005; Final Acceptance 11-29-2005 Abstract: This study relies on Brazilian census data from 1960–2000 to analyzelong-term trends in racial and gender wage disparities in the urban labor marketof São Paulo, one of Latin Americ

La science végétale

DISPONIBLES DANS VOTRE SALON LE REFLET CHALONNESPROGRAMME CHEVEUX FINS ET SANS VOLUMEGalbe et volume aérien…Les cheveux fins manquent souvent de volume et de tonus. Difficiles à coiffer, ils n’ont aucune tenue. Vos cheveux ont besoin d’être gainés et hydratés. Ils retrouvent ainsi peu à peu la texture qui donne à votre coiffure un volume aérien, un galbe merveilleux, de la racine au

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NAV I share : 10 961.48 € An alternative to Euro zone debtThe fund’s performance target is to outperform the Euro MTS Global Index by 100 bp over the recommended I Share Size : 31.09M€ Fund size : 31.51M€ Fund size (master fund) : 31.54M€ Past performances do not guarantee future results and are not constant over time Legal form : French Regulated fund - UCI

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Joint Meeting of the District Distance Education Committee and DE Stakeholders May 29, 2009 Meeting Board Room, District Office Present: David Beaulieu (President, DAS), Paul McKenna (ITV), Gary Colombo (Vice Chancellor), Jorge Mata (District), Ed Pardo (District), Joe Perrett (ISST, Co-Chair), Pamela Atkinson (City), Wendy Bass (East), Richard Moyer (VP, East), Bob Richards (Harb

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A monarquia teatral de Adelaide Ristori História das viagens em volta ao mundo de uma trágica italiana do século XIX No âmbito da cena romântica, a tradição italiana do grande attore (titular de companhia) apropria-se dos espaços concedidos pelo melodrama, do qual herda o jogo de cena ilustrativo e o drama verista, reinterpretando-lhe a convencionalidade com inusitados estratagema


Mastitis is an inflammation of the breast, oftenwith infection, and is the result of not treating aplugged milk duct. If a plugged duct is treatedby applying heat, feeding frequently and resting,it is less likely to progress to mastitis. Prompt attention to early signs of a plugged duct can help avoidmastitis. Symptoms can be a red patch or a sore lump on thebreast, which may be hot. Adequate r

Call for papers_global environmental justice_bremen revised

Global Environmental Justice Workshop to be held at the Universität Bremen Keynote Speaker: Henry Shue, Oxford University Call for Papers In recent years, global environmental politics and its study have increasingly engaged with normative questions, including global justice. Justice and equity norms have been on the agenda of international environmental politics ever since


BRIGHT LIGHT AUGMENTS ANTIDEPRESSANT EFFECTSRichard T. Loving, R.N., D.N.Sc.,* Daniel F. Kripke, M.D., and Stephen R. Shuchter, M.D. Inpatient studies have suggested that bright light therapy can be used to sustainthe antidepressant effects of wake therapy (sleep deprivation). In an outpatienttrial, a half night of home wake treatment was followed by 1 week of lighttreatment. All subjects had Ma

Calendrier du mouvement inter-academique 2007

Annexe 4 : ÉLÉMENTS DU BARÈME MOUVEMENT Personnels C A L E N D R I E R D U enseignants, M O U V E M E N T I N T E R - d’éducation, La note de service «Mutation 2014» parue A C A D E M I Q U E 2 0 1 4 d’orientation spécifiques au BO n° 41 du 07/11/13 précise le dispositif mis en œuvre pour la phase interacadémique qui comprend :- le mouvement des personne


Bone Marrow Transplantation (2006) 38, 745–750& 2006 Nature Publishing Group All rights reserved 0268-3369/06 $30.00Low mortality of children undergoing hematopoietic stemcell transplantation from 7 to 8/10 human leukocyte antigenallele-matched unrelated donors with the use of antithymocyte globulinP Sedla´cˇek1, R Forma´nkova´1, P Keslova´1, L Sˇra´mkova´1, P Huba´cˇek1, L Kro´


História de uma Prostituta Capítulo 1 “Veja aqui querida,” dizia Ginginet, estendido sobre os veludos de cor de mijo do sofá, “você não canta mal, você é graciosa, tem um entendi-mento de cena, mas ainda não é bem isso. Me escute meu bem, é um velho cabotino, um des-prezado do interior e do estrangeiro quem te fala, um velho lobo do palco tão irme nos teatros de feira quant

Företagsuppdatering till aktieägarna i linq capital ps rev.

