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Tottington Nursery School - Newsletter August 2009
We’d like to welcome al new parents to the nursery. We hope your children enjoy their time with us and that
you feel happy with the care they receive. Please let us know if you have any concerns.
Charity Event 2009
Our annual charity event was a huge success. Tottington Nursery School, Mulberry Bush Nursery, Whitefield and
Mulberry Bush Nursery, Walshaw raised a combined total of £4,520. Thank you very much for al your generous donations. This year we’d like to donate £3,000 to ‘The Good Life Orphanage’. This charity, set up by a Bury couple, has built and maintains an orphanage in Mombasa, Kenya. We have set up an ongoing link with the orphanage so we can see exactly how the money is helping. We would also like to support another local charity called Hurdles. Hurdles is a Bury based, registered charity which supports children and young people who have disabilities and additional needs. £1,520 will fund a day trip to Knowsley Safari Park for over 100 children and their carers.

Transfer of units
Many children transfer units at this time of year. They have several tasters in their new unit and the vast majority
of children settle in immediately. A member of staff from your child’s current unit wil go with them on these
taster sessions to help reassure them in the new unit.
Leavers’ dates
Many of our pre-school children are leaving us to start primary school. We wish them well and hope they will
continue to enjoy their early years education and make new friends along the way. If you know which date your child will be leaving the nursery this summer, please let Avril, Kirsty or Alex know as soon as possible. This will al ow them to amend your Direct Debit and to take into account your two-week advance payment. It also allows us to keep those on the waiting list informed of a possible start date.
Thank you to the parents who have completed the parents’ evening and the leavers’ questionnaires. We agree with the popular sentiment that our staff are our best asset. The questionnaires completed with the children have also been very nice to read.

Swine flu
The number of ‘suspected’ cases of Swine flu across the country has now dropped significantly. We would
suggest that you keep yourself informed (television, internet, radio, press) on how to protect yourself and family from Swine flu. Remember to CATCH IT, BIN IT, KILL IT! The symptoms of Swine flu are the sudden onset of fever, cough or shortness of breath. Other symptoms can include headache, sore throat, tiredness, aching muscles, chills, sneezing, runny nose or loss of appetite. If your child is diagnosed with suspected or confirmed Swine flu and / or prescribed Tamiflu or any similar medication, the current nursery policy is for your child to be kept away from nursery for a minimum of five days, or longer if the symptoms persist or if medical advice recommends. We wil keep this policy under review and update you accordingly.

Hand cleanser
The staff at each of our nurseries have always been and will continue to be vigilant in relation to hand washing,
hygiene and cleanliness. Virtually every single room in the nursery has a sink for hand washing. If there is no sink
in the room the staff have always been provided with a quick acting, non-tainting food safe, alcohol hand rub.
All staff have read and understood the risk assessment that has been completed on this cleanser and it is
always kept out of the reach of children. A bottle of this hand rub is now available for parents and visitors to use
by the entrance to each building.

Walshaw extension
We are pleased to announce that we have been successful in obtaining planning permission for an extension
to our Walshaw nursery. The new building should be in operation for January 2010.


We have recently applied for planning permission for a new roof for the Kindergarten unit. It will keep the
building better insulated and will also improve the outdoor appearance. The vast majority of this work will be
completed on a weekend.

Parent observations
Thank you to all the parents who have written down any ideas, suggestions or observations of their own
children. When ever possible we will implement any such suggestions. If you do give us any feedback please
add your name to the note so we can thank you or explain why it is not always possible to introduce the idea
into a busy nursery environment.
Outdoor play
Work wil start on Monday 10th August on improving the outdoor play spaces. The side and rear of the main
building wil benefit from new seating and planting areas. Both buildings have had a new sea life mural painted
on the wal s and will also have a number activity and musical instruments installed.
Wherever possible could we please ask you to park on the nursery side of the road so passing traffic or
pedestrians are not obstructed? If you do have to park on the opposite side of Kirklees Street, please try to be
as quick as possible and position your car so that your child’s door opens onto the pavement as there is a
greater risk of a traffic accident if your child steps down onto the road.
Children’s photographer
The photographer will be back in nursery to take individual photographs of all the children on 23 & 25/09/09 in time to give out as presents at Christmas!
Mobile telephones

Our mobile telephone policy has always stated that phones must be kept in the staff lockers during the day and may only be used on morning break or lunchtime. Staff have never been allowed to use their mobile telephones whilst looking after the children. Any visitors to the nursery will now be asked if they have a mobile phone with a camera facility and told it may not be used on site and a warning sign is now displayed.
Nursery fees / Payment process
The nursery fees are displayed by the entrance to each nursery building. The vast majority of parents pay fees by Direct Debit. You will be given a slip showing the amount due to be taken from your account ten working days before it is taken. This should give you opportunity to check the amount and to ensure enough funds are in your account.
LEA Grant
Pre-school children aged three and upwards are eligible for a government grant in the term after their third birthday. It is organised by the nursery. Those entitled to the grant in the Autumn Term will pay reduced fees for a period of 15 weeks starting Monday 07/09/09.

Song of the month: Leo the Lion
Leo the lion, he’s the king of the jungle and his jaws are big and wide!
When he roars it’s a warning so you’d better all run and hide,
you’d better all run and hide……. 1… 2… 3… ROAR!!!!!!



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