plasmid amplification and purification
Plasmid propagation and purification of DNA The product will be shipped in the desired solution and at the required concentration, certifications according to its specifications production group that best suits your needs according to your application, and the table transfection of cellular culture and tissues below to read about the group specifications.
spectrophotometry at 260, 280 and 310 nmDNA concentration spectrophotometry at 260 nmplasmid homogeneity densitometry in agarose gelgenomic DNA contamination densitometry in agarose gelRNA contamination densitometry in agarose gelendotoxin (LPS) content enzymatic restriction (1 enzyme)plasmid identity automatic sequencing (up to 600 bp)plasmid identity Any of the optional analysis can be requested separately 1 Production batches smaller than 10 mg are shipped with a qualitative product analysis in agarose gel and the quantitative result from the DNA spectrophotometric determination.
Production batches larger than 10 mg are shipped with the corresponding analysis following the specifications 2 No RNase or any other animal-derived enzymes are used in group 3 production processes.
3 These scales are valid for plasmids producing more than 200 copies per cell (high copy number). For low copy number plasmids, the yield is from 3 to 5 times lower.
4 Determined through capillary electrophoresis.
Contact us for other applications or specific needs:
resistance to antibiotics different from kanamycin or ampicillin host cells different from Escherichia coli plasmid design and construction
modification and mutagenesis
In case you need to modify your plasmid functionalities, we can introduce or eliminate specific sequences.
We can also introduce directed, random or multiple mutations into plasmid molecules and, if you wish,
sequence the mutated fragment.
design and construction
Following your directions, we can design and construct exclusive plasmids suited for the following
specific propagation in different microorganisms work with microbial cells
creation of recombinant strains
Strain and plasmid combination to create cell lines with specific properties.
electrocompetent cells
From the selected cellular strain, we will create electrocompetent cells ready to be transformed by electroporation.
microbial cell transformation
Transformation of competent cells with the selected plasmid.
microbial cultures
Microorganisms within biosecurity level 1 or 2.
Contact us for any doubt about the biosecurity level of your microorganism.
Cultures and fermentations up to a volume of 5 L of microorganisms like: Contact us if you are interested in larger scale or other microorganism types.
sample characterization
PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction)
Analysis of the presence/absence of desired DNA sequences in a sample through the amplification by the
polymerase chain reaction.
RFLP (Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism)
Analysis of the obtained fragments following enzymatic restriction. We will make a simple or multiple sample
digestion, perform an electrophoresis and detect the resulting fragments.
isoform analysis
Determination of the topoisomer homogeneity in a plasmid sample. We will perform an electrophoresis on the
plasmid preparation, followed by a densitometry analysis to discriminate and quantify the different topoisomers.
total protein content
Total protein load analysis in a sample through the bicinchoninic acid assay (BCA).
endotoxin content (LPS)
Analysis of the endotoxin content in a sample through the chromogenic LAL (Limulus Amebocyte Lisate) test.
Reading of the nucleotide sequence of a DNA fragment through automatic sequencing.
customized projects
technology transfer
product combinations
customized applications

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