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Edwin Kalvins, P.Eng.
Vienības gatve 109 - 3.4., Rīga, Latvija, LV-1058 Phone: +371-29-255-223, E-Mail: [email protected], SKYPE: ed.kalvins
Ed Kalvins, P. Eng. – Management professional with extensive of hands-on Manufacturing Management and
Engineering Management experience, providing employers, clients and partners with an enthusiastic and
systematic approach to operations, and an in-depth understanding of technical issues and business
environments. Specializes in industries where compliance and regulation are an issue.
Professional Experience Record:

Associate SHREWS Ltd (2010- current)
Assisting in project development in Eastern Europe and managing SHREWS Ltd office in Riga. Technical Partners International Inc., Canada/Latvia
(1995 – Current)
Totally responsible for the management of a consulting office providing project management and engineering services to manufacturers in Latvia, many within the food and pharmaceutical sectors or construction related services to developers.  Developed and offers the PM-PROformance™ System, a project management system for
small to mid-sized operations, which provides basic project management skills.  Wrote feasibility studies and business plans for manufacturing and development projects.  Completed expert reviews for investment projects.  Laima: Consolidation of three manufacturing plants (confectionery, chocolate manufacturing, biscuit) into a new plant. Responsibilities - process design, line layouts, logistics, etc.  First Malpils Power: Project manager for an energy from waste cogeneration plant project, responsible for plant design/project implementation for 10 plants. Project value: €160 million.  Jeld-Wen: Provided technical support for $ 80 million USD door and window plant.  MedPro Pharmaceuticals: Equipment installation and procurement.  Concept design for wastewater treatment facilities  Valmieras Alus: Engineering services, user requirement specifications, design of brewery.  Milda: Engineering Services and user requirements specifications for ketchup processing  Pure Food: Business plan, engineering services, user requirement specifications for new jam  Gravendale: Project Manger for new meat processing plant.
Trillium Technology Group Inc., Canada
(2010 – 2012)
As Director of Engineering, supports client initiatives in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries with project and procurement assignments, and with the validation/qualification of facilities, equipment and processes to meet Health Canada and FDA requirements. Typical assignments included clean-room design, new injections facility design, new pharmaceutical facility design, facility qualification documentation preparation, validation and qualification of new R&D facility, HVAC, dust collection, compressed air system qualification. Clients included Prollenium (Aurora, Ontario), PurGenesis (Montmagny, PQ), Tanta Pharmaceuticals (Whitby, Ontario), Crystal Claire (Toronto, Ontario), Arbonne (Mississauga, Calgary) and Stirling Drug (Sydney, Nova Scotia). Edwin Kalvins, P.Eng.
Vienības gatve 109 - 3.4., Rīga, Latvija, LV-1058 Phone: +371-29-255-223, E-Mail: [email protected], SKYPE: ed.kalvins Edwin Kalvins, P.Eng.
Vienības gatve 109 - 3.4., Rīga, Latvija, LV-1058 Phone: +371-29-255-223, E-Mail: [email protected], SKYPE: ed.kalvins Sandoz Canada Inc., Canada
(1989 – 1995)
Two positions were held during this period: Production Technology Manager, reporting to the Vice President & G.M.
Manager of project and industrial engineering supporting production. Responsible for production equipment purchases and labeling and packaging design. Together with the marketing department, coordinated the implementation of major new product launches (Zaditen, Clozaril, TheraFlu, Lamisil, Lescol), purchased the required production equipment and ensured compliance with Regulatory Agencies (Health Canada, CSA). Helped to develop an export market for some products. Total Project Manager, TheraFlu, reporting to Basle head office.
Managed the TheraFlu project ($14.700.000) with a project organization of 15 specialists and managers within the Sandoz organization, as well as outside consultants and sub-contractors. This involved product, packaging and formulation development, stability trials, the design and installation of sugar handling and product processing systems, two packaging lines and a building addition. Managed project implementation by coordinating activities between Basle, Switzerland; Lincoln, U.S.A.; and Whitby, Canada. Successfully completed the project on time and within budget while ensuring compliance with Regulatory Agencies (Health Canada, FDA).
Previous experience:

Served as Plant Manager (2 years) for a liquid products manufacturing plant with 200 personnel, then as Engineering Manager (2
years). Managed the Engineering and Maintenance Departments at Chempac Liquid – Health Care Prod. Div. (Div. of CCL Ind.),
Canada and administered the capital plan which included setting up a new plant with six liquid filling lines and supporting
infrastructure. Introduced a Maintenance Management system to the facilities.
As Project Manager (4 years) at Interbake Foods (McCormicks) Ltd., Canada, supervised a Project Engineering group and
administered a $2.5 million annual capital/major repair budget for a 20.000 m2 plant with 600 staff. Introduced new technology to
Canada, which included a multi weigh scale bag and box filling line, and installed a chocolate chip cookie baking line complete with
packaging equipment, along with other purchases.
Plant Manager at Life Savers Ltd., Canada during a four-year period managing a two-shift unionized confectionery plant with 140
staff. Controlled direct and indirect budgets, production planning, production, shipping, maintenance and served as Director and
Vice-Chairman of the Food Products Division of the I.A.P.A. Negotiated four contracts with the Canadian and Allied Workers
Union and developed a particularly good union / company relationship to the point that Union officials forgot where they had kept
their grievance forms because of the excellent employee relations. Developed of a training program for technical staff (mechanics,
operators, cleaning staff, etc.), which was unique and effective in its simplicity and used in future applications. Cost accounting
standards were revised and production standards developed to achieve realistic manufacturing levels. Introduced an effective
safety program. Eliminated lost time accidents.
As Packaging Superintendent for 2 years at the Associated Biscuit Co. (Peek Frean Div.), Canada managed a packaging
operation with 212 employees and served as safety committee chair. Developed training programs and production labor
for labor-intensive operations.
Worked as a Design Engineer for one year at Kappele, Wright & Macleod Ltd., Consulting Engineers, Canada on brewery line
equipment layouts, pump and tank sizing. Evaluated pollution effects of new boiler installation.

Started career as a Production Supervisor for one year at Cheseborough Ponds Inc., Canada supervising 52 employees in the
Q-Tips production department. Developed production standards and Management Information Manual to provide a concise referen-
ce to production standards and procedures.
Education: University of Toronto Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.Sc.) – Chemical Engineering
Membership of professional bodies: Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario


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