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-220 Lithium-ion Battery Protection Board Checker
Lithium battery protection board is an important component of battery. The quality of protection board would definitely affect the function of battery and safety usage for users. The full function and high testing efficiency of the newly-developed testing instrument can help guarantee ‘zero’ defects. 2.Function
Through its composite double-voltage testing, some time the testing only needs 5 seconds, fast and No need to connect to computer, single interface(25 probes), plug-and-play. Multi-function keyboard, set up testing parameters then start testing just with simple press. Larger LCD can help you operate and check testing parameters with ease. (Five parameters will Precise testing for OCUR(the value of over current protection ) 3. Tester Type
BPC -220 is newly made for the testing of lithium battery protection board. (Professional testing 4. Function Illustration
(1) Over-charging protection and protective voltage (2) Over-discharging protection and protective voltage (3) Over current protection (Max. current: 7.0 A) (5) WCUR(work current of the board itself): User sets up DT, voltage and error, the tester would memorize the parameters then shows whether is qualified or unqualified. Red means unqualified and green refers to qualified. Use the same method to test the function as defined in (2) and (3). Maxi. overcharge: 4.45V/cell, Mini: 4.00V/cell Maxi discharge: 2.99V/cell Minimum: 2.00V/cell Mini. current: 1.0A, Maxi. current:7.0A( 0.2A/Step) 5. Parameter
6.Structure Illustration
ONSIGA TECH BPC -220 (1) work current consumption WCUR (8) Over current protection delay time (OCUR-DT) 7. Testing and Setting
Load the board onto the fixer, press slightly to made sure connected well, then press ‘READY’ to start the testing. It can be released only after the testing finished. 7-2. Parameter Setting (7.2V Lithium battery protection board, 2 Cells) For reference CHG protection: Normal voltage: 4.35V or 4.25V/cell DIS protection: 2.50Vor 2.3/cell(normal voltage) User can set the maxi and mini parameters according to error. E.g.: CHG4.35±0.05V, DIS2.50±0.10V, OCUR3.5±1.0A, IMP60±10 mΩ, WCUR6±2µA, CHG—DT400±100mS, DIS-DT200±100mS,OCUR-DT20±10mS CHG-DT 600 ms (Choose the maxi. error and set parameter slightly larger by adding 100ms) DIS-DT 400 ms (Choose the maxi. error and set parameter slightly larger by adding 100ms) OCUR-DT 40 ms(Choose the maxi. error and set parameter slightly larger by adding 10ms) (*Due to the limitation of testing, delayed time (DT) is not set in the table For reference only). Precise DIS-DT: ±5% +8ms (every second, add 0.1s) Maxi. CHG-DT: 8.0S (User can set as needed) Maxi. DIS-DT: 990mS (User can set as needed) Maxi. OCUR: 98ms (User can set as needed) 8.Figure Illustration
Red: Not pass (Exceeding the range set in 9-2) Green: Pass (Within the range set in 9-2) 8.1.1 Watch the testing result (Display) The testing result for every parameter will show on the correspondent places) Not qualified (IMP not pass shows in the Figure) 9.Parameter setting
ONSIGA TECH BPC -220 Set parameter according to different board, see 9-2. After setting, press ‘Confirm’ then press ‘Auto’ to start the testing. (The DT should be longer than actual testing time) (AUTO 000 Ready) C. Over current protection delay time (OCUR-DT) Press ‘Set’, it shows as follows by step: Press ‘Up’ or “Down’ to change parameters (see 7.2) After setting, save it then start testing 10.Testing Operation
While turning on power, user should check the setting of DIS-DT, the time set should be longer than actual delayed time) (See 7-2) (CHG-DT is set as 400ms and DIS-DT is set as 200ms before delivery) Ocur-DT is 40ms, Press ‘AUTO’ then start the testing. (AUTO 000 READY will show on the display) (1) Load the board onto the fixer and make sure well connected then press ‘Ready’ (2) Tester will start testing and “test” will show, when testing is over, “END” shows. DO NOT release (3) Read testing value and take down testing result. Tester will test the board automatically according the parameters set and it will tell whether it’s qualified or not. The testing is very quick. If needed, user can change the parameter setting. (1) Load the board onto the fixer and make sure well connected then press ‘Ready’. (2) Tester will test the board automatically according the parameters set and ‘TEST’ will show. When testing finishes, ‘END’ shows. DO NOT release the board before finishing. (3) After testing, tester will tell whether is qualified or not. If current item is passed, it will test next item and PASS shows when testing is over. (4) OK indicates ‘Qualified’ and green light is on. Whenever it is unqualified, ‘×’ shows and red light is Press this key to choose ‘Beep’ or ‘Mute’. 11.Equipment and Connection
11-1.Board Interface Illustration see Figure 3 B- —Connecting point of negative pole of the cell1 ROM —Identification code output port * (Note * means the function that the tester not use yet) 11-2.1Standard connection between PCB and testing interface Figure 4 11-2.2 Simplified connection between PCB and testing interface Figure 5 Note: Simplified connection is easy to operate, but the IMP may increase. Standard connection can test 11-2.3 Connector, Output Interface Figure 6 Attention: Before switching on power, do not load PCB onto fixer, if loaded, please unload then resume z Testing failure and cause
If connect error shows B- P- is well connected, or if there is 2 Time limit for DIS DT is too short; Increase setting value of the time set for DT is longer than actual over charge delay time. z Failure and solution
Large volume of bypass condense on If the waiting period is too PCM and should wait to discharge short, it will affect the Note: When there is bypass condenser or larger R/C delayed condenser, it will affect the actual value of DT, two different test result will Occur. E.g., when testing OCUR, user presses ‘AUTO’ or ‘Set’, the parameter set for ‘Set’ mode should be larger than ‘AUTO’ code, or it may not pass. ‘AUTO’ will test the consistent protection current. ‘Set’ will test the protection current during the instant testing period within the range set. z Maintenance
1. Do not put it in the sun or close to radiation. 2. Lie it on flat and stable surface, no vibration. 3.Keep good ventilation, not close to wet, moisture or dust. 4. Soft cloth to brush it with little water, never with alcohol or gasoline, or any other organic 5. No use under heavy press, strike or vibration. z Maintenance Instruction
1.Ensure users interest, for any error arising from qualify failure, one year term of free maintenance will be served upon presentation of related receipts. Exceeding guarantee term, Abnormal use, self- dismantle. 3.Dangerous high voltage inside. Opening by non-professional is not allowed. 4.Do not dismantle, or the Maintenance Guarantee Label would be invalid. 5.If maintenance needed, please contact company maintenance department advance for ONSIGA TECH BPC -220
z Safety Instruction
1.Correct use of current and voltage, any voltage exceeding limit is not allowed. Working 2.Before switch on power, make sure well connected. 3.Continue to turn on or resume at least with an interval of 30 seconds. 4.Plug out if no long time not to use it, be careful not to pull or drag power line. 5.Switch off power before plugging out. Hold the insulation part then plug out slowly. Maintenance Guarantee Record
ONSIGA TECH BPC -220 Note: Any copy is invalid Standard:Q/ONSIR003-2004
Rm A,10/F.,Unit A Tian Yuan Bld, Nan Shan Rd.,
Nan Shan Shen Zhen,China. (PC:518052)
Tel:0755-26055987 Fax:0755-26055582
E-mail:[email protected] Web:www.onsiga.com

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