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Guide to Survey Requirements: Safety Equipment
(For vessels 7 metres and over but less than 25 metres) IMPORTANT:
A surveyor may require additional equipment to be carried depending on the type of vessel, its condition and type of operation. Vessels less than 8 metres are exempt from survey but are required to carry safety equipment as listed - refer GN Nos. 35/99, 60/2001 and 61/2001. This guidance note does not apply to vessels undergoing initial surveys.
Vessels undergoing initial surveys will need to make application for “Initial acceptance into survey” with all documentation etc. which will be assessed by a surveyor and a written response on the requirements given. BAROMETER
One to be fitted in any space containing inboard propelling machinery. (Not required on vessels powered by outboard BILGE PUMPS
Measured length of
Manual pumps
Power pumps
vessels in metres
discharge capacity as
discharge capacity as
To be suitable for area of operation of vessel. CODE FLAGS
A magnetic compass placed in a suitable position forward of the steering wheel/controls. Details as per USL Code. Note: Only one compass need be provided If the Authority is satisfied that one compass is adequate for steering and taking A compass is required to be adjusted every 4 years by a licensed adjuster and a copy of the deviation card needs to be forwarded to the Marine Safety Branch office. DEPTH SOUNDING DEVICE
Mechanical depth sounding device and hand lead line. DISTRESS SIGNALS
Note: Expiry date of flares must be valid for survey period applied for.
1. A number of electric torches or hand lamps as determined by the Authority. 2. Emergency installation capable of operating navigation lights (where they are solely electric) for 3 hours; and 3. Emergency installation capable of operating signalling lamps (where they are normally operated from main electrical power source) and communication equipment for 3 hours. Note: In relation to (2) and (3) above the emergency installation can be the normal starting batteries provided that they are
One 406 MHZ EPIRB to AS/NZS 4280 requirements. FIRE BUCKETS
10 metres and over but less than 25 metres - Two suitable for extinguishing oil fires for use in each space containing propelling machinery with a minimum rating of 30B. One suitable for extinguishing oil fires for use in each space containing propelling machinery with a minimum rating of 30B. 15 metres and over but less than 25 metres – One readily available for use in each accommodation/service space with a minimum rating of 10B(E). FIRE EXTINGUISHING INSTALLATION – FIXED - MACHINERY SPACE
A vessel fitted with oil fired boilers or internal combustion type machinery used for main propulsion shall be provided with a fixed fire extinguishing installation. Means shall be provided for detecting the products of combustion prior to or resulting from an outbreak of fire in the machinery space. Note: Vessels constructed prior to 1984 are exempt from above requirements, until 1st August 2012. Vessels which
undergo major structural modifications like lengthening may be required to be fitted with an approved fixed system prior to this FIRE PUMP – MAIN
15 metres and over but less than 25 metres– One power driven fire pump capable of delivering 1 jet of water from any hydrant, hose or nozzle whilst maintaining a GAS DETECTOR
For LPG installations a gas detector shall be fitted with sensors as close as possible to the source of entry below deck.
15 metres and over but less than 25 metres– 1 hose with spray jet nozzle for every hydrant, hose or nozzle fitted as required by Section 11 of the USL HYDRANTS
Sufficient in number to enable 1 jet of water from a single hose to reach any part of the vessel including engine room. LIFEBOATS AND LIFERAFTS
1. Coastal liferaft(s) for 100% complement; 2. Dinghy for 100% complement (This option is not allowed after 1st December 2012);
3. In the case of a vessel less than 15 metres measured length, internal buoyancy as prescribed in Section 10 of the USL LIFEBUOYS
One lifebuoy with light (provided that this is not required for a vessel under 10 metres in length which carries only one 15 metres and over but less than 25 metres – Two lifebuoys, one with light and one with buoyant line. LIFEJACKETS
A COASTAL lifejacket with light and whistle for each person the vessel is certified to carry. Note: Expiry date of lifejacket light must be valid for survey period applied for.
Port, starboard, masthead, stern, anchor and fishing or trawling lights. Note: A power driven vessel of less than 12 metres may exhibit an all round white light in lieu of masthead and stern lights and this can also serve as an anchor light. In addition vessels 12 metres and over require NUC lights and 2 balls. 20 metres and over – Two cones. RADIOTELEPHONY
For details of radio requirements and list of approved surveyors refer to Guidance Note No. 91/2002. REMOTE SHUT OFF FOR OIL FUEL TANKS
To be provided for any oil fuel storage (other than double bottom), settling or daily service tank. REMOTE STOP FOR VENTILATION FANS
To be provided for all machinery, accommodation and service space fans. REMOTE STOPS FOR OTHER MACHINERY
To be provided for oil fuel, lubricating oil and hydraulic oil pumps and also separators. SIGNALLING LIGHT
A signalling light or suitable approved torch fitted with a flashing button in addition to an ON/OFF button. An ordinary torch is NOT acceptable.
Some means of making an efficient sound signal.
One to be permanently retained on board vessel. VENTILATING DUCTS – EXTERNAL CLOSING OF ALL
To be provided for all machinery space ventilators and annular spaces around funnel. WINDLASS, ANCHORS AND CABLES
Windlass, anchors and cables – sufficient in number, weight and strength, approved by the Authority or a Classification Hawsers and warps of sufficient number, weight and strength having regard to the size and service of the vessel. Signed by: Sri Srinivas Date Issued: 28 November 2011 For further information contact Marine Safety Branch:
2nd Floor, Energy House, 18-20 Cavenagh, Darwin NT 0800, GPO Box 2520, Darwin NT 0801 Telephone: 08 8924 7100, Facsimile: 08 8924 7009
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publication, this information is provided on the basis that users undertake responsibility for assessing the relevance, accuracy and currency of
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Quantity Expiry
secure dressing and support injured parts secure dressing and support injured parts Dressing, non-adherent (10 x 10 cm or similar) Dressing, hydroactive (10 x 10 cm or similar) Adhesive roll non-woven fabric 5 cm x 10 m Gauze swabs, sterile (single use pkt of 3) Safety pins, stainless, assorted pkt of 12 Loratadine HCl 10 mg or Fexofenadine HCl Legend = Expiry dated


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