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The Toronto Institute for Contemporary Psychoanalysis Third Year Curriculum, 2008-2009
at OISE (252 Bloor St.West), in Room 8.192.
Seminar 1: 7:00 - 8:25 p.m.
Seminar 2: 8:35 - 10:00 p.m.
_________________________________________________________________ Parking /TTC /Handicap Access:
Underground parking available at OISE for flat rate of $6.00 after 5:00 pm. “Pay & Display” parking meters take coins, Visa or Mastercard. For TTC users, OISE is at the St. George subway station. OISE has handicapped access via a “circuitous” ramp on the south side, but door is on west side. There is direct access, however, from the underground garage. ______________________________________________________________________________ This year continues in a similar format as last year. We begin with an evening devoted to Psychoanalytic Diagnostics. The second evening focuses on a case (Dora) viewed from multiple perspectives as part of our ongoing effort to foster comparative-integrative thinking. We then look at several major topics (Therapeutic Action & Impasse; Trauma & Dissociation; Psyche & Soma; Neuropsychoanalysis; Dreams) from diverse perspectives as we continue to strive to refine our comparative and integrative skills. (At the end, there is a section on Loewald that was previously in the fourth year. This is a temporary home for this topic; in following years it may be placed elsewhere as a result of our upcoming curriculum review.) We conclude with a Year-End Review/Social evening with candidates from the 3rd and 1st year classes and members of the Executive and Curriculum Committees. We hope you will enjoy the year and find it intellectually and clinically stimulating.
Introductory Seminars
2 Art Caspary
Psychoanalytic Diagnostics (e.g., structural diagnosis, controversies about the Psychodynamic Diagnostic Manual, etc.) Seminars 1 & 2 Freud’s Dora: A Case from Multiple Perspectives Art Caspary, Panel Coordinator (Freudian),
Scott Bishop
(Self Psychology), Gail White (French Freudian),
Paul Finnegan
(Fairbairn), and Kadri-Ann Laar (Kleinian).

Therapeutic Action and Impasse — Multiple Perspectives

Sept. 22
Remembering, Repeating & Working Through) Art Caspary
Brent Willock
October 4, 5 Weekend Workshops with Visiting Faculty Anthony Bass, Ph.D.
(with optional CLASS MEETING afterwards to discuss group process, expectations, hopes, fears, organizational matters – e.g., evaluations, obtaining articles, etc.) No Classes -- due to preceding intensive weekend Art Caspary
Brent Willock

October 27
Don Carveth
Brent Willock
Self Psychological Perspective (e.g. Kohut’s Taras Babiak
Brent Willock
Relational Perspective (e.g. Jessica Benjamin recognition) Gary Taerk
Brent Willock
Non-Interpretive Mechanisms in Psychoanalysis Gary Taerk
Gary Rodin

Trauma & Dissociation
November 24, December 1, 8, 15:

Hazel Ipp/ Judi Kobrick
Gary Rodin
Hazel Ipp/ Judi Kobrick

Psyche & Soma

January 12
Graeme Taylor
Gary Taerk

Jan. 17, 18 Weekend
Workshops with Visiting Faculty Stephen Cooper, Ph.D.
(with optional CLASS MEETING Sunday afternoon to discuss group process, organizational matters -- e.g., completing evaluations of teachers, what is going well /less well, etc. The Class Representative will communicate with Dr. Willock as to whether or not any matters need to be brought to the attention of the Curriculum Committee or the Executive, with indications of how this might best be achieved. For example, if necessary a meeting could be held between the class and the Executive).
January 19
Graeme Taylor
Gary Taerk
Graeme Taylor
Gary Taerk

Neuroscience and Psychoanalysis

February 9
Neuropsychoanalysis (Clinical Focus, e.g., Joseph LeDoux, The Emotional Brain; Vittoria Gallese on mirror neurobiology and transference; possibly links Graeme Taylor
Hazel Ipp
February 16 No Classes -- Ontario’s Family Day February 23 Mid-winter evening off – for third year candidates only. March 2, 9 Graeme Taylor
Hazel Ipp
March 30, April 6
Brent Willock
Hazel Ipp

April 13, 20, 27, May 4, 11
Brent Willock
Judi Kobrick
Intensive Weekend – Affect Regulation Symposium
with Stephen Seligman and others (with optional class meeting
Sunday afternoon to discuss group process, organizational matters, etc.)
No Classes -- due to preceding intensive weekend Gordon Yanchyshyn
Art Caspary
Year-End Review/ Social with both Candidate classes, Executive,
and Curriculum Committees. Refreshments provided. Trinity College,
U of T.


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