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Philippines * 2011
I had a surprising realization back in 2003, the year after I finished my specialty training in Surgery. The realization is this: one category of prescription drugs – H2 blockers, used for peptic ulcer – is available at a wide range of prices, from The conclusion came after a bit of work done in encoding the manufacturer's price in a spreadsheet, computing the price per tablet and sorting the data. The result was clear: H2 blockers (ranitidine, famotidine, cimetidine, and nizatidine), all effective for peptic ulcer but with some nuances in the dose and frequency of administration and adverse effects, are available in a wide range of prices.
This market condition was surprising because local drug prices were not part of standard medical textbooks. I was well versed on the mechanisms of action, pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics but had little knowledge on What was true eight years ago about the prices of H2 blockers is still true today about drugs for diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, and, perhaps, all drugs. Drugs with the same active ingredients are available in a wide range of prices. I suspect that my lack of knowledge about drug prices in the past is indicative of other doctors' and consumers' state of knowledge today.
The Drug Price Watch Philippines 2011 was made to provide information on locally available drugs. It contains price data on drugs for diabetes, hypertension and hyperlipidemia and puts this vital information in the hands of doctors and It is our hope that this report ultimately brings affordable and competent health care to a greater number of Filipinos.
Table 8 (cont.). Summary of ACE inhibitors.
Stock Initial
Dose Dose Initial Unit
Brand Name
Generic Name
(mg) Freq. Price
86 Capomed
87 Univasc
91 Norten
93 Tensoril
96 BPNorm
98 Captril
99 Vascor
100 Coversyl
109 Vascase
112 Renitec
119 Vasostad
134 Tritace
135 Primace
136 Accupril
140 Cibacen
149 Zestril
There are three brands in this category, divided into two generic names: (1) Clonidine (Catapres) and (2) Methyldopa (Aldomet, Dopamet).
The cost-per-day of use of alpha agonists is between Php 26.00 to Php 45.36.
Among the listed drugs, the most affordable alpha agonist is methyldopa (Dopamet), priced at Php 26.00 per day of use.
Among the listed drugs, the most expensive drug in this category is clonidine (Catapres), priced at Php 45.36 per day of use.
The alpha agonists are summarized in Table 9.
Table 9. Summary of alpha agonists.
Stock Initial
Dose Dose Initial Unit
Brand Name
Generic Name
(mg) Freq. Price
117 Dopamet
132 Aldomet
145 Catapres
There are three brands in this category, all having the generic name of terazosin.
Aside from their use for hypertension, these drugs are also prescribed for The cost-per-day of use of drugs in this category is between Php 20.83 to Among the listed drugs, the most affordable alpha blocker is Hykor, priced at Among the listed drugs, the most expensive alpha blocker is Hytrin, priced at The alpha blockers are summarized in Table 10.
Table 10. Summary of alpha blockers.
Stock Initial
Dose Dose Initial Unit
Brand Name
Generic Name
(mg) Freq. Price
102 Hykor
107 Conmy
142 Hytrin


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