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Caso Prático 9 da colectânea “Direito Administrativo, casos práticos, (Fausto de Quadros, Margarida Cabral, João Tiago Silveira e Mafalda Carmona), Lisboa, AAFDL, 2002” A Câmara Municipal de Torre de Moncorvo, cujo município tem 12.332 eleitores, deliberou elevar a taxa da contribuição autárquica, incidente sobre prédios urbanos de uma área que abrange três municípios

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DISORDER MADE TO ORDER: FEMALE SEXUAL DYSFUNCTION? From time immemorial men have been grumbling about the regular mood changes that many women experience. Most of these guys were grumbling, “she’s about to have her period.” But they did not conclude that we go regularly insane. Not until someone came up with a diagnosis: Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder (PMDD), and the pharmaceutical company

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PAPERS PUBLISHED IN JOURNALS/ PRESENT IN CONFERENCES JOURNALS: 1. A validated RP-HPLC method for estimation of Oseltamivirinpharmaceutical formulation, J. S. K. Nagarajanetal Der Pharmacia Lettre; 2009, 1 (1):162-168 2. Bioequivalence Study and Pharmacokinetic Evaluation of Two Brands of Tadalafil 20mg tablets in an Indian Population, www. Priory.com 3. Estimation of acetaminophen, dextrop


Perspectives Male-Killing Bacteria in Insects: Mechanisms, Incidence, and Implications Gregory D.D. Hurst and Francis M. Jiggins University College London, United KingdomBacteria that are vertically transmitted through female hosts and kill male hosts thatinherit them were first recorded in insects during the 1950s. Recent studies have shownthese “male-killers” to be diverse and

Knockoff: the deadly trade in counterfeit goods

Knockoff: The Deadly Trade in Counterfeit Goods By Tim Phillips London, England & Sterling, VA; Kogan Page Ltd., 2005, ISBN 0-7494-4389-0 (Price $29.95), pp. 231 Reviewed by Erika Jacobsen White Journal of High Technology Law Suffolk University Law School The global counterfeit market currently wields nearly $538 billion annually. The U.S. counterfeit market alone is estimated to rake in


Sicherheits-Info für „Neulinge“ Wer zum ersten Mal auf eine Hochseeyacht eingeladen wird, fragt meist: "Was muss ich mitnehmen, was muss ich beachten?" Diese Liste sol neuen Mitseglern helfen. Jeder weiss, dass die See gefährlich ist und die wichtigste Aufgabe des Skippers darin besteht, alle Mitsegler vor Schaden zu bewahren. Deshalb geht es nicht ohne Sicherheitseinweis

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“综合英语”课程第四学期英语阅读训练 材料提供人:张少林 Reading Material 4-7 You probably already know that a viselike pressure in the chest is the most common physical sign of a heart attack. You may even be aware that the body sometimes has the pain of a heart I attack, sending to the neck, jaw or arms. But do you know the second, third or fourth most common sign

“ne diyor?― (what does she say?): informal interpreting in general practice

Patient Education and Counseling xxx (2009) xxx–xxxj o u r n a l h o m e p a g e : w w w . e l s e v i e r . c o m / l o c a t e / p a t e d u c o u‘‘Ne diyor?’’ (What does she say?): Informal interpreting in general practiceLudwien Meeuwesen Sione Twilt , Jan D. ten Thije Hans Harmsen a Interdisciplinary Social Science Department, Utrecht University, The Netherlandsb Departmen

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MEMOIRS OF THE LIFE OF SIR JOHN FROISSART Sir John Froissart’s Chronicles of England, France and The Adjoining Countries, form the latter part of the reign of EdwardII to the coronation of Henry IV To Which is Added Some Account of the Manuscript of His Chronicle in the Elizabethian Library at Breslau and A Complete Index. Newly translated from the best French Editions, with Variations and Addit

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http://ohiopsu.squarespace.com/home/2010/9/2/dispelling-the-mythshell. Professional Staff Union of the Ohio Education AssociationCopyright 2009 by the Professional Staff Union of OEAhttp://ohiopsu.squarespace.com/home/2010/9/2/dispelling-the-mythshell. Dispelling theMyths…How MuchOEA’s Proposal WillCost YOUOEA President Pat Frost-Brooks, her fellow OEAOfficers Bill Leibensperger and Jim

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SUMMARY OF PRODUCT CHARACTERISTICS NAME OF THE MEDICINAL PRODUCT Januvia 100 mg film-coated tablets 2. QUALITATIVE AND QUANTITATIVE COMPOSITION Each tablet contains sitagliptin phosphate monohydrate, equivalent to 100 mg sitagliptin. For a full list of excipients, see section 6.1. 3. PHARMACEUTICAL Film-coated tablet (tablet) Round, beige film-coated tablet with “27

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Product Name Crystal Natural Soap Base (CRYSTAL NATURAL) Supplier Just a Soap South East Lodge Rede Road Whepstead Bury St Edmunds IP29 4ST 01284 735043 Composition/Ingredients Information Definition: formulated soap base. IFRA: not restricted. Application: cosmetic soaps. INCI: Glycerine, aqua, sodium stearate, sodium oleate, sorbitol, sodium laurate, sodium myristate, stea

Lezing homeopathie voor huisartsen oss

Lezing homeopathie voor huisartsen en apotheek-medewerkers te Oss Graag wil ik u wat vertellen over homeopathie, als een volwaardige complementaire geneeswijze, naast de reguliere. Ik mag dat na bijna 25 jaar praktijkervaring zo stellen. 1.Eerst wil ik het kort hebben over de historie, en de filosofie van de homeopathie. 2.Dan over de praktijk van alle dag, waaronder het homeopathisch cons

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Nel verano del pasado año 2004 la ciudad de Córdoba tenía el privilegio de presenciar, envuelta en el mágico entorno de los jardines del ' Alcázar y dentro de los conciertos programados por el Festival de la Guitarra, una actuación en directo de Paco de Lucía con su actual grupo. Presentaban su nuevo disco Cositas buenas, y nos deleitaban con versiones renovadas de temas pertenecientes


Highlights in inorganic chemistry over the last 100 yearsSchool of Chemistry, University of Bristol, Bristol, UK BS8 1TSThe science summarised in this Highlight, which must be selective, is impressive. The developments in inorganic chemistry over the last 100 years have beenawe-inspiring. To decide on what are the highlights of inorganic chemistry for the last 100 years,essentially the 20th cen


