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Subject code:3
Subject: Mental HealthNursing
Faculty: Mrs. Nisha Naik
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Perspectives of Mental Health and Mental Health 1
Nursing : evolution of mental health services, Introduction
treatments and nursing practices.Prevalence and mental health problems and disorders.Mental Health Act National Mental health policy vis a vis National Health Policy. National Mental Health programme Role and functions of mental health nurse in various settings and factors affecting the level of Concepts of normal and abnormal behaviour. terminology used Classification of mental Principles
and disorders:
Concepts of
Mental Health Nursi
Maladaptive behaviour of individuals and 1
groups :stress, crises and disaster(s).Etiology : bio-pycho-social Psychopathology of mental disorders: review of 1
structure and function of brain, limbic system and abnormal neuro transmission Principles of Mental health Nursing. Standards 1
Conceptual models and the role of nurse : Assessment of mental
health status.
Investigations : Related Blood chemistry, EEG, Psychological tests Role and responsibilities of Therapeutic communication: types, techniques, Therapeutic
communication and

Types of relationship, Ethics and responsibilities nurse-patient

Ethics and responsibilities, Elements of nurse Review of technique ofIPR- Johari Window Goals, phases, tasks,therapeutic techniques Therapeutic impasse and its intervention Psycho Pharmacology: Psychological therapies :Therapeutic community, psycho therapy – Treatment modalities
Individual psycho-analytical, cognitive & and therapies used in
supportive, family, Group, Behavioral, Play mental disorders.
Psycho-drama, Music, Dance, Recreational and Light therapy, Relaxation therapies : Yoga, Meditation, bio feedback Physical Therapy: electro convulsive therapy Geriatric considerations Role of nurse in above pathology,types, clinical manifestations, Nursing management
of patient with
Schizophrenia, and

Nursing Assessment-History, Physical and other psychotic
Treatment modalities and nursing management of patients with Schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders Follow – up and home care and rehabilitation Mood disorders : Bipolar affective disorder, Mania depression and dysthamia etc. Etiology, Nursing management
psycho-pathology, clinical manifestations, of patient with mood
Treatment modalities and nursing management Follow-up and home care and rehabilitation Anxiety disorder, Phobias, Dissociation and Conversion disorder, Obsessive compulsive Nursing management
disorder, somatoform disorders, Post traumatic of patient with
neurotic, stress related
and somatization

Nursing Assessment-History, Physical and Treatment modalities and nursing management of patients with neurotic, stress related and somatization disorders. Geriatric considerations:Follow-up and home Classification, forms, routes, action, intoxication Nursing management
of patient with
substance use

Etiology of dependence: tolerance, psychological 1
and physical dependence, withdrawal syndrome, diagnosis Nursing Assessment-History, Physical, mental Treatment (detoxification, antabuse and narcotic antagonist therapy and harm reduction) and nursing management of patients with substance Geriatric considerations: Follow-up and home Classification of disorders:Etiology, psycho- Nursing management
of patient with

Nursing Assessment – History, Physical and Personality, Sexual and mental assessment
Eating disorders
Treatment modalities and nursing management of patients with Personality, Sexual and Eating disorders Geriatric considerations Follow-up and home Classification Etiology, psycho-pathology, characteristics, diagnosis Nursing Assessment- Nursing management
History, Physical, mental and IQ assessment of childhood and
adolescent disorders

Treatment modalities and nursing management including mental
Follow-up and home care and rehabilitation Nursing management
Etiology, psycho-pathology, clinical features, of organic brain
diagnosis and Differential diagnosis (parkinsons disorders
Nursing Assessment-History, Physical, mental Treatment modalities and nursing management Follow-up and home care and rehabilitation Types of psychiatric emergencies and their Psychiatric
emergencies crisis
Stress adaptation Model: stress and stressor, intervention
Types of crisis,Crisis Intervention:Principles, The Mental Health Act 1987: Act, Sections, Legal issues in Mental
Health Nursing

Indian lunacy Act. 1912 Rights of mentally, ill Forensic psychiatry Acts related to narcotic & psychotropic substances and illegal drug trafficking Admission and discharge Procedures, Role and Services: National Mental Health Programmed Community Mental
Institutionalization Versus Deinstitutionalization Health Nursing
Model of Preventive psychiatry :Levels of Mental Health Services available at the primary, secondary, tertiary levels including rehabilitation and Role of nurse Mental Health Agencies: Government and voluntary, National and International Mental health nursing issues for special populations: Children, Adolescence, Women, Elderly, Victims of violence and abuse, Handicapped, HIV/AIDS etc. PRACTICUM: - 270 Hrs.
Paper -3, Subject –Mental Health Nursing , Duration -3HRS
• M.S. Bhatia, A concised text Book of Psychiatric Nursing, CBS publishers and • M.S. Bhatia, Essentials of Psychiatry, CBS publishers and distributors, Delhi • Mary C Townsend. “Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing”. Concept of care, 4th edition. F.A.Davis Co. Philadelphia 2003. • Bimla Kapoor, Psychiatric nursing , Vol. I & II Kumar publishing house Delhi, • Niraj Ahuja, A short textbook of pstchiatry , ,Jaypee brothers,new delhi, 2002. • The ICD10, Classification of mental and behavioural disorders, WHO, A.I.T.B.S. • R. Sreevani, A guide to mental health & psychiatric nursing, Jaypee brothers, Medical Publishers p(ltd)_,New Delhi 1st edition. • R. Baby, Psychiatric Nursing N.R. Brothers, Indore, 1st edition 2001


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