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Center for Marital and Sexual Health, Inc. 23230 Chagrin Blvd. Suite 350 #350 Beachwood, Ohio 44122 (216) 831-2900 (216) 831-4306 (FAX) Educational Background 1982-1986 Kenyon Col ege, B.A. in Biology Summa Cum Laude Class rank: 7 of 327 University of Cincinnati Col ege of Medicine Internal Medicine – Jewish Hospital, Cincinnati, Ohio Psychiatry, Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio The Center for Marital and Sexual Health, Inc. Beachwood, Ohio Sexual Disorders The Center for Marital and Sexual Health, Inc. A multidisciplinary private group practice that specializes in the treatment of general psychiatric disorders, marital conflicts, and sexual disorders of al types, including sexual dysfunction, sexual compulsion, sexual deviance, and issues pertaining to gender and sexual orientation. Assessments for sexual offenders are available to courts, attorneys, and other agencies. The center provides post doctoral training programs and a schedule of continuing education post graduate courses. Research activities are part of the center’s academic tradition. University Hospitals of Cleveland Fitness for Duty Evaluations. These evaluations are performed on employees with a variety of performance problems and/or seemingly emotional disturbances. The evaluations assess for the presence of mental il ness and determine if the employee is fit to perform their duties as a hospital employee. University Hospitals Health and Surgical Center at Westlake A multidisciplinary private outpatient practice medical and surgical facility also providing general psychiatric evaluations and treatment. Psychological and Behavioral Consultants Westlake, Ohio A private group practice offering counseling and medication consultation for general psychiatric conditions. Northeast Ohio Health Services Beachwood, Ohio A community health center offering counseling, case management and psychiatric medication management for outpatient and nursing home patients. A randomized, double blind, multi-center study of a flexible dose oral medication versus placebo in men with erectile dysfunction and partial response to antidepressant therapy – Rosen/UMDNJ Double-blind, placebo control ed, paral el group, multi-center study to assess the time to onset, safety and toleration of differing doses and combinations of immediate release and modified release formulations of an oral medication in adult males with erectile dysfunction. Pfizer Phase II multi-center, double-blind, placebo control ed flexible dose study to assess the efficacy and safety of an oral medication in men with premature ejaculation. Pfizer Phase II multi-center, open-label long term extension trial too assess the safety and sustained efficacy of an oral medication administered as required in adult men with premature ejaculation. Pfizer A placebo control ed double-blind randomized, paral el study of the withdrawal effects of chronic daily and as needed dosing with an oral medication in the treatment of premature ejaculation. Johnson & Johnson A phase III – randomized, double-blind, placebo-control ed paral el-group, multi-center, 52 week study involving post menopausal women with low libido not receiving HRT – Year 2 extension added . P&G Phase III, multinational, randomized, double-blind, paral el-group, placebo control ed study to evaluate efficacy ad safety of transdermal testosterone for 24 weeks and safety for a further 28 week open-label period in women with Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder on concurrent estrogen replacement therapy who have undergone hysterectomy and bilateral oophorectomy. P&G Phase IIIa, An open label study of long term safety of an oral medication in the treatment of rapid ejaculation. ALZA Phase III, An open-label study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of an oral medication administered “on demand” to men f various populations with erectile dysfunction. Lily/ICOS ALZA Pharmaceuticals The study assessed the efficacy of Dapoxetine for men with premature ejaculation. The study assessed the efficacy of Viagra for male erectile The study assessed the efficacy of Viagra for sexual Tap Pharmaceuticals The study involved the use of apomorphine for erectile dysfunction In diabetic men (one series) and in non-diabetic men (second series) Pfizer, Inc. The study involved the use of Sertraline for premature ejaculation. J. Pal as, S.B. Levine. Et al. (2000). A Study Using Viagra in a Mental Health Practice. Journal of sex and Marital Therapy, 26(1), 41-50. “A Prospective of the Use of Viagra in a Mental Health Professionals’ Practice” Society for Sex Therapy and Research; 1999. “Paraphilias” Mind Committee Seminar for second year medical students. Case Western Reserve University Col ege of Medicine, 1998,1999. “Taking a Sexual History” Behavioral Seminar Series, Fairview General Hospital Family Practice Residency Program; 1998. Seminar on Aging and Sexuality. Somerset Point Nursing Home; 1997. Fairhil Center for Aging; 1998. American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology


Ályktanir og áskoranir Aðalfundar Náttúruverndarsamtaka Austurlands, Egilsstöðum 14. apríl 2012 Dráp á friðuðum fuglum Að undanförnu hafa borist fréttir af því að verið sé að skjóta friðlýsta fugla. Þannig fannst nýverið dauður fálki á Mýrum í Hornafirði og voru 7 högl í hræinu. Að skjóta fálka er aldrei mistök. Fjórðungur fálka sem finnas


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