Corporate Update to shareholders in Linq Capital, February 2013. The purpose of this letter is to give all shareholders in Linq Capital Sweden AB (publ) a status update on what's happening in the company and information about our portfolio of holdings. First and foremost, I would like to remind you that Linq Capital operates with a minimum of resources to keep its costs down. We manage the


ALIMTA* (PEMETREXED DISODIUM) ABBREVIATED PRESCRIBING doses of NSAIDs (such as ibuprofen >1600mg/day) and aspirin at higher INFORMATION Presentation Type I glass vials with rubber stoppers dosage (≥1.3g daily) may decrease pemetrexed elimination and increase the containing pemetrexed disodium equivalent to 100 and 500mg of pemetrexed, occurrence of adverse events. Patients with mil

Ht_14_4_letterstotheeditor 114.114

Mr Ndiyamba highlights anatomical variation as acause of hand and wrist pain in musicians. This, ofcourse, has been a well-recognized phenomenon inmusicians over the years and there is extensive litera-ture on many of the variations. This literature is wellI read with interest the article in the September issuesummarized by Professor Allieu et al.1 Further com-by Butler and Winspur1 about musi


Bronchiëctasieën De dokter heeft vastgesteld dat u bronchiëctasieën heeft. In deze folder krijgt u informatie over wat bronchiëctasieën, de oorzaken, klachten en de behandeling inhouden. Bronchiëctasieën Bronchiëctasieën zijn permanent abnormaal verwijde luchtwegen met beschadigde wanden, waarbij er sprake kan zijn van chronische ontsteking en infectie. Soms in een deel van é

December 17, 2008, the day my life changed forever

December 17, 2008- The day, at the age of 38, I was told that I had breast cancer and my life was changed forever. Surprisingly my cancer diagnosis, although terrifying in the beginning, has actually made me stronger and happier in a lot of ways. My diagnosis was a result of my normal, yearly mammogram. Due to my strong family history of breast cancer, I had my baseline mammogram at 30 and the

Indian overseas bank, public sector bank with headquarters in chennai and having geographical presence all over india and sout

RECRUITMENT OF 1100 CLERICAL STAFF Indian Overseas Bank, a leading Public Sector Bank with headquarters in Chennai having geographical presence all over India and abroad invites applications from Indian Citizens for the post of Clerk . Candidates are requested to apply through online only t hrough our Bank’s website between 04.03.2011 and 25.03.2011. No other means/mode of applicatio



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- 1 - ====================================================== F.I.D.A.L. F.P.C.M. 20. Berglauf Terlan - Mölten Terlan - Mölten / Terlano - Meltina 17.05.2009 ====================================================== Platz |St.Nr|Name |Verein |Kat|Jahr|Pkt.|Zeit |Abstand ---------|-----|--------------------------|---------------------|---|----|----|-----------|------------ 1. 78 Zeiler Timo Deutsc


Nieuwe Doelenstraat 2-14 | 1012 CP Amsterdam Tel: 020 53 11 680 | [email protected] www.skinsintitute.nl Skins Institute - De L'Europe invites you to experience a tranquil haven designed to lavishly pamper, indulge and nourish your mind, body and spirit. This sanctuary of seclusion offers luxurious body treatment and sublime skincare, combining organic ingredients with the nurturing car

Bee diseases & their control

MAAREC Publication 4.9 BEE DISEASES & THEIR CONTROL Revised November 2005 This leaflet describes important symptoms, the trans-cells and also because the remains vary from the ropymission and control of the three major brood diseasesmoist larvae in cells with dark sunken or perforatedand the one important adult disease of honey bees. capping to the dry scales lying in open cell

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ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA THE REVENUE RECOVERY CHARGE ACT, 2010 No. 8 of 2010 [ Published in the Official Gazette Vol. XXX No. 42 Printed at the Government Printing Office, Antigua and Barbuda, The Revenue Recovery Charge Act, 2010 The Revenue Recovery Charge Act, 2010 THE REVENUE RECOVERY CHARGE ACT, 2010 ARRANGEMENT Sections Application of charge and administration of Act13.