Acute Compartment Syndrome Due to Ruptured Baker Cyst After Nonsurgical Management of an Anterior Cruciate Ligament Tear : A Case Report Aimee Lynn Schimizzi, Amir A. Jamali, Kenneth D. Herbst and Robert A. PedowitzThe online version of this article can be found at: can be found at: The American Journal of Sports Medicine Additional services and information for Acute Compa

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SO YOU THINK YOU’RE DEPRESSED? You’ve been feeling down, not yourself, for weeks now. You’ve been waking up in the middle of the night and not getting back to sleep. You’re tired and irritable. It’s hard to see the bright side of things. Food is completely uninteresting. You cancelled your regular golf game for the second week in a row because you don’t feel like playing. You’ve b

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TODAY’S DATE ACCOUNT # CLIENT INFORMATION First Name: Preferred (if different): Middle Initial: Last Name: Address: Zip Code: Home Phone: Work Phone: Cell Phone: Birth date: Employer: Occupation: How did you learn about Joffe MediCenter? If referred by a previous patient, who was it? Were you referred to Joffe MediCenter by your ey


The Jobs Letter Essential Information on an Essential Issue • The tourism industry estimates that more than 31,000 new full-time workers will be needed in the industry in the next seven years. Anindustry report says that the sector already employs more than100,000 workers but with tourist numbers forecast to grow from about 2.3 million this year to more than 3 million by 2010, the i


Banco de dados Oracle HOWTO Paul Haigh, V1.2, 4 de agosto de 1998Traduzido por Marcelo Martim Marques, de maio de 1999 Um guia para instalar e configurar o Servidor de Banco de dados Oracle em umsistema Linux 3.3 Executando o Database Installation Script 4.4 Inicializando e finalizando o Listeners 8.1 Eu nao posso criar um banco de dados quando usado Oracle 7.2.x. 8.2 Estao ocorrendo segme


Year 10 Exam Tips Relax: Make sure you have time out in Revise: Make and stick to your revision May/June Year 10 timetable. This will make you feel in control of your work. Eat breakfast: Even if you don't feel Study everything: Don't not revise a something for breakfast, your brain needs subject because you don't like i

Primary nocturnal enuresis: current concepts - march 1, 1999 .

Primary Nocturnal Enuresis: Current Concepts - March 1, 1999 - Americ. http://www.aafp.org/afp/990301ap/1205.htmlAAFP Home Page > News & Publications > Journals > American Family Physician® > Vol. 59/No. 5 (March 1, 1999) MEDLINE: Primary Nocturnal AFP: • Enuresis (4) Enuresis: Current Concepts Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical CenterLeba


Journal of Microbes and Infection, September 2009, Vol. 4, No. 3 Advances in mechanisms of bacterial resistance to linezolid and related detection methods 1. No. 263 Hospital of Chinese People s Liberation Army, Beijing 101149, China; 2. Dalian Medical University, Abstract: Linezolid is an antibacterial belonging to the oxazolidinone class of antibiotics. The importance of linezolid as an

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Leçons de l’affaire de l’archevêque d’Olinda et Récife L’éclipse de la raison La grosse presse n'en finit pas de parler de la douloureuse affaire de la petite Brésilienne de 9 ans, violée par son beau-père depuis trois ans, enceinte de jumeaux, et qui, avec l’accord de sa mère, fut soumise, le 4 mars, à un avortement à quinze semaines de grossesse. Le tollé médiatique

Accessplus® jury verdict case details

AccessPlus® Jury Verdict Case Details (YY 27/1) MED. MAL.--PHARMACY ADMITS NEGLIGENCE FOR ALLERGIC Heidi Happel, Kent Happel v Wal-Mart Stores Inc. 02C-7771 (formerly 94L- 12400, 02L-12341) Tried Feb. 9-23, 2007 $465,400 compensatory damages (not guilty on battery/punitive damages claim). Kenneth C. Chessick and Magdalena Dworak-Mathews of Kenneth C. Chessick M.D. (Schaumburg) for

Die merck kgaa ist ein integrierter pharma- als auch spezialchemiekonzern mit sitz im südhessischen darmstadt

Die Merck KGaA ist ein integrierter Pharma- als auch Spezialchemiekonzern mit Sitz im südhessischen Darmstadt. Hinzu kommt der rechtlich selbständige Bereich der Labordistribution VWR International. Auf der diesjährigen Hauptversammlung in der Jahrhunderthalle in Frankfurt-Höchst konnte der Aufsichtsratsvorsitzende Dr. Heinrich Hornef deutlich mehr Aktionäre als in den vergangenen Jahren


HEALTH HISTORY All Responses Are Kept Confidential ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS BY CIRCLING YES (Y) OR NO (N) I. Are you presently taking, or have you ever taken any 1. Are you in good health? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Y N of the following Bisphosphonate Medicines: Etidronate (Didronel) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Y N


ANALYSIS OF METHYLBENACTYZIUM BROMIDE IN HUMAN URINEBY THIN-LAYER CHROMATOGRAPHY AND PYROLYSIS GASCHR OMATO GRAPHYM. NISHIKAWAa, M. TATSUNOa, S. SUZUKIb,* and H. TSUCHIHASHIbaForensic Science Laboratory, Osaka Prefectural Police H.Q. 3-1-16, Otemae, Chuo-ku, Osaka 540 andbIdentification Center, Kinki Regional Police Bureau, 2-1-22, Otemae, Chuo-feu, Osaka 540 (Japan)(Received May 25th, 1990)(Revi

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Jugisporttag 29. Mai 2010 in Oberlunkhofen MigrosKat Rang Name, Vorname (Ort) Kl. Kiga M Rey, Noëlle El Awamry, Shadia Zumstein, Julia De Carlo, Livia Gr. Kiga M Rudin, Laura Schmid , Allegra Rosendahl, Elin Onesto, Elisa Giulia Rey, Aïcha Casaulta, Sophie Rey, Meret Stäuble, Sarina Koller, Laura Stäuble, Alessia Pellin, Maya Gumann, Ni


