Room Sale, 11am Thursday 13th June 2013
Leitz No14 under Gallenkamp name. Monocular, twin head, brass tube, mechanical stage, mirror, condenser & diaphragm. Objective: x 10 Leitz x40 (No6), engraved 41 both brass. Eye piece: Leitz x12 Simple Microscope, early German. Brass & enamel Monocular course, focus only. Objective: "triple" power compound x10, x30, x60, mirror illumination. Eye piece: x5 & x10 Henry Crouch (London), brass, circa 1880 No 3647. Monocular, students microscope. Focus by slip sleeve & spring screw. Plain stage, iris aperture. Objective: Original x50 brass. Eye piece: Original x10, x5 illumination - Bausch & Lomb No1 No14462. Enamel & brass (1910-1920). Monocular, with two objectives, mirror illumination, plain stage. Objective: B & L 4mm x 40 NA 0.85, B & L 2mm x 100 AP 1.3. Eye piece: x10 B & L Watson No1 'Service' circa 1927. Enamel & brass finish No 40476 Monocular twin head, plain stage condenser No 1375, mirror illumination. Objective: Watson 2/3"para x10 brass, 1/6" 0.74 NA No2384 x40 brass. Baker No1 1941 No30837. Monocular, triple nosepiece mechanical stage, condenser sys, mirror illumination, dark ground condenser for x100 oil imm. No 1537 + 6v illuminator for this, needs transformer. Objective: Baker x10 / 0.25 No 3753, Baker x50 / 0.74 No 6565, Watson x100 / 1.28Para No B 24359 oil. Eye piece: Baker x5 Para, Olympus x10 W.F, C &T x 6 Watson No2 'Service" 1947 No 84989 Triple head monocular, plain stage, condenser, mirror, triple head. Objective: Watson x10 Para 0.28 No C10011, Watson x40 Para 0.0 No C9724, Watson 1/12" Versalic 1.8 Beck No1 '47' No 19757 Triple head Monocular, condenser, mirror illumination. Objective: Beck 16mm, Beck 4mm, Beck 2mm (oil) No 8979 ex Dr G Gray. Eye piece: Beck x6, x10 Leitz N11 No 77772, brass stand II b - 1904. Monocular, triple turret head, tripod base. Condenser not original, mirror illumination. Objective: Kyowa x4 0.10 No582838, Leitz x10 No3 = x10, Leitz x40 (Leitz No6) No27 all Baker No2 1943, No31187. Triple nosepiece, Monocular, mech stage, condenser etc, mirror illumination. Objective: Baker x10 NA 0.25 No6859, Watson Para x40 0.70 no B36964, Watson "Utility" 1/12 NA 1.25 No111274. Eye piece: Watson x10 Olympus x7, Leitz x10 with projection top Reichert No1 No222190, Binocular, moving stage, condenser, 230v illuminator, quadruple nosepiece. Objective: Reichert x10 / 0.5 no348223, Meopta x6 / 0.15 no460655, Reichert x40 Plan No 315734, Reichert x100 / 1.25 no 65565 oil immersion. Eye piece: Reichert x10 plan pr Leitz No9 No 564515 "S.M" 1957. Binocular etc, quadruple nosepiece, flip top condenser. Objective: Meopta x6 0.15 No412686, Leitz x10 NA 0.25, Leitz x40 NA 0.65, Leitz x100 NA 1.30 NoA328326 Reichert No4 polarizing microscope. Monocular No283130. Meopta No2 No211628. Binocular, quad, head No211324 & Mono-photo head accessory. Mechanical stage etc. Built in illumination - no transformer. Objective: Meopta x6 NA 0.15 No412628, x10 NA 0.3 No42329, x45 No461145, x20 NA 0.45 No418568, x100 No4646, x60K NA 0.85 No420020 (compensator). Eye piece: Meopta x6, 10 & 15 (+micrometer) & x10 Wide field HP. NB: This is an almost exact copy of Zeiss "L" Stand 1937 Baker No3 1942 No20112. Triple head, Monocular mech stage, condenser etc. Missing slide holder. Mirror illumination. Objective: Baker x10 NA .25 No7826, Baker x40 NA 0.73 No8618, Baker x100 NA 1.3 No1690. Zeiss No6 (1930) No250335 + Monocular + extra angled eyepiece, quad head. Mechanical & revolving stage No41213. Mirror illumination Abbe Condenser etc. Objective: Zeiss x8 0.2 NA No88984, x20 0.4 NA No14273, x40 0.65 NA No91094, x90 1.25 NA No56957 - oil - Iris diaphragm. Eye piece: Zeiss xK5, 7 & 15 (& Mobimi) Leitz No3 No536951 "S.M" 1957. Binocular quadruple nosepiece, moving & focusing stage, illuminator mirror. Heine condenser no4875 (phase contract & dark ground). Objective: Olympus x4 0.10 No028155, Leitz x10 PV 0.25, Leitz x40 Phaco No D54701 0.65, Leitz x54 Fl 0.95 No A368831. Eye piece: Watson wide field x10 PR Leitz No8 No55133 "S.M" 1956. Bincular etc, quadruple nosepiece, standard