Lo yoga della risata al centro ascolto Oltre Avvocati, medici, ma ancheoperai e uomini in divisatra i clienti delle prostitute. Un momento della perquisizione compiuta nel B&b Sikania di via Bacchilide dagli agenti del commissariato di Ortigia. Qui sono state sorprese una decina di ragazze, alcune delle quali in compagnia dei clienti CARMELA VINCI PRESIDENTE

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COMPANY ANNOUNCEMENT Living Cell Technologies Welcomes Report On Safety of Pig Cell Transplants April 8, 2009 – Sydney, Australia and Auckland, New Zealand– Living Cell Technologies Limited (ASX: LCT; OTCQX: LVCLY) says that the safety of using pig cells as a method of treatment has been supported by leading international virologists in an independent scientific paper. The report published

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The ‘Morning-After Pill’, Rape Victims and Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services Anthony McCarthy “ A female who has been raped should be able to defend herself against a potential conception from the sexual assault. If after appropriate testing, there is no evidence that conception treated with medications that would preven

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Examen ecosystémique de la déglutition Réalisé le 23/10/2012 à l’Hôpital de B. Sur prescription du Dr.C. •pas d’antécédents spécifiquement décrits • une étiologie potentiellement impliquée dans la déglutition : Parkinson traité par Sinemet •antécédent supposé : pneumopathie (potentiellement d’inhalation) ayant nécessité l’hospitalisation actuelle • p

SynnynnÄinen lisÄmunuaishyperplasia

SYNNYNNÄINEN LISÄMUNUAISHYPERPLASIA Jarmo Jääskeläinen ja Raimo Voutilainen KYS, Lastenklinikka Lisämunuaiset ja lisämunuaishyperplasia Lisämunuaiset sijaitsevat munuaisten yläpuolella, mutta toiminnallisesti ne eivät ole toisiinsa yhteydessä muutoin kuin suolatasapainon säätelyssä. Lisämunuaisten kuorikerros tuottaa kolmea eri hormonityyppiä: aldosteronia (’suolahor


N ú m . 1 1 5 2 4 - 0 9 - 2 0 0 2 el nombre d’expedient, interessat, import i procediment dels quals es relacionende Recursos Hídrics (Avda. Gran Vía Asima, 4-b, 1º dcha.). PROPOSTES DE LIQUIDACIÓ PROVISIONAL D’OFICI EL DIRECTOR GENERAL DE RECURSOS HÍDRICS Nº DE EXPEDIENT / N.I.F./SUBJECTE PASSIUMTPA 14100 1999 012087 X2425811R HORRMANN MICHAELMTPA 14100 2000 018457 376484


GLOSSÁRIO ÁREA: DERMATOLOGIA SUB-ÁREA: PSORÍASE Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro Departamento de Letras Curso de Especialização em Tradução Inglês-Português Lato Sensu Professora: Adriana Ceschin Rieche Julho de 2008 Aluna: Isabel C.F. Vasconcelos DEFINIÇÃO CONTEXTO L1 CONTEXTO L2 OBSERVAÇÒES “Clinical studies demonstrate

Aspartame: scientific evaluation in the postmarketing period

Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology 34, 221–233 (2001) doi:10.1006/rtph.2001.1500, available online at http://www.idealibrary.com on Aspartame: Scientific Evaluation in the Postmarketing PeriodHarriett H. Butchko∗ and W. Wayne Stargel † ∗ Medical and Scientific Affairs and †Research and Development, The NutraSweet Company, Mt. Prospect, Illinois 60056 Received March 14, 2001;


NCAA Banned-Drug Classes 2008-09 The NCAA list of banned-drug classes is subject to change by the NCAA Executive Committee. Contact NCAA education services or the current list. The term “related and related compounds compounds” comprises substances that are included in the class by their pharmacological action and/or chemical structure. No Other anabolic agents subst


