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E thank the Western Chapter for making this year’s one of the best Spring Frolics ever! Thanks also to Wallourvendorsandshelteroperators:FerretAssoci-
fuzzy doesn’t know these tricks?? MaFF’s missions, and we thank everyone who participated in all of the games and raffles! SCompanyfordo-
Tube Race contestants line up, with fuzzies “on their marks” . . . and the winner is . . . cially wishes to thank the members of The Educated Ferret Agency, the Western Massachusetts chapter of MaFF, and all of the MaFF volunteers who worked on this event for their tremen- dous effort, generosity, and dedication in organizing this event This year’s Tube Race Winner, and the new MaFF Mascot for and donating their time to help benefit MaFF and its missions. o the year 2000 is Donna Spirito’s sweet little fuzzy, Sparky. Massachusetts Ferret Friends — Summer 2000 not fully developed and I don’t want it pledges, so copy those forms, get out to hold up the printing and mailing of flyers and pledge forms enclosed with donations to MaFF by writing a check site. I’ll close with this simple rejoin- SOME of us remember the “bad old days” when it was not okay to have a fer- and other information, you can reach us at ret at all in Massachusetts. And even though those days are gone, ferret par- ents still have plenty of challenges as we seek to share our lives with fuzzies.
Along these lines, recently a very interesting inquiry came in to us via the MaFF website. Someone was looking for information on ferret-friendly apart- As an ex-renter who was “caught” with a ferret in the apartment and given 60 days to get out (result was my husband and I went out and bought our first home, which we’d been saving for, but were not exactly 100% ready to purchase!) I must confess this topic is close to home (no pun intended!).
And so it occurred to your ever-curious Fuzzy Papers editor that it might be useful to send out an inquiry about finding homes for the HUMANS who count furchildren among their household inhabitants. What happens when you need to find an apartment, but you have one or more fuzzies?? So, if YOU know of ferret-friendly rental situations, we’d appreciate Send articles or ideas for articles to the MaFF office address above, or to Jan Fleury at hearing from you, and perhaps we might compile a list of places people can look for a new home for themselves AND their furries! If you are a realtor, or If you have questions about ferrets, their know a realtor or property management person, perhaps this would be an interesting question to pose. If you or they would like to write us an article on Send your responses to MaFF Rental Survey, PO Box 3123, Wakefield, MA, or to [email protected] Many Thanks! Massachusetts Ferret Friends — Summer 2000 solution in a home, not at a shelter.
I wonder if you can help me. I have a 2 year old ferret that has diarrhea and is acting listless. It has been going on for about 2 months, and I am getting con- the habit. First, I would try using bitter cerned. He eats well, but he is not the I have a ferret that I purchased about 5 apple on your hands whenever you bouncy lively pet he was. Any idea months ago and I don’t know his exact handle him. Second, never give him a what he might be dealing with? Can age. He bites and I can’t trust him with you recommend a vet in southeastern my children. I don’t know what to do ple, to remove him from the cage, use Massachusetts who specializes in or is with him any more. I have tried to find a home for him, but no one wants him him. He can attack the towel, but he because he bites. I have 4 ferrets alto- gether and he is the only one that actu- him firmly by the scruff, and repri- ally bites, and he is not play-biting. I can’t even stick my hand in the cage without him trying to nip me. I can’t Laxatone on your finger – encouraging have been concerned before this.
even let him loose because he won’t let me pick him up when he is out of the cage. I was wondering if you could bitten, this is exactly what another fer- website for our list of known ferret vet- give me some advise on what I should ret would do if play became too rough. Never use your hands as a play- medical care, not an email diagnosis.
not strike him for biting, which will not This ferret was obviously never taught and patience to correct a biter, but it ferret to go with it? I found out that the adoption and cage. So, after multiple children were old enough to care for a phone calls to get the timing just right, HIS past spring, my sister Elaine, ents were very responsible as to mocks into the van, and off we went.
Educated Ferret. Did she have anyone arrived late, but the ferrets were safely viewed beforehand. Donna had a won- to be a surprise for the children after new pets for them. Hence, my sister’s Ruby were a friendly pair of cuties, Massachusetts Ferret Friends — Summer 2000 [Editor’s Note: Sharon tells us she may shortly be posting some of her work on For the Fall 2000 Issue
have it that we got the privilege of res- For the Winter 2000 Issue
would be the perfect name. We finally their previous owner. They are dealing For the Spring 2001 Issue
everyone else, we thought he needed quite often. Bandit will be sleeping the A, E, I, O, and U. I reluctantly went WRITERS! PHOTOGRAPHERS!
Perfect little family: just the right size, SUBMISSIONS
one day “What about ‘sometimes Y’?” one of our first little ones. He was just no”! So one little girl who was so tiny is now one of the tubbiest little fuzzies missed, and always will be.
I’ve ever seen! We call her Taz — well, trust me — it fit her when she was lit- handwritten, or typed, or submitted tle! So much for the A, E, I, O, U and Y there is something wrong with one of Massachusetts Ferret Friends — Summer 2000 YOUR NEXT FERRET
