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Member of Parliament for Central Suffolk & North Ipswich Dr. Ramachandran Venkitaraman ( Dr. Ram ) Consultant Oncologist and Ipswich CaRes Team Member TEST RESULTS

Results from the free PSA test event

with 20% cancer in the prostate after a biopsy I felt confused held on 2nd December 2010.
especially when I was told “you don’t die of it, you die with it”.
Thoughts swirled around my head and then I realised that if I had a slow 119 Men attended and gave a blood growth cancer, at my age, the chances are that I would die with it. sample of these :- However if during the waiting period the cancer escaped into my bones 107 Men. No action required. or other parts of my body I could die of it. So I assume that I have a ‘pussycat’ cancer but how do I know when the 9 Men. Advised to go to their GP and ‘pussycat’ turns into a tiger? Thus I play the waiting game relying on PSA tests every six months. My PSA went from 18.5 down to 1.9 over a 21 month period whilst taking Mr.David 150mg of Casodex pills. The next nine months my PSA rose to 2.4 and I Urologist who checked the results have moved to 3 monthly injections, my PSA has now come down to 0.5. I feel lucky with my results over the last two and a half years and with a confirmed from these. These men can sensible diet, exercise and positive approach to the cancer I enjoy life. ------------------------------------------------ However my one fear is that the ‘tiger’ could exercise itself and escape SPONSORSHIP
How many of the Members of this Support Group are playing the waiting If you have a son, daughter, nephew, game, with or without hormonal therapy, and what are your views ?
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Mr. A.N Other
Trouble passing water, feeling under the weather, flu type symptoms. GP provided medicines - thought it might be due to air conditioning on recent cruise. Just gave Paracetamol. Requested by patient. PSA 300. GP swung into action. Manual inspection and bone scan. DIAGNOSED with advanced metastic prostate cancer. Results of MRI scan and bone scan. Cancer found on bones, pelvis, ribs, right shoulder, neck etc. Told cancer was terminal, incurable, but palliative radiotherapy available when pain gets too much. Prostap 3 – hormone injections every 3 months, 1 bicalutamide/casodex tablet a day, painkillers, water tablets.
Late 2009 MRI and bone scan – results much better. Abnormal bone growth regressing. Bones still ache and
still in pain, but although tired and sometimes bouts of depression feels much better and tried to do more about
the house and garden.
Consultant (urology and oncology) now discussing other treatment (chemo-therapy, and/or bisphosphonates and
perhaps clinical trial) for the cancer.
In the words of our case study:
“I would confirm that a small miracle has taken place in my overall condition and you should take encouragement
from this. At the last MRI scan there seemed to have been no change in the spread of the cancer: it had
steadied, but remains lodged in my pelvis, spine, ribs and shoulder blade. However, after a subsequent ultra-
sound bone scan more recently the results came back with signs that the cancer was actually regressing and
was at a stage where it no longer posed a major problem ! I am continuing on hormone treatment and have
regular check ups with the urology and oncology teams, but compared to before I feel I have a chance of being
cured ! The pain remains and I continue with painkillers and I must wait for my bones to regain strength.
I put all this down, obviously, first to my wife and her careful care of me and the hormone treatment over the past
3 years, but I have also maintained a positive outlook and, importantly, changed my lifestyle as much as I can to
reduce stress.
Soya products, tomatoes and oats form a large part of my diet with a reduction in red meat and an emphasis on
other non-dairy meats wherever possible. A special boost is a large glass daily of half soya milk, half tomato
juice, a raw egg and a splash of chilli sauce, all whizzed up, but, sadly I have lost the taste for malt whiskey.
I should also mention that I took part in a spiritual healing of a very personal nature in which the cancer and the
cause was addressed in a very moving experience which appears to release a lot of built up negativity, stress
and ‘grief’ for want of a better word and I realised it was not my cancer and I did not have to accept it if I did not
want to.
There is light at the end of the tunnel and it is not an oncoming train”.
At our meeting on 2nd February 2011
our speaker was Ray Travasso whose talk was
“Music Therapy for Cancer Sufferers”.
Ray started his talk by telling us all that we were
musical and by playing music you soon find yourself Eating liver could help prostate cancer patients’