condenser. Objective: Meopta x6 NA 0.15 No435005, Leitz 10 NA 0.25, Leitz x45 NA 0.65, Meopta x100 NA 1.25 No461734. Eye piece: Leitz x6 PT, Reichert x5, case 230volt illumination Zeiss No3 No19303 Brass 1890. Triple head, monocular, round mechanical stage with movements. Objective: Zeiss AA = app 2/3" x 10 No2908, Zeiss DD = app 1/3"-1/6" x40 No3426, Leitz 1/12" Apo NA 1.3 No33708 - oil. Leitz No15 "Labolux" No76158 1963. Binocular, quadruple nosepiece, flip top condenser, polar screen in case. Objective: Leitz x3.5 NA 0.1, x10 NA 0.25, x40 NA 0.65, x100 oil NA1.3 No A328501. Eye piece: Leitz x6, x10 high point peri. Reichert No2 No351258. Binocular, moving stage condenser, 230v illuminator, quadruple nosepiece. Objective: Reichert x10 0.35 No429969, Olympus x20 0.40 No 422773, Reichert x40 SPL NA 0.65 No409932, Reichert x100 NA 1.25 No427892 oil immersion. Eye piece: Reichert x8 plan & micrometer Bausch & Lomb No2 NoZD7638 circa 1970. Binocular with photo head, condenser 1.3NA (2 piece), quadruple nosepiece. Zoom x2 facility built in, illumination, transformer. Objective: B & L 30mm x3.5 .90 NA, B & L 16mm x10 .25 NA, B & L 1.8mm x97 1.3NA oil immersion. Eye piece: B & L x10 W.F Lab, Reichert x16, Meopta x8 with Vickers polarizing microscope No 70/2/977. Triple head monocular, rotating mechanical stage etc, mirror illumination. Objective: Vickers x3 NoZ3538, Vickers x10 NoZ196, Vickers x40 NoP3230. Room Sale, 11am Thursday 13th June 2013
Zeiss KF2 No1 Binocular mech stage, built in illuminator, auto condenser system. No11087 470412 0000/03. Objective: Zeiss x3.2 NA 0.07 No460100 9904, x10 0.22 No400200 9904, x40 0.65, No460700 9003, x100 1.25 No461900 9904 oil. Eye piece: Zeiss x10 PR CPLW No464002 9901, wide field, high view Reichert No2 KAM VBX No38811 with Remica 35mm camera No294076 adaptor No6277 Reichert No1 KAM VBX No45263 120size with slide or camera fittings Rada roll film 120 size camera. Slide compatible also with M3 & Nikon Leitz No1 615427 "Laborlux" 1962. Binocular, triphoto head, moving & focusing stage, quadruple nosepiece, illumination. Universal Phase contract swing top condenser. Objective: Leitz x3.2 0.1 long focus, Leitz x10 Phaco 0.25 D57027 phase contrast, Leitz x40 Phaco 0.65 D50537 phase contrast, Cook-Baker x100 No D2167 NA1.30 oil immersion. Eye piece: Leitz PR x10 periplan high focus & x10 PR, Leitz PR x6, Meopta PR x15 peri Dring & Fage London, brass, circa 1860. "Long tube" 250mm, monocular, fine focus via front lens, condenser, mirror, mechanical stage. Objective: Watson 1/6" nominally x40 with 0.74NA, x40 Brass, Watson x10 Brass Na 0.26para No195741. Eye piece: Original x3, x6, Woolston camera lucida & other accessories Beck No2 Diamox. Quadruple head monocular, angled eye piece, moving stage, condenser system, dark ground condenser, built in illuminator & transformer. Objective: Meopta x6 NA 0.15 No461086, Beck x10 NA 0.17, Beck x45 NA 0.65, Beck x100 NA 1.3. Eye piece: Beck x6, x10, Olympus x10 wide field, high point H & W Crouch London, brass, "long tube" No212. monocular circa 1860. Mechanical stage, fine focus via front tube, condenser, camera lucida attachment. Objective: Original x5, x10 & x20, Watson x40 all brass. Sundry items: camera lucidas, SEI photometer, Meopta condenser, Leitz microtomes, slide preparer (8 items) Leitz No7 No610552 "S.M" 1962. Quadruple nosepiece binocular with separate photo head, moving & focusing stage. Leitz swing top condenser. Objective: Olympus x4 plan No413709 NA 0.1, x10 plan No405644 NA 0.25, x40 No529121 NA0.65, x100 No596835 NA1.30 oil immersion. Eye piece: Leitz x10 peri PR Hydro-Bios Kiel - inverted microscope, monocular, triple head, condenser, mirror illumination. Objective: Hydro-Bios x4 0.08, x10 0.25, x20 0.4, x30 0.65. Eye piece: Hydrobios x8, Leitz x5 wide field Leitz No2 No631402 "S.M" 1962. Binocular, quadruple nosepiece, moving & focusing stage, flip top condenser, illumination & transformer. Objective: Leitz x3.5 NA 0.1, x10 / 0.25, x54 Flourite 0.95 no A331780 oil immersion, x95 Flourite 1.32 no336121. Eye