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Projects & Ideas for Elementary School Projects
Magnetic and nonmagnetic materialsWhich magnet is strongest?Which materials conduct electricity best?Which materials conduct heat best?Sounds from different rubber bands (or glasses of water)Which toy car rolls furthest?Which materials dissolve in water?Which paper towel absorbs the most water?Will an ice cube melt faster when crushed up?Do coins corrode more in salt or fresh water?How vinegar affects egg shellsHow a shadow changes throughout the dayMeasuring rainfall with a rain gaugeDepth of snow at ten different locationsTesting a sundial with a clockWhich brand of raisin bran has the most raisins?What a plant needs to growDo plants prefer tap water or distilled water?How temperature affects plant growthDo plants give off water?In which soil do plants grow best?Growing potatoes at different locationsHow fast do kidney beans grow?Do large apples have more seeds than small ones?Do different kinds of apples have different amounts of seeds?What conditions do pill bugs prefer (light or dark, moist or dry)?Can an earthworm detect light and darkness?How far does a mealworm (or snail) travel in one minute?What is the best condition for the growth of mold?Which bread molds most quickly?Which color liquid do hummingbirds prefer?What food does a hamster prefer?Can people identify flavors of Kool-Aid when blindfolded? More Questions
Does the shape of a kite affect its flight?Does an ice cube melt faster in air or water?Does sugar prolong the life of cut flowers?How much of an orange is water?Which liquid has the highest viscosity?Will more air inside a basketball make it bounce higher?Does the color of light affect plant growth?Does baking soda lower the temperature of water?Which brand of popcorn pops the most kernels?How much can a caterpillar eat in one day? In my class, who has the biggest feet- boys or girls?Do plants grow bigger in soil or water?Does the color of water affect its evaporation?Can you separate salt from water by freezing?How does omitting an ingredient affect the taste of a cookie?Do suction cups stick equally well to different surfaces?Which student in the class has the greatest lung capacity?How much weight can a growing plant lift?Will water with salt evaporate faster than water without salt?Does it matter in which direction seeds are planted?Which cheese grows mold the fastest?Do all colors fade at the same rate?Which brand of diaper holds the most water?In my class, who has the smallest hands-boys or girls?Which kind of cleaner removes ink stains best?Does a plant grow bigger if watered by milk or water?Which brand of soap makes the most suds?Does a baseball go farther when hit by a wood or metal bat?Do living plants give off moisture?Using a lever, can one student lift another student who is bigger?What gets warmer- sand or dirt?Which kind of glue holds two boards together better?Does a bath take less water than a shower?Can you tell where sound comes from when you are blind folded?Can plants grow without soil?Does warm water freeze faster than cool water?Do bigger seeds produce bigger plants?Which materials absorb the most water?Do wheels reduce friction?What materials dissolve in water?What is the soil in my school yard made of?Does holding a mirror in front of fish change what the fish does?What color of birdseed do birds like best?What holds two boards together better-nails or screws?Will bananas brown faster on the counter or in the refrigerator?Does temperature affect the growth of plants?Do mint leaves repel ants?Does a ball roll further on grass or dirt? Observations
FingerprintsShadowsCrystalsProperties of solids, liquids, and gasesObjects that block and pass lightGravityShapes of magnetic fieldsParts of a flame (candle observation)Rocks and mineralsThe moon Planets you can seeOur sunSpring constellationsLocal weatherHow to read a weather mapCloudsAll about horses (or dogs, frogs, fish, etc.)A beaver homeLocal wildlifeHow animals hide and defendAnimals tracksRaising finches (or rabbits, gerbils, etc.)Fish prints What makes a bird a birdthe crayfishAll about crickets (or bees, beetles, ants, etc)EarthwormsSpider websWatching an ant colonyHow insects changeLiving things in my yardTrees near my homeLeaf printsParts of a flowerRoots of different plantsInside the eggTeethSeashells
