Biographical sketch

neurochemistry and head of the Laboratory of University of Groningen, The Netherlands University of Groningen, The Netherlands A. Positions and Honors.

Positions and Employment

Instruction assistant, Dentistry, University of Groningen Instructor and Fellow in Enzymology, Internal Medicine, Erasmus University Rotterdam Postdoc in Pharmacology and Biological Psychiatry, Pharmacology, Erasmus University Rotterdam Instructor in Pharmacology, Pharmacology, Erasmus University Rotterdam Assistant Professor of Biochemistry, Section Pathophysiology of Behavior, Erasmus University Rotterdam Assistant Professor of Neurochemistry, Psychiatry, Erasmus University Rotterdam Assistant Professor of Neurochemistry, Neuroscience, Erasmus University Medical Center, Rotterdam Assistant Professor of Neurochemistry, Psychiatry, Erasmus University Rotterdam
Other experience and Professional Memberships
Member, Royal Dutch Society of Chemistry Member, Dutch Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Member, Dutch Society of Pharmacochemistry Course of Radiation Protection (certificate May 1980) Member, Interdisciplinary Society for Biological Psychiatry Secretary of Executive Committee, Department of Pharmacology, Erasmus University Rotterdam Teacher in the professional training for psychiatrists Member, European College of Neuropsychopharmacology Curriculum_Vitae_Engels_Durk_Fekkes_2011_6924688.doc Coordinator for Environmental Health and Safety in Dept. of Psychiatry, Erasmus Medical Center Rotterdam Member, Network Quality Control, Erasmus Medical Center, Rotterdam Advisor for Emotional Brain, Almere, The Netherlands Coordinator and lecturer of the module “Psychiatric disorders” of the Master’s Programme in Neuroscience B. Research:

Research interests:

My main research interest is in biochemical and neurobiological research on neuropsychiatric
disorders. The aim is to elucidate biochemical mechanisms underlying psychiatric disorders and
to find biomarkers that may predict onset, recurrence and treatment outcome of these disorders.
The focus is on the existence of possible derangements in the metabolism of amino acids and the
neurotransmitters serotonin, dopamine and noradrenaline. In addition, the role of some neural
growth factors, and changes in the inflammatory and oxidative stress system are investigated.
The most important methodological expertise is the determination of primary amino acids,
serotonin, the neurotransmitter metabolites 5-HIAA and HVA, the tryptophan metabolites
norharman and kynurenine, and the pteridines neopterin and (tetrahydro)biopterin in body fluids
by sensitive and reproducible HPLC methods.

Supervision in the past six years:

