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Castrol LMM Grease is a lithium soap base grease. It is a specially formulated high temperature
heavy duty grease containing extreme pressure additives and molybdenum disulphide.
Castrol LMM Grease is particularly recommended when anti-seize properties are required and
residual dry film lubrication characteristics are required.


Castrol LMM Grease has a wide range of applications within the automotive and industrial
industries, including the mining industry. Typical applications of Castrol LMM Grease include:
• Ball joints & Constant velocity joints
CAUTION: Castrol LMM Grease is a Lithium Soap grease & should not be mixed with other
soap based greases. Although Castrol LMM Grease is generally compatible with normal Lithium
based greases, its performance will be diminished by mixing. Castrol LMM Grease is NOT
compatible with Bentone (clay) based greases.

Features and Benefits

• A special high temperature heavy duty grease containing extreme pressure



Castrol LMM Grease is considered non-hazardous in accordance with the HSNO Act. However,
in line with safe handling practices, it is recommended that the handling instructions outlined in
the Castrol Material Safety Data sheet be followed.
Soak up using an inert mineral adsorbent such as Castrol MOP and dispose of in the appropriate manner. Corrective action usually dictated by individual company safety procedures. Immediate containment and subsequent removal is essential. Disposal:
Oily materials must not be allowed to enter groundwater, watercourses, sewerage or drainage systems. Refer to local Waste Disposal Authority for legal requirements. Bare Metal Surfaces: Remove with Castrol solvent cleaners or water based degreasers.
Hand Cleaning:
Use any of the Castrol range of hand cleaners, e.g. CareClean Plus. Other Surfaces:
Contact the Castrol Technical Advice Line on 0800 10 40 60. Although al reasonable care has been taken to ensure that the information contained in this publication is accurate as at the time of printing, such information is nevertheless liable to variation in the event of changes occurring subsequent to the date of printing it: the blend formulation, methods of storage, or due to the improper handling or application of any of the products referred to, or in the requirements of any specification or approval relating to any of the products. For more information contact: Castrol NZ (A Business Division of BP Oil New Zealand Limited)


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