LVI - INFO Nr. 33 Dezember 1998 Lëtzebuerger Velos - Initiativ ——————————————————————————— Question importante à tous nos membres Est-ce que vous êtes vraiment sûr d’avoir une excuse valable pour rater la dernière Assemblée Générale de la LVI de ce millénaire? Sur invitation de la LVI les partis politiques particip


Your Guide to Mental Health and ABI is part of a series of information products about acquired brain injury (ABI) produced by a joint committee of brain injury organisations with the support and assistance of the Department of Human Services, Victoria. To obtain further copies of this booklet or more information on ABI, contact Headway Victoria (telephone: (03) 9482 2955 or toll-fr

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Important Safety Information about Symbyax® (olanzapine and fluoxetine HCl) Suicidality and Antidepressant Drugs--Antidepressants increased the risk compared to placebo of suicidal thinking and behavior (suicidality) in children, adolescents, and young adults in short-term studies of major depressive disorder (MDD) and other psychiatric disorders. Anyone considering the use of SYMBYAX or


Curr Atheroscler RepDOI 10.1007/s11883-011-0221-0NONSTATIN DRUGS (W BORDEN, SECTION EDITOR)Advances in Medical Therapy for Weight Lossand the Weight-Centric Management of Type 2Diabetes MellitusLeon I. Igel & Amanda G. Powell &Caroline M. Apovian & Louis J. Aronne# Springer Science+Business Media, LLC 2011Abstract Overweight and obesity are now recognized asindividuals with typ


A Neuro-Fuzzy Decision Model for Prognosis of Breast Cancer Relapse Jerez J.M.a), Peláez J.I.a), Condoretty A.b), Alba E.c) a) Depto. de Lenguajes y Ciencias de la Computación E-mail: [email protected] // [email protected] b) Dpto. de Licenciatura en Informática c) Servicio de Oncología, Hospital Clínico Universitario Abstract. The prediction of clinical outcome of patients after

Corel office document

Please note: the following material is copyrighted by Lark Lands. Permission for commercial reproduction is NOT granted. Please contact the author if you wish to use this material. ****************************************************************************** Nutrient Therapy for Neuropathy by Lark Lands Last revision: May 2005 There have been a number of studies that have shown


L’EFFIPRED DANS LE TRAITEMENT DE L’ASTHME I/ DEFINITION Chez le jeune enfant, l’asthme est souvent L’ «Asthme » est un terme grec signifiant des reconnu trop tardivement : la survenue de crises spontanées de dyspnée sibilante 3 épisodes dans l’année de « sifflantes ou de bronchites asthmatiques » doit L’asthme est un syndrome défini cliniquement

Strattera, 130 report per tentato suicidio in un mese

STRATTERA, 130 REPORT PER TENTATO SUICIDIO IN UN MESE Un documento non ancora ufficialmente pubblicato, scritto dalla Agenzia Britannica di Controllo sulle Mecidine e la Salute (British Medicines and Healthcare Regulatory Agency) rivela che lo scorso autunno sono stati segnalati 130 rapporti di tentativi di suicidio in un solo mese da pazienti trattati con lo psicofarmaco Strattera,

Microsoft word - prozac.doc

LE PROZAC ET LE PORTIQUE1 LOUIS VAN DELFT « Considérer les choses qui se passent sur terre comme d’un lieu élevé ». Bleu bonheur Je suivis le noble vieillard( 2 ). De splendides paysages s’offrirent à mes regards. - C’est ici « le paysage de l’âme tranquille », dit Mister Spectator. C’est d’ici qu’on a la meilleure perspective sur le globule d’o

Dhs _primary care formulary_list september 12 2011.xlsx

DHS PRIMARY CARE FORMULARY‐ NOV 2011 ‐ BY DRUG NAME Bolded and italicized denote Patient Assistance Program (PAP) availability Additional Medication Therapeutic PAP Availability Information Acetaminophen/ Butalbital/ Caffeine (Fioricet)Acetaminophen/ Hydrocodone 325mg/10mg (Norco) Arthritis & PainAcetaminophen/ Oxycodone 325/5mg (Percocet)Acetaminophe

