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Dynalife® L-EP
Dynalife L-EP is a multipurpose, extreme-pressure lithium grease Multipurpose,
developed for use in a wide variety of industrial and automotive Extreme-Pressure
applications. It is a versatile, general-purpose greaserecommended for use in applications where operating Lithium Grease
temperatures and loads are moderate. It is available in sixgrades to cover a wide range of applications.
Dynalife L-EP is manufactured with high-quality base oilsthickened with lithium 12-hydroxystearate soap. It is fortified withextreme-pressure and antiwear additives plus rust and oxidationinhibitors. It has good load-carrying capacity for protectionagainst wear, good oxidation resistance for long service life,protects metal parts against rust and corrosion, and is resistantto water washout. It has good resistance to structural breakdownand will not soften excessively during high-speed operation inrolling-element bearings. It forms a good seal to help minimizebearing contamination.
• Plain and rolling-element bearings in compressors, fans,
Contact Information
centrifugal pumps and other industrial equipment whereoperating temperatures and loads are moderate U.S. Customer
• Chassis parts, universal joints and water pumps on passenger Service:
cars, light trucks and other mobile equipment 1-800-822-6457
• Track rollers, commercial lawn mowers, crushers and Technical Hot Line:
• Underground mining machinery and other enclosed gearboxes where oil leakage is a problem (semifluid grades) International
• Wheel bearings of passenger cars equipped with drum brakes Customer Service:
• Centralized grease lubrication systems +1-832-486-3363
• General-purpose shop/industrial grease Features/Benefits
E-mail address:
• Multipurpose grease for use in a wide variety of applications [email protected]

• Good extreme-pressure and antiwear properties• Good shear stability• Good oxidation resistance and thermal stability• Protects against rust and corrosion• Resists water washout• Good low-temperature pumpability• Suitable for use in centralized lube systems Dynalife® L-EP
Typical Properties
NLGI Grade
-18 to 121 -18 to 124 -18 to 143 -9 to 143 Health and Safety Information
For recommendations on safe handling and use of this product, please refer to the Material
Safety Data Sheet via
Typical properties are average values only and do not constitute a specification. Minor variations that do not affect product performance are to be expected during normal manufacture, and at different blending locations. Product formulations are subject to change without notification.
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