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Rosemary Opala Collection

Sketches, biographical material, photographs, artwork and short stories related to Rosemary Opala’s nursing career and her work as an illustrator and writer of popular magazine fiction. Biography
Rosemary Opala (nee Fielding) was born in Bundaberg, Queensland in 1923. She trained as a nurse at Brisbane General Hospital during World War II, worked at the Peel Island Lazaret in the late 1940s, and eventually became a nursing supervisor at Prince Charles Hospital in Brisbane. In the late 1950s and early 1960s, she wrote popular magazine fiction and later wrote non-fiction, with an emphasis on Queensland and its history. She illustrated Going to the Gums: The Lazaret on Peel Island (2009). Notes Open access
Box 1
Folder 1

Sketches of scenes from the Brisbane General Hospital, [between 1940 and 1945 – most done in
1942]: 38 items, 23 x 30 cm or smaller:
Casualty: It’s the nerves of me stummick – they’re twisted. (pencil & ink : 15 x 22cm) Occupational therapy. (pencil & ink : 25 x 16cm) Casualties. (pencil & ink : 18 x 14cm) The blue coat. (watercolour : 11 x 15cm) The sutures. (pastel & ink : 13 x 18cm) R.M.O. on call for Casualty spends an unhappy night on one of the couches. (pastel & ink : 15 x 12cm) [Gloving-up]. (pastel, ink & watercolour : 14 x 18cm) Between operations. (pastel, ink & watercolour : 18 x 14cm) Sunday morning. (ink & pastel : 14 x 18cm) Day’s end. (ink & watercolour : 27 x 18cm) The unrepentant. (ink & pastel : 14 x 21cm) 2:30 A.M. (ink & pastel : 14 x 15cm) Nurses off duty. (ink & pastel : 25 x 16cm) Casualty : old man with broken leg. (ink & watercolour : 22 x 14cm) Casualty : man with broken ribs. (ink, pastel & watercolour : 14 x 21cm) ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Last updated: 1/11/12 University of Queensland
FRYER LIBRARY Manuscript Finding Aid 18) [Five nurses off duty, two reading a newspaper] (pencil & ink : 8 x 8cm) [Three nurses leaning over stair rail] (pencil & ink : 9 x 9cm) The guinea pigs. (ink & watercolour : 30 x 23cm) [Doctor and nurse examining patient’s foot] (pastel & watercolour : Casualty : wet Sunday. (ink, pastel & watercolour : 22 x 19cm) Baby dead of diptheria. (pencil & watercolour : 14 x 14cm) Gran at 7 A.M. (ink & watercolour : 13 x 18cm) Scabie Georgie. (ink & watercolour : 8 x 14cm) Gentlemen of leisure. (ink & watercolour : 21 x 14cm) [Patient in bed, person in chair with legs raised] (watercolour & 31) R.M.O. putting in I.V. drip. (watercolour & pencil : 15 x 23cm) 32) [Operating room] (ink & watercolour : 28 x 22cm) Night round. (ink & pastel : 15 x 23cm) Students. (ink & watercolour : 22 x 15cm) Post-tonsillectomy. (pen & watercolour : 20 x 17cm) Return from theatre. (ink & watercolour : 18 x 14cm) Casualty : hot day. (ink, pastel & watercolour : 26 x 19cm) [Operation] (ink, pastel & watercolour : 28 x 21cm) • Brief curriculum vitae, May 31, 2002, 1 p. • Drawing of Hibiscus tiliaceus (Cotton Tree) • Photograph of Rosemary Opala, taken in December 2001 • ‘Wanted * A Tidy Girl as a Nurse’, 10 p. [written to accompany the above sketches] • ‘The Trees of Paradise’, 8 p. [Author notes this essay is ‘on schooldays in Palmwoods in the Depression. Also called ‘When Dad Went Broke on Bananas!’’] • ‘Sharing Lost Lives’, 2 p. [Account of the author’s time as a nurse at the Peel Island Lazaret • ‘A Speck on the Map’, 9 p. [fuller account of the author’s time at the Peel Island Lazaret] • E.J. Reye, ‘Leprosy’, 14 Sept. 1988, 3 p. [discusses the medical understanding of leprosy in ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Last updated: 1/11/12 University of Queensland
• ‘Comments on The Lost Years by June Berthelsen’, 1996, 4 p. • ‘A Legend of Leprosy in Moreton Bay’, Australian Folklore 12, 1997, pp220-223. • ‘Building An Island Home’, January 1993, 5 p. [short account of Coochiemudlo Island life in • ‘Coochiemudlo – ‘The Sixth Island’’, [c. 1993], 10 p. [fuller account of Coochiemudlo Island • ‘Islands Revisited’, Version A, 3 p. [short account of Peel and Coochiemudlo Islands] • ‘Islands Revisited’, Version B, 9 p. [fuller account of Peel and Coochiemudlo Islands ‘written just prior to NPWS assuming management of Peel Island’] • ‘Necessary Monsters’, 8 p. [on sea monsters and other legends] • ‘Those Were the Days, My Friend….’, 4 p. [account of Brisbane life in the 1950s and the • ‘Outward Bound’, 9 p. [historical essay on experiences of early Australian emigrants] • Ethel Fielding, ‘A little world of insects’, [c. 1975], 21 p. [with covering note by Rosemary Opala discussing her mother’s writing career] • ‘I remember the rose: a study in communication’, The Australian Nurses’ Journal, Vol 9, No. • ‘Mandy Comes to Stay’, The Australian Women’s Mirror, April 27, 1960, pp4-28.
Also in Box
Magazine stories written in the late 1950s and early 1960s:
• ‘Change of Air’, All Story Magazine, No. 7, [n.d.], pp80-88. • ‘My Battle with Talent’, The New Idea, March 12, 1958, p11. • ‘Behind the Big Window’, The New Idea, May 28, 1958, p31. • ‘Mushrooms are Funny Things!’, The New Idea, June 11, 1958, p10. • ‘At the Bottom of Our Garden’, The New Idea, August 20, 1958, pp10-11. • ‘Home is a Lovely Word’, New Idea, April 24, 1963, pp.6-43. ______________________________________________________________________________________________ Last updated: 1/11/12 University of Queensland
• ‘Nightingale in Suburbia’, The Australian Women’s Mirror, January 8, 1958, p11. • ‘Happy Days That Were’, The Australian Women’s Mirror, June 4, 1958, p13. • ‘Why Not a Verandah?’, The Australian Woman’s Mirror, June 18, 1958, pp.10-29. • ‘I Married a New Australian’, Woman, August 29, 1955, pp. 14-15. • ‘The ministering angel with tired feet’, Woman, May 14, 1956, pp20-21. • ‘The unwanted stranger’, Woman’s Day, July 28, 1958, pp20-45. • ‘Afternoon of a hero’, Woman’s Day, April 27, 1959, pp20-59. • ‘The White Rabbit’, Woman’s Day, November 9, 1959, pp20-63. • ‘The Well’, Woman’s Day, December 12, 1960, pp.36-108. • ‘So Quiet, So Deep’, Woman’s Day, May 22, 1961, pp21-70. • ‘Tiger Under the Tree’, Woman’s Day, July 10, 1961, pp35-44. • ‘Each heart has its Winter’, Woman’s Day, July 24, 1961, pp29-59. • ‘Late Christmas’, Woman’s Day, July 31, 1961, pp20-24. • ‘The Gift’, Woman’s Day, December 14, 1964, pp31-34.
Box 2
Photograph Albums: [mostly undated and no descriptions]

