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Gemini Project – Shipper Group Workshop
10 June 2004
Novotel London Euston, London
David Lazarus – Attachmate
Mike Carter – Centrica
Nick Gold – Centrica
Tom Jessop – Conoco Phillips
Sanjay Patel – EDF Energy
James Smith – EDF Energy
M Tyrrell – EKT
Yasmin Sufi - ENI UK
Mark Mugglestone – Exxonmobil
Simon Cave – NGT
Susan Knights – NGT
Steve Thompson – NGT
David Williamson – NGT
David Wright – NGT
Simon Moody – Powergen
Tim Johnson – Powergen
Jamie Walsh – Powergen
John Patterson – RWE Trading
Michael Reid – Scottish Power
Tony Brandi – Statoil
Warren Collins – Statoil
Linus Consgrove – Statoil
Ali Taylor – Statoil
The attendee list may not be complete as not all attendees signed in.
Workshop Content
The Workshop opened with an introduction by Susan Knights who explained that the aim
of this forum was to provide the final details for the Entry Capacity implementation and
to discuss the way forward for the Energy Balancing/Exit Capacity release.
Susan provided an update to the Issues Log. The updated Issues Log is available on the
Shipper Web Site – Gemini page.
C:\TEMP\\Gemini Shipper Group Output - June 2004.doc 24 June 2004 Entry Capacity Update
Simon Cave shared a presentation detailing the implementation plan for the Entry
Capacity release, including the technical and business support arrangements that will be
in place.
A number of questions arose during the presentation and these are listed below:
What do shippers do during the outage period on 30/06/04 – 01/07/04 in relation to buy-back? Shippers asked NGT to share the Go/No Go criteria together with contingency/regression plans. NGT committed to write out by the end of the week. Shippers believed the IS Helpline number in the presentation was incorrect as they have a direct Shipper Support Service number to call. NGT agreed to clarify this.
Dave Williamson shared a presentation on the results from the Shipper Trials. The
presentation provided an overview of how many organisations had participated in the
trials together with the outcome. The community were keen to understand the status of
any outstanding issues that were raised during the trial period.
Feedback from the community identified the need to ensure the Help Desk/Security
support ful y understand Gemini. NGT agreed to address this.
Shippers were interested in understanding what stress testing had taken place. John
Regan agreed to provide a high level summary.
Energy Balancing Update
John Regan outlined the current timescales for the Energy Balancing/Exit Capacity
release. The community asked whether it was possible to bring forward the API file
format approval in order to provide the technical detail they require earlier. NGT
agreed to review the earliest they could provide the technical detail. The community
also asked for clarification on when revisions to the UK Link Manual will be shared with
the community particularly in relation to security changes.
Dave Williamson followed this with a presentation on the results from the API
Questionnaire that was circulated to the community. Dave explained that he would be
seeking further clarification on the some of the comments in the responses and then
NGT would undertake a high level impact assessment of the numbers of required APIs
together with the cost and time impacts. Timescales for these activities will be
communicated. There was a question as to whether the screen-based approach to APIs
was the right approach as some organisations felt a process based approach would be
more effective.
C:\TEMP\\Gemini Shipper Group Output - June 2004.doc 24 June 2004
Current Issues
The next presentation, led by Susan Knights, highlighted NGT’s understanding of the
current issues surrounding the project and these issues are listed below:
· Consultation · Governance · Citrix · APIs · Multiple Log On · Enhancement requirements · Need to install security certificate on client PCs · Accessing a dynamic market using a “dummy” PC is very user-unfriendly Susan then invited the community to discuss these issues in order that NGT could fully understand the concerns. The other NGT representatives supported this frank and honest discussion. There are two main concerns from the community – the use of Citrix and the API coverage. The community do not believe Citrix is a viable way forward from their perspective. Whilst, in principle, the majority agree that the API functionality is the way forward for the future, there are serious concerns about the data flexibility as they do not see NGT providing full API coverage. The community are also concerned about the reliance on NGT for any future API functionality. The current screen-scraping technology is not reliant on NGT. The community believes that the combination of Citrix and lack of API coverage will severely restrict their ability to operate. NGT explained that they were keen to further progress these issues and suggested forming a small Working Group with representation from interested organisations. These organisations will need to be prepared to work more closely with NGT to progress potential solutions for the EB/Exit release. NGT asked any interested organisations to notify Susan so that a meeting could be arranged as soon as possible. NGT thanked the community for their continued support for the Entry Capacity release and for the frank discussions in relation to the way forward for the EB/Exit release. All of the presentations shared at the Forum can be found on the Shipper Web Site (Gemini page). The next Forum wil be held in London, date to be agreed. End of note C:\TEMP\\Gemini Shipper Group Output - June 2004.doc 24 June 2004


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