5 Master students
11 PhD students (of whom 7 were residents in psychiatry)
Overview of projects and collaborations:
1. Schizophrenia:
a. Neuroplasticity associated protein S100B and other neurotrophic proteins (BDNF and IGF-1) in
recent onset psychotic disorders: Nico van Beveren (Dept Psychiatry)
b. Possible use of serum S100B and/or BDNF as predictive factors (for the course of a psychosis)
and as a risk factor (for developing a psychosis in family members of schizophrenic patients).
GROUP (Genetic Risk and Outcome in Psychosis (Geestkacht) (grant applied): Nico van
Beveren (Dept Psychiatry) and Lieuwe de Haan (AmsterdamMC)
c. Symptomatology, clinical efficacy and relationship with monoaminergic parameters, pterines,
neurotrophic factors and amino acids (schizophrenic patients treated with several atypical
antipsychotics): Willem Verhoeven/Noortje van de Kerkhof (Vincent van Gogh Institute, Venray).
2. Depression:
a. Pharmacological treatment of depression (venlafaxine vs. imipramine and lithium addition): 1)
dysregulation of the pteridine system (biopterin, neopterin and the phenylalanine-tyrosine ratio)
and 2) to differentiate between two symptom-clusters: the more serotonergic symptoms (anxiety
and agitation: tryptophan, trp/LNAA, MAO) versus the more noradrenergic symptoms (impaired
attention, problems concentrating, deficiencies in working memory, slowness of information
processing, depressed mood, psychomotor retardation and fatigue: tyrosine/LNAA, MHPG):
Walter v.d.Broek (Dept Psychiatry)
b. The role of S100B and BDNF in the pathophysiology of depression: Walter v.d.Broek en Tom
Birkenhäger (Dept Psychiatry)
Curriculum_Vitae_Engels_Durk_Fekkes_2011_6924688.doc 3. Delirium: a. Predictors of cognitive function after postcardiotomy delirium DECO study), i.e. amino acids, HVA, neopterin, biopterin and tetrahydrobiopterin: Michiel Hengeveld/Robert Jan Osse (Dept Psychiatry), Stolk and Bogers (Thorax Surgery) and Roos van der Mast (Dept Psychiatry, UMC Leiden) b. Causes and outcomes of delirium in patients 65 years and older in relation to biochemical parameters (DITO study), i.e. levels of amino acids, HVA, CRP, interleukines, IGF-1, neopterin, biopterin and tetrahydrobiopterin: Tischa van der Cammen/Milly van der Ploeg (Dept Internal Medicine, Geriatric Section), Herbert Hooijkaas (Dept Immunology), Bert Ziere (Havenziekenhuis) and Romke van Balen (Antonius Binnenweg, St. Laurens) 4. Perioperative changes in inflammatory markers, and in nitric oxide and related amino acids during/after gyneacological and thoracic surgery, and during craniotomy: Stolker, Klimek and Jaap Hol (Dept Anesthesiology) 5. Tryptophan depletion studies a) in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: Robert Jan Verkes (Dept Psychiatry, Radboud University Nijmegen) and b) in humans and monkeys to characterize the relative contributions of serotonin and dopamine to activation vs. inhibitory behaviour under appetitive vs. aversive motivation: Roshan Cools (Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour (Radboud University Nijmegen) 6. Serotonin and romantic love: Freddy van der Veen (Dept Psychiatry) and Sandra Langeslag (Dept Psychology) 7. Cortical GABA function in alcoholism: John Krystal (Yale University, West Haven) 8. Identification of viable embryos in IVF and ICSI by amino acid measurement: Hikke van Doorninck (Dept Obstetrics/Clinical genetics) 9. Biochemical markers and the risk of Alzheimer’s disease, i.e. amino acids, HVA, neopterin, S100B and BDNF: Willem Verhoeven/Amir Ahmed (Vincent van Gogh Institute, Venray) and Marcel Olde Rikkert (Dept Geriatrics, Radboud University Nijmegen) 10. Psychiatric disorders in adolescents with Prader-Willi syndrome, i.e. amino acids, HVA and neopterin: Willem Verhoeven (Vincent van Gogh Institute, Venray) and Hokken-Koelega/Elbrich Siemensma (Children Endocrinology, Sophia Hospital, Erasmus MC) 11. Biomarkers in Down syndrome, i.e. amino acids, HVA, neopterin and beta-amyloid peptides: Willem Verhoeven (Vincent van Gogh Institute, Venray), and Tonnie Coppus and Cock van Duijn (Dept Epidemiology)
C. Research Support.

TP 97.055 (Agr. 10760) Tuiten (PI)
Unilever Research, The Netherlands Norharman, mood and behaviour The goal of this study was to examine the role of the naturally occurring β-carboline norharman (in relation with food intake) in mood and behavior in healthy volunteers. Role: Co-investigator 985-10-003 Fekkes (PI) Curriculum_Vitae_Engels_Durk_Fekkes_2011_6924688.doc The role of norharman in alcohol dependence and smoking The goal of this project was to study the role of norharman in alcohol dependence and smoking, and to evaluate the potential inhibitory role of norharman on the urge for alcohol and nicotine use. Role: PI MEC 186.705/2000/9 Van der Cammen (PI) Numico Research, Wageningen, The Netherlands Transmethylation processes in fibroblasts of patients with probable Alzheimer's disease The goal of this project is to study putative abnormalities of transmethylation processes in fibroblasts obtained from patients with Alzheimer's disease. Role: Co-investigator EORTC 18991 Van Gool (PI) Organon Research, Oss, The Netherlands A prospective study to characterize psychiatric symptoms and syndromes in cancer patients treated with interferon alpha combined with the assessment of biochemical and immunological parameters The major goals of this study are the description and characterization of psychiatric symptoms induced by interferon alpha treatment and to relate these with changes in some biochemical parameters. Role: Co-investigator SNO-T-08-078 Van Gool (PI) Stichting Nuts OHRA, The Netherlands Prophylactic treatment of peginterferon-associated psychopathology. The major goals of this project are to study the effect of the antidepressant escitalopram on psychopathology in HCV patients treated with PEG-interferon and ribavirin, and to relate these with changes in some biochemical parameters. Role: Co-investigator SNO-T-0902-047 Fekkes (PI) Fonds Nuts OHRA, The Netherlands Delirium in the old; causes and outcomes of delirium in patients 65-years and older in relation to biochemical parameters (MEC-2007-296). The goal of this study is to investigate the relationship between (1) abnormal concentrations of plasma amino acids, pterins, homovanillic acid and inflammatory parameters and (2) the severity, duration and outcome of delirium. Erasmus Trustfonds, The Netherlands Van der Cammen (PI) 10/01/10-10/01/11 Delirium in the old; early diagnosis of delirium The goal of this study is to find a biochemical profile at admission that predicts the occurrence of a delirium during the stay in a rehabilitation ward
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