For Home Office Associates and Investment Professionals Investors should be encouraged to type in the entire URL to view the correct website and avoid confusion. Please note: is a Remind clients of the correct URL and encourage them to bookmark it different website provided by Pershing LLC; however, it is for investment or save it as a “favorite” for easy access and future use. Remind clients that a NetExchange Client user ID is valid on It is only necessary for new users to click “Register Now.” Users with™, though they will only have access to those an existing NetExchange Client® ID can simply log in with that user ID accounts attached to that user ID. At the client’s request, home office associates may need to attach additional accounts to that user ID in NPNX in order for them to be viewable on
The identity verification process is provided to Pershing by a third-party Read and refer clients to for more vendor. Pershing does not control the questions asked, and does not If the client does not have an SSN, the user ID can be set up by the A Social Security number (SSN) and U.S. mailing address are required home office. Refer to the e-Delivery Task Reference Sheet titled “How to Set Up Entitlements for” in Resources on NetX360™.
The client’s SSN and the answers they provide will not be retained. Your client can fail the process by answering questions incorrectly, starting a session without finishing, “timing out” of a session and/or closing If a client fails or is “locked out,” home office associates will need to a browser window. If a client fails the verification process twice in a create a user ID for them in NPNX. Please note that they are only locked 14-day period, they will be “locked out” of out of the online verification process; your home office can always Attempting to complete the verification process more than four times in a 14-day period, whether they have previously passed or failed, will also result in the client being locked out.
If a client has not received the e-mail, ask them to confirm that they have provided a valid e-mail address. Also, have them check their spam or An e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address provided. junk mail folders. Finally, they can check the status of their registration on by clicking “Check Registration Status.” The user ID will expire if the registration process is not completed by If the user ID expires, a user ID can also be set up by the home office or clicking the link within three days. If the user ID expires, the client has you can simply advise them to begin the process again.
See reverse side for The Client Experience: The First Time a Client Logs In to The Client Experience: The First Time a Client Logs In to myedocumentsuite.comTM For Home Office Associates and Investment Professionals If the client forgets their password and gets locked out, you will need to obtain the client’s mother’s Once the client receives an e-mail and clicks on the link, he or she will be redirected to maiden name to enable home office associates to reset the password in NPNX. See the Task and can log in with the user ID and password created.
Reference Sheet entitled “How to set up entitlements for™.” As part of our stronger authentication process, your client must select and provide answers for a set of challenge questions and choose an image and personal phrase. The After choosing their image and personal phrase, remind your clients that if they do not see their image and personal phrase will appear upon login and the answers to the challenge image and personal phrase on, they should not log in to the site. questions will enable the “Forgot Password” function for future use.
Your client will be presented with a list of accounts associated with their Social Security Home office associates may need to add additional accounts on behalf of the client through NPNX number. All accounts will default to electronic delivery. Your client should click “Save” to if your client has accounts that do not appear on the initial list. confirm all choices. On this screen, clients can update their paperless preferences.
Your client clicks “I agree,” demonstrating their agreement to receive electronic Remind your clients that changes to delivery preferences take effect in five business days. This documents. The client receives a letter in the mail and an e-mail to confirm their choices. allows time for the enrollment letter to be received.
After that, the client will only retrieve chosen documents electronically through An e-mail will be sent to your client whenever a new If an e-mail is undeliverable, all accounts linked to the e-mail address are automatically de-enrolled document is available to view online.
and the client will begin to receive paper copies of documents.
Once a client enrolls in e-delivery, all historical documents are available to view online. Statements Your client can view historical documents, and view, print or download their statements, are retained for 10 years, trade confirmations are available for 3 years and 1099 tax statements are trade confirmations and other documents on the “My Documents” screen.
Clients can change their paper preferences at any time. Clients can resume receiving paper copies of statements or trade confirmations by changing their delivery preferences on Home office associates can also update clients’ delivery preferences in NPNX. the “Paperless Preferences” tab on the “Online Profile” screen.



CONDICIONES GENERALES DE VENTA TRESPA INTERNATIONAL B.V. Estas condiciones generales serán de aplicación a todas las ofertas, ventas, entregas y/o contratos,7.3. Los consejos y las recomendaciones del vendedor tendrán carácter meramente consultivo y seasí como a todas las actividades y actos relacionados con los mismos de Trespa International B.V.,ofrecen según su leal saber y entender

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Declaration of Conformity Hereby declare that the “Bristle Blaster® Pneumatic surface treatment tool” is in compliance with the Essential Health and Safety Requirements applicable to hand tools for use in potentially explosive atmospheres according to the ATEX directive 94/9/EC, including conformity to the relevant demands and requirements of the following European Standards. EN

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