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XipLink, Inc.


XipLink Announces Ultram as Value Added Distributor
June 18, 2010
– Today at the CommunicAsia show in Singapore, XipLink, the technology
leader in wireless optimization, announced Ultram Technologies Limited as the latest addition to
its global network of Value Added Distributors.

Based in Israel, Ultram will provide delivery and logistics support for XipLink’s XA-Series of
appliances and the recently announced XipStick™ portable optimizer throughout Israel.
For more than 20 years Ultram has built a strong reputation providing superior performance on
difficult R&D projects, custom designs, and network implementations. Ultram employs highly
skilled sales and application engineers, in the sales design and support of electronics, RF,
microwave devices and assemblies and selected test equipment and software products, for the
electronics industry in Israel.
“The addition of XipLink to the Ultram portfolio is exciting for us. In the present environment
where the lack of available bandwidth, coupled with the ever increasing demand of broadband
connectivity, can become a limit to the growth of our customers’ business. We believe that
XipLink’s solution is the perfect response to the needs of the network operators providing
efficiency, increased revenues and margins as well as a perfect match to our line of products.
We can use XipLink technology in traditional space-based wireless networks but also to
enhance the capacity of our terrestrial wireless customers. We look forward to working with the
industry leader in wireless optimization”, says Yossi Yuran, CEO of Ultram.
XipLink’s XA-Series of appliances include a range of industrial computing engines that scale
from 2 Mbps and 50 connections to very high performance systems running at 155 Mbps and
30,000 simultaneous connections for the largest of installations. The recently announced
XipStick™ is a palm sized portable optimizer that delivers complete XipOS functionality to
mobile users.
“This is a strategic partnership for XipLink. Demand for our products is rapidly increasing and
this partnership enables fast delivery and support throughout the territory. Ultram has built a
reputation for superior customer and logistic support that the EMEA customer base has come to
respect”, says Sasmith Reddi, XipLink’s Managing Director for Asia/Pac and Middle East. “We
are excited by the endorsement this partnership will bring in the market as well as the new
customer opportunities it opens for XipLink’s technology.”
About Ultram Technologies Ltd.
Founded in 1988, Ultram Technologies Ltd. is a sales and marketing organization with a very
strong technical background. Ultram employs highly skilled sales and application engineers,
presenting many years of experience in the sales design and support of electronics, RF,
microwave devices and assemblies and selected test equipment and software products, for the
electronics industry in Israel. For further information about Ultram visit
About XipLink, Inc.
XipLink is the technology leader in wireless optimization using standards based SCPS protocol
acceleration, streaming data compression and Internet optimizations to deliver the maximum
capacity over stressed wireless communication links. XipLink is a privately owned company with
Headquarters in Montreal, Quebec and Sales and Marketing offices in Washington, DC. For
more information visit or email [email protected]
XipLink Company Information
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