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A DOUBLE-BLIND, RANDOMIZED, PHASE 2 STUDY TO COMPARE THE SAFETY AND EFFICACY OF INTRAVENOUS CXA-101 (CXA) AND INTRAVENOUS CEFTAZIDIME (CTZ) IN COMPLICATED URINARY TRACT INFECTION (cUTI) O. UMEH1, D. CEBRIK2, I.R. FRIEDLAND1 1Cubist Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Lexington, MA ; 2Axistat, Inc., San Francisco, CA Background: CXA-101 is a novel parenteral broad-spectrum cephalosporin with


HAND INFECTIONS: GENERAL INFORMATION KEY FIGURE: Hand infections are relatively common problems. Seemingly minor in-juries can sometimes lead to significant infections. Proper treatment isvital to prevent long-term disability. Cellulitis vs. Abscess Cellulitis is a diffuse infection of the soft tissues. No localized area of pus can be drained. The affected area is described as indur

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