Learning Objectvies: 1. To understand the impact of obesity on general health; 2. To appreciate the causes of obesity in relation to lifestyle; 3. To understand the role of leptin in managing appetite; 4. To appreciate the different treatment options when managing a patient with obesity. The prevalence of obesity has increased dramatically over the last two decades thr

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PET/CT Exam Preparation Requirements F18-FDG, a glucose analogue, is simply a radioactive sugar. In order to maximise the uptake of F18-FDG and obtain an optimal PET/CT scan you are required to follow a sugar free and low carbohyrate diet the day before your scan. This radiopharmaceutical is not registered in the Republic of South Africa yet, even though it is produced here; therefore th

Flightpower istruzioni generali

1. SICUREZZA ED USO Introduzione:Le moderne batterie ai Polimeri di Litio ( LiPo, LiPoly ) sono la fonte energetica preferita per i modelli RC , per la loro capacità di immagazzinare e fornire grandi quantità di energia mantenendo un peso contenuto. Come rendimento, queste nuove batterie hanno molto in comune con il carburante per gli aereo-modelli di precedente tecnologia e meritano


Notes sur les technologies de la santé en émergence Le tiotropium : un substitut potentiel à l’ipratropium dans le traitement de la BPCO numéro 35 juillet 2002 Boehringer Ingelheim, Burlington (Ontario), le30 avril 2002) et à la Food and Drug Administration auxÉtats-Unis4, en quête de l’approbation de l’utilisation du9 Dans le traitement de la bronchopneumopathie médicam

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Do New Drugs for Incontinence Threaten the Absorbent Products Growth Trend? By Pricie Hanna, John R. Starr, Inc. and Helena Engqvist, Engqvist Consulting Insight 2005 October 12, 2005 Engqvist John R. Starr, Inc. Consulting Adult Incontinence Trends ØAdult incontinence impacts 200 million people − Aging population − Increasing risk factors for incontinence

Effects of the antihistamine diphenhydramine on selected aquatic organisms

Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry, Vol. 30, No. 9, pp. 2065–2072, 2011EFFECTS OF THE ANTIHISTAMINE DIPHENHYDRAMINE ON SELECTEDJASON P. BERNINGER,*y BOWEN DU,z KRISTIN A. CONNORS,y STEPHANIE A. EYTCHESON,§ MARK A. KOLKMEIER,§KRISTA N. PROSSER,§ THEODORE W. VALENTI JR.,z C. KEVIN CHAMBLISS,z§k and BRYAN W. BROOKSyz§yInstitute of Biomedical Studies, Baylor University, Waco, Texas, U

Elegant memo

F R E S N O U N I F I E D S C H O O L D I S T R I C T PARTICIPANTS OF THE FRESNO UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT EMPLOYEE HEALTH CARE PLAN SUBJECT: EMPLOYEE HEALTH CARE PLAN AMENDMENT 2012-2 __________________________________________________________________________________________ The Joint Health Management Board of the Fresno Unified School District has modified the Plan Document regarding


taxpayer-funded inventions if NIH grantedgal observers predict that NIH will reject thethe petition. “It’s a misapplication of thepetition, Love is hoping for a boost fromstatute … [that] would likely have seriousUniversity of California, Los Angeles. election-year politics. “Drug pricing is a bigpolitical issue” that President George W. said AAU representative Theodore Poehler


Los Actos de Habla, una competencia comunicativa clave para el desarrollo de personas y organizaciones La perspectiva del lenguaje como un género de acción, nos permite desarrollar competencias relevantes en aspectos claves de nuestras interrelaciones en la empresa, partiendo por la comprensión de la esencia misma de una empresa en términos de redes de conversaciones para la creaci�

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Below is a partial list of drugs. The first section lists the drugs by brand name. The second section lists the drugs by generic name. The medications in bold face type denote significant underlying disease. Their current use for certain conditions may warrant adverse decisions. Please determine why the medication is being taken and for how long. For further details regarding these medicatio

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1.- El derecho en general. Concepto. Aspectos subjetivos y objetivos. 2.-Derecho positivo: Derecho público y privado. Diferencias. Ramas del derecho. Derecho natural. Moral y derecho. 3.- El Derecho Civil. Relación con las restantes ramas del derecho. 4.-Fuentes del derecho: la ley, la jurisprudencia (unificación de jurisprudencia), la doctrina, la costumbre. 5.- El Código Civil. Sus fuentes

Capecitabine-related cardiotoxicity: recognition and management

Muhammad Wasif Saif, MD, Megumi Tomita, MD, Leslie Ledbetter, RN, and Robert B. Diasio, MDthe other hand, the most common grade 3 tox-icities were lymphopenia (44%); diarrhea (12%); proved by the US Food and Drug Ad-ministration (FDA) for first-line therapy HFS (11%); hyperbilirubinemia (9%); fatigue in patients with stage III or IV colorectal (8%); stomatitis (7%); and abdominal pain, nau-


The Golden Pheasant Inn, Plumley Moor Road, Plumley, Restaurant booking recommended, bar reservations not required DISCRETIONARY 10% SERVICE CHARGE MAY BE ADDED TO TABLES OF 8 OR MORE ALL OF THIS IS GIVEN TO OUR HARDWORKING STAFF AND NOT TO THE ‘MANAGEMENT’ THE STARTERS ; TRADITIONAL PRAWN COCKTAIL Succulent North Atlantic Prawns in our homemade seafood sauce CHEF’S HOMEMADE SOUP OF THE

Randomized placebo-controlled trial of baclofen for cocaine dependence: preliminary effects for individuals with chronic patterns of cocaine use

Randomized Placebo-Controlled Trial of Baclofen for Cocaine Dependence: Preliminary Effects for Individuals With Chronic Patterns of Cocaine Use Steven Shoptaw, Ph.D.; Xiaowei Yang, Ph.D.; Erin J. Rotheram-Fuller, M.A.; Ya-Ching M. Hsieh, M.S.; Prudencia C. Kintaudi, M.D.; V. C. Charuvastra, M.D.; and Walter Ling, M.D. Received Jan. 2, 2003; accepted May 7, 2003. From the UCLA

Creative improper property

CREATIVE IMPROPER PROPERTY copyright and the non-western world Joost Smiers copyright and the non-western world Gradually, we start to understand that the philosophy backing our present copyright system is less self-evident than we usually accept. At the same time we observe that copyright mostly is not in favour of artists, the public domain and Third World countries. In Arts Under Pressure. Pro


Jewish Community of Sedona and the Verde Valley Religious School Registration Form 2013-2014 Please use a separate form for each child being registered. Please read and fill in both sides completely. All information on this form will be kept confidential and used only by authorized personnel. It is the policy of the JCSVV that all families of registered children are Members of the JCSVV.