How heat is transmittedAn energy-efficient homeWhat makes a hot air balloon rise?Expansion of solids, liquids, & gases when heatedHow a thermostat worksHow a toaster worksThe steam engineThe periscopeKaleidoscopesHow binoculars workHow a microscope worksHow a telescope worksWhat makes rainbows?Different types of mirrorsLenses and what they doHow a camera worksHow polaroid glasses workWhat causes light to bend?How photo cells workHow a prism worksThe pinhole camera The Doppler effectWhat causes echoesHow a record player worksHow an electric motor worksHow a generator worksBatteries, how they workThe telegraphWhat is a transformer?What is a transistor?Electronic components and their functionsHydroelectric powerThe series circuit and the parallel circuitHow airplanes flyHow a wing worksHero's engineHow rockets flyLooping roller coasters - how they workHow a canal lock worksPrimitive clocksDistillationSolar stillWater filtrationpH and how to measure itAcids, bases, and pHHow elements combine to make compoundsCapillary actionRadioactivity and Geiger countersThe sextant (or quadrant)What is density?What is surface tension?Weather forecastingHow a barometer worksCloud chamberEffects of air pressureFermentationOsmosisPhases of the moon (working model)EclipsesHow a geiser worksHarvesting the wind with windmillsHow clouds formDifferent types of earthquake faultsSedimentationHow a sundial worksHow does the human heart work? (model)The circulatory systemThe earTooth decayWhy a fish has finsBird wings - how they workPhotosynthesis HydroponicsThe action of yeast in breadHow yogurt is madeHow cheese is madePaper recyclingGlass recyclingAluminum recyclingOil wells - how they workThe submarineHow a bicycle worksHow a generator (or motor) worksSimple machinesLeversPulleysOpen and closed circuitsHow a switch worksHow light reflects Mixing colorsHow magnets workAn electromagnetFrictionNewton's 3rd lawHow thermometers workHeat and air (convection mobile)does fire give off water?Does fire use something in air?Does air have weight?Does air exert pressure?EvaporationHow are sounds produced?Why things floatwhy elevators have counterweightsA boomerang canHow things move on movie filmWhy the sind blowsWhat makes hail?What is ground water?Inside our earth (model)The earth's surface features (model)Volcanoes (model)Features of the sea floor (model)Our solar system (model)Galaxies and our milky way (model)Optical illusionsHow the ear works (model)the ant (clay model)How seeds travelDo plants give off water?Tree rings Beginning Project Ideas by Category
Behavior and Social Sciences
Do babies prefer a familiar or unfamiliar toy? Does petting an animal affect your pulse rate?How people stand on a bus.
Homo sapiens at the zoo.
Missing children: do pictures on milk cartons really help? School subject preference between boys and girls.
Colored cookie comparison.
A study on the usage of left turn signals at intersections.
Working vs. non-working parents: effects on kids' grades.
Effect of student seating on academic performance.
Does the level of noise affect eye-hand coordination? Assertiveness: are there differences between junior high boys and girls? Does heart rate change while watching emotionally-charged movies?Does your pulse rate go up when you see money? Does color affect taste?Music and math - how do they mix?Tennis: which point wins?Reading and remembering with different colored paper - which works best?What type of people do graffiti? The space between two people when they meet.
Does a blindfolded person walk in a circle?The relationship between age and response time.
Can you recognize your own profile?Left-hand, right-hand transference using a mirror tracing.
How do people react when seeing a teenager shoplift?Are people biased towards types of vitamins? Does chewing gum affect students in a testing situation?Does age affect short-term memory?Student attitudes concerning an AIDS patient in school.
Racetrack accidents: does a jockey's fall affect his/her performance?Are there similarities between an owner and his/her pet? Can the use of a computer game increase memory?Audio memory vs. visual memory.
Are fads cyclical?Should stop signs be red and white?Is there a relationship between cost and perceived print quality? Comic books - are they becoming more corrupt and violent?How does our vision affect our taste? Do adults know U.S. geography?Are people biased toward types of vitamins? Are there similarities between an owner and his/her pet?Can the use of a computer game increase memory?Can you recognize your own profile? Frequency of cricket chirps vs. air temperature.
