Preparing for your Medical Appointment

There are a few things that you can do to optimize the time spent during your next
medical appointment.
Bring in a list of all medications you are currently taking. Include the name of the
medication, dosage, frequency and what the medication is taken for; for example, you
might write: Atenolol 50 mg once daily for hypertension.
This will help us reconcile our records with what you are taking and make certain you
understand the purpose of that particular medication. When making your list, include all
vitamins and supplements that you are taking as well.
In addition, write down all the issues that you would like to discuss. Begin with the most
bothersome issue. This will allow your provider to get a clear picture of your major
concerns and to address these in the time allotted.
We keep several appointments open for patients who need to be seen that day. If you
need a same-day appointment, please call in the morning to schedule it. The time
scheduled for each visit depends upon the appointment type. We categorize
appointments into three types:
1. Acute appointments are those that you make when you are not feeling well. Examples
include visits regarding a respiratory infection, abdominal pain, or any new symptom.
2. Follow-up appointments are intended for chronic medical conditions such as high
blood pressure, diabetes and arthritis.
3. Preventive visits include comprehensive physical exams that allow for review of
immunizations and referral for screenings such as mammogram, colonoscopy and bone
densitometry. During these appointments, you should have an opportunity to discuss
general health questions and concerns. If you are scheduled for a physical exam, we
recommend that you fill out the interval health history questionnaire

We are currently scheduling sports physicals and our sports history form may be accessed
on our Web site at
We have received many requests for information regarding advanced directives or living
wills. You may visit our links page to access information regarding Aging with Dignity -5
Wishes Directive
830 Potomac Circle • Suite 150 • Aurora, CO 80011 (303) 343-3121 FAX (303) 343-3514 Gerard L. Guillory, M.D., is board-certified in internal medicine and has been practicing in Aurora, Colo., since July 1985. As an assistant clinical professor of medicine at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, Dr. Guillory is actively involved in teaching medical students, resident physicians, and nurse practitioner students. He has lectured extensively on the role of nutrition and disease. Over the years, he has fostered an interest in patient education and has authored three books on digestive troubles. He also has served as medical director of a Colorado-based health plan and as a health consultant to employer groups. 830 Potomac Circle • Suite 150 • Aurora, CO 80011 (303) 343-3121 FAX (303) 343-3514


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