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In Warranty Technical Support
Scope of Service:
It is Digitek's policy to offer on a no-charge basis Technical Support by telephone to customers that have
1) had a system installed by Digitek within the 12 months or,
2) have a current Software Maintenance Agreement purchased from Digitek.

Technical Support by telephone is defined as “answering questions requiring a nominal amount of time,usually during the same telephone call.” This level of support is used for diagnosing errors and extended "how to" types of questions on DNCSoftware packages (eXtremeDNC , Easytalk Plus, Multi-Task, Focal*Point and Remex CPD).
Additionally, support will be given on DNC hardware that was originally purchased from Digitek(Multi-Port Serial Cards, Ethernet-Connected Device Servers, BTR interfaces, cabling systems etc.). Technical Support is not intended to be a replacement for on-site installation or training services.
While it continues to be our policy to offer tips and suggestions on how to connect a machine tool to one
of our DNC systems, we cannot be expected to spend an excessive amount of time and resources doing
so. Therefore, we limit these types of calls to 15 minutes. If the resolution of a problem exceeds a total
of 15 minutes per then we reserve the right to bill the customer for the additional time required. See
the guidelines listed under Out of Warranty Technical Support
Out of Warranty Technical Support
Scope of Service:
As always, we are receptive to help desk ticket inquiries asking simple questions about DNC systems,
computers and networks. On a no-charge basis, we will continue to respond to questions that can be
answered in a few help desk ticket exchanges.
However, if the resolution of a technical support issue requires a lengthy response, including follow uptelephone calls, the faxing/e-mailing/mailing of relevant system documentation, it is our policy to chargefor this level of service.
We offer three price levels of support per incident
$100 per incident
Operating Systems support:
This level of support is used for simple "how to" types of questions and
for diagnosing errors and malfunctions in Windows operating systems, (MS-DOS all versions, Windows
January 15, 2010
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$150 per incident
DNC Software support:
This level of support is used for diagnosing errors and extended "how to"
types of questions on DNC Software packages (eXtremeDNC, Focal*Point, Easytalk Plus, Easytalk
Multi-Task and Remex CPD).
$200 per incident
DNC Networking / Connectivity issues:
This level of support is used for diagnosing and
troubleshooting issues that involve local area networks and CNC machine communication issues. Also,
support related to reinstalling and reconfiguring the DNC software application. We will also provide
assistance with the connection of a single machine tool to a DNC system.
$500 per incident
DNC User Self Install:
This level of support is intended for the knowledgeable DNC user that wants to
connect multiple CNC machines to a DNC system himself but would like assistance by phone. Support
will be given for software configuration, installation and configuration of Comtrol RocketPort or Digi
Concentrators, Comtrol Ethernet-Connected Device Servers and ADR BTR interfaces. Site Level
Support covers the connection of a multiple machine tools to a DNC system. Unlimited technical
support by phone, fax and email will be provided for a 45 day period of time.
VISA, MASTERCARD, DISCOVER and AMERICAN EXPRESS cards are accepted for purchases.
Net terms are available for companies with approved credit.


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