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Lessons: Presenting Scientifi c Findings In the fourth and fi nal section of the unit students must present their own “scientifi c story” of what happened on the island: Why did the fi nches die and how were the survivors able to live? Students make posters that show key fi ndings of their investigations, and they summarize their conclusions in an oral presentation. They may use jou

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Polypharmazie im Alter – Update vom 16.6.09 (JH) 1. Allgemeines Ein Grossteil der Interaktionen beruht auf Cytochrom P450-Interaktionen. Von seinen Isoenzymen ist CYP3A4 das wichtigste. CYP2D6 spielt für den Abbau von Psychopharmaka eine wichtige Rolle. Beim Arzneimittelmetabolismus spielt auch das P-Glykoprotein eine Rolle (Multidrug Resistance Gene Product 1 oder MDR1). MDR1 ist ein Au


MGREM1-TI04hun.fm Page 1 Monday, February 19, 2007 12:57 PMOmnia protokolt használó rádiós vevõknél Omnia módba kell állítani. Alapértelmezetten, a távirányító Magellan távirányító, háttérvilágítással Para configurar el moA mûködési mód beállításához, másodpercig. Ha a távirányító LEDje egyet villan, Magellan módban van. Ha kétszer


© Globetrotter Travel Service AG Alles vorbereitet? Alles dabei? Nichts vergessen? ❹ etwas Geld in Auslandwährung besorgen Was sonst noch dabei sein könnte Unsere Checklist hilft vor einer grösseren Reise, die Übersicht zu wahren. Am Tag vor der Abreise Einige Wochen vorher ❹ Reiseführer, -literatur und Landkarten❹ Batterien aus elektrischen Geräten nehmen❹ Ka

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InformationTechnologyServices NEWSLETTER FOR LINCOLN UNIVERSITY STAFF AND POSTGRADUATE STUDENTSChanges We are making some changes to the way the HelpDesk operates so we can improve the service we offer as well as providing a better working environment for the HelpDesk staff. monthly by Information Technology Our HelpDesk does a really good job at dealing with a huge range of support


The Full Story of Cholesterol Lowering Drugs Cholesterol lowering drugs is not the first step to fight heart disease. The optimum way to getand remain healthy is through nutrition. NOT nutrition plus pharmaceutical drugs--but nutritionalone. Nutrition should be obtained from whole, natural foods as much as possible. This is foodas found in nature. As Hippocrates so wisely stated, "Let food

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Expand beyond your current business with our advanced Leadership development offering. How would you benefit from having a recognised, proven leadership offering in your toolkit, to develop As a LeaderShape Associate, you will If you have a background as a Senior Executive with private sector experience, we would love to hear from you to explore Being a member of a team of

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It's about time we look at the REAL "causes" of school violence!!! ** 6 Dead: 15 Wounded: Perpetrator Was in Withdrawal from Med & Acting Erratically **10 Dead: 7 Wounded: Dosage Increased One Week before Rampage **14 Year Old GIRL Shoots & Wounds Classmate at Catholic School **14 Year Old Kills Fellow Middle School Student **15 Ye


Liebe Tierfreunde, die erst kürzlich in Kraft getretene patentrechtliche Situation beim MDR1 DNA-Test nahmen wir zum Anlass für diese neue „Nachricht“ an Sie. Auf der zweiten Seite lesen Sie außerdem mehr zu den entsprechenden Arzneistoffen, zum prcd-PRA- Test und zur Qualitätssicherung bei LABOKLIN. Wir wünschen eine geruhsame Adventszeit und viel Spaß beim Lesen Ihre MDR1-Gente


DIPLOMA IN PHARMACY - PART II 2.1 PHARMACEUTICS II Theory (75 hours) (i) Prescriptions-Reading and understanding of prescription; Latin terms commonly used (Detailed study is not necessary), Modern methods of prescribing, adoption of metric system. Calculations involved in dispensing. (ii) Incompatibilities in Prescriptions-Study of various types of incompatibilities-physical, chemica

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CONSENT TO ELECTRONIC DELIVERY OF DOCUMENTS Lek Securities Corporation (“LSC”) is an electronic-based broker-dealer providing self-directed brokerage services. By agreeing to electronic delivery the undersigned (“Customer”) is giving its informed consent to electronic delivery of all Account Communications (as defined below), other than those Customer has specifically requested b

