DEW scripts

The scripts Ageism, Disability, and Sexual Orientation are the newest, commissioned for DEW in
The remaining 13 scripts are from the previous EIWP project, with the titles and straplines of the DEW
The scripts were written by Adam Duncan, commissioned by Language Training London on behalf of
the DEW Project.
DEW Project 2010
I don’t know what she’s talking about! MELIK Maybe we don’t need so much safety MELIK We can save time and stay on target. MELIK We can’t be pushed around by Gunter ALAN Look, these are difficult times. Gunter will be the first to complain if we have to start laying people off. Let’s start implementing this THEA Well, we can’t agree with him on this ALAN I know, but sometimes management is about making tough decisions. Thanks, Mali. THEA And if this goes wrong who takes the MELIK It’s not good to argue with the boss. ALAN Mali, Nice to see you. Sit down. Sit MELIK It doesn’t matter. He’s the boss. THEA Look. We’re supposed to be working as THEA Well, It's risky, isn’t it. You can't change MELIK It’s not a team. They tel you it’s a team to make you work harder. Back home we don’t ALAN I'm just speeding up the training. Look, do things this way and it still gets the job done. The best way is to not argue, otherwise you’re going to end up with the short straw or no THEA We could cut two percent off the targets ALAN Do you want to explain that to the board MELIK Thee, you disagree with him if you THEA Well, it's better than compromising health and safety, surely. What if there's an I just don’t believe it. It just seems ,wel , so two-faced. I thought We were on the same side. Maybe it’s a cultural thing. Maybe they THEA Yeah, because of the safety training. just do things differently in Iran or Turkey, ALAN Legally, we are still in compliance. down. I told him to look at me but he just couldn't look me in the eye. AL-ABIDINE Hassan has the utmost respect SCHENCK Hessian Khan. No fixed abode. No for you. In his culture it would be insubordinate to look a man of authority like you in the eye. AL-ABIDINE Brought in on suspicion of. . . ? AL-ABIDINE Also where he comes from it can be very dangerous to look the police in the SCHENCK That is what we're going to find eye. He travelled across half a continent to get to the Mediterranean coast. There he and four hundred others were rounded up and thrown AL-ABIDINE Hassan. Let me see your legs. SCHENCK He's shifty, this one. I saw him at the back of the High School, hanging out there. He looked as if he was waiting for mistreated by the authorities. These are cigarette burns. Two months later he was dumped in the desert by the local police. No food. No water. He was left to die. Fortunately AL-ABIDINE Hassan, I want you to look at Fake. Street value ten euros. I can't believe AL-ABIDINE You can't charge him for that. SCHENCK No, drugs. He’s hiding something. AL-ABIDINE Tell the officer what you were SCHENCK I'm damn sure of it. Shiftiest damn Wouldn't look at me. His head kept hanging MARY Ivanka, I need to lock the door and go IVANKA You’re so serious.! Life is to enjoy. In my country people know how to enjoy life. We like to dance. Here people don't know how to IVANKA Oh, this food! In my country we have enjoy the life. We love to dance. We love to the best food. Not only the best food, we have the best wine. You taste the wine. It is the best. Here I go to market to buy vegetable and MARY Ivanka, if you wouldn't mind just … MARY Ivanka, I need to lock the door now. MARY … cleaning the floor, just quickly. MARY No. I‘m going to miss my train.
IVANKA So you don’t want me to clean the MARY If you wouldn't mind, just a quick once MARY (relieved) Thank you. Then I can lock IVANKA I need ten euro till tomorrow. You IVANKA I get the brush. I clean the floor. nothing. In this country, ten euro buys bus tickets, in my country I can eat like a princess. back to her stupid country if it is so good? IVANKA The food is no good. The weather is IVANKA You my friend. You good lady. Don't IVANKA These men are no good. They are no real men. In my country we have men who are men. Here, they’re not proper men, they like MS TATE Well, you’d be responsible for managing staff so it’s probably not appropriate SEEMA I could do my job perfectly wel … MS TATE There is quite a considerable salary SEEMA It’s not a matter of money, Ms Tate. Ms. TATE Hi, Seema. Take a seat. How are MS TATE A young woman with your qualities could go far in a company like this. Eighty-five percent of senior managers are male. Now things have to change round here. We need MS TATE Well, so is your career. If you ‘re to make the most of your talents, you need to SEEMA I don't need to take off my hijab to do MS. TATE There’s an opening for a finance MS. TATE Of course. I‘ve been fighting for women's equality in the work-place since you MS TATE I’d like to see you get the post. SEEMA But you are telling me that I should MS. TATE As a woman I respect your right to MS TATE It would be good to have a woman – certainly a woman of your calibre in charge of SEEMA It’s not a matter of choice, Ms Tate. MS. TATE (TO CAMERA) As I see it, it’s a faith run by men for the benefit of men. hijab. It keeps me protected. Why can't they adapt to my appearance? I don't need to show MS TATE As a book-keeper the hijab hasn’t been a big problem but if you were to become a finance officer, you’d have to consider changing your appearance.
