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MEDICATIONS If you will be sending any over-the-counter or prescription medications or vitamins, please follow the instructions below. Please note: Camp Colman provides Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Benadryl and cough medicine. Please DO NOT send these items with your child to camp. Indicate your approval to dispense these medications in the Health & Safety Packet. 1. Complete the Medication Information Form below (or on the last page of the Parent & Camper Handbook). Please include all medication and/or vitamins being sent to camp. Directions on the container label must match your written directions on the medication form. 2. Regulations require us to dispense medication only from the original container according to the prescribed dosage. Your local pharmacy can provide you with an extra container if needed. 3. Over-the-counter medications, prescribed medications, and vitamins must be sent in their original containers with the original pharmacy label. Prescription medication must be prescribed to the camper. No exceptions. 4. Only send the exact dosage (plus two extras) that your camper will need during his/her session. Exact directions for dispensing the medicine along with the time that it should be taken must be written on the Medication Information Form. 5. Place the completed Medication Information Form with medications in a plastic bag and bring them with you to check-in. Turn them in to staff at the check-in table when you check-in. HEAD LICE Head lice can become an issue anytime you gather children together at school, daycare, or camp. It is not indicative of uncleanliness and anyone can get them. Because lice are easily transmitted and require several steps to eliminate, we cannot keep children at camp who are found to have nits or head lice. To help ensure your camper will have a positive experience at camp, it is your responsibility to check and, if necessary, treat your child for nits or head lice the week before camp begins. Upon arrival at camp, if nits or head lice are discovered, you will be responsible for picking him/her up at camp. We will be hesitant to discuss any type of refund, but we will move your camper to a later session if space is available. “MEDICAL HOLIDAYS” We strongly discourage parents whose children are on medication throughout the year from putting them on “medical holiday” while they are at camp. It is not always in the child’s best interest to take time off from his/her medication. We will be as accommodating as possible with your physician’s recommendation. COMMUNICABLE DISEASES, FRACTURES, BREAKS & STITCHES Children with communicable diseases will not be allowed to attend camp until they are free of the disease, or until he/she is no longer contagious, as determined by a doctor. Campers with fractures, breaks, or stitches must have written permission from their physician to attend camp, as well as permission from YMCA Camping Services (206 382 5009). CAMP HYGIENE STANDARDS Cleanliness is a key component to keeping campers healthy. Campers will be encouraged to wash their hands prior to every meal. Your pre-camp support of this concept is appreciated. Bathrooms are inspected and sanitized each day by a member of our facilities staff. Camp clean-up takes place each morning when campers assume responsibility for maintaining a specific area of camp. Directors will check cabins for neatness daily. To model responsibility for the care of camp, counselors are active participants in helping with these tasks. ILLNESS & ACCIDENTS Our camp’s health area has a limited capacity to keep campers in extended isolation. In our experience, campers with medical conditions feel more comfortable recuperating at home. In such situations, the camp staff may contact parents and request that they come early and pick up their child from camp. Camp’s policy is that parents are responsible for transporting sick campers home. It is also our policy to refund fees on a pro-rated basis when campers must return home early for medical care. EMERGENCIES Camp Colman employs experienced Health Care Managers. Staff are First Aid & CPR Certified. The Emergency Response Team is only seven miles away, while the Urgent Care Clinic is twenty-five minutes from camp in Gig Harbor. A designated emergency vehicle is on site at all times. Camp staff use two-way radios for activities when campers are away from the main lodge. Safety drills, including fire, water, and earthquake readiness, are in place and are conducted throughout the summer. Camp Colman This form is used to dispense your camper’s medications. It must accompany the medications, be legible, and give clear directions for dispensing each medication. Directions on the label must match the written directions below. Please take time to prepare before you arrive at check-in. Do Please provide us with complete information for all medications you are sending to camp. My camper has an inhaler _____YES _____NO My camper’s inhaler: ____ Must stay with camper ____Must be with Counselor ____Can be left in Health Center My camper has an EpiPen _____YES _____NO My camper’s EpiPen: ____ Must stay with camper ____Must be with Counselor ____Can be left in Health Center


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