check monitor of blood sugar levels.
insulinoma. And the current therapy of rechecks monthly for six months. If surgery and other medications to raise your ferret does not respond, a deci- Because of how the disease pro- the current therapy of surgery, ste- its ability to get all the microscopic tu- mors appears to be a preferred way of and their results. The cost of the above insulinoma. Investigational trials using funds to offset costs of this study. Any Luv of Ferrets Shelter & Rescue
have caused acute kidney failure in the that this is for the “Ferret Sugar Study.” The Educated Ferret Agency
drug that has been used extensively in from this study.
wide margin of safety. Articles that dis- the study to receive the doxorubicin Gimmee Shelter Ferret Rescue
want to undertake such a trial to deter- responsible for the costs of the first blood sugar level, and a chest x-ray.
tioned above, this drug has a wide mar- your ferret is an acceptable candidate, they will be enrolled in the study. There all necessary follow-up appointments.
blood work values, and then four visits o Massachusetts Ferret Friends — Summer 2000 Medical Treatment for Adrenal Disease CASODEX
[We are seeing encouraging results in our shelters with Lupron. Those who would like to make donations to our shelters to help fund purchases of doses of Lupron are welcome to do so. MaFF is still discussing whether we will come out ferrets start to become more active in support of this drug as a treatment recognized by us “officially.” Until that time, and play more within 1-2 weeks. This MaFF is providing a forum for this discussion, and we welcome Dr. Karen Purcell’s article here about Lupron as well as the other medical therapies for Ad- males (it just depends upon which hor- cal conditions, then medical therapy is women. Most pharmacies should be as adrenal disease, is a common use are experimental, but have shown cluding the compounding pharmacy problem in ferrets. It is usually seen in Leuprolide acetate-4 (Lupron) is an ex- ARIMIDEX
gressing forward on the body. The his- rets with inoperable adrenal disease.
is available as a 1 mg tablet. It is given previous episode of hair loss and then mones such as estrogen and testos- quantities that impair the health of the tive for some ferrets with this disease.
ferret. Lupron acts to suppress the pro- It should not be handled by pregnant duction of these hormones, and inhib- women. Do not use this drug with crease in the vulva in females, and hair Quesenberry KE, Rosenthal KL. “En- docrine Diseases” In: Ferrets, Rabbits and Rodents: Clinical Medicine and Surgery. Philadelphia: WB Saunders; of spayed females present with vulvar inhibit the production of the hormones enlargement with or without a mucoid which are elevated in this disease, but Rosenthal KL. Adrenal gland disease in ferrets. Veterinary Clinics of North Weiss CA, Scott MV. Clinical aspects verse the clinical signs. As information and surgical treatment of hyperadrenocortism in the domestic Arimidex should not be used together, Also, personal email communications Massachusetts Ferret Friends — Summer 2000 called ‘gators. I didn’t think they were today (see page 5 for the shelter list).
have things called crabs that live in the in front of me! The next show was on place called “Silver Springs.” It’s N E E D E D ! ! wheretheyfilmedthoseoldTarzan movies. I wonder if he’ll be there with glass … I mean nose to nose (!) … and Herons, and turtles, and alligators.
through the gate was the Jungle River Springs and the funny humans that there were animals on both banks. Ze- and wanted to got back home to the to come back and visit her real soon.
me tightly so I wouldn’t fall overboard A black and white decorated food dish carried by Petco (and also possibly by other pet supply stores) is reported to contain high levels of lead, which could be dangerous to your pet. If you have purchased a dish like this in the past 2 years at a Petco, they ask that you return it and they will give you a new one. The dish is white with black trim, and has black figures of a rabbit and a ferret going around the outside of the dish. If you Massachusetts Ferret Friends — Summer 2000 the Present . . . Join the MaFF NOW! If you’re not already a contributor to the MaFF, or if you’d like to renew your membership, you can do so by filling out this coupon and sending it in, or send email to [email protected], or call us at 781 / 224 1098 for a contribution form. Please indicate one of the following — ❏ New Membership Level of Support — ❏ Friend (Individual) $25 Your contribution is valid for one year from date of issue and includes a MaFF card, a subscription to the MaFFnewsletter, The Fuzzy Papers, and special offers on ferret-related items from other interested businesses andorganizations. Massachusetts Ferret Friends, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization Contributions are tax-deductible tothe extent allowed by law.
Please send this coupon, along with your contribution as a check or money order to: Massachusetts Ferret Friends, Inc.,PO Box 3123, Wakefield, MA 01880 or sending e page, or contact the Membership Group by calling the MaFF Hotline at 224 / 224 1098, If you need a renewal form, use the coupon on this Be sure to renew your membership before your expiration date so you won OUR MAILING LABEL for the expiration date of your membership!


Pii: s0014-827x(01)01047-3

Antimicrobial activity of Epilobium spp. extractsLucia Battinelli, Beatrice Tita, Maria Grazia Evandri, Gabriela Mazzanti * Department of Pharmacology of Natural Substances and General Physiology , Uni 6 ersity ‘ La Sapienza ’, P . le Aldo Moro , 5, 00185 Rome , Italy Received 31 October 2000; accepted 10 January 2001 Abstract The antimicrobial activity of the Epilobium angu

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