CHIDIMMA Ms Hagan doesn't know how to teach. Most of the time the children are CAITLIN I'm sure they're educational games. mathematics curriculum. I know how to teach mathematics. I won the National Mathematics CAITLIN I'm sure you're very good at maths, Chidimma. Look, we really value your hard work and your contribution but you need to country might not be what’s best for our children. You see, this is a child centred CHIDIMMA Child centred ! The only proper CHIDIMMA You can't separate academic work CAITLIN Chidimma, I really think that you to CAITLIN I've just been talking to Ms Hagan. need get to know the staff better A lot of us are going for an Indian meal tomorrow night. It's a chance for colleagues to get know one CAITLIN (very firm) It would be nice if you CAITLIN She's not finding it easy to work with CAITLIN You're there to support Ms Hagan. Chidimma, I know it's not easy for you but if She’s a qualified teacher and you're a you just make a little bit of effort … CAITLIN But not qualified to teach in this RANI Has anyone been keeping an eye on her RANI She hasn’t been eating. I can see she’s REGISTRAR I’l make sure she gets put on a RANI No. I don’t want you poisoning her anymore. I’l bring her food in. I’ll prepare it RANI (TO THE REGISTRAR) Surely, it is on her record. She’s a Hindu. All her life my mother has been a devout Hindu. Food for her regulations about bringing in food for the REGISTRAR We do our best to care for the MRS. KANTI Please, don’t be so dramatic. RANI You served her Irish stew with mashed REGISTRAR We’ve been very short-staffed. RANI Short-sighted, you mean. You serve her meat and when she says she doesn’t eat meat you scrape it off and give her plate back. Is RANI And coriander chutney with apple and REGISTRAR Some of the staff are new and. It is terrible! It’s no way to treat a sick woman. RANI I’m trying to talk to the registrar. RANI (to Registrar) You see … she is looking better already. So, no more Irish stew for my with Irish stew? This isn't a hotel. We can't have her bringing her mother samosas. What happens if she's called into surgery? If I had my way, everyone would eat exactly the same. INGRID What are you talking about, Asif? ASIF Jamila has two young boys. She cannot INGRID Asif, that's not up to you. It's up to ASIF Jamila would not be working here part time if it were not for me. I cannot ask her to abandon her children to work for you night and INGRID The child care is perfectly adequate. secondary school. And she's studying very ASIF A good Muslim mother does not abandon her children to child care. The mother is the centre of the home. And the home is sacred. INGRID I’m very pleased to hear it. What can I INGRID It’s up to Jamila to make her decisions. responsibility. She is a very capable woman. ASIF No, Ms. Hellman. Children need their mother. Her children need her at home. Not opportunities? I can't refuse Jamila promotion ASIF Oh, there’s nothing wrong with her. because she’s a mother. It’s against the law. INGRID And she’s patient with the clients. ASIF (TO CAMERA) I will talk to Jamila's ASIF But you must not offer her promotion. husband. He's a sensible man. He would not INGRID I've offered her a full time job, if that's overstepped the mark. How dare he! I can't let him impose his sexist views on my staff. INGRID But I've no doubt Jamila will make a Jamila. it’s Ms Hellmann. When you’ve ASIF No. Not Jamila. Sorry, I cannot allow it. Can you imagine putting your nose or your face to the ground where there may be some dog poo? And when Muslims pray, they pray in a room which doesn’t have any statues or The administrator of A LARGE HOSPITAL. is ADMINISTRATOR It’s unacceptable of you to RASHID ENTERS. Rashid is siTting, waiting members of staff. We simply don’t have the for the administrator to finish a phone call. RASHID This is such a large hospital. All we Could I have them by tomorrow? I need them are looking for is a small room. This would by nine-thirty tomorrow. You can do that? Thank you so much. OK. I’ll speak to you later. help the hospital’s reputation, to say that the hospital is going out of its way to look after those people who work for the hospital and those who come and visit the hospital and we Rashid. Thank you very much for coming in. I’m sorry. I’m very, very busy at the moment. but we don’t have the resources. I mean, there is a mosque in the city. You are aware of that, RASHID Do you know that the mosque is ten kilometres away? If you are going to ask every Muslim who’s going to pray to go to the RASHID Yes, I realise I can see you’re very, mosque when they need to pray, the hospital’s very busy. But have you given any thought to my request for a prayer room for the Muslim doctors and clerical staff and the visitors who they need to pray’? They can pray on their that much more consideration. And we spoke RASHID Muslims pray five times a day. And it cannot be done. There are certain times