• have anything to eat at least 6 hours prior to your surgery. You can drink CLEAR fluids (ie nothing with milk in it) up to two hours before your surgery • smoke for at least 6 weeks before and 2 weeks after surgery. This is particularly important for patients undergoing Breast Reduction, Tummy tuck or Facelift surgery. • overdo alcohol. You don’t have to stop all alcohol intake but i

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Gebrauchsinformation: Information für die Anwenderin Estradiol 2 mg fem JENAPHARM® Tabletten Wirkstoff: Estradiolvalerat Lesen Sie die gesamte Packungsbeilage sorgfältig durch, bevor Sie mit der Einnahme dieses Arzneimittels beginnen. - Heben Sie die Packungsbeilage auf. Vielleicht möchten Sie diese später nochmals lesen. - Wenn Sie weitere Fragen haben, wenden Sie sich an Ih


Ethical Human Psychology and Psychiatry, Volume 6, Number 1, Spring 2004 The Ethics and Science of Medicating Children Jacqueline A. Sparks Barry L. Duncan Institute for the Study of Therapeutic Change Prescriptions for psychiatric drugs to children and adolescents have skyrocketed in thepast 10 years. This article presents evidence that the superior effectiveness of stimulantsand


310 Greenwich StreetSuite 15BNew York, NY 10013212-766-7340Pigeons: Environmentalists hate them (“invasive species”). New York City councilmembers loathe them (“Oy! Such poop!”). There's even a contingent of ostensibly serious rehabilitators who take the view that they aren't wildlife and aren't worth dealing with (hey guys! read your licenses.). All the same, pigeons are (with rats,


O uso e o abuso de drogas entre Sandra Rocha* Camila Cardoso** universitários Embaixadora da União Europeia Pesquisas demonstram que a entrada na universidade é um período faz conferência na UFG crítico de vulnerabilidade para o início e a manutenção do uso de álcool e outras drogas. Segundo o Levantamento Nacional sobre uso de álcool, tabaco e outras drog

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100/1996. (VII. 12.) Korm. rendelet a kábítószerek tiltott gyártásához használt egyes vegyi anyagokkal végzett tevékenységek szabályozásáról 1. § A rendelet hatálya kiterjed a) a kábítószerek és pszichotrop anyagok tiltott gyártására leggyakrabban használt ellenőrzött vegyi anyagoknak a Magyar Köztársaság területén történő gyártására, felh


in die Reiseapotheke Ihrer Kunden Trockenes Auge Vismed light (TRB Chemedica)Daylong ultra face SPF 25 (Spirig Pharma)Excipial Repair sensitive (Spirig Pharma)Fester Bestandteil des Journals für die Apotheke ist die TE REISEAPO Völlegefühl/Blähungen Digestodoron (Weleda)Checkliste Reiseapotheke, in der die Sta

Dear susan denton,

Qualified vs. Non-Qualified Expenses Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) can help you save in order to pay for many different medical expenses, and using your HSA correctly helps to ensure that these funds are available to you tax-free. HSA funds are to be used to pay for qualified medical expenses in order to be treated as a tax-free distribution. Qualified expenses include products a

Mercer v. cosley

******************************************************The ‘‘officially released’’ date that appears near thebeginning of each opinion is the date the opinion willbe published in the Connecticut Law Journal or thedate it was released as a slip opinion. The operativedate for the beginning of all time periods for filingpostopinion motions and petitions for certification isthe ‘‘off


Tribunal administratif du Québec Section des affaires sociales En matière d'indemnisation 17 décembre 2001 Dossiers : SAS-Q-059511-0002 / SAS-Q-059513-0002 / SAS- Q-059515-0002 / SAS-Q-059517-0002 / SAS-Q-006943-9904 Membres du Tribunal : Anne Leydet, avocate Solange Tardy, médecin SOCIÉTÉ DE L'ASSURANCE AUTOMOBILE DU QUÉBEC DÉCISION Dossier SAS-Q-006943-9904 Il s'agit


Kaida Y, Ueda S, Yamagishi S, Nakayama Y, Ando R, Iwatani R, Fukami K, Okuda S Proteinuria elevates asymmetric dimethylarginine levels viaprotein arginine methyltansferase-1 overexpression in a rat model of nephrotic syndrome Life Sciences Vol.91:301-305 2012 Yamagishi S, Matsui T, Ueda S, Okuda S Endocrine system Transworld Research Kajimoto H, Kai H, Aoki H, Yasuoka S, AnegawaT, Toki Y, Ue


Front. Phys., 2011, 6(4): 347–349DOI 10.1007/s11467-011-0226-8 PERSPECTIVE Gifts from the superconducting curiosity shop David Mandrus 1 , 2 1 Department of Materials Science and Engineering, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN 37996 USA 2 Materials Science and Engineering Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, TN 37831 USA Received October 16, 2011; accepted Novembe

Decreased serum bdnf levels in chronic institutionalized schizophrenia on long-term treatment with typical and atypical antipsychotics

Progress in Neuro-Psychopharmacology & Biological Psychiatry xxx (2009) xxx–xxxProgress in Neuro-Psychopharmacology & Biologicalj o u r n a l h o m e p a g e : w w w. e l s e v i e r. c o m / l o c a t e / p n pDecreased serum BDNF levels in chronic institutionalized schizophrenia onlong-term treatment with typical and atypical antipsychoticsMei Hong Xiu 1 , Li Hui 1 , Yu Feng Da

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LA INFORMACIÓN PÙBLICA AL ALCANCE DE TODOS Derecho y acceso a la información en la Argentina Dolores Lavalle Cobo La construcción de una sociedad libre y democrática requiere la consolidación de un Estado de Derecho que asegure la existencia y el efectivo ejercicio de determinados derechos y garantías a sus ciudadanos. A su vez necesita de la participación activa de la socied


