Our Coffees are offered in three different blends and a variety of styles
Service Blend
A specially selected, washed & roasted blend of intense & aromatic flavour
100% Arabica An intensely aromatic blend with the unmistakable ‘Arabica’ bean sweetness -
a light delicate creaminess with a lasting aftertaste Decaffeinated Our low caffeine mixture achieved by optimising the roasting & milling
process to obtain a delicate yet creamy blend
Espresso £ 1.25 Double Espresso £ 2.00

Small and intense, the shot that gets you going in the morning, great after dinner too washed down with a glass of brandy. Loaded with caffeine & fuller bodied, served in or Espresso cups

Americano £ 2.00

Espresso & hot water. Americano was created by the G.I’s in WWI to dilute the taste of traditional espresso , served in our Caffe Vero cups
Latte £ 2.00

An abbreviation of ‘caffellatte’, coffee & milk. An espress based drink with steamed milk,
served in our Caffe Vero Glass Mugs

Cappuccino £ 2.00
Traditionally equal parts of espresso, steamed milk & foam, with a dusting of cocoa powder,
served in our Caffe Vero Glass Mugs

Mocca £ 2.40

A latte blended with drinking chocolate, served in tall Boat House mugs
Hot chocolate £ 2.20 Hot Chocolate deluxe £ 2.60

Served in tall Boat House mugs and made with milky Cadburys Drinking Chocolate, the deluxe version is topped with marshmallows and sugar strands
Liquor Coffee £ 3.95
An Americano, with a shot of your choice topped with cream and served in a glass mug
Irish - with Jamisons, Highland - with Bells Whisky, Sultan - with Baileys Irish Cream,
French - with Brandy, Parisienne - with Cognac, German - with schnapps, Italian - with Amaretto,
English - with Gin, Shin Shin or Caribbean - with Dark or White Rum, Seville - with Cointreau,
Russian with Vodka, Skye - with Drambuie, Caffe Corretto - with Sambuca, The real foul one
with Absinthe.

We have selected the Drury range of teas to
enable us to be able to offer our

disconcerting customers the same range of
choice that we are pround to offer in our
beers, ciders, wines and spirits

Traditional Morning Teas
Standard English Breakfast Tea
The traditional morning tea, a timeless classic, always served with milk
Breakfast B.O.P Tea
Pinhead Gunpowder Tea
A Black tea from India & Kenya A green Tea from China Traditional Afternoon Teas
Imperial Earl Grey
A Black, Indian Himalayan Tea The Classic China Black Tea Jasmine flower with China Green
China Green Tea with dried Jasmine blossoms Evening Teas
Camomile Flowers Peppermint Leaves
Egyptian tea renowned for its calming properties An infusion of pure cut peppermint leaves Herbal Teas
Red Berry Fruit Blend
Passion Fruit & Orange
Passion Fruit & Orange Lemon & Ginger
Caffeine free, equally good piping hot or ice cold I was going to ramble on about the benefits of drinking each individual tea, they are all delicious, but after
spending hours on researching the subject, and coming across so many wild claims, including that
drinking tea can raise the dead, and cure every aliment ever know to mankind I decided not to.
What I do know for sure is, that first cup of tea in the morning puts life in my body, tea in the afternoon
along with a cake makes me feel human, and tea of an evening is often the best drink of the day
Pick a Tea and tell us how you want it served

Tea for One £ 1.55 Tea for Two £ 2.60

English Cream Tea for Two £ 8.00
Our traditional English Cream Tea, served with sandwiches, fruit scones, strawberry Jam Italian Tea for Two £ 9.00
A traditional Italian afternoon break, your choice of Tea for two served with sandwiches and two individual Panettones, choice of Traditional, Chocolate Chip or Cherry


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