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Volume 87 Issue 20
The Vallejo Rotary Club
A family of caring and
Energetic Rotarians

November 12, 2009
The club meets
12:15 to 1:30 p.m.
Every Thursday
Vallejo Rotary Club
Meeting 11/12/09
Zio Fraedos of Vallejo
Webster, and Bill Eisenhartacted as emcees.
23 Harbor Way
Members were allowed to takethe controls of an ocean going while experiencing differentweather conditions and timesof conditions ranged from sunny calm waters toraging seas and electrical storms.
non-native species have contaminated thevessel when entering a port.
The sensations that we experienced were mostreal, leaving many of feeling the effects of motion sickness. Pete Friesen confessed to enjoyed admitting its largest freshman class taking a Dramamine tablet, and I wish I had applied a Scopalamine patch. Sara Ghavimisteered the vessel as tho’ she was DanicaPatrick of the sea, but confessed to being a bitqueasy.
Its alumni enjoy a 90% employment rate within1 year of graduating, averaging $77,000 instarting salaries.
presentation about the workings of theSimulation Center. There are 111 computers While the average time a student takes to in the center, which can stream 55 layers of graduate from a public college or university is variables into a specific scene. The simulators 5.6 years in the U.S., the CMA’s students can profile every major port in the world, and graduate on an average of 4.5 years. Within then replicate 11 different types of vessels into that statistic 70% of CMA’s students graduate either the same background scene or different versus only 46% in other public institutions.
Most of CMA’s graduates are engineers, and many of them pursue careers in bio-tech, any capable of streaming real events such as oil discipline in which use of water and water spills into the simulator in real time.
purification as part of the manufacturingprocess. Many graduates are entering “green”industries, as well as pursuing public service inthe Peace Corps.
The simulators are vast storage media of everyconceivable type of data related to a givensession. Recent simulator analyses includeprofiling how women handle a given situation A very enjoyable off-site meeting for all who versus men. It’s no surprise that each of the attended, and who also enjoyed a nice array of sexes has its own advantages over the other.
Women seem to be more analytical and teamoriented, while males tend to react morepromptly to a crisis situation. The simulator is also being used to teach English to foreignseamen because it is the internationallyrecognized language of the maritime industry.
The training ship has a new $1.3 millionenvironmental lab which monitors whetherjust about anything and everything related to“green” operations of vessels, e.g., whether 2009-10 Rotary International President
John Kenney
District 5160 Governor
Earl Kilmer
Vallejo Rotary Club Officers
Scott Peterson
Nearby Clubs for Make-Ups
Connie Howard Immediate past PresidentRich Curtola Vallejo Rotary Club Directors
Luis Romero
Rotary Club of Vallejo P.O. Box 4026 Vallejo, CA 94590


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