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Surrey LINk Health and Social Care Bulletin (The HSCB): 5
As the past fortnight has been relatively quiet I thought it would be
useful to trail some forth coming events and take a look at health matters accessed on the Internet. Andrew Lansley on Radio 4
The Radio 4 PM programme will be running a series of interviews with the Health Minster Andrew Lansley from Monday 17th January. These of course will be worth listening to. However I will be doing a synopsis for distribution if you don’t get the opportunity Health in the News
As more and more people are using the internet to access information on Health it may be interesting to look at what the key news stories online were this week (week commencing 10th January) and what information people are looking for. This week - according to Search Medica the Medical Search Engine ( - the top medical stories were: - The Government review could strip GP’s of Flu vaccine - Concern over contraceptive implant unfounded. - GP’s warned over opioid cardiovascular risk. - GP colonoscopy screening 'prevents 80% of cancers'. - MHRA warns of elderly 'over-prescribing'. Under the heading ‘What People want to Know’ Searchmedica lists these questions as the most searched for medical related topics - Will statins help control my high blood pressure? For the full page and weblinks please go to Care Quality Commission (CQC) - Review of Services for
People who have had a Stroke and their Carers.
Also this week the CQC has published the results of their review into ‘stroke care’. Whilst the full report and is easy to access the CQC website carries a succinct press release that acts as an ‘executive summary’ of the report. The website has also separated the results into ‘summary reports designed for people who have had a stroke and their carers’ and ‘detailed assessment reports intended for professionals involved in stroke care’. If you need straight forward headline results then I recommend going to the ‘summary reports designed for people who have had a stroke and their carers’. These reports are also broken down geographically so you can get straight to the Surrey information. To read the press release follow the link below: 7096&FAArea1=customWidgets.content_view_1&usecache=false To download the full report and geographic results follow:
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