“I had to win. not
One Woman’s Cancer Answer
only was my life at
an interview by Jeff Gordon www.eatwithoutheat.com
stake, but I needed
to find help for
So just what did you learn eaten the All-American Diet–a diet that, in my
about cancer?
opinion, that greatly contributes to today’s others as well!”
Two major conclusions Great American Diseases–cancer, heart resulted from my research. disease, diabetes, and obesity. Greensboro’s own Sherry Pallay shares how she First, I became more and I firmly believe there is hope for the cancer beat cancer naturally – totally without the use patient! And there is another way that is safe, of surgery, chemo, radiation or drug therapy! more convinced of the fact that cancer is reversible. effective, and non-invasive! What I learned S e c o n d l y , h a v i n g and put into practice were basic principles of health–both giving the body what it needs and Sherry, what advice would you give to interviewed many other patients and removing obstacles to health.
s o m e o n e f a c i n g a c a n c e r having witnessed first-hand the short and
treatments and having listened to their In closing, what is your desire not only for
Most importantly–Do not panic!
stories of pain and discomfort, in my heart I cancer patients, but for anyone interested in
Approached correctly, a cancer diagnosis knew there better health here
in the Triad?
Cancer is the seventh stage of the disease a n o t h e r “The doctor of the future will give no
process, indicating that the body has been way–a better medicine, but will interest his patients
out of balance for a long, long time. The way.
in the care of the human frame, in diet
good news, and what many people do not From here I and in the cause and prevention of
– Thomas Edison
What was your life like prior to cancer?
Like many, I was extremely active, eating designed to on the run, and leading a fairly stress-filled effective and non-invasive, without the use to turn for answers to questions regarding life. Instead of learning to properly prepare of surgery, chemo, radiation, or drug their own health. nutritious foods, I depended on processed therapy. Within months of my diagnosis I Education is imperative. The message of foods, take-out meals and dining at had reversed the progression of cancer in cancer prevention and that of cancer reversal restaurants. I would skip meals, I wasn't my body! needs to be shared with the community at exercising regularly, sleeping enough, and I That’s truly amazing! Tell me more about My other heartfelt desire is to duplicate
this protocol.
How did the diagnosis change your life?
It’s both amazing and very simple! Wellness Resource Library I've compiled. I I became the most avid reader you could Although I reversed cancer totally feel it is my duty, to help provide life-saving ever imagine! I n a t u r a l l y, t h i s knowledge to those who are willing to listen, in order to help them regain and maintain their needed to know "Problems cannot be solved by same program can health and that of their loved ones.
the same level of thinking that conjunction with
Thank you, Sherry, for taking the time to
z i l l i o n created them."
share your story with our readers. We look
questions that –Albert Einstein
forward to hearing more from you in the
to take towards creating Optimal future.
informative answers. I wanted to know maintaining proper body weight, (2) Read more about the amazing recovery of how to save my own life. I prayed daily and monitoring the body’s pH balance, (3) not Sherry Pallay and her message of hope, h e a l t h , a n d h e a l i n g – o n l i n e a t sought the truth about cancer and what was just feeding ourselves, but actually www.cancerfreeaskme.com.
happening in my body. Knowledge is nourishing our bodies and immune
cancer's worst enemy.
systems, (4) understanding how our Sherry Pallay can be contacted at Horizon I soon had amassed an incredible library digestive tracts function with regards to of books, articles, newsletters, and audio assimilation of nutrients and elimination of [email protected],
and video cassettes. I read constantly and wastes, and (5) maintaining a lifestyle She is available for private consultations and personnel, researchers and other cancer “Let food be your medicine, and let Jeff Gordon is the founder of
patients. It was so important to me to hear your medicine be your food.”
real life stories of people's experiences. I dedicated to improving lives through whole food nutrition and natural hygiene. Find us always asked questions, and I encourage are powerful tools for restoring our bodies on the web at www.eatwithoutheat.com or
to optimal health. Prior to cancer, I had email [email protected]
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