Ranbaxy Q4 Net profit down at Rs. 777.8 cr. April 25, 2009 Ranbaxy Limited came out with its Fourth-quarter FY09 results which were far below the Market expectations; its Total income fell by 16% year on year to Rs. 802.2cr. whereas its net profit fell to Rs.- 777.8cr. Key Highlights × Ranbaxy posted a consolidated loss Rs. 761cr. for Stock Statistics (as on 23 Apr 2009) Q

Ecrire a l'ombre de kafka

ECRIRE A L'OMBRE DE KAFKA ECRIRE A L'OMBRE DE - D'art en art - Arts/Artistes/Artisans - Recensions - Date de mise en ligne : samedi 10 novembre 2007 Description : Parution d'une anthologie de neuf auteurs juifs de langue tchèque, 1900-1941. Judaiques Cultures ECRIRE A L'OMBRE DE KAFKA Neuf auteurs juifs de langue tchèque, 1900-1941 Au début du XXe siècle, de nombreux au

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I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Type ____, which causes defective connective tissue in my collagen. Please be sure to check carefully for the following: Glaucoma (with pachymetry for accuracy) Recommended Ocular Testing for the Patient With EDS Complete slit lamp exam with TBUT. Understand that I may be more prone to Dilated fundus exam; fundus photography Ocular topography


Being Orthodox In The City of The 21st century SYNDESMOS International Youth Festival, Manosque, France 24/08 - 30/08 1998 There is this story in "Γεροντικο" ("Γεροντικο" is a collection of little stories and sayings of monks of the desert during the first centuries of Christianity): a group of visitors having strenuously worked, approached a venerable fathe

Biol 50.6 25/11/03

Christmas curiosity or medical marvel? A seasonal review of mistletoe Jonathan Briggs British Waterways A fascinating feature of Christmas, mistletoe is a rather mysterious parasite with a complicated folklore and, perhaps, significant potential in medicine. This review concentrates on Viscum album , the ‘original’ mistletoe. Its distribution and conservation in

Alain - circular 2

AGI DEPRESSA Deus abre-vos hoje os caminhos do impossível, começando pelas fronteiras fechadas perante o afluxo dos refugiados em todos os países. Eles vêm morrer a vossos pés, fugindo da fome, da morte e dos canhões do medo. Nada mais os protege. Só lhes restais vós, Libertadores de braços abertos , contra tudo quanto se enfurece, porque o maior medo, é o homem de coraç�


Alzheimer’s Imaging Consortium IC-P: Poster PresentationsBackground: Rosiglitazone, a peroxisome proliferator-activated receptorcopy. Because of their high iron content, plaques typically appear as hypo-[gamma] (PPAR[gamma]) agonist, has an anti-inflammatory effect in theintense spots on T2-weighted scans. One of the challenges in imagingbrain, decreasing interleukin-1[beta] concentration

Bula padrão

BULA (CCDS 0811) HALDOL  Decanoato Solução injetável decanoato de haloperidol IDENTIFICAÇÃO DO MEDICAMENTO FORMA(S) FARMACÊUTICA(S) E APRESENTAÇÃO(ÕES) Solução injetável de decanoato de haloperidol em embalagem com 5 ampolas de 1 mL. USO ADULTO USO INTRAMUSCULAR COMPOSIÇÃO Cada mL de solução injetável contém: Excipientes: álcool benz�


THE DEONTIC FURNITURE OF THE WORLD An analysis of the basic concepts that embody normativity This paper aims to elucidate the nature of normativity by discussing the ‘deontic furniture of the world’, the concepts which embody this normativity. In its first part, the paper deals with facts and rules, the different kinds of rules, and the difference between facts and rules. Three important

Cholinergic receptors

Response, activates PLC->IP3,DAG=>Ca++ Similar to M1 mechanism. Sm. Muscles, secretory Agonists Action Bethanechol Stimulates GI and urinary bladder Carbachol + Increases ureteral peristalsis, contraction of detrusor muscle, and decreases Betanechol capacity of urinary bladder (increase in micturation) M3 agonist for salivary gland activation Induces marked salivation and diaphoresis (


A peer-reviewed electronic journal published by the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies Cognitive Enhancement and Liberatory Possibilities of Antidepressant Therapy Journal of Evolution and Technology – Vol. 18 Issue 1 – May 2008 – pgs 124-128 Introduction A growing number of social critics have raised concerns about the widespread use of prescription antidep

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HALDOL® Injection FOR INTRAMUSCULAR INJECTION ONLY PRODUCT INFORMATION NAME OF THE MEDICINE DESCRIPTION Haloperidol decanoate is the decanoate ester of haloperidol. The structural formula is: 4-(4-chlorophenyl)-1-[4-(4-fluorophenyl)-4-oxobutyl]-4-piperidinyl decanoate Haloperidol decanoate is almost insoluble in water but is soluble in most organic solvents. Each mL

Que, el objeto de la investigación y/o enjuiciamiento está basado en la comisión de delito y en el mal desempeño de funciones, conforme a los términos del auto inicial de responsabilidad dictado por el jurado, conforme al a

CAUSA: “Abg. NORMA GLADYS ciudad de San Joaquín, Circunscripción Judicial de Caaguazú s/ Enjuiciamiento”.- S. D. Nº 16/09 VISTO: Estos autos de los que, R E S U L T A N: Que, a fs. 01 de autos obra la publicación periodística del Diario Ultima Hora de fecha 14 de mayo de 2009, que en su página 68, bajo el título: “UNA MAGISTRADA CAE AL RECIBIR COIMA PARA ARREGLAR


JumpStart your Own Business Running a Business Page 1 1. A completed application form (specific to each lending institution)2. A sound, well-researched and well-presented business plan3. A business cash flow prediction for 12 or 24 months (more info on this later)Ultimately, you’ll need to convince your chosen institution that your venture is profitable, that the risk canbe managed and th

Rt78-1-2009mf contract circular with nsn.xls

RT78-1-2009MF Contract Circular with NSN.xls This Matrix Report is based on the Contract Circular Report Tender Number RT78-1-2009MF The Supply and Delivery of Tuberculosis drugs to for the period ending 31 July 2011RT78-1-2009MF Contract Circular with NSN.xls Quantity Required Description ETHAMBUTOL HCl 400mg tablet, 56 tablets as a patient-ready packEach tablet must be individual