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ClerVitaRx® Acne Cream Patient and Healthcare Professional Information Please read this entire leaflet before using this medication. If you require any further information, please ask your doctor or pharmacist. This medication has been prescribed specifically for you. Do not give this medication to anyone else as it may not be appropriate for him/her even if he/she shows the sam

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Counseling children, 8th Ed. ( 158.3 HEN c) Gay children, straight parents: a plan for family healing ( 261.83576 COH g) Raising drug-free children: membesarkan anak bebas narkoba ( 362.291 COL r) Researching children's experience: methods and approaches ( 300.72 RES r) Separation anxiety in children and adolescents: an individualized approach to assess-ment and teratment ( 618.928522 EIS

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Antitrust Notizie/31 Marzo 2007 Istruttorie Avviata istruttoria per presunta intesa sui prezzi dei carburanti------------------------------- p. 1 Conclusa istruttoria nel settore delle vernici marine --------------------------------------------- p. 3 Avviata istruttoria su concentrazione Seat Pagine Gialle/12.88 Servizio di Consultazione Telefonica-------------------------------

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DRAFT SCHEDULE** (Times and Speakers Subject to Change) Marriott World Center SCHEDULE-AT-A-GLANCE THURSDAY, May 17, 2012 PRE-CONFERENCE WORKSHOPS: REGISTRATION OPENS 9:00 am – 6:00 pm Putting it all Together: The Nuts and Bolts of Sangeeta Pati, MD Hormone Restoration in Men and Women 9:00 am – 5:00 pm Transforming Theoretical Into Practical: A Lena Ed

Service: sicu, pgy 2 – sinai

SERVICE: SICU, PGY 2 – Sinai Competencies: Goals and Objectives: Patient Care: During this rotation, the resident should learn and practice to:  Demonstrate caring and respectful behaviors when interacting with patients and their families; demonstrate sensitivity to gender, age, ethnicity, religion, value systems and other potential differences of patients and their f

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Regulations Regarding Restrictions in the Use of Medicinal Products on Animals and the Requirements for the Circulation of Animals and Products of Animal Origin if Medicinal Products are Used on Animals Issued pursuant to Section 5, Clause 11 of the Pharmaceutical Law and Section 25, Clause 1 of the Veterinary Medicine Law I. General Provisions 1. These Regulations prescrib

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CHAPTER II LITERATURE REVIEW 2.1 Demarketing It is important to employ demarketing in order to reduce the number of cigarette consumers, because it is revealed that smoking is not exclusively the lifestyle of the well income consumers as mentioned by Lee, Cutler, and Burns (2004). Their research leads them to believe that there are no significant differences of smoker population bas


ACFEH Information Paper 3 Advisory Council on Food and Environmental Hygiene Regulation of Freshwater Fish This paper briefs Members on the follow up actions taken by the Administration to ensure the food safety of freshwater fish. Background Current Regulation of the Feeding of Agricultural or Veterinary Chemicals to Food Animals in Hong Kong 2. In 2001, the Administratio


LOMOCYCLINE Capsule Dosage Forms/Composition Capsule: Each capsule contains Tetracycline 200mg/500mg Pharmacological Index Broad spectrum Antibiotic INDICATION Dental: Treatment of periodontitis associated with presence of Actinobacillus actinomycetemcomitans (AA). As adjunctive therapy in recurrent aphthous ulcers. Medical: Treatment of susceptible bacterial infections o

Biogene amine in lebensmitteln -schlemmerklinik

Biogene Amine in Lebensmitteln und Biogene Amin-Intoleranz 1. Gliederung 1. Gliederung.1 2. Definition von biogenen Aminen.1 3. Vorkommen und Entstehung von biogenen Aminen.1 4. Wirkung von biogenen Aminen.1 4.1. Entstehung von Biogener Amin-Intoleranz .1 4.2. Biogene Amin-Intoleranz und Medikamente .1 5. Mögliche Ursachen für eine Überbelastung mit biogenen Aminen