Can hermit crabs distinguish different types of music?Territorial habits of goldfish.
Do dogs prefer to eat from a familiar or unfamiliar dish? Which sugar do ants prefer?The hearing sensitivity of goldfish.
Boa constrictor responses to false prey.
Will a chicken lay more eggs with rock music playing? Cage size and nesting habits of zebra finches.
Can an earthworm learn?The learning behavior of fish through a two-dimensional maze.
Which type of bread molds fastest?Do pyramids preserve food? Decomposition of leaf litter.
How fast does the Volvox spin?Effects of temperature on bacterial growth in buttermilk.
Effects of acid on Euglena.
Does phytoplankton grow better in warmer or colder temperature?Can Euglena be trained by conditioning? How much of an apple is water?Methods of controlling algae growth in waterbeds.
Variance in the size of Euglena.
Does diet affect the color of Paramecium.
Effect of water pollution on shrimp growth. Study of marine growth on various surfaces.
Under which thickness of plastic do radishes grow best?Distribution of dandelions in an open lot.
How much weight can a growing seedling lift?Under which color cellophane do plants grow best?Acid rain effects on radishes.
Does acid rain affect the germination of seeds?Can you give a plant too much fertilizer?Do seeds sprout better in hot or cold climates?The effects of rootbounding on plant growth.
Does the phase of the moon affect the germination of seeds?Effect of artificial vs. natural light on plants.
Relationship of root length to plant height.
Germination rates of pumpkin seeds.
Do avocados ripen more evenly with stems left on?Does aspirin prolong the life of cut carnations?How does increased gravity affect the growth of plants?Does a magnetic field affect the growth of beans?Does radiation affect the germination of lima bean seeds?Which banana has the most sugar- green, yellow, or brown?How detergents affect the growth of algae in pond water.
How various vitamins affect root growth.
Does electricity affect the growth of beans?Which mulch is best for conserving water while growing plants?How detergents affect the growth of plants.
Does leaf surface area affect plant growth?How salt tolerant is ice plant?Effect of cigarette smoke on plants.
Do lawns grow in a linear function?Comparing the moisture content of five varieties of apples.
Leaf size vs. location.
Does Instant Grow really work?The action of tendrils.
Does Oxygen Plus affect plant growth?Does carbon dioxide concentration affect the growth rate of plants?Vegetation rebound following a brush fire.
Effects of the environment on popcorn (heat, cold moisture, time, etc.).
Do mirrors affect the way plants grow?A study of marine growth on various surfaces.
Comparing the moisture content of five varieties of apples.
Do avocados ripen more evenly with the stems left on?Do mirrors affect the way plants grow?Does acid rain affect the germination of seeds?Does electricity affect the growth of beans?Effect of cigarette smoke on plants.
Effects of the environment on popcorn (heat, cold, moisture, time, etc.).
How detergents affect the growth of algae in pond water.
How detergents affect the growth of plants.
How the amount of light affects the growth of marigolds.
Leaf size vs. location.
Testing different potting soils.
Under Which thickness of plastic do radishes grow best?Which banana has the most sugar - green, yellow, or brown?Which mulch is best for conserving water while growing plants?Carrot cloning.
Do low voltage electrical fields affect the growth of ryegrass?Effects of physical factors on oscillatoria gas vacuoles.
Ration difference in male-female moss plants.
Salinity effect on leaf elongation.
What are the effects of various artificial hormones on different plants?Will electric voltage affect the growth rate of algae? Chemistry/Biochemistry
The pH of soaps.
What are the differences between butter and margarine?Corrosion - the effects of water on metal.
Ink evaluation with paper chromatography.
How do ultraviolet sterilizers affect the rubber straps on safety goggles?Can salt water be desalted by freezing?Epoxy and resins: their resistance to solvents.
What is the (starch, sugar, fat, or protein) content of various foods?Effects of permanent hair color on normal hair.
How much oxygen does a candle use per minute?Measuring the calories in a peanut.
How sucrose and yeast levels affect the rate of fermentation.
Chlorine levels in our drinking water.
