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CF GPS Receiver

Micronet SP3130, CF GPS receiver, simultaneously tracks up to 12 satellites and provides a navigation application for your personal digital assistant (PDA) that operates on the PocketPC platform. Positions are updated in real-time with use of your own street SP3130 features high performance and flexibility. It achieves requirements for high sensitivity, fast positioning, and low power consumption. With WAAS/EGNOS enabled, the GPS receiver improves accuracy and makes error below 3 meters when you use it in U.S/European. As far as the flexibility is concerned, it is foldable to accommodate the best satellite-receiving angle. And external antenna is provided to be attached on the ceiling of your car for Package Contents
Before you start installing the device, verify the following items are in y One carrying case y Quick Installation Guide Features
y Foldable compact design for best signal-receiving angle y Support 12 parallel satellite tracking channels for fast acquisition y Provide both built-in active antenna and external antenna for y Support WAAS/EGNOS for signal correction y Automatic cold start, no more initialization required y Compliant with Compact Flash type 1 interface y Support NMEA-0183 data protocol for output y Low power-consumption and high sensitivity y Full navigation accuracy with Standard Positioning Service y On-board rechargeable Lithium battery sustained real-time clock and memory for fast satellite acquisition during power-up Physical Description
Please refer to the following table for LED definition LED Status
SP3130 CF GPS receiver provides Compact Flash type 1 interface to transmit data to your PDA. Just plug it and start GPS with proper routing software in your PDA. And then, you can get a position fix When treating it as an in-car navigator, put it behind the windscreen. With the hinge design, SP3130 can be folded to accommodate the best satellite receiving angle. External antenna (MMCX) is also provided for better satellites receiving. Locate it on the places where it can reach. y Installing routing software (electric map) Install proper software by the region that you are operating in. Finally, you can start GPS and get a position fix on the screen. L At the time you first start GPS or start it after a long-time idle, it will take a long time to download almanac data again. L The routing software is not a part of the product packages. Specifications
CE Mark Warning
This equipment complies with the requirements relating to electromagnetic compatibility, EN 55022 class B for ITE, the essential protection requirement of Council Directive 89/336/EEC on the approximation of the laws of the Member States relating to Company has an on-going policy of upgrading its products and it may be possible that information in this document is not up-to-date. Please check with your local distributors for the latest information. No part of this document can be copied or reproduced in any form without written consent from the company


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