when about it at the last meeting and we think we they need to pray. You can’t ask them to pray might have come up with a solution, actually. at different times. More than that, other hospitals are doing this and we haven’t done ADMINISTRATOR I’ve taken your points on board and I totally understand what you’re saying. Can you leave it with me and I’l discuss it once again at the next meeting and I’m sure we can come to some resolution on ADMINISTRATOR Well, we thought we could use the hospital chapel but providing, of course, the Muslim members of staff don’t use RASHID Do you know that the Muslims pray board what he’s saying and I do actual y understand him a lot more but my boss won’t on their hands and face, which touch the be as understanding as I am/ He just won’t be ground? It is completely unacceptable for the Muslims to be allowed to pray there when people could easily walk in the dog poo. JAY (ON THE PHONE) Hello, Mrs Snow! Yes. This is Jay, calling from KR Research. Carol Snow, can I call you Carol? Ok. I just wanted JAY No, no, that’s not me. There’s been a to ask you a few questions concerning your… JAY Yeah of course. I’ve got nothing against you last night? You missed a classic. So we go into the King and Queens, yeah, and we start with a couple and then go to this other place on the corner of Market Street. You ever warning this time. Things that you may think been there? Well, no. Ok, so we go in, I go up to bar, I’m about to get a couple of drinks, feeling good about myself, and then I noticed there’s no women. It’s just fellas. Not fellas like you and me fellas. No, no, no, they’re all of a We’ve walked into a poofter’s bar. Ah, there’s all these old queens everywhere. Two good looking guys going right into their den. Ah, You should have seen the look on Terry’s face. It was classic. So we run out of there as fast as we can – backs to the wall, know what JAY I bet it was Carl. He’s the only one who could be gay because he’s always going on SUSAN Look, it doesn’t matter who it was, you don’t have to be gay to find it offensive. SUSAN Er, Susan. Jay, could you come into JAY And he always orders a white wine when Thirty two hits and counting. Oh yeah! So I think this is going to be it; paid holiday, bonus, JAY That’s not normal, is it? What, and now promotion, I don’t know, something to keep he’s come whinging to you because I’ve hurt their top player happy, know what I mean? his feelings. Why can’t he talk to me face to JAY See, told you I could do it. Thirty-two hits. SUSAN Jay, I’m going to give you a written No one’s going to beat that are they? Not homophobic comments you will be dismissed. SUSAN Jay, do you realise that everyone has the right to work here without harassment, SUSAN Whether it was intentional or not, it’s SUSAN It’s not just company policy, it’s the JAY (TO CAMERA) So they’re saying I’m homophobic now, you know, because of that stuff I said about the gay bar. I mean I wouldn’t have said it if I knew anyone was listening. But, you know, who wants to go into a gay bar? Apart from gays, obviously. Now she’s threatening me with the sack. But, you know, I mean she can’t do that, can she? SUSAN I’ve heard that you’ve been making DOCTOR … we’ll remove the bladder with the gall stones inside. The gall bladder is a sac make an appointment for you to come back in liver that helps your body digest fat. When you eat a fatty meal, the gall bladder contracts, squeezing the bile into the intestines. Now the gall bladder itself doesn't actually make the bile, and the bile can get into the intestine without the gall bladder being there, so we find We’l remove the gal stone that’s been causing that most people function perfectly well MRS. PATEL Yes. No, it’s a big problem for DOCTOR Don’t worry. I’ll need you to sign a MRS. PATEL I’m sorry, I’m not understanding. consent form before we perform the operation, so I’ll make sure there’s an interpreter here when you come back for your appointment. MRS. PATEL My son. He understands. I come MRS. PATEL Yes. My son. Very clever boy. operation. What we do is make four cuts in MRS. PATEL Yes. My son, very clever boy. I DOCTOR (TO CAMERA) It is totally unethical for a fourteen year old boy to try and explain this procedure to … . I’m sorry, I haven’t had a gallstones inside. The gall bladder is a sac break in eight hours. I’ve got thirteen more patients to see. It’s such a simple procedure. I don’t understand anything. I just don’t know. A FEW MOMENTS LATER LILI IS IN TEARS. MAGDELENA, AnOTHER COLLEAGUE, MAGDELENA Lili. What’s the matter? Why LILI So sorry. I thought I was a very good speaker but when he starts screaming at me, I LILI I don’t want to lose my job. You know it’s ADAM I have made five payments in the last LILI I mean, I have advanced certificate. I went to college for three years and now, just so months before my circumstances changed. Do you understand what I’m saying? I'm entitled LILI No, not like