Acer | aspire r | r7-571-6858 | datasheet

Acer | Aspire R | R7-571-6858 | Datasheethttp://us.acer.com/ac/en/US/content/model-datasheet/NX.M9UAA.002Windows 8 - 64-bit version - Intel® Core™ i5-3337U processor (1.8GHz/2.7GHz w/ Turbo Boost) - 6GBDDR3 memory - 500GB hard drive - 24GB solid state drive - 15.6" Full HD widescreen CineCrystal™LED-backlit multi-touch display (1920 x 1080) - 10-point multi-touch control - Intel® HD

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Like Drugs, Talk Therapy Can Change Brain Chemistry By RICHARD A. FRIEDMAN, M.D. After six years of twice-weekly psychotherapy sessions, Eric had plenty of insight. But his anxiety level had barely changed. He was still bedeviled by a ceaseless urge to wash his hands and shameful and repetitive violent thoughts. Out of desperation and against the wishes of his therapist, he visited my offic

Chemwatch msds 431815



JK SCIENCE EDITORIAL Postmenopausal Obesity Sudhaa Sharma, Rupali Bakshi, Vishal. R. Tandon, Annil Mahajan The prevalence of obesity is increasing world wide Table-1 Health Benefits of Exercise/Weight Reduction (7-10) and is reaching epidemic proportions. Majority of adults• Fall of 10mm of Hg in systolic BP & diastolic BPare becoming increasingly overweight and one of the s

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EL CANCIONERO DE LOS ACTOS PATRIOS ESCOLARES DURANTE EL PERÍODO DEL GOBIERNO PERONISTA(1946- 1955). UN CAMPO PARA LA INVESTIGACIÓN Acerca de los actos patrios Todo el que ha sido escolarizado en el sistema educativo argentino ha participado de una u otra forma en los actos patrios de la escuela primaria por lo que en su memoria hay un lugar para el os. Vividos como un moment


Stanton St Shul Beit Midrash Drinking on Purim י ם ֶכי ִפ ִמ ת ַר ְכ ִנ י ִכּ סי ִס ָע ל ַע ן ִיָי י ֵתֹש ל ָכּ וּל ִלי ֵה ְו וּכ ְבוּ םי ִרוֹכּ ִש וּצי ִק ָהWake up, you drunkards, and weep! Wail, all you drinkers of wine; wail because of the new wine, for it has been snatched from your lips. (Yoel 1:5) Along


CURRICULUM VITAE UDDANNELSE: • Den Norske Filmskolen , Lyddesign -03 – 06 Nordisk Teaterskole (DK) , skuespiller ved 89- 91 You Being You – lydfilm, fikk honorable mention av Dolbyjuryen på Grimstad i år (Idè, Lyddesign, komponist, tekstforfatter, medprodusent) – 05 Storm – Spillefilm (Lydlegger) - 05 Bunny Chow – (S) Sørafrikansk spillefilm (lydlegger) -06


Chin J Nucl M ed, Apr 2002, Vol 22, No. 218F 标记的正电子放射性药物及其临床应用fluorocholine( FCH ) 2- 18 F-fluoroethylcholinefluoro- 6-thia- heptadecanioc acid( FTHA), 15- 18F- fluoro- 3-oxa- pentadecnoate( FOP) Chin J Nucl M ed, Apr 2002, Vol 22, No. 2( 3-fluoropropyl) thio-l 1, 2, 5, thiadiazo-2, 5, 6-tetrahydro-1Hmethylpyridine ( 18 F- FP-18F- norchlorofluoroepibatidi


Journal International De Victimologie International Journal Of Victimology Psychophysiologic effect of post-retrieval Propanolol on traumatic memories in post-BRUNET, A. PHD (1), ORR, S. P. PHD (2), TREMBLAY, J. M.D. (3), NADER, K. PHD (4), PITMAN, R. K. M.D. (5) [CANADA, QC & USA] Authors (1) (3) Department of Psychiatry, McGill University and Douglas Hospital Research Center, Montr


PODER JUDICIÁRIO SEÇÃO JUDICIÁRIA DA PARAÍBA A) AQUISIÇÕES DE MATERIAIS I - CONTÍNUAS Combustíveis e lubrificantes automotivosBotijões de água mineral de 20 L (J.Pessoa)Botijões de água mineral de 20 L (C.Grande) II - OUTRAS AQUISIÇÕES Forno microondas, cap. 27 L, cor branca, EletroluxCafeteira elétrica, cilindra, inox, cap. 60 L, UniversalLiquidificador, cap

Antidepressants—medicine for depression

Antidepressants—Medicine for Depression Health Information Sheet Antidepressants - Medicine for Depression What are antidepressants? Antidepressants are medicines used to treat people who have depression. Most people with depression get better with treatment that includes these medicines. How do antidepressants work? Antidepressants work by slowing the removal of certain chemic


Vacuum Erection Device Use in Elderly Men: APossible Severe Complication Robert L. Bratton, MD, and Harvey D. Cassidy, MD Erectile dysfunction affects up to 30 million Amer-erectile dysfunction. The patient had used a vac-ican men and their partners. Between the ages of 40uum erection device for the last 5 years withoutand 70 years, the probability of complete erectilecomplications. We rece

Pii: s0168-8510(01)00162-2

Rationalising rationing: economic and otherconsiderations in the debate about funding ofElly A. Stolk *, Werner B.F. Brouwer, Jan J.V. Busschbach Institute for Medical Technology Assessment , Erasmus Uni 6 ersity Rotterdam , PO Box 1738,3000 DR Rotterdam , The Netherlands Received 30 May 2000; accepted 10 May 2001 Abstract Although the cost-effectiveness of Viagra for the treatmen


JTA DPIS Netbook Update Promotion Rules and Conditions Entry Requirements  Member must complete his/her member profile on JTA Membership Website as specified below, on or before Friday, December 16, 2011. Closing Date Draw Date Draw Method Winners will be chosen by random electronic draw of member numbers from the list of members satisfying the entry requirements at 1


[Congressional Record Volume 159, Number 41 (Wednesday, March 20, 2013)] [Senate] [Pages S2021-S2022] From the Congressional Record Online through the Government Printing Office Mr. LEAHY. Mr. President, I have been privileged to serve Vermonters for many years as a voice on foreign policy matters, and I am always reminded that my work is a reflection of the outward looking posture of the people

