Tma briefing 1: july 2002

Tobacco Advertising and
The TMA believes that it will not achieve the Executive
Promotion Bill further delayed
health objectives set out by the Government based on experience across the world.
Advertising and Promotion Bill has been delayed The Bill was originally introduced into the House for a further three months, following the of Lords as a Private Members’ Bill by Lord detailed opinion submitted to the Commission Clement-Jones in July 2001. The Government adopted the Bill in the House of Commons in Association, as the representative March 2002 but restricted the time available for body for UK tobacco manufacturers, An initial standstill period of three months was its consideration. As a result the Committee stage closed with only half of the Bill having Directive, following notification of the Bill by the UK Government to the Commission at the end Tobacco Products Directive
standstill applies as a result of the German Regulations
Since joining the TMA in January this Government submitting a detailed opinion on the Bill, which it believes could interfere with The proposed Regulations to give effect to the many people wish to be informed of the free movement of goods and services in the Tobacco Products Directive were published on 2 internal market and distort competition. The changes affecting the industr y, even July 2002. They were originally promised much standstill period will apply up to 1 October earlier this year by the Department of Health.
if they do not necessarily share the 2002. The Commons will be in recess between The Directive is the subject of a challenge by referred to the European Court of Justice for a The Tobacco Advertising and Promotion Bill is preliminary ruling by the UK Court. The oral waiting to receive its Report and Third reading topical issues. I hope you will find it hearing before the European Court also took in the House of Commons. The Bill’s purpose is place on 2 July 2002. The Advocate-General a useful source of information and informed the Court that his opinion on the including advertising, sponsorship and direct questions raised on the validity of the Directive Update on the Tobacco Advertising Directive
Amendments to the proposed Directive, which bans cross-border tobacco advertising and sponsorship in the EU, had to be with the European Parliament’s Legal Affairs Committee by 28 June 2002. The Committee is expected to consider these amendments in September/October. The next Health Council at which a common position can be discussed is 7 November 2002.
Framework Convention on Tobacco Control
As drafted the World Health Organisation’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control requires ratification by Member States and the EU in 2003. The fourth round of negotiations ran from 13-18 March 2002 and discussed duty free sales, smuggling, agricultural subsidies, advertising and promotion, and environmental tobacco smoke. The next negotiating meeting is scheduled for 14 to Scotland - Gibson Bill update
Kenneth Gibson MSP’s Bill banning smoking at premises where food is made or consumed, is expected to be introduced into the Scottish Parliament in September 2002.
Czech Tobacco Bill
New Commission Proposal on
smoking prevention
Parliament Recess Dates:
tobacco bill that would ban advertising of The Commission has published a proposal for a tobacco products outside tobacco shops. The Senate said the measure was too broad and instead wants regulations to protect children Recommendation, amongst other things, deals and youth. It also wants to allow tobacco firms with the prohibition of sales to children and to sponsor cultural, social and sports activities and events for people over 18 years old. machines, and cigarette pack sizes. A Council Recommendation does not have the force of 16 August:
Smokers offered drug treatment
on the NHS
Rolling Papers
Anti-smoking drug treatments have been given the National Institute for Clinical Excellence’s The UK Government is supporting a proposal 10 September:
that rolling papers should be included in the replacement therapies, including Zyban, will be draft Directive on Tobacco Advertising and Sponsorship. The Department of Health has asked for comments on its consultation paper 23 September:
New Chief Executive appointed
Tim Lord was appointed in March 2002 to take over from David Swan as Chief Executive of the TMA. David had been in the post for 10 years and has now retired. Tim comes from British American Tobacco where he was Head of Marketing Development.
Website under review
Chris Ogden
The TMA is to update its website to make it more easily accessible to journalists and researchers. The new site will be available in August 2002.
Bob Fenton
Gill Silverman
Ian Howell
The European Tobacco Industry - Facts and Figures 2000.
CECCM, April 2002.
Figures for production of tobacco products, employment, consumption, number of smokers, value of LONDON SW1P 3QL
domestic sales, excise and balance of trade for EU Member States for 2000.
Statism by Stealth.
Martin McElwee and Andrew Tyrie MP. Centre for Policy Studies, March 2002.

The authors state that smoking has been a particular target of new Labour and the Government does not have any regard for individual freedoms.


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