Album 1: Family photographs and photocopies of photographs [late 1800s? to modern day]
Album 2: Coloured photographs showing scenery and vegetation of Coochiemudlo Island? [1990s
Album 3: Coloured photographs of area around Noosa, Rainbow Beach and Cooloola [some
dated 1990]
Album 4: Coloured photographs of Caloundra bell swamp, Moolalah River Park area. Includes
photographs of Lois Davis, Cressy Walters and members of WPSQ Caloundra [early 1990s]
Includes loose poem ‘Christmas Bells’ and three early photographs of Caloundra – Happy Valley
1919, Caloundra Heads, Sept 1900 and King’s Beach [undated] [all in back pocket of album]
Item 5
Two diplomas admitting Rosemary Opala to College of Nursing and photograph of her at
graduation [1976-1977]
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Box 3
Album 1
: Coloured photograph album includes photographs of Cobby Cobby Island, Eprapah,
Woodgate Beach and other areas. Appears to be album of group excursions to various wetland
areas [1990s?]
Album 2: Coochie [Coochiemudlo] - Late 40s early 50s [includes loose plastic pockets with
Folder 3
14 photographs [coloured and black and white] including Sunshine coast hinterland, replica
Weyba Ck bridge under construction, Heather and Lois on ‘Heathers Hill’ [1993?], photograph of
shack of Mr Harold Fielding in late 1940s for his daughter Rosemary (later Opala), unnamed
photographs possibly Coochiemudlo and Victoria Point, 1 photo of Point Lookout Stradbroke
Island 1940s. Also sketch of boat, two newspaper cuttings, photocopy of woman in row boat,
Certificate of appreciation awarded to Rosemary Opala 2001, and certificate of Honorary Life
membership from Friends of Peel Island Association Inc 2007
Item 4
Boxed Australia Day medal Rosemary Opala 2005 Cultural