piece: Leitz x8 high focus pr Cambridge Microtome rocker arm type, semi auto model NoC122539 Large collection of Zoology, Geology, Botanical & Phathological slides dating from 1850 (6 boxes) Vickers Fluorescence microscope NoM320520 Patholux. Binocular, etc quadruple nosepiece, illumination consists of two units, regular condenser. Objective: Vickers x10 Microplan NA 0.25 NoQ8927, x20 Apo NA 0.65 No62162, Cook-Baker x40 Met NA 0.65 NoC6828, Vickers x100 Flu NA 1.3 No33838 iris, oil. Eye piece: Vickers pr x10 Complan High Point Reichert No3 (Diapan) Photohead (triple) binocular etc No350116, quadruple nosepiece, built in illumination & transformer, flip top condenser, drawing project arm. Objective: Swift x4 NA0.1, Reichert x10 SPI 0.25 NA No430254, Reichert x40 SPI 0.65 NA No409727, Reichert x100 Iris 1.25 NA No427064 oil immersion. Eye piece: Pr x10 BPK wide field & HP Leitz No12 "Ortholux" No618362 with FSA, trinocular head fitted for Leica. Quintuple nosepiece, fitted illuminator & transformer, Berek condenser fitted for flash apparatus. Objective: Leitz x4, x10, x16, x40, x100 ApoPl oil Nikon Microflex, auto meter, photo attachment. Shutter housing, control box & manual shutter Oglivy Microlamp & lens Pointolight type Assorted reference books & manuals (photography, microscopy, exposure etc) Yashica 44 camera, case & accessories Nikon cameras (2) & assorted lenses (9) Room Sale, 11am Thursday 13th June 2013
Phantom entertainment unit in black ash veneer New fabric 3 seater recliner & 2 recliner chairs in Polaroid cameras (2), carry cases, accessories 3 seater, 2 seater & chair reception suites in Lancaster Park embankment photographic print Sony Bravia flat screen TV (parts value only) Kyocera KM-2530 multi function photocopier Canon IR-2270 multi function photocopier Canon IR-2022i multi function photocopier Sundry electronics & components (3 box lot) Victorian mahogany 2 leaf extension dining table Continental single drawer butchers block Teak 2 sliding door buffet sideboard unit Toshiba laptop, case & cable sundries Teak 6 seater farmhouse style dining table Variable power FM transmitter & data switch Teak 8 seater farmhouse style dining table Teak 8 seater farmhouse style dining table Toaster, electric jug & cordless phone Atrix lighting & speaker upright stands (2) Silver plated fruit dish & pickle fork Photo frames, wooden base table lamp & key Kenwood car CD player, car alarm & sundries Panasonic power supply & cordless phone Teak 6 seater farmhouse style dining table Teak 2 door / 2 drawer glass front display Flat screen monitor, keyboard, envelopes & Black leather 2 seater & 3 seater couches "Follow Your Dreams" wooden wall art Room Sale, 11am Thursday 13th June 2013
Stainless steel ring shank coil nails (4 box lot) Hitachi cordless drills (2 - no batteries) Hilti battery drills (2) & chargers (2) 4 drawer childrens dresser & mirror (AF - blue) 4 drawer childrens dresser & mirror (AF - pink) 4 drawer childrens dresser & mirror (AF - pink) 4 drawer & 2 door sideboard servery unit Silver framed bevelled mirror 925mmx 1525mm Debonair 2 door 800ltr display chiller (2) Bauer Bravo ladies bike (parts value only)

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SOUTHERN PARK COUNTY FIRE PROTECTION DISTRICT Meeting Minutes for Aug, 4, 2011 Public Meeting 1) Call to order: Chairman Calanni called meeting to order at 7:05PM 2) Introduction of Guests : None 3) Attendees: Board members Sam Calanni, Amy Mason and Harry Gintzer. Board members Anita Long and Flip Boettcher had excused absences. Also present were Board Secretary Roberta

The community hospice____effecive: 4/1/97

HOSPICE APPROVED MEDICATIONS Page 1 of 4 High Peaks Hospice & Palliative Care, Inc. (HPH&PC) has developed a formulary of drugs that are appropriate for managing pain and symptoms related to the terminal illness. The drugs listed are considered preferred drugs for hospice use. HPH&PC pays for medications related to the hospice diagnosis and for pain and symptom management for

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