The sperm bank of california

The Sperm Bank of California
The past and current personal and family medical history, physical examination, and laboratory test results
determine that donor 4007 is eligible and approved for semen donation at The Sperm Bank of California. This
profile was prepared in June, 2008.

Identity-Release® Program: No
Month/year of birth: 1/1982
Education: currently earning B.A.
Current occupation: student, police officer
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 249 pounds
Hair color: light brown
Hair type: straight
Eye color: blue
Complexion: fair/creamy
Body type: medium
Ethnic origin: Dutch, American Indian, Irish, German, English
Religion: Christian
Blood group/Rh: A positive
Baby photo available: No

B brother
Co cousin
MGF maternal grandfather
MGM maternal grandmother
PGF paternal grandfather
PGM paternal grandmother
Allergies: D: Allergy to cats and bees, onset in childhood, treated occasionally with Claritin and Epi
pen respectively, outgrew allergies; D: Hay fever, onset at 12, treated with medication until he
outgrew it; M: Hay fever, onset at 16 , no treatment, outgrew it; Co: Hay fever, onset at 11 or 12,
controls with medication

Blood: GA1: Leukemia, onset at 34, treated successfully with chemotherapy
Heart: MGF: Heart Attack, cause of death at 42; PGF: High Blood Pressure, onset at 52, treated
successfully with medication; PGF: High Cholesterol, onset in 30s, semi-controlled with diet; PU:
High Blood Pressure, onset in early 20s, controls with medications

Respiratory: Co: Asthma, onset at 11 or 12, controlled with inhaler
Sight/Sound/Smell: D: 20/15, 20/13
Skin: D: Acne, onset at 15, used various OTC medications until he outgrew it; S: Acne onset at 13,
used various OTC medications until she outgrew it; M: Acne, onset at 13, treats with OTC
medications, still present; F: Acne, onset at 14, no treatment, outgrew it; MGM: Acne, onset in
teenage years, no treatment, outgrew it; PCo: Acne
Cancer (see above for details): GA1: Leukemia
Chlamydia: Negative
HIV 1 & 2: Negative
CMV total antibody: Non-reactive
Hepatitis B: Negative
HTLV 1 & 2: Negative
Urinalysis: Normal
Cystic Fibrosis: Negative Tay
Sickle cell anemia/thalassemia: Negative
Note: The donor narrative was written by both the donor and his wife

Describe your personality (introvert, extrovert, funny, serious, goal-oriented, curious, etc.).
I would describe myself as a serious, goal-oriented, 100% business all the time type person
most of the time. I tend to be an introvert-person rarely letting my guard down. I think I
have a good sense of humor that tends to relax a stressful situation.
I am a kind, quiet and loving person. I do not wear my emotions on my cuff – I generally
have an introverted personality. When I am at work, I am required to keep a calm, serious
and often times stiff personality. The idea that I help people keeps me focused on my career
and gives me great satisfaction.
When I am at home, I am a very different man! My wife and kids would describe me as a
funny, helpful, loving a patient man. I do everything for the joy of my family; they define
who I am. I am “full of jokes” when I am with my family – I am at my happiest when with
them and it shows!
It’s hard to put my personality on paper, and even harder because I am required to act
very different at work. I am quiet, and thoughtful. I think my real self comes out best when
with those that I love!

What are your special interests and talents?
I enjoy anything to do with computers and new technologies. The best part of my life is
spending time with my family. I also enjoy traveling when I can. I love to go hiking and
enjoy the beauty of the outdoors (although I don’t like camping!). I enjoy going on
afternoon drives and exploring new places. My true talents rest in my ability to relate to
others. My career requires me to relate to a wide variety of personalities. I am a “people
person” and have an ability to empathize with many different people.
How would you describe your enjoyment of and skills in the following areas:
math: My worst subject in school
mechanical: Just ok
athletic: I enjoy very much. All sports, both watching and playing
musical, artistic, creative: Not at all
language (what languages do you speak?): Spanish, since high school

What are your goals and ambitions in life?
To promote upward in my company, and maybe owning my own company. To be the best
husband and father I can be. I would like to travel the world one day – and experience new
places, tastes, things and people/cultures. When I retire I would like to volunteer, perhaps
helping children. My wife and I also would like to adopt a child one day, in the hopes we
can give a child who has nothing a gift of love and happiness.
Why do you want to be a sperm donor?
Having children has been an amazing experience, my wife and I are expecting our second
daughter in February and want everyone to be able to experience parenthood. I know I
have a healthy genetic background and I think everyone should have the chance to have a

Did you choose to be an identity-release donor? No. Why did you make this choice?
For our family’s privacy.

What message would you like us to pass on to the people who are getting your sperm?
I would like to wish them nothing but happiness, good fortune, and good health. Enjoy
every second of your new child’s life – it goes by so fast. Being a parent is the best job in the
world – live every moment as though it is your last.


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