Parcel 4
Unnamed album of coloured photographs– appears to be Coochiemudlo [1950s onwards?]
Box 5

Folder 1
Typescript of Chronicles of Coochiemudlo by Twelve Authors. The Royal Historical Society of
Correspondence relating to the publication of above material and talk at the Conference (1993-
Folder 2
Folder of articles by Rosemary Opala including ‘The Old School Reader’, ‘Consider the lilies’, ‘Give
me a home among the Banksias’ and items from Local group newsletters with assorted
Folder 3
Botanical articles and some Peel Island material (2001-2005) by Rosemary Opala together with
Toohey Forest Protection Society calendar 1996 illustrated by Rosemary Opala
Folder 4
Articles and correspondence relating to Thespesia populnea conservation work (1996-2007) – with
two watercolour drawings
Folder 5
Folder of newspaper cuttings of Rosemary Opala’s botanical writings (1994-1999)
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Folder 6
Newspaper cuttings relating to Rosemary Opala’s nomination and award of Living Treasure 2002,
Certificates of appreciation from Redland District, Australian Day Cultural Award and general
biographical information (1997-2007)
Folder 7
Old Woman’s Mirror articles 1950s – 1960 written in the style of that period.
Folder 8
Six Friends of Peel Island Greeting cards – new issue – artwork by Rosemary Opala

Folder 9
Folder of newspaper cuttings of Rosemary Opala’s botanical writings (1989-1999)
Folder 10
Folder of newspaper cuttings of Rosemary Opala’s nature writings (1989-1997)
Folder 11
Folder of newspaper cuttings of Rosemary Opala’s nature writings (1989-2001, mostly 1989-1991)

Folder 12
Material relating to the Going to the Gums exhibition, 31st May 2007 which included Rosemary
Opala’s material. Includes two coloured photographs of Rosemary the opening
Folder 13
Newspaper cuttings by or about Rosemary Opala 1898-1995
Folder 14
Folder of various photocopied articles including ‘Sharing lost lives: a brief history of a nurses’
experience of Hansen’s disease on Peel Island, Moreton Bay, Queensland’ (6 l., typescript) and
‘The Queensland Acclimatisation Society and the Southern Moreton Bay Islands’, written and
published by RKLM Islands Heritage Group Inc
Folder 15
Palmwoods – Schools : Folder of loose notes, mostly biographical information about Rosemary
Opala, includes photograph of her school class, and photocopy of The Queensland Acclimatisation
Society and the Southern Moreton Bay Islands
, written and published by RKLM Islands Heritage

