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It’s not the heat it’s the humidity. Well for dogs it’s both. Dogs overheat much more quickly than humans. Dogs are not able to sweat and can only cool themselves by panting to blow off heat. This is much less effective than sweating. Even if you are comfortable your dog may well be hot. Never leave your dog in a parked car even for a few minutes. Heat builds very quickly in a car, for example on an 80-degree day the temperature in a parked car can reach 120-degrees in 10 minutes. Leaving the windows cracked helps very little. Outside dogs need shade, ventilation and clean fresh water. A wading pool under a nice tree on a summer’s day sounds like a great way to spend the afternoon and your dog will feel the same way. Safety first when it comes to playing in the summer sun. Be sure to watch those dogs with pink noses, you don’t want to see them turn into Rudolf this time of year. For more info on signs and treatment of heat stroke in dogs visit thepage on our web site. Lounge ‘Lizards’… If anyone knows how to enjoy the sun it is a cat. Bob prefers the comfort of a soft blanket with sun from the window while Snuggles enjoys the green grass. If you would like to offer similar enjoyment to your feline, Leash on Life has the outdoor kitty cabanas, but you will need to find your own soft blanket, Bob is not sharing his! Sharing the Love (Treats)… This month we have a special on Wellness and Holistic Select dog food. If you treat your dog to a bag of Wellness or Holistic treats you will receive $5 off a 30 pound bag of food or $2 off a 15 pound bag. We are happy to offer this savings on both foods and treats. Wellness and Holistic Select are quality foods that also offer grain free, limited ingredient, large and small breed food options. Win, win for everyone. Oh yes, there is a cat special as well. Receive a free three pound bag of dry Holistic Select cat food with a purchase of six 12 ounce or twelve 5.5 ounce cans of Holistic cat food. Soft and snuggly toys are fun for everyone. But for all those cats that love their cat nip toys to where they are hard to recognize, a refillable toy may be the thing to try. You can remove the catnip, throw them (the toy that is) in the washer and refill with new fresh cat nip. These toys come complete with extra catnip. A little tip: Catnip can be stored in the freezer to help keep it fresh. Genie is a lively, energetic, inquisitive 11 month old lab. In other words she is a lab. She loves to explore with her nose and really likes treats. Genie likes to chase toys, but hasn't figured out the ‘bring them back’ part yet. Genie should not live with cats. Genie is available at the Iowa City Adoption Center, call (319) 356-5295 or visit to learn more about any of the dogs and cats at the Center. What Floats your Boat? You don’t have a boat to float, sorry. If you have a dog that wishes you did because she loves the water, we have plenty of toys that are made for the water. Balls, discs and various other shaped toys that are perfect for water retrieval are ready to be added to your summer picnic basket. Stop Bugging Us… Biting flies, gnats and mosquitoes are a bother to all of us, dogs included. There is good reason to keep them off of you as well as your pet. Mosquitoes transmit heartworms to dogs and cats. They should all be on a heartworm preventative this time of year. If you are looking for spray on bug repellent please remember that dogs and cats are extremely sensitive to DEET and may develop neurological problems if DEET is applied to them. Pyrethrin, a chemical derived from the chrysanthemum plant, and its synthetic equivalent, Permethrin, are often used for insect control, but cat parents should be very careful as Permethrin is dangerous for felines. For more information on fleas and heartworms check out our October 2010 and March 2012 newsletters on our website,


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