The effects of swimming pool water (chlorine) on hair.
Testing sugar in soft drinks.
Comparison of vitamin A in frozen, canned, and fresh peas.
Testing various orange drinks for vitamin C.
How teeth react to different liquids.
Smoking alternative: clove cigarettes.
The amount of dissolved salt in drinking water.
Chlorine levels in our drinking water.
Corrosion - the effects of water on metalEpoxy and resins: Their resistance to solvents.
How sucrose and yeast levels affect the rate of fermentation.
Measuring the calories in a peanut.
Smoking alternative: Clove cigarettes.
Testing sugar in soft drinks.
Testing various orange drinks for vitamin C.
The amount of dissolved salt in drinking water.
The effects of swimming pool water (chlorine) on hair.
Waterproof mascaras - are they really waterproof?Which metals make the best batteries?Are chemical fumes a threat to contact lens wearers?Chemical effect of antiperspirants on ph levels of human perspiration.
Chloride ion concentration and bacteria in a swimming pool.
Color stability of FDA-approved tinted soft contact lenses.
Comparing protein content between hydroponic and terrestrial plants.
Comparison of vitamin A content in frozen, canned and fresh peas.
Effect of irradiation on chlorophyll content of Beta chilensis.
Factors affecting burning rate and temperature of solid rocket propellants.
Fastness properties of natural dyes on mordanted and unmordanted wool.
How effective are radioactive decontaminants?Light-enhanced electroplating.
Photochemistry: Factors influencing photolithography.
Relationships between the mass and charge of dye molecules.
What are the effects of hypertonic solutions on red blood cells? Computers
A homemade computer.
Prism simulation.
An inexpensive computer-controlled robot.
Writing an Applesoft BASIC program that plays checkers.
Can I create a unique historical adventure game?Zoom in! A computer map of my neighborhood.
Electron orbitals on a computer.
Hacker protection.
A computer program that teaches science facts.
Using a computer for mineral identification.
A computer program that tracks satellites.
A program that simulates model rocket trajectories.
Convert to or from metric instantly!A computer program that finds the planets.
A character editor for Atari computers.
A graphing utility.
A text encrypton system.
Aid for finding the centroid of two dimensional rectangular shapes.
An easy-to-use graphics editor.
Computer analysis of billiards.
Computer graphic representation of celestial body motion.
Computer-aided design and simulation of digital circuits.
Computerized tomographic scanning.
Digital voice.
Easy-to-use graphics processor.
Education computer-aided musical notation.
Exploring the frontiers of artificial intelligence. Geometry proofs in logo.
Graphic shaper: How to simplify the making of shape-tables.
Hacker protection.
Intelligent recognition of English by computer.
Mathematical optimization of uniform partition search strategies.
Microcomputer programs for the blind.
Music maker. Poster maker.
Prism simulation.
Probability distribution of a random number generator.
Projectile motion physics tutor.
Simulation of a vehicle moving on a rough road.
The conservation of energy and momentum in an elastic collision.
Writing an Applesoft BASIC program that plays checkers.
*Which solar panel is most efficient?Can a roof overhang cut summer cooling costs?A comparative study of various packing materialsHow much money can a pool cover save?Which candle is best to buy?*Which light bulb is most efficient?Are TV commercials louder than regular programming?Think up your own special projectThe frequency and length of TV commercials during a one-hour program Which battery is the best buy?How much does it really cost to run a refrigerator?Which detergent removes grass stains best?Which detergent cuts grease best?Which detergent has the longest-lasting suds?The effectiveness of pre-wash productsWaterproofing agents - which is best?The effects of deodorants on clothesWhich paint protects wood the best?The effectiveness of different wood preservatives*Shampoo evaluation*Water solubility of suntan lotions*Meat, fat, and moisture content of hot dogs*Do sausages vary in fat and water content?Which popcorn pops the most?Up to bat - wood or aluminum?Fishing lines take the strength test*Sole traction - which sole is best?*Skateboard wheels - which are best?Leaky faucets - how much do they cost us?Which uses more water, a shower or a bath?Which container (or wrapping) preserves food best?Which paper towel is more absorbent?Which diaper is best?Which lighter has the most fuel?Comparison of locks-which is best?Which nails have the best holding power?*The best air pressure for an A.T.C. (3-wheeler)How long are yellow lights at various intersections?Do parking meters give us the right time?Liquid vs. bar soap.