Box 6

Coloured slides (approx 300) some annotated, including Peel Island
Box 7 - Photographs
Album 1
Coloured photos, probably of group tour to Peel Island [undated]
Last updated: 1/11/12
University of Queensland
FRYER LIBRARY Manuscript Finding Aid
Album 2
Coloured photos, possibly of group tour to Peel Island, but includes early black and white
photographs of Rosemary Opala and family. Includes an article about the death of her mother.
Album 3
Coloured photographs, appear to be of group tour to Peel Island [undated]
Folder 4
Photocopies of photographs, black and white and coloured, including photos from published
works. Mostly relating to Peel Island and Caloundra. Includes one folder marked Indapamide and
signed ‘from Peter’
Folder 5
• Item 1: Envelope of photographs ‘Marian’s family’ • Item 2: Envelope of photographs ‘Long Island early ‘50s’ [Long Island, Great Barrier Reef, • Item 3: Envelope of photographs ‘Rosemary and Marian’ – family photographs • Item 4: Envelope of photographs ‘Rosemary’ – family photographs • Item 5: Envelope of photographs marked Redcl. Viaduct, St Helena, Peel Island, Nth Stradbroke, Coochie Mudlo Isl, Vic. Point [aerial views, black and white] with negatives • Item 6: Envelope of photographs ‘Then & later – Horseshoe, looking S.W.’ • Item 7: Envelope of photographs ‘Rosemary’ – appear to have been removed from a photograph album – all of Rosemary Opala
Folder 6
Photographs, coloured and black and white, appear to be of tours to Coochiemudlo and Peel
Folder 7
• Item 1: small photograph album of coloured and black and white photographs, appears to • Item 2: three coloured photographs and covering letter from Peter Ludlow (8 Sep 1995) of group at the book launch of ‘Moreton Bay People vol. 3’, 24 Aug 1995, with names on back.
Folder 8
Index to photograph and tape archive [appears to refer to some photographs in the collection but
unable to cross reference them]
Folder 9
Unsorted photographs, mostly black and white, some coloured, majority are family photographs,
but some coloured views of the Islands. Some are annotated. Includes two photographs of Bugler
H.E. Fielding taken when a POW in Germany in 1910.
Folder 10
Envelope of photographs ‘’54 flood’

Last updated: 1/11/12
University of Queensland
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Box 8
Folder 1
Loose sketches, coloured and black and white, some laminated.
Folder 2
Loose sketches, coloured and black and white, some laminated
Folder 3
Ten spiral sketch books
Folder 4
Articles and newspaper cuttings relating to Coochiemudlo, including note cards with artwork by
Rosemary Opala
Box 9
Folder 1
Outward bound – published articles mainly relating to Stradbroke Island history
Folder 2
Material relating to her article on the Queensland School Readers

Folder 3
Under the carpet’ article by Rosemary Opala
Folder 4
School comics - ‘A pernicious influence (based on Penny dreadful and comics)’ Typescript article
by Rosemary Opala, together with ‘Rules for teachers 1879’ (3 l.)
Folder 5
Smiths weekly – typescript article ‘Who remembers Smith’s Weekly’ from George Blaidie’s:
‘Remember Smith’s Weekly’ Typescript article (13 l.)
Folder 6
Movies - Two typescript articles ‘Our man who came to dinner’ by Iris Page (May 1990, Auckland,
4 l.) and ‘Fantales and jaffas’ author unknown, (typescript 1990? 12 l.), with newspaper cutting on
Caloundra School of Arts by Stan Tutt
Folder 7
Life styles – typescript articles ‘Australian etiquette of the 1880s’ (15 l.), ‘Before we had life styles’
(12 l.), by Rosemary Opala (10 l.), and cutting from Depression era, Courier Mail Jan 17, 1992.
Folder 8
Local history – material relating to the Cleveland and Redland Bay area history
Folder 9
Newspaper cuttings and photocopies of material relating to Peel Island history
______________________________________________________________________________________________ Last updated: 1/11/12 University of Queensland
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Folder 10
Newspaper cuttings and photocopies of material relating to Coochiemudlo Island
Folder 11
D. Downs 20’s – typescript articles on Darling Downs history, ‘Grandma Discourse on Cricket’,
‘The Twenties in vogue’, and untitled photocopies on Darling Downs (2)
Folder 12
Victoriana – Envelope of ‘Beholders Eye’ typescript articles ‘Etiquette’, ‘Parlour games’, ‘Next to
Godliness’ and ‘Seen but not heard’ plus loose handwritten notes.
Folder 13
‘Those were the days’ – drafts of article by Rosemary Opala
Folder 14
Typescript scripts for Caloundra Lunch Hour Theatre by Rosemary Opala - ‘Childhood in
Palmwoods – Depression Years’ [undated] ‘Kill or Cure’ (1991) (2 drafts) plus ‘Brisbane in WW2 (2
copies), ‘Paradise lost’, ‘Tangalooma’ (3 copies), drafts of script ‘Outward bound’ (3)
For Caloundra Lunch Hour Theatre
Folder 15
Typescript ‘Coochiemudlo – the sixth island’, two untitled typescripts on Australia in the 1800s,
‘From part of an account of a canoe trip to Swan Bay in search of a supposed wreck’, personal
reminiscence ‘A good way to go – so they say’ (1997), ‘Skilled to rule’, ‘Introduction to Iceland’,
‘Islands revisited’, ‘From a kangaroo skin pouch’; miscellaneous biographical material and other
material relating to nursing
Folder 16
Convicts – typescript and published articles on convicts in Moreton Bay
Folder 17
‘Woodwork ghosts’ – drafts and newspaper cutting about ghosts
Folder 18
‘Old tales retold’ for May ’98 – drafts of article by Rosemary Opala
Folder 19
Typescript articles – ‘Building an island home’, ‘Last man’ by M.E.M., ‘A good way to go – they
say’, ‘A very strange boat’, and two poems ‘Coochie, then’ and ‘Voyagers’
Folder 20