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>TITOLO / GOTHAM POLAROIDAUTORE / Francesco Cortonesi COLLANA / CoolibrìDIRETTORE DI COLLANA / Osvaldo Piliego / Cool ClubILLUSTRAZIONE DI COPERTINA / Erik ChillyPROGETTO GRAFICO / Far


DESCRIPCION MEDIOS DE CULTIVO DESHIDRATADOS BIGGY AGAR (BISMUTH SULFITE GLUCOSE YEAST) Medio selectivo y diferencial usado en la detección, aislamiento e identificación presuntiva de Cándida sp. Con la adición de sangre estéril, es usado para el aislamiento, cultivo y detección de la actividad hemolítica del streptococo y otros microorganismos fastidiosos. Agente solidificante, aga


Micro hematocrit tubesMikrohämatokritröhrchenTubes microhématocritesTubi per microematocrito Tubos microhematocritosVITREX micro-haematocrit tubes are quality products that conform to international standard ISO 12772. The tubes are supplied fire polished at the colour-coded end, which we recommend should be sealed with VITREX Sigillum Wax. Fire polishing reduces wear on the centrifuge sea

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Regulamento Ação Promocional do LoureShopping “Prato do Dia” 1. A Sierra Portugal, S.A., com sede na Torre Ocidente, Rua Galileu Galilei, n.º 2, 3.º piso, freguesia de Carnide, concelho de Lisboa, matriculada na Conservatória do Registo Comercial de Lisboa, sob o número único de matrícula e de pessoa coletiva 502142324, com capital social de € 250.000,00, lançará às 10h0

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OFFICE USE ONLY DATE TO START CLASS NAME DAYS REQUIRED Little Academy Nursery Application Form Child’s Information Family Information Current Residental address Emergency Contact Information Attendance Information My child will attend: □ Full-Time □ 3 days (Sun, Tues, Thurs) □ 2 days (Mon, Wed) Has your child been in a nurser


Gebrauchsinformation: Information für Patienten Irbepress 150 mg-Filmtabletten Lesen Sie die gesamte Packungsbeilage sorgfältig durch, bevor Sie mit der Einnahme dieses Arzneimittels beginnen, denn sie enthält wichtige Informationen. - Heben Sie die Packungsbeilage auf. Vielleicht möchten Sie diese später nochmals lesen. Wenn Sie weitere Fragen haben, wenden Sie sich an I


LYALL BAY SCHOOL BOARD OF TRUSTEES (BOT) Minutes of the Meeting Held on Monday, 1 July 2013 Present: Katherine Norton, Dennis Thompson, Kieran McDonald, Grant Riley, Tiffany Matsis, Liz Stewart, Joe Serevi Meeting: Discussion/Decision Responsibility Timeframe Dennis welcomed everyone and congratulated them on their election Election of Chair After a brief discussi

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Können purulente Hautläsionen ohne Antibiotika behandelt werden? Marcin Ambroziak*, Wadim Stapór † , Andrzej LangnerAbteilung für Dermatologie, Medizinische Fakultät der Universität WarschauDauer des Anwendertests: Mai – September 2000Publikation des Anwendertests in der polnischen Fachzeitschrift für DermatologieLEKI 4/2001*IWOLANC Wissenschaftlich-Klinische Arbeitsgruppe in Iwo

9.4 case comment

4 BSLR [2006/2007] : CASE COMMENT : JACKSON, WHITEHEAD AND KEMPNER : ON THE OTHER HAND: IS THIS THE LAST WORD ON PATENTING ENANTIOMERS?as a 50:50 mixture of the two enantiomers. Such mixtures aretermed racemic mixtures or racemates. It is possible toseparate the two enantiomers from a racemate by a processtermed resolution, although doing so may be difficult. The individual enantiomers of a c

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Los Angeles Community College District COURSE OUTLINE New Course Addition of Existing District Course Course Change Outline Update, Academic Year: 2004-2005 Section I: BASIC COURSE INFORMATION OUTLINE STATUS: UPDATE , 2004-2005 1. COLLEGE: Southwest 2. SUBJECT (DISCIPLINE) NAME1 ): 3. COURSE NUMBER: NURSING 506 B 4. COURSE TITLE: MATERNAL AND CHILD HE

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