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Kathabar Inc.
An industrial quality air handling unit has been introduced by Kathabar of New Jersey. KoldAir (TMDAS) that can be used with its Model 205Aunits provide cold, clean air at the temperature and Portable Temper Meter. This saves chocolate temperhumidity required in food processing.
test runs for further use and analysis and creates an The quality of air circulation in meat, poultry, dairy accessible, historical database. The files created by and other food processing plants is very important. To TMDAS can be exported to most spreadsheet andeliminate potential problems, the air handling unit database programs. The user can also view and/ormust be capable of adequately filtering the process print the list of test runs stored, as well as graphically display and/or print individual or multiple test curves.
supply air. The interior of the system should be Use of the compact 205A allows corrective designed to limit buildup of airborne contaminants action to be taken before temper becomes unac- and to ease cleaning. Kathabar’s KoldAir units are ceptable. Disposable plastic sample cups, which designed to meet these and other requirements. ensure constant sample size and cleanliness, are Suitable for rooftop installation, KoldAir units con- used to hold the chocolate test samples. The well tain dampers, prefilters, cooling coil fans and final fil- that holds the chocolate sample is located in the top ters. Equipped with HEPA filters, the units provide con- of the 205A. A specially designed thermoelectric ditioned air virtually free of airborne contaminants.
cooling system, in conjunction with a design that maintains constant sample size, probe depth andprobe insertion temperature, eliminates sources of SIG Packaging Technology NA
measurement error associated with other types of SIG Packaging Technology, the parent company of temper measurement instrumentation.
SIG Packaging Technology North America Inc. has Tricor’s PC-based model 805A Surface Analysis introduced a high-speed candy machine—the Delta System has also been introduced to measure andRobot SIGLAD.
analyze the gloss levels of surfaces regardless of SIG unveiled the system at the All Candy Expo in their shape, texture or color. cooperation with the Swiss company Demaurex SA The 805A’s high-resolution video imaging system quantifies the surfaces of chocolate, panned goods, The pick-and-place robotic system features speeds caramels, drops, marzipan products and coatings.
of more than 100 picks per minute. It offers high Instead of measuring a single point on a surface, the speed, accurate placement of diverse shapes and system uses up to 240,000 data points across the sizes using a simple space-saving infrastructure. The measured area to provide quantitative, realistic SIGLAD can be used to package a variety of candy readings even under various lighting conditions.
and confectionery products, including unpacked This system measures only the specular component and unwrapped pralines, chocolate bars, frozen of the light reflecting off the surface and not the total light emanating from the sample. The gloss level of a SIGLAD’s camera system helps ensure proper pick surface is determined by the characteristics of the and placement throughout operation. As products specular reflections seen by the human eye.
move along the conveyor belt, the machine’s camera The 805A also provides quantitative values for identifies differing shapes and sizes and relays this both D.O. I. and orange peel. D.O.I. measurements information to the Delta robot. The robot then picks quantify the reflective quality of smooth surfaces,up pieces individually from the belt and lays them in while measurements for orange peel quantify thethe exact position in the blister. The Manufacturing Confectioner/August 1997 65

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Informatiefolder Longfunctieonderzoek & Metacholine-provocatietest Inleiding Deze folder informeert u over de onderzoeken en is bedoeld als extra aanvulling op de mondelinge uitleg die u van uw behandelende arts en longfunctie-analist krijgt. Zo kunt u alles nog eens rustig nalezen. De werking van de longen kan op verschillende manieren worden vastgesteld. De keuze van de methode han

Knockoff: the deadly trade in counterfeit goods

Knockoff: The Deadly Trade in Counterfeit Goods By Tim Phillips London, England & Sterling, VA; Kogan Page Ltd., 2005, ISBN 0-7494-4389-0 (Price $29.95), pp. 231 Reviewed by Erika Jacobsen White Journal of High Technology Law Suffolk University Law School The global counterfeit market currently wields nearly $538 billion annually. The U.S. counterfeit market alone is estimated to rake in

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