Victoriana manners – Typescript articles – ‘When manners made man’, Untitled article on manners
(14 l.), ‘Those good (?) old days’, ‘The Aristologist’ (19 l.)
Folder 21
Folder of material relating to Sunshine Coast and Peel Island history mostly written by Stan Tutt
______________________________________________________________________________________________ Last updated: 1/11/12 University of Queensland
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Folder 22
Material relating to J. Berthelsen’s book about Peel Island
Box 10

Folder 1
Springback folder of articles written by Rosemary Opala (1990s)
Item 2
‘Australia’s Heritage in stamps’ – folder of three booklets – The Pastoral era, Boomtime, and Rush
for Gold, accompanied by set of heritage stamps. (Set of stamps missing from ‘Rush for gold’)
Folder 3
Brisbane and South Coast Hospitals Board certificates of Registration for Rosemary Fielding
(1945-1948); small blue pouch with Australian Society of the History of Medicine Biennial
Conference Norfolk Island 1995 medallion together with small woven badge Queensland Member
1996.; poster ‘Common seabirds’ from Gould League; two Christmas cards, one dated 2005,
various loose notes on medicine and botany, and typescript article on Sir Ninan Stephen’
experiences in Water Transport
Folder 4
Peel Island Ecological & Vegetation Survey Diploma of Horticulture students (RUH50198) Moreton
Institute of TAFE Bayside Campus 2000 ; artwork courtesy of Rosemary Opala
Box 11

Folder 1
Moreton Bay Strategic plan: a community proposal prepared by Friends of Coochiemudlo Island
[undated] with loose newspaper cutting and article by Rosemary Opala ‘Paradise lost?’
Folder 2
Heritage area assessment & proposed conservation plan for the Quarantine Station, Platypus Bay
– Peel Island
by Diploma Students, Moreton Institute of TAFE Bayside Campus 1999.
Folder 3
Site assessment and revegetation project, Platypus Bay, Peel lsland [by] Diploma of Community
Natural Resource Management Students, 2001. (Drawings by Rosemary Opala)
Folder 4
Peel Island ‘Turkrodar’ {Indigenous name} Ecological & Vegetation Survey [by] Diploma of
Horticulture Students HRT531 Moreton Institute of TAFE Bayside Campus 2001; artwork courtesy
of Rosemary Opala
Folder 5
Newspaper and magazine cuttings and photocopies (1934-2003) mainly relating to Peel Island or
Hansen’s disease
______________________________________________________________________________________________ Last updated: 1/11/12 University of Queensland
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Folder 6
Correspondence (1987-2007) mainly relating to Peel Island and Hansen’s disease
Folder 7
Material relating to Elbert ‘Bert’ Reddington Cobb including correspondence from Dudley M. Cobb,
his great nephew