Transtorno obsessivo-compulsivo

Revista Brasileira de Psiquiatria Print ISSN 1516-4446 Rev. Bras. Psiquiatr. vol.22 s.2 São Paulo Dec. 2000 Transtorno obsessivo- compulsivo Maria Conceição do Rosario-Campos e Marcos T Mercadante Protoc, Departamento e Instituto de Psiquiatria da Faculdade de Medicina da USP. Child Study Center, Yale University Schools of Medicine & Nursing, Yale, USA O tra

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JC 7-24-07 HURT PEOPLE HURT PEOPLE! “Father---because of You---we have another day! We begin this day coming into Your Holy presence confessing our unholiness---our sins of the mind, We are forever thankful that You no longer see us as sinners--- but as Your children! Thank You for including us in on Your eternal plan and LOVE! We thank You for all You’ve done in our past through Jesu

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Jedburgh Three Peaks Ultra Marathon Sunday 27th October 2013 A big thanks to our sponsors: Scottish Borders Brewery Jordanhill Garden Supplies Registration and Start: 07:00 - 07:45: Registration and kit check in Jed Thistle Rugby Club which is at the side of Lothian Car park. Address is Abbey Bridge End, just off the A68, postcode TD8 6JQ. Cars can be parked here

Contents book

Contents book 1 Introduction The World’s Best Kept Secret About the Author Jenny’s Story Acknowledgements To True Friends The humble beginnings of NPAN and the need for information What compels, inspires and influences me as a woman, as a natural progesterone advocate, consultant and author CHAPTER 1 Testimonials from women CHAPTER 2 Attitudes Towards Proges


AIDS Care, August 2005; 17(6): 661 Á/673An empirical test of the Information, Motivation andBehavioral Skills model of antiretroviral therapyadherenceK. R. AMICO1, J. TORO-ALFONSO2, & J. D. FISHER11Center for Health/HIV Intervention and Prevention, University of Connecticut, USA, and 2UniversityCenter for Psychological Services & Research, University of Puerto Rico, Puerto RicoAbstr


Technical Data Sheet TDS 1973 (IE) PROTIM® GREEN E Fungicidal and Insecticidal Green Wood Preservative FEATURES INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE Effective against wood boring insects For external applications, Protim Green E should be Protects against wood-rotting fungi applied during dry and if possible windless weather Suitable for use on all s


ANNOUNCEMENTS 02-18-14 Gladiator Army sends its congratulations to the Johns Creek High School Boys Basketball Team for beating West Forsyth to qualify for the schools first spot in the state tournament! Tonight they will play in the 3rd place game against rival Chattahoochee! Please come out to support them. Any students who make the trip to West Forsyth to watch can keep their ticket stu

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iafrica.com | highlife | my life Spiced Ham in my inbox! Sat, 28 Jul 2007 Spiced Ham in my inbox! Too much of a bad thing is still a bad thing. When it comes to spam, that junk mail of the ether, it is a very Melt fat away while you sleep. Say Goodbye To Facial Hair Forever! Debt Analyses, it’s not a loan, it’s a solution. Free

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MERCADO UNICO Y CIRCULACION DE MEDICAMENTOS Unión Europea: Principio Básico de la libre circulación de mercanciasFenómeno conocido como “COMERCIO PARALELO”: Adquisición de productos por intermediarios en países de precio bajo para su venta en países de precio alto. Justificación jurídica clara en mercados libres y dudosa en mercados intervenidosLegitimación legal para oper

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University of Oslo and Rutgers University This paper evaluates arguments presented by John Perry (and Ken Taylor) in favor of the presence of an unarticulated constituent in the proposition expressed by utterance of, for example, (1):1 We contend that these arguments are, at best, inconclusive. That's the critical part of our paper. On the positive side, we argue that (1) has as its semantic

Itia bulletin - june 2003

I r i s h T r a n s l a t o r s ' & I n t e r p r e t e r s ' A s s o c i a t i o n C u m a n n A i s t r i t h e o i r í a g u s T e a n g a i r í n a h É i r e a n n Irish Translators' & Interpreters' AssociationCumann Aistritheoirí agus Teangairí na hÉireannTel.: +353-1-872 1302 Fax: +353-1-872 6282Email: [email protected] Web:www.translatorsassociation.ie Irish Tran

Why have an aaidd humanist action group

Formerly Aw l W eave Ghat The Newsletter of the American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disorders’ (AAIDD) Humanist Action Group – December, 2007 v.1 issue 4 This newsletter expresses the opinion of this subgroup and not necessarily of AAIDD All data presented are opinions and alternative opinions may be printed in later issues. Send feedback and submissions

Inspection guidance glossary

A brief guide to abbreviations and terms that may appear in HM Prison Inspectorate reports ABC airway, breathing and circulation ABS anti-bullying strategy 'access to justice' computers prisoners can apply to have in possession to assist with ACCT assessment, care in custody and teamwork (self-harm monitoring documentation) ACDT assessment, care in detention and teamwork (self-harm monitoring do


Thoughts on the Meaning of Life, Ecotopia, the Free Range Human Movement, and Regaining the Lost Spark of Humanity Greetings and Sad Mutations to you all, Here I am again, full of excuses, and reeling from my abject inability to carry off eventhe simplest of social interactions without causing some sort of international incident, be itreal or imagined.1 Though I write to you in a state

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Inhibitory effect of dates-extract on α -Amylase and α -glucosidase enzymes relevant to non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus Sulaiman Al-Zuhair*, Ali Dowa idar and Hassan Kamal Received: 4 April 2010 / Received in revised form: 9 June 2010, Accepted: 9 June 2010, Published online: 7 July 2010 Abstract α-Amylase and α-glucosidase are key enzymes involved in available


SAFETY DATA SHEET according to EC Directive 2001/58/EC 1. IDENTIFICATION OF THE SUBSTANCE/PREPARATION AND THE COMPANY/UNDERTAKING Product information Bayer CropScience LimitedHauxtonCambridgeCambridgeshire CB2 5HUUnited Kingdom 2. COMPOSITION/INFORMATION ON INGREDIENTS Chemical nature Suspension concentrate (=flowable concentrate)(SC), contains:31% Propamocarb Hydrochloride (375 g/

