Clinical management of multiple drug toxicity in hallikar bullocks

Veterinary World, 2011, Vol.4(2):87 CLINICAL Clinical Management of Multiple drug toxicity in Hallikar Bullocks
Anjaneya S N, Ramesh C B, Shridhar N B, Basavesha Hugar, Sunil Kumar, K. M.
Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology, Veterinary College, KVAFSU, Hebbal, Bangalore-560024, India.
* Corresponding author email : [email protected] Introduction
potent dopaminergic D receptor blocking action and cause psychomotor slowing and calming of the Most of the drugs are safe in recommended animals (Nicholas Booth et al., 2001).
doses if they have used judisiously. But due to their easy availability over the counter, they are often intravenous fluid therapy (Ringers lactate (5ml/kg) misused by the animal owners without knowing their and dextrose 5%( 2.5 ml/kg) for first two days and harmful effects. This paper puts on the record of such subsequently put on oral rehydration therapy. As the case of toxicity of multiple drug therapy and its fluid helps in instant replenishment of electrolyte and energy in conditions associated with fluid and Case History and Clinical Examinations
Vitamin B ,B and B (10 ml/bullock, Tribivet®, Three Hallikar bullocks (aged about 6-7 years Intas Pharmaceuticals, Ahmedabad) was administered and weighing about 300-350 ) were presented with the intravenously twice daily for three consecutive days as history of diarrhoea and excitement. Anamnesis a supportive therapy for optimizing the metabolic revealed that the owner had drenched them with process (Chakrabarthi, 2002).
albendazole suspension (250 ml; 25 mg/ml), tetra- Both the animals recovered uneventfully after misole powder (25 g; 300 mg/g), enrofloxacin suspen- three days of the therapy and resumed to normal status.
sion(40ml; 100 mg/ml) and calcium syrup (50 ml) to each bullock. The clinical signs developed after 3hours of administration of the drug mixture and the Three bullocks suffered from toxicity of animals revealed the clinical signs of diarrhoea, multiple drug therapy with albendazole, tetramisole, tremors, salivation, excitement and anorexia.
enrofloxacin and calcium syrup which were exhibiting Treatment and Discussion
the clinical signs of excitement, convulsions, diarrhoea and surviving two bullocks were treated High doses of benzamidazoles increase the with triflupromazine hydrochloride, fluid therapy and permeability of cell membrane to the protons, which B-complex vitamins and were recovered uneventfully. intern leads to diarrhea (Brander and Pugh, 1991). Tetramisole is a cholinomimetic drug and has very References
narrow margin of saftey. Most frequent side effects of Brander, G. C., Pugh D. M., Bywater, R. J. and Jenkins,W. fluroquinolones are gastrointestinal disturbances and L.(1991).Veterinary Applied Pharmacology and Therapeutics.5 edn, W.B. Saunders Company, London: Pp CNS excitement in large animals (Vancutsem et Chakrabarti, A. (2002). Clinical Veterinary Medicine, 2 edn, Kalyani Publisher, New Delhi. Pp 478.
drenching the solution and this might be due to Nicholas Booth, H. and Leslie E Mc Donald (2001). Jones Veterinary Pharmacology and Therapeutics 5 edn, Kalyani Two bullocks with convulsions and excitement Norrby,S.R.(1991). Side effects of quinolones: Comparisons were administered with trifluopromazine hydrochlo- between quinolones and other antibiotics. Eur. J.Clin. Mmicrobiol. Infectious Dis., 10:378-383.
ride (Siquil®, Sarabhai Zydus,Ahmedabad) Vancutsem, P.M., Babish,J.G. and Schwark,W.S.(1990).The @0.25mg/kg IM immediately to control the excite- fluroquinolone antimicrobials structure, antimicrobial ment and convulsions as it is an antipsychotic drug activity, pharmacokinetics, clinical use in domestic animals belonging to the phenothiazine group. It acts by and toxicity. Cornell. Vet., 80(2): 173-186.
Veterinary World, Vol.4 No.2 February 2011 87


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