Folder 8
Awaiting print - five pen and ink artworks (original and photocopy)
Folder 9
Correspondence from Peter Ludlow (19.10.1987) together with his ms on ‘Peel Island’
Folder 10
Two hand drawn maps of Peel Island including layout of the Leprosarium 1949 (2 copies), together
with published map Redlands North Stradbroke and Bay Islands road and tourist guide
Folder 11
Typescript and hand written articles by Rosemary Opala (some incomplete)
Folder 12
Folder of published articles on Hansen’s disease throughout the world
Folder 13
Small notebook with some notes, Images : a small collection of haiku… by Gordon Dickens,
artwork b Rosemary Opala, loose notes and newsletters on Peel Island including Peel Island Tour
Guide accreditation, handwritten timelines of Dunwich and Peel Island Lazaret, photocopy of letter
to E. Gregory, 1917 advising appointment as Assistant Superintendent at Peel Island with
Folder 14
Publications: Wildlife Australia Summer 1992 with article by Rosemary Opala ‘Silent Bells’ ;
National Trust Journal April 1993 with article on Peel Island ‘Out of sight, out of mind’ by Ed
Brannigan, Dolphins Curve by Margaret A. Manson, illustrated by Rosemary Opala ; Signed copy
of Matthew Flinders : the discoverer of Coochie Mudlo Island by Edward F. Jones [signed by
author] , Not far from Heaven : stories in verse by the Bards of Coochiemudlo (accompanied by
letter from Rosemary Opala to Joy)
Folder 15
‘Tours on the North Coast Line – Brisbane to Gympie’. Inscripted A.K. Hatfield.
Box 12

Item 1
Adventures on Parrot Island by Biron Fielding, with illustrations by Rosemary Fielding (Opala),
London: Ward Lock & Co., 1964
Last updated: 1/11/12
University of Queensland
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Folder 2
Wildlife Australia Summer 1992 (3 copies); Autumn 1994 (2 copies); Winter 1995 (2 copies) ;
Summer 1995-96 (2 copies) ; Autumn 2003 (2 copies) – contain articles by Rosemary Opala
Item 3
Flip file plastic file of coloured artworks – appear to be possible illustrations for children’s book
Item 4
Plastic file of black and white pen sketches and coloured artwork, mostly botanical
Item 5
Plastic file of black and white pen sketches and coloured artwork, mostly botanical
Item 6
Plastic flip file of artwork, black and white and coloured, botanical drawings
Item 7
Framed photo of Organising Committee and Special Guests at the Regional Conference
‘Chronicles of Coochiemudlo’ 1993, with names.
Item 8
Spiral sketch book of pencil drawings
Item 9
Spiral sketch book of drawings, mostly botanical
Folder 10
Envelope of ‘Conservation work – Philip Island Hibiscus
Item 11
Framed artwork – black and white botanical drawing (15 x10.5cm) in black frame (27 x 22cm)
Parcel 13
Coloured botanical drawing of banksias(26 x 26cm) in white cardboard mounting (43 x 42cm)
Parcel 14
‘Survivor’ - framed coloured painting of a tree trunk (35 x 24 cm) in brown wooden frame (49 x
Parcel 15
Framed coloured painting of a hibiscus flower (37 x 22cm) in green wooden frame (55 x 38cm)
Parcel 16
‘Christmas bells – Blandfordia grandiflora’ – coloured artwork (37 x 21 cm) in brown wooden frame
50x35 cm)
Parcel 17
Framed coloured painting of banksias (50 x 30cm) in gold frame (56 x 42cm)
______________________________________________________________________________________________ Last updated: 1/11/12 University of Queensland
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Parcel 18
Framed floral landscape (40 x 33cm) in brown frame (52 x 42cm)
Parcel 19
6 folders of coloured and black and white artworks, mostly botanical
Parcel 20
‘Plans of the Horseshoe on Peel Island’ - Folder of black and white botanical drawings (2
Folder of aerial photographs of an island, probably Peel
Scrapbooks (3) of Rosemary Opala’s articles in Woman’s Day (1958-1965)
______________________________________________________________________________________________ Last updated: 1/11/12 University of Queensland

Source: http://www.library.uq.edu.au/fryer/ms/uqfl361.pdf

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