tapping your feet or drumming your fingers. chances of recovery, as stated in a new study. Different types of music such as a marching brass Scientists found foods high in zinc appear to help band can make the hair stand up on the back of your neck, or soft music can help you drift off to Liver contains more of the mineral than many other foods. One portion supplies 100 per cent of the recommended daily amount of zinc – 7.5 Ray brought with him several different strange instruments which members could play or make The latest study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, found men who He offered to teach someone to play the piano in develop a tumour but previously ate lots of foods four minutes. One of our members took up the offer high in zinc are up to 70 per cent less likely to die and he did indeed play a duet with Ray after only from the condition than those who consume little four minutes tuition (or was it magic). Ray asked the group who their favourite composers were or the A study conducted in Sweden state that the daily type of music they liked. It was surprising the intake of dietary of zinc should be 15.6 mg. daily. diversity of our group with preferences ranging from jazz to Mozart or country to Elgar or pop to Strauss. He talked about his work with the patients in St. Elizabeth Hospice and the sick and disabled patients in the Children’s Hospice. He also mentioned how the music room in the new Tree Tops Children’s Hospice will be first class. Music is all around us. Music forms our heritage, culture, identity and spiritual beliefs. We have music played at football matches, in shopping centres, churches and on the television. Music is a powerful medium which can affect us all deeply. Music can affect our mood. It may help us to relax when we have had a long day at work or school. This list was taken from ‘The Office of Dietary Alternatively, it can stimulate and motivate us when The daily intake required is conflicting between the USA and Swedish studies, also in most Music therapy is based on the understanding that studies the foods with a high concentration of zinc every one of us is musical - we are all able to beef and lamb should be avoided, as red meat is respond to music, no matter what our age, taboo. Is the answer then to eat 1 large Oyster Would you like Ray, if it can be arranged, to
Do you find it difficult to know which report is
return again at a later date? Just let us know.
correct ? Just let us know.
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on THURSDAY 12TH MAY 2011 FROM 6.30pm to 8.30pm
If you have any family members, friends or neighbours in this age group please tell them
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As an increasing number of men are now undergoing
surgery to treat prostate problems, unfortunately just Southcott
millimetres below the prostate lays the urethral sphincter valve – a circle of muscle which surrounds the urethra ‘Macmillan Cancer Support’ course. Chris is and controls continence. When you need to urinate, now qualified to chat with you about your nerve messages from the brain automatically open the prostate cancer concerns or anxieties. This valve to release urine through the urethra. The valve would be in complete confidence and private, so then closes to prevent urine from leaking. Being so close would save any embarrassment. Phone 01473 to the prostate, the sphincter valve can be damaged during prostate surgery. This can cause the valve to fail and not fully close, so urine can pass through, causing Thank you Chris for all the hard work and
time you put into completing this cause.
Problems occur when a man coughs or sneezes, as this puts extra pressure on the abdomen and bladder, and Chris joins forces with our other qualified ultimately down the urethra to the sphincter. members who you can talk with in confidence :- Surgery for male incontinence is complex, and is carried out at only half a dozen specialist centres around the country including University College Hospital, London. Over the last 18 months a new device called the AdVance male sling has come onto the market, which gives support to the damaged sphincter valve. --- oOo ---
This is suitable for men with mild to moderate incontinence – those who need to wear up to two pads a A BIG LOSS FOR OUR COMMITTEE
day but whose sphincter valve still has some function. The 45 minute procedure is carried out under general anesthetic and antibiotics are needed to reduce the risk Mr. John Dent stood down from our committee
at the AGM on 6th April this year. John had The sling which is made of polypropylene mesh is already resigned as Chairman last year after implanted in the pelvis through a 4cm incision behind the holding the post from the starting of the Group scrotum. It’s attached to a curved needle and inserted through the incision and placed underneath the sphincter committee. It is hoped we will still see and hear It is shaped a bit like a hammock, with two ends, and John at our meetings calling out “Number 347 runs from one side of the groin to the other. From then on, small procedures take place and the hammock is tightened to support the sphincter valve. The hammock Well done John and a big thank you.
works like a backstop, behind the pubic bone, increasing resistance and preventing urine from leaking. Patients --- oOo ---
Data for this technique is still emerging, but slings seem JOKE TIME
to significantly benefit 50% – 70% of men. (OR MAY BE NOT)
After removal of a catheter overnight, the patient is discharged the next day and takes simple painkillers for A man asked a philatelist which stamp in his collection is the most valuable one? The Many men with incontinence following prostate surgery collector replied “The British 1st class unused are reluctant to admit there is a problem – but with this option now available, surgeons and patients should be --- oOo ---
encouraged to come forward and seek the specialist help that can dramatically improve their quality of life. On a notice board outside a USA Church.
Extracted from recent newspaper article in The Daily Mail CAN’T BE ANSWERED BY Google


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