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Evidence summary: alberta infant motor scale (aims)

Evidence Summary for Pediatric Rehabilitation Professionals
Outcome Measures: The Gross Motor Function Measure (GMFM)
1. Summary
Type: Criterion-referenced
Purpose: Evaluation
Population: Children with cerebral
Age: 5 months to 16 years with motor
skills at or below the level of a typical 5 Time to Complete: 45 – 60 minutes for
Equipment Needed: Mat, bench, toys,
2. Overview
intended to be administered by pediatric 88 consists of five dimensions: (A) lying assessing children’s motor skills.1 It is walking, running, jumping.1 Items tested on all test items and each item receives descriptors for each score. A score of 3 as such (NT) in contrast to a true score Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children 2007 ii. GMFM-66
which will calculate an interval-level total confidence intervals, and allows tracking high level of stability over time (ICC = (hence the importance of differentiating between items “not tested” and those b. Validity
items actually tested, the more accurate i. GMFM-88
3. Standardization Sample
4. Measurement Properties
a. Reliability
i. GMFM-88
the GMFCS scores (r = -0.91),4 as well cadence (r = 0.79) and normalized reliability. Intra-class correlation (ICC) velocity (r = 0.72).5 More specific scores for inter-rater reliability of the gait velocity with dimension D (standing) (r = 0.91) and dimension E (walking, running, jumping) (r = 0.93) of the change as judged by parents (r = 0.54), treating therapist (r = 0.65), and a video- Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children 2007 large change in children recovering from change in typical children under the age children with CP.2 As anticipated, there children 3-5 years of age than in typical results found in the literature regarding made greater gains that older children.3 5. Further Considerations
were not significantly different after 6 0.99),9 test retest reliability (0.76 to had acceptable inter-rater (0.77 to 0.88) reliability and validity of the GMFM-66 in 298 children under the age of 3 years of 66’s strong inter-rater reliability (0.97) to have better reliability, validity, and responsiveness for this population.8 The horseback riding, therapeutic electrical ii. GMFM-66
stimulation, orthoses, strength training, Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children 2007 References
13. Shi W, Wang SJ, Yang H, et al. Reliability and validity of the GMFM-66 in 0 to 3 year 1. Russell D, Rosenbaum, P, Gowland C, et al. old children with cerebral palsy. Am J Phys Gross Motor Function Measure (GMFM-66 and GMFM-88) User’s Manual. London: Mac 2. Russell D, Rosenbaum P, Cadman D, et al. series on pediatric rehabilitation outcomes means to evaluate the effects of physical measures. Other summaries in this series 3. Russell DJ, Avery LM, Rosenbaum PL, et al. • Outcome Measures: The Alberta Infant Function Measure for children with cerebral palsy: evidence of reliability and validity. of Infant Development, 3rd Ed. (BSID-III) 4. Palisano RJ, Hanna SE, Rosenbaum PL, et al. Validation of a model of gross motor function for children with cerebral palsy. 5. Damiano DL, Abel MF. Relation of gait analysis to gross motor function in cerebral palsy. Dev Med Child Neurol. 1996;38:389- Assessment Battery for Children, 2nd Ed. 6. Drouin LM, Malouin F, Richards C, et al. spatiotemporal measures in children with neurological impairments, Dev Med Child 7. Ruck-Gibis J, Plotkin H, Hanley J, et al. imperfecta. Physiother Can. 2001;53: S16. 8. Russell D, Palisano R, Walter S, et al. Evaluating motor function in children with Down syndrome: validity of the GMFM. Dev Med Child Neurol. 1998;40:693-701. 9. Bjornson KF, Graubert CS, McLaughlin JF, et al. Inter-rater reliability of the Gross Motor Function Measure. Dev Med Child Neurol. 1994;36:S27-S28. 10. Bjornson KF, Graubert CS, McLaughlin JF, et al. Test-retest reliability of the Gross Motor Function Measure in children with cerebral palsy. Dev Med Child Neurol. 1998;18:51-61. 11. Bjornson KF, Graubert C, Buford V, et al. Validity of the Gross Motor Function Measure. Pediatr Phys Ther. 1998;10:43-47. Reliability of the Gross Motor Function Measure in cerebral palsy. Scand J Rehabil Med. 1997;29:25-28. Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children 2007


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