me. You talk very good. LILI Well, it says here we last received a country, I didn’t. I got upset with the clients al ADAM I've explained this twice already. It the time. But then I realised, you see, I never speak the language. I always speak Italian with my boyfriend, Italian with my friends. I go to the Italian restaurant. I need to mix more with the people, you understand and … Lili, why don't you come to my friend’s home for language there. I have to go back to work, ADAM Oh, I'm not going through this again. Get the manager out here. Or does he only holiday last year I saw this lovely frame in broken down into five categories, liquid waste, antiques market. Just right size for Mark’s dry waste services, forecourt services, jettying photo. I asked the price. It was twice what I expected. But I thought it would break the ice MOHAMED Yes. Indeed. Don't worry, I'll have atmosphere in the office. So I bought the silver frame and I had it engraved, ‘to Mark with best wishes, from Mohamed and family'. When I got back from holiday my wife wrapped it up MARK Tomorrow! Everything has to be with the client by five o'clock tonight. It’s a four hundred thousand Euro contract! I need the strange. He didn't want to accept the gift. figures now. What’s taking you so long? What was I supposed to do with a silver frame that was engraved with Mark's name on it? be pleased but. He took the family photo off the wall and I never saw the silver frame aren't looking very good. We're down for the second month running. It's not just Mohamed's He asked me again today, "How are those MOHAMED Adil and Ahmed. My wife, Yasmin. lovely boys of yours?" It's none of his Mark used to have a picture of his family up on business. First of all, Mohamed has to help me the wall by his desk, the pin just missing his meet my figures. That's his job. That's what wife's head. A lovely looking family. But no he's paid for. After the figures are met, then difference to nobody. I’ve been standing here bitching with you for five. LARS KUHLMAN I'm giving you an unofficial ADANNAYA I don't want no unofficial warning. ADANNAYA Is I off sick or lazing all day? No, Me do my work and me do my work well. Ain't LARS KUHLMAN You have to be here at eight o’clock. Not around eight o'clock. But eight ADANNAYA I don't want no unofficial warning, nor no official warning neither. I want to be I will make up the time. You'll no come up getting on with my work. I don't need to be again, I'll have to take disciplinary action. ADANNAYA No need to be fussing about ten minutes. I will make up the precious ten minutes. You got no worries, Mister Kulman. everyone will think it's OK to come late. you is giving the unofficial warning to me? at eight o'clock on the dot and it's the end of ADANNAYA You are clowning with me, right? ADANNAYA So what about licky-licky bimbo LARS KUHLMAN Adannaya, I'm serious. It's you forget that, Mr Kulman? Me never say I important. I can't have my staff just rolling in am on lunch break, you know. Remove them boxes for licky-licky bimbo girl. You forget that, LARS KUHLMAN You have to be here at eight ADANNAYA All them times I work extra. The builders them causing chaos and all that extra cleaning. Did I say, "My time come. Me going Adannaya. And I know Adannaya can't afford to lose this job. Her husband ‘s not working. LARS KUHLMAN Adannaya, please. All I want Stupid girl! Why can't she just get here on time ADANNAYA I'm walking out of here and I'm If you want to work here, you’ve got to make NILS I'm talking about becoming part of a AHMED You saying I don't fit in cause of the NILS It's nothing to do with colour. You're lazy. NILS Look! How many times? It’s for your own NILS If there's any lifting to do, you disappear. safety! Jorgen says he asked you three times AHMED Look. Them boys there, they don’t like me. They say me steal all them girl and AHMED He’s always asking me to do extra. me take al them job. They don’t like an Do this and do that. He not ask the others, you immigrant boy like me, you know. Them hate NILS The others do what needs to be done. NILS If you can’t pul your weight, then you're They don't have to be told. Jorgen says you AHMED You can’t fire me because I am black. AHMED What? Me smoking marijuana? I don’t NILS No. It’s the same for everyone. I don’t care about the colour of your skin. I just want NILS They’re saying you’re lazy. Not fitting in. NILS Look, we work together as a team and some of the lads. I know Jorgen can stir things we get the results. it’s about fitting in. up a bit. Says things that don't help the situation. Jorgen's the best foreman I‘ve ever had. I can't go upsetting Jorgen or we'd never of this candidate. Just finished her degree two vacancy. Young and energetic. Ok. Advertise it at our regular recruitment agency. They’ll have someone that fits the bill perfectly. TANYA Ok, but you do know that it’s company vacancies in the local newspaper as well. TREVOR