Dolowich 04 p2.3.qxd

Dolowich 04 p2.3.qxd 6/7/04 1:08 PM Page 65The model of the Five Elements is one of the unchanginglaws that brings order to the myriad manifestations of life,discovered through observing the workings of nature. Forthe ancient Chinese, the essence of the spiritual path was to live inharmony with the rhythms of the natural world, and the elementalrelationships have guided that pursuit over the




11 September (Fri.) Main Theme 1-A Spinal canal stenosis with spondylolisthesis 40min. Main Hall 1(Cosmos 1) 9/11 8:30~9:10Chairperson:Yuichiro Nishijima, M.D.,Masanori Ito, M.D. Clinical results of the lumbar decompression for three level involvements - a Department of Orthopaedic Surgery, Yamagatacomparative study between the bilateral decompr


Curriculum Vitae 1. Name in Full : Professor Sudha Mahajan Cowsik, FAMS 2. Date of Birth : 3. Present Designation and address: Professor, School of Life Sciences, Jawaharlal 4. Nationality: Indian 5. Citizenship: Indian 6. Qualifications : Academic career and professional attainments : Degree/ Diploma University/Institution Year BSc (Hons. Sch) Punja

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Oxidized cellulose as the cause of an acute ischemic event after coronary Jose Rubio Alvarez , Juan Sierra Quiroga , Jose Martinez Cereijo , Laura Reija Lopez Cardiovascular Department . Universitary Hospital of Santiago de Compostela . Spain . Publicado : Interactive Cardio Vascular Thoracic Surgery 2010 ; 11 : 488. Absorbable topical hemostatic agents are commonly used in cardiac surgery .


LETTERS TO THE EDITOR low dopamine neurotransmission. This keeps prolactin levelsHowever, as I argued in detail in my recent book (2), family,normal, spares cognition, and obviates extrapyramidal signs. twin, and adoption studies do indeed suffer from “strong andThis letter provides data on the off-rates of additionalconsistent methodologic biases operating across study de-newer atypica


INT. POLICE STATION - SHARON’S INTERROGATION ROOM - PRESENTSHARON sits at a table opposite OFFICER SLOAN (40’s). Sharon *is on edge, glances at the cigarettes in her purse. I’ll give you fifty bucks if you let me smoke in here. Sharon digs the cash out of her purse, slaps it on the table, pops a cigarette in her mouth, lights it. Your sister ever do anything like this before?No. She’s


Key Facts about Swine Influenza (Swine Flu) What is Swine Influenza? How can human infections with swine Swine Influenza (swine flu) is a respiratory disease influenza be diagnosed? of pigs caused by type A influenza virus that To diagnose swine influenza A infection, a regularly causes outbreaks of influenza in pigs. respiratory specimen would generally need to be collected wit


IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations ADDENDUM II Users of the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations are asked to note the following amendments and corrections to the 54th Edition, effective from 1 January 2013. Where appropriate, changes or amendments to existing text have been highlighted (in yellow - PDF or grey - hardcopy) to help identify the change or amendment. New or Amended Operator Vari

Adult postoperative instructions.indd

If you develop nausea (vomiting) it is most likely due to a pain medication that contains a narcotic such as Vicodin (hydrocodone). Do not take pain medication If you are having issues with persistent oozing or trouble on an empty stomach. Try drinking some fl at Coca-Cola with pain managment please fi rst go to our website. (stir out the carbonated bubbles). If you continue to have nausea

Tre storkonsumenter av sjukvÅrd hos en allmÄnlÄkare

TRE STORKONSUMENTER AV SJUKVÅRD HOS EN ALLMÄNLÄKARE Vad ligger bakom att en del patienter söker sjukvård oftare än andra med motsvarandesjukdomar? För att få veta mer om detta gjordes en kvalitativ pilotstudie baserad på Tre mångbesökare valdes ut bland mina patienter. De var listade på en vårdcentral i enstörre stad i Norrland. Patienterna intervjuades med halvstrukturerade frå


Journal of Affective Disorders 108 (2008) 1 – 9Discovery and development of lamotrigine for bipolar disorder: Astory of serendipity, clinical observations, risk taking, and persistenceRichard H. Weisler a,⁎, Joseph R. Calabrese b, Charles L. Bowden c, John A. Ascher d,a University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Duke University Medical Center, United Statesb Case Western Reserve

James a

JAMES A. SIMON, M.D. Infertility Menopause/Osteoporosis Gynecology Reproductive Endocrinology Clinical Professor Bisphosphonates and ONJ: Risks, Benefits, and Prevention Carol J. Mack, MPH, PA-C Patricia M. DeHof, CRNP, MS A few years ago, several major news publications published articles regarding the risk of osteonecrosis of the jaw (ONJ) for patients taking drugs called

Nederlands tijdschrift voor geneeskunde

fa r m a c o t h e r a p i e De Beers-lijst als hulpmiddel om ernstige geneesmiddelbijwerkingen R.W.Vingerhoets, R.J.van Marum en P.A.F.Jansen *– Geneesmiddelbijwerkingen zorgen vooral bij ouderen voor een sterk verhoogd risico op ziekenhuis-opname en sterfte. – De meeste geneesmiddelbijwerkingen zijn vermijdbaar indien het voorschrijfpatroon wordt aan-gepast. – Beers et al. hebben een

Recommandations pour l’initiation d’un traitement de substitution

GROUPE DE TRAVAIL « RESEAU DE PRISE EN CHARGE DES DEPENDANCES » Recommandations pour l’initiation d’un traitement de substitution Ces recommandations ne sont pas des directives. Elles se veulent avant tout une aide pour le praticien et sont à adapter en fonction de chaque situation particulière, selon le jugement clinique . Etablir l’indication Avant tout début de trait


07-4553-cvNorex Petroleum v. Acess IndustriesArgued: February 4, 2009 Decided: September 28, 2010 _______________________________________________________________ACCESS INDUSTRIES, INC., RENOVA, INC., LEONARD BLA-VATNIK, VICTOR VEKSELBERG, ALFA GROUP CONSORTIUM,CROWN FINANCE FOUNDATION, CTF HOLDINGS, LTD., ALFAFINANCE HOLDINGS, S.A., CROWN LUXEMBOURG HOLDINGS,S.A.R.L., ELLIOT SPITZ, OAO TNK-BP H

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