Ventura community school

Complete 1 per child
Ventura Elementary School
Ventura/Garner-Hayfield Junior High School
Annual Student Health Update
Student Name: _________________________________________ Gender: M F Birthdate: _______________________ Grade: ______________ Building:___________ Parent/Guardian Name(s): ____________________________________________________ Family Doctor: Medication Taken
How Often
Condition Medication is Taken For
What Type of Reaction
(food, environmental, latex, etc.)

Current Illness: List any illness, injury or surgeries occurring since last school year, including the
date they occurred:________________________________________________
Chronic Illness or Conditions that may affect school performance: List any health conditions
such as asthma, migraines, seizures, diabetes, hearing problems, ADHD, behavioral,
Immunizations Received in the Last Year (Month/Year)
Other (list name of immunization and date received): Please turn over and complete page 2
Complete 1 per child
_____ Private Insurance (List Name)__________________________________ _____ Other (List Name) ___________________________________________ PERMISSIONS
In case your child is ill or injured at school or during a school event out-of-town, and we think he/she needs medical attention, do you grant school personnel permission to do so? Yes________ No________ If student’s health care provider is not available, may we send him/her to another local provider? Yes________ I give my child permission to receive Tylenol/Acetaminophen for complaints of discomfort at school from the school nurse and trained school personnel at their discretion for this school year. Yes________ No________ Over-the-Counter Medication: I give permission for the use of cough drops, topical antibiotic ointment (Bacitracin), contact solution, Benadryl, or Caladryl as needed by the discretion of the health office and trained school personnel. Yes________ No________ MEDICATION POLICY

I understand that my child can receive prescription medications at school through School Health
Services. I understand that the medication must be in the original container with all the information
current to what the child receives. I understand that a Medication Permission form must be
signed and accompany the medication
. This form can be obtained from the Health Services
office in the school building your child attends.

NOTICE: The school does NOT assume financial responsibility for medical/dental bills incurred as a
result of illness or school accidents. If needed, there is student accident insurance available for your
child. The application can be picked up in a building office.
NOTICE: Student’s health information is shared with appropriate staff in accordance with the
District’s policy/procedure and applicable laws of confidentiality. Information is shared on a “need to
know” basis with school personnel who supervise students.

Parent/Guardian Signature:____________________________________ Date:__________


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