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For colds, flu, and respiratory system, antiviral, anti- Echinacea inflammatory, antibacterial, infection resistance
Elderberry properties, immune support, muscle pain, upper respiratory
For breast pain (mastalgia), PMS, menopause ailments, Primrose haemorrhoids, anti-inflammatory
Relieves congestion, stomach cramps and headaches Lowers cholesterol; prevents gas; relieves sore throat and Fenugreek congestion; laxative
For joints and rheumatoid arthritis, migraine headaches, Feverfew aches and pains, anti-inflammatory, fever, menstrual
For cholesterol and blood pressure, skin, hair, and nails, acne, psoriasis, and rosacea, fiber, digestive aid, Flaxseed menstruation, hormonal balance, gallstones, antibacterial,
For rejuvenation, energy, vigour, and endurance, blood and liver tonic, insomnia, blood pressure, circulation, and cholesterol For weight loss support, fat-burning, appetite suppressant, Garcinia
anti-bacterial, energy
Antibacterial; antifungal; antiviral; lowers cholesterol and blood pressure; reduces water retention For immune system, pain and swelling, blood pressure and cholesterol, cardiovascular system, digestive aid, gas, For digestive aid, fever, skin tumours, appetite stimulant Antibacterial; improves circulation; stimulates lymph glands; It can help ease motion sickness and inhibit vomiting; in 1983, the British found that powdered ginger is twice as effective as Dramamine. It can help ease the side effects of chemotherapy. Gingerols (compounds in ginger) also appear to have an anti-inflammatory effect, which can help reduce the pain of arthritis. It also supplies potassium. One ounce of ginger root has only about 20 calories. Try ginger with meats, poultry, sushi, and some desserts For colds, minor burns and skin inflammations, digestive aid for nausea, motion sickness, and dizziness, dandruff, cholesterol, pain, arthritis, and muscle aches, migraine headaches For circulation, memory and mental clarity, anxiety and depression, antioxidant, frequency of asthma and allergy Ginkgo

attacks, erectile dysfunction, vertigo and tinnitus, hemorrhoids For skin and eye infections, canker sores, sore throats, diarrhea, upper respiratory infections, vaginitis and Goldenseal candidiasis, gastrointestinal tract, antibacterial, anti-
For memory and cognitive function, relaxation, circulation, Gotu Kola pain and inflammation, diuretic, congestion, fever, skin
disorders, varicose veins, nervous system For antioxidant, diuretic, immune system; skin wounds, Grape Seed circulation, cholesterol collagen, skin tone, and elasticity,
varicose veins, allergies, macular degeneration, arthritis Grapefruit antioxidant, digestive aid, weight loss, psoriasis
For weight loss, detoxification, cholesterol, triglycerides, Green Tea and blood pressure, appetite suppressant, tooth and gum
health, immune system, energy, depression, headaches For energy, mental alertness, fatigue; stamina and physical endurance, appetite suppressant, PMS headaches, For blood sugar and diabetes, diuretic, cholesterol and Gymnema triglycerides,


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Rheumors Volume 3, Number 2 Spring 1992 POINTS ON JOINTS EXTRA-ARTICULAR FEATURES OF RHEUMATIC DISEASES OR "WHY ARE MANY RHEUMATIC DISEASES SYSTEMIC?" by Robert L. Rosenberg, M.D. We all tend to think of arthritis and rheumatic diseases as affecting only our joints. While this is mostly true for osteoarthritis, many other types of arthritis pose the risk of multiple o

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