Is there sugar in toothpaste?Which tent stake has the greatest holding power?Does temperature affect the output of a battery?Effect of detergents on commonly-used threads.
The effects of washing in dyed materials.
Hardest and softest woods.
Which battery is the best buy?Which detergent cuts grease the best?Which nails have the best holding power?Effect of some exterior wood protectants on cedar siding.
The effects of deodorants on clothes.
The best mix for concrete.
Which sleeping bag fabric retains heat the best?Endurance of roofing shingles and tiles.
Which hook and loop fastener works the best?The feathers of archery.
How effective are commercially-produced water filters?Which glue is the strongest?Which wood absorbs paint the best?Which container (or wrapping) preserves food the best? Are flame-retardent fabrics safe?The effectiveness of pre-wash products.
The effect of different fin shapes on surfboard performance.
Do swimming caps help you swim faster?Testing sunscreens' absorption of ultraviolet radiation.
How different fabric-care treatments affect the flammability of cloth.
Waterproofing agents - which is best?The spoilage rate of different types of baby food.
Which detergent has the longest-lasting suds?How well do various fabrics absorb dye?How much money can a pool cover save?Which light bulb is most efficient?Can a roof overhang cut summer cooling costs?Waterproof mascaras - are they really waterproof?Which firewood gives the most heat per dollar?Which stain remover works best?Are TV commercials louder than regular programming?How much does it really cost to run a refrigerator?Which solar panel is most efficient?Which paint protects wood the best?Thick or thin bicycle tires - which is best?Which fabrics are most fire resistant?How heat affects recording tape.
Stability of color slide film.
A comparative study of various packing materials.
Do oil additives reduce friction on engine parts?Which toothpaste is most abrasive?How fire affects roofing materials.
Which detergent removes grass stains best?Airplane noise analysis in my neighborhood.
The effectiveness of different wood preservatives.
Antifungals: how well do they work on athlete's foot?Meat, fat, and moisture content of hot dogs.
Strength test for glues.
Water solubility of suntan lotions.
The power output of different model airplane fuels.
Shampoo evaluation.
Which diaper is best?Effects of different size and materials on tennis rackets.
Physical properties of various brands of diesel fuel.
Air pressure and tire wear.
Comparison of locks - which is best?Sole traction - which sole is best?Fishing lines take the strength test.
Up to bat - wood or aluminum?Do sausages vary in fat and water content?A comparative study of various packing materials. Air pressure and tire wear.
Antifungals: How well do they work on athlete's foot?Are TV commercials louder than regular programming?Can a roof overhang cut summer cooling costs? Comparison of locks - which is best?Contacts vs. mascara.
Do sausages vary in fat and water content?Do swimming caps help you swim faster?Effects of detergents on commonly used threads.
Effects of different sizes and materials on tennis rackets.
Endurance of roofing shingles and tiles.
Fishing lines take the strength test.
How different fabric-care treatments affect the flammability of cloth.
How fire affects roofing materials.
How heat affects recording tape.
How much does it really cost to run a refrigerator?How much money can a pool cover save?Is there sugar in toothpaste?Liquid vs. bar soap.
Meat, fat and moisture content in hot dogs.
Sole traction - which sole is best?Strength test for glues.
The effectiveness of different wood preservatives.
The feathers of archery.
The spoilage rate of different types of baby food.
Up to bat - wood or aluminum?Water solubility of suntan lotions.
What are the differences between butter and margarine? Which detergent removes grass stains best?Which fabrics are most fire-resistant?Which fire alarm is best for the home?Which firewood gives the most heat per dollar?Which hook and loop fastener works the best?Which mouthwash kills the most bacteria?Which nails have the best holding power.
