UZIN RR 183 Stabisoft
Loose-laid and stabilising underlay for dimensionally stable textile, PVC and cushioned vinyl flooring Description:
Flexible, loose-laid and stabilising underlay made frompolyester fleece / gel-latex foam for directly bonded, dimen-sionally stable textile, PVC and cushioned vinyl floor cover-ings in interior locations. Physically separates the floor cov-ering from the substrate.
3 for use on all level, absorbent and non-absorbent sub- Material: Gel-latex foam with a polyester fleece on the top 3 for use on old and new floor finishes such as PVC, lino- leum, parquet, stone and ceramic flooring, coatings, etc.
3 where the floor covering must be securely bonded, yet the surface of the substrate must not be damaged and can be later restored to its original condition 3 for bonding new, dimensionally stable textile coverings 3 Resistant to water and cleaning processes and needlepunch without area restrictions, and for bond- 3 Impact-, acoustic- and thermal- insulation ing new PVC or cushioned vinyl coverings up to a maxi- 3 Increases underfoot and ambient comfort mum area of 40 m2, using suitable dispersion adhesives 3 for bonding new PVC, cushioned vinyl and needlepunch floor coverings without area restrictions when also fullybonding the underlay 3 suitable for medium-wear areas in domestic and com- Technical Data:
mercial locations, as well as exhibitions 3 suitable for wet-shampoo and spray-extraction cleaning systems. With appropriate floor coverings and when fully bonded, also suitable for use on warm water underfloor heating systems and for areas exposed to castor wheels Improves the underfoot comfort, as well as the acoustic Product Properties / Benefits:
* In accordance with DIN 52 210 without covering.
Flexible, insulating and stabilising sheet underlay. The gel- **In accordance with DIN 52 612 without covering.
latex foam provides high sound insulation values in con- Other technical information on request.
junction with soft floor coverings. Lies flat on the surfaceand serves as the substrate for the new, bonded covering.
Has inherent, stabilising rigidity for good load distributionand dimensional stability. Water resistant and non-absor-bent, therefore, suitable for all normal cleaning processes.
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UZIN RR 183 Stabisoft
Substrate Preparation:
The substrate must be clean, level, sound, free from cracks, Type of Covering
Open Time
dry and free from materials that would impair adhesion.
Test the substrate in accordance with applicable standards and notices and report any deficiencies. Existing coverings must be well- and fully- bonded and free from detergents and separating agents. The grout lines in ceramic tiling must not exceed a depth of 1 mm. Thoroughly vacuum the surface, then prime and apply a smoothing compound.
According to substrate type and occupational use, select suitable primer and smoothing compound from the UZIN Examples of Primers (P) and Smoothing Compounds (S):
Important Notes:
Cement screeds: (P) UZIN PE 360 / (S) UZIN NC 150,UZIN NC 160 or UZIN NC 170 LevelStar 3 Shelf life minimum 24 months in dry storage conditions.
Calcium sulphate screeds: (P) UZIN PE 360 / (S) UZIN NC 110 Store rolls on end. Avoid pressure marks.
3 Optimum working conditions are 18 – 25 °C / 64 – 77 °F, floor Mastic asphalt screeds: (P) UZIN PE 260 (if not gritted) / (S) temperature above 15 °C / 59 °F, relative humidity below 75 %.
UZIN NC 170 LevelStar thickness on new mastic asphalt screeds Low temperatures and high humidity lengthen, whilst high max. 5 mm, on old mastic asphalt screeds max. 3 mm temperature and low humidity shorten the working-, setting- Wooden substrates: (P) UZIN PE 630 / (S) UZIN NC 175 and drying- times of the adhesives used.
3 Under dimensionally stable textile coverings, no area limita- Substrate with well-bonded adhesive residues: tions; under PVC and cushioned vinyl, can be installed up to (P) UZIN PE 260, if necessary UZIN PE 460 (gritted) / (S) UZIN NC 150, UZIN NC 170 LevelStar, UZIN NC 172 BiTurbo or UZIN 3 Recommended UZIN adhesives for where the UZIN RR 183 Always allow primers and smoothing compounds to dry thoroughly. Refer to the Product Data Sheets for the prod- Universal Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive UZIN KE 2000 S 3 For exposure to castor wheels, the underlay must be fully Installation:
bonded. The castor wheel- and indentation- properties of floorcoverings can change when used in conjunction with insulating underlays. Despite the high indentation recovery factor of theunderlay, some visible, residual indentation in high point-load 1. Lay out and cut in the underlay sheet parallel with the
areas and areas exposed to castor wheels cannot be com- proposed direction of the new covering. Cut in any pletely eliminated. In general, under office chairs, the use of butt-joints as necessary. Side seams can, as a rule, be protective mats is recommended. In the case of carpets with left untrimmed but should have a paper strip laid textile secondary backings, only in areas exposed to castor underneath them. Leave a gap of at least 3 mm against wheels, there is a risk of backing delamination. Contact the manufacturer and obtain technical advice.
On underfloor heating systems, in accordance with DIN 66 095, In doorways, fix the sheet with double-sided tape or floor coverings should not exceed a thermal conductivity factor use a suitable door-bar. Bonding the new covering: of 0.15 m2 K / W. The thermal conductivity of the combined 3. Installation of the new covering onto the underlay is
underlay / covering is the sum of their individual values.
carried out according to normal trade practice for floor 3 Not suitable for installation under carpets with high inherent covering work. The seams in the sheet covering should tensions or with pattern mis-match, under coverings with a lie parallel with those in the underlay and be offset by tendency to shrink, under rubber-, linoleum- or polyolefin- 4. The underlay is non-absorbent. To bond relatively im-
permeable coverings, therefore, we recommend those Protection of the Workplace and the Environment:
UZIN adhesives that are suitable for non-absorbent No special measures are required. Refer to the notes on protection of the workplaceand the environment in the Product Information Sheets for the other installation substrates. That is, e. g. 2-component dispersion adhe- sive UZIN KE 603 or Universal Pressure-Sensitive Adhe-sive UZIN KE 2000 S. For permeable coverings, almost Disposal:
all UZIN carpet adhesives are suitable, e. g. UZIN UZ 57, All product residues are treated as normal construction waste.
The above information is based on our experience and careful investigations. The variety of associated materials and different construction and working conditions cannot be indi-vidually checked or influenced by us. The quality of your work depends, therefore, on your own professional judgement and product usage. If in doubt, conduct a small test or obtaintechnical advice. Observe the installation recommendations of the covering manufacturer. The publication of this Product Data Sheet invalidates all previous Product Information.


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