Feature Highlights
• 256 synthesized UHF frequencies
• Wide range input limiting
• Dual LEDs for accurate gain adjustment
• Dual-band compandor for low noise and
• Variable low frequency roll-off adjustment
• Rugged, tempered alloy antenna
• Slim, spring-wire contoured belt clip
• Rugged machined aluminum construction
The UM110 belt-pack transmitter is a high performance The UM110 transmitter design is a rugged machined synthesized UHF design that offers the frequency agility aluminum package for lasting performance in abusive needed to alleviate interference and frequency coordi- environments. The housing is constructed of an alumi- nation problems in travelling applications. Interference num extrusion with an electrostatic powder coated finish.
caused by television broadcasts and other radio equip- The panels, side bezel and battery door are machined ment can easily be avoided with 256 available aluminum with an anodized finish. The nomenclature is frequencies selected in 100 kHz steps with two rotary laser etched into the finishes for legibility and perma- The input section provides a correct tap for virtually any The antenna is a 1/4 wavelength design constructed of a microphone or line level audio source. The level and special tempered alloy that will withstand extreme bend- limiting LEDs are provided on the control panel to make ing and flexing without damage. The spring-wire belt clip level settings quick and accurate, without having to view is removable for costuming and special applications.
the receiver. The audio input section includes a lowdistortion, wide range limiter to prevent overload andoptimize the signal to noise ratio.
The audio processing circuitry provides an extremelywide, flat frequency response that preserves the tonalqualities of whatever microphone is used. The widedeviation (+/-75 kHz) of the system provides a widedynamic range and outstanding signal to noise ratio.
The dual-band compandor lowers noise and distortion toexceptionally low levels for the most critical applicationsin studio and stage.
A user adjustable low frequency roll-off control can be A sliding cover on the side panel opens for access to adjusted to eliminate the effects of subsonic noise or to the frequency selection switches. 256 frequencies are extend the low frequency response in controlled applica- selected with two rotary switches. The aluminum cover tions with high quality microphones.
protects the switches during operation. The UM110 is powered by an alkaline or lithium9 Volt battery. Floating battery contacts auto-matically adjust to fit any of the wide variety ofbatteries available. A machined aluminum bat-tery door remains attached to the housing toavoid being lost.
A low frequency audio roll-off adjustment is pro-vided on the side panel. Set to the highestfrequency, undesirable subsonic noise such asthat generated by a moving vehicle or air condi-tioning noise is minimized. When set at thelowest setting, low frequency audio is allowed topass, which is normally used in an indoor, con-trolled environment.
Operating frequencies:
Low frequency roll-off
Frequency selection:
Channel spacing:
RF Power output:
Frequency stability:
Spurious radiation:
Equivalent input noise:
Audio Input Jack:
Input level:
Greater than 3V maximum, with Battery:
adjusts to accept any known9 Volt battery.
Input impedance:
Battery Life:
Input compressor:
Gain control range:
Modulation indicators:
level 20dB below limiting and atthe onset of limiting.
Emission Designator:
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