Which paint protects wood the best?Which solar panel is most efficient?Which stain remover works best?Which toothpaste is most abrasive?Do oil additives reduce friction on engine parts?Effects of outer coating on vitamin solubility.
Evaluation of protective shoulder pads.
How does eye makeup affect bacteria near the eye?How effective are commercially-produced water filters?Testing sunscreens' absorption of ultra-violet radiation.
The effect of different fin shapes on surfboard performance.
Which light bulb is most efficient?Which motor oil is best?
Life Sciences
How the amount of light affects the growth of marigolds*Comparing the moisture content of five varieties of applesEffects of the environment on popcorn (heat, cold, moisture, time, etc)*A study of marine growth on various surfaces How fast does a mealworm (or snail) travel?The speed of snails on different surfaces*Horsepower of snailsThe effect of different metals on snailsEffects of household pesticides on earthwormsDo earthworms help plants to grow?*Can insects pull more than their own body weight?*Ant control - natural vs. chemical repellentsDo goldfish grow larger in a larger tank?Fish feeding - the effects of light*Can mice see colors?*Can mice distinguish shapes (squares, circles, triangles - associate one with food)*Hamster activity and the phases of the moon*Can the color of unborn rabbits be predicted?How many grams of food does a rabbit eat per day?Chickens and colored corn - which will they eat?*How does our vision affect our taste?Light vs. vision - which color is best?Night vision and the effects of colored objects*The effect of color on depth perceptionDoes a blindfolded person walk in a circle?The relationship between age and response time*Can you recognize your own profile?Left-hand, right-hand transference using a "mirror tracing"Reading and remembering with different colored paper - which works best?Flexibility: boys vs. girlsDo adults know U.S. geography? (or math skills, science concepts, etc)How do people react when seeing a teenager shoplift?*How teeth react to different liquids*Do taste buds grow weaker as you get older?*Effects of coffee on a person's steady hand*Effects of caffeine on blood pressureSmoking vs. lung capacityLung power of different age groupsDoes temperature affect the growth of plants?How do plants react to different kinds of music?Do plants grow better with tap water or distilled water?Do roots always grow down?Can you give a plant too much fertilizer?Testing different potting soilsWhich mulch covering works best?Which color liquid do hummingbirds prefer?What is the best condition for the growth of mold?Which bread mold most quickly?In which soil do plants grow the best?Growing potatoes at different locations.
Do different kinds of apples have different amounts of seeds?Do large apples have more seeds than small ones?How the amount of light affects the growth of marigolds.
How fast do kidney beans grow.
Do plants give off water? Which materials dissolve in water?Do coins corrode more in salt or fresh water?The frequency and length of TV commercials during one-hour program.
Measuring rainfall with a rain gauge.
How a shadow changes throughout the day.
Depth of snow at ten different locations.
Which materials conduct electricity best?Sounds from different rubberbands (or glasses of water).
String telephones- what materials work best in conducting sound.
Splat! A Study in droplet patterns.
How hot does it get inside a car with the windows rolled up?Will an ice cube melt faster when crushed up?Which toy car rolls the furthest?How accurate is the temperature knob on my oven.
Which color of liquid absorbs the most heat?Which color container absorbs the most heat?Which color container cools off the quickest?What food does a hamster prefer?Can an earthworm detect light and darkness?Chickens and colored corn-which will they eat?Do goldfish grow larger in a larger tank?What conditions do pill bugs prefer (light or dark, moist or dry)? Advanced Science Fair Topics by Category
Animal Sciences
% Of Pre-Anesthetic Canines Having Regenerative Or Non-Regenerative Anemia AsDetermined By HematocritsFunctional Analysis Of The Drosophila H731 Protein By The Yeast Two-Hydrid SystemYeastibodiesThe Effects Of Saltwater Intrusion On Invertebrate Freshwater Life FormsShedding Light On Lagodon Rhomboides FeedingThe Use Of Therapeutic Ultrasound In Stimulating The Production Of CalciumCarbonate In Orconectes ImmunisThe White Tiger (panthera tigris