What to Bring to a Protest
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Don’t forget to sleep, eat, and drink lots of water. Bring important medications, cash/change, and ID with you. No matter how peaceful we may be, we can never predict what will happen in an action. Be prepared!
What to Wear

Important Personal Items to Bring
Shoes – comfortable, protective shoes that you can
Water & Drinks – Stay hydrated! Spray bottles
Covering Clothing – which covers most of your
Energy Snacks – Keep your blood sugar up and
skin to protect from sun and chemical exposure Eye protection – ie: sunglasses, swim goggles, or
Change, Card, & Cash - just enough money for
Weather gear – i.e.: rain gear or sun hat
Tape – Duct Tape or Masking Tape
Cap or hat – to protect you from the sun
Clean Shirt – In case you or others need to
Stay Healthy & Plan Ahead for Emergencies : If you
Identification and Emergency Contact Info
require these supplies, don’t forget them: Camera, Cell Phones, Watch, Paper+Pen, etc.
for documentation of events
Medications – inhaler, epipen, insulin or other
**Important Note: The More Documentation of
medications you require (allergic to insect stings? Events the Better! Bring Video and Cameras. chemicals? certain foods? Be prepared!) Prescriptions - several days of your prescription
Signs and Communications : Handmade signs that
medication and doctor’s note in case of arrest reflect the movement and your particular views are always Other Supplies – menstrual pads, if needed.
better– if you have trouble constructing or articulating your message, other members are always here to help. **Important Note: Bring your emergency contact
info. Add ‘AEmergency as a Contact on your Cell

Cardboard or Paper – Cardboard is free or
Phone (the “A” makes it the top of your list!) and/or keep a written copy in your wallet, just in case. Something to Write With- Pens, Broad Markers,
Colored Markers, Paints
And a Note about Etiquette & Fashion…
Tape – Duct Tape or Masking Tape
**Important Note: Signs with sticks or handles
may be considered weapons and cause conflict– it

How you Dress Represents the Group -
Remember, you will be on film and may be
is best to hold your sign without a “Stick”. Other Supplies: Face Paints, Chalk,
Sheets/Towels to use for Banners, etc.
Avoid Moisturizers/Chemicals – Don’t put
vaseline, mineral oil, oil-based sunscreen or
moisturizers on your body as they trap chemicals.
Medical Supplies : Here is a list of supplies to bring for
first aid kits and to donate to the medical team, who will
Contacts vs. Glasses – Contact lenses can trap dust
and chemicals, bring your glasses just in case. Wear have supplies on hand.
glasses if it looks like you may be exposed to dust
and chemicals. If you remove contacts or have
Water & Drinks (as much as you can carry. This
someone remove them on site, be sure your hands is for drinking, irrigating wounds, & cooling off.) Vinyl gloves (protect against blood AND
Avoid Loose Jewelry – Stay away from dangly
chemicals, latex works but is a common allergen) earrings or other jewelry that may become grabbed Wound care supplies (Band-aids, steri-strips, 1st
aid tape, Bactroban or other antiseptic) Stay Together – Go with friends or a group.
Aspirin, Ibprofen, etc. (see more on website….)

Source: http://occupywilmingtonnc.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/What-to-Bring-to-a-Protest.pdf

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