Dr Somasundaram Sathappan (known as Dr Soma)
MB BS, (Malaya),University of Malaya, June 1989.
Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, October 1994.
Masters in Surgery, National University of Malaysia, June 1996.
Member of the Academy of Medicine Malaysia, Oct 2003
Medical internship,
General Medicine and Paediatrics with special interest in Cardiology and Respiratory Medicine. Surgical Internship,
General Surgery with Orthopaedic, Urology and Medical Officer,
Surgery Medical Officer,
Dept of Surgery, University Kebangsaan Malaysia. Orthopaedic Medical Officer,
Dept. of Orthopaedics, Hospital Sultanah Aminah Surgery Medical Officer,
Dept of Surgery, University Kebangsaan Malaysia. Plastic Surgery Medical Officer,
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Unit, U.K.M. Urology Medical Officer,
Neurosurgery Medical Officer,
Paediatric Surgery Medical Officer,
Registrar in General Surgery,
Senior Registrar in General Surgery,
Lecturer and Clinical Specialist,
Burns, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Unit Registrar
Department of Hand and Microsurgery Hospital Kuala Lumpur Lecturer and Clinical Specialist
Burns, Plastic and Reconstructive surgery unit Senior House Officer
Consultant Plastic Surgeon and Lecturer
Burns, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Unit Plastic Surgery
Clinical Specialist in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery from July 1996 onwards. Dr Soma has experience in basic plastic surgical procedures e.g. excision of facial swellings, scar revisions, pressure sore management and release of contractures. His experience in the management of burns patients include assessment of the depth and extent of burns, resuscitation, excision of eschar and split skin grafting. He has experience in the acute management of a burns patient including newer methods/protocols in fluid resuscitation; the management of wound infections in a burned patient;the management of facial and perineal burns, the use of tissue culture techniques and allografts. Dr Soma has a special interest in post mastectomy breast reconstruction using both latissimus dorsi muscle with implant and TRAM flap reconstruction. He has undergone basic microsurgical training in the laboratory. And also has experience in the harvesting of free flaps and the subsequent anastomosis. Dr Soma also has experience in the management of oral cancers, including radical and modified radical neck dissections, excision of tumours and reconstruction of the resulting defects with regional and free flaps. Dr Soma has experience in the management of hand injuries, including flap closure of extensive skin defects and replantation/ reanastomosis/revascularization of digits. He also has experience in resurfacing traumatic defects of the lower limbs using local and free flaps. Dr soma has experience in the field of cosmetic surgery including face lifts, liposuction, abdominoplasties, blepharoplasties and breast augmentation/reduction. DR SOMA’S FULL CV IS AVAILABLE ON REQUEST


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