Ah yeah, this should be interesting. TREVOR If you must. I probably won’t hire it’l be a complete waste of time, but go ahead. TREVOR Look. Al I’m asking, Tanya, is for TANYA I’m the human resources manager. TANYA So Una, could you tell us something TANYA I think this one is particularly good, UNA I was head of contracts at a legal firm in TANYA Very impressive. Trevor, do you have TANYA No, but she’s qualified to do the job. TREVOR She’s over qualified! Her CV starts TREVOR I’m surprised someone with your TANYA She has lots of valuable experience TREVOR Well you‘ve had some pretty senior positions. Don’t you think someone with your experience should be looking for a job with UNA Have you heard of the Kurawa River in UNA If I didn’t want the job, I wouldn’t have TREVOR We’re a very energetic team. We Rather more exhilarating than…. where is it results. It’s pretty lively in that office. Do you TREVOR You’l also find most of our team are rather keen on five-a-side football. Are you UNA As you will see from my application, I more defence or do you like to play upfront? managed a large workload under stressful UNA Well as long they’re not making policy decisions on the pitch, it shouldn’t worry me. TANYA Yes, your application was exceptional TREVOR To be perfectly honest, Miss McCall, I think you might find the… cultural differences TANYA I wonder why. You know I wouldn't be differences? Are you saying I’m too old for the surprised if she took legal action about the way you talked to her. Especially with her TREVOR Really? It would our word against coming up and the whole team’s going white- water rafting. How do you feel about white- TREVOR You’d better work out whose side you’re on, Tanya. And don’t forget who pays DAVID Ok. This will be your workstation, just JENNY Actually, can I just take your arm, LAUREN Retinitis pigmentosa. 15 per cent DAVID Yeah. Sure. Sorry. Ok, just round here and if you take a seat then I’ll show you how to DAVID Lauren, look I don’t have time. We’ve got the new rules and regs. I’ve got a heavier workload… …look I don’t have time to… look DAVID That’s right. If you type your password Rolands for eight years before they closed. She’s got great references, commitment beyond the call of duty, loyalty, an asset to the DAVID Ok, and press ‘enter’ and, as you can see, that takes you through to our homepage. provide what she needs, like the scanner, she’ll be up to speed with everyone else. Otherwise, I don’t see a problem here. LAUREN Partially. How’s the team coping? anyone like her before. And neither have I. So I guess I’m just wondering why we hired DAVID It’s fair to say most of them don’t know somebody who isn’t suitable for the job. LAUREN Right, well we’ve done the audit. starting a new job takes a bit of time to get up We’re stil waiting for the scanner and let’s get DAVID Jenny, I just wanted to say sorry about DAVID Jenny, could you go through these for the coffee incident earlier. I’ve had a word with JENNY To be honest with you I’m going to DAVID Right. I suppose I could get someone JENNY Well, that’s going to be a waste of DAVID And now you’re got your scanner, so, time. Once we get the scanner I’l be able to JENNY Not at the moment, thank you. I do DAVID Yeah, the scanner. I do need these appreciate your help, though. I know it’s done today so what I’m going to do, I’m going difficult being a boss at times. But, well, you to print them off bigger, ok? Be back in five. DAVID Don’t worry I’ve got it. It’s fine. LAUREN So they met all their targets, this DAVID Yeah. It’s strange but they’ve started to work together better as a team. I’d never have LAUREN (ON THE PHONE) I’ll speak to you thought it but it’s like the atmosphere in the David! So how’s it all going? How’s Jenny DAVID Well, we’re still waiting for the scanner DAVID Doing real y well. She’s almost up to so it’s difficult to know what to do with her, speed. I was thinking we could get her some real y. And she’s kind of slow. I mean, obviously she’s not going to be up to the speed of, well, I don’t want to say ‘normal’


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directed evolution of aspartate transaminasefor example. As reclon-ing of a library is laborious and prone to loss of diversity, and the effectevolving highly efficient enzymes on selection pressure only qualitatively predictable, inducible systemsthat provide a tightly controlled and graded transcriptional response toan external inducer represent potentially attractive alternatives. Regulable


Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee Decisions March 19, 2010 Drug/Therapeutic Class P&T Decision Bepreve® (bepotastine besilate ophthalmic solution) • Non-formulary Medications – Treatment of Allergic Conjunctivitis Effient® (prasugrel) – Platelet Aggregation Inhibitor • Formulary Multaq® (dronedarone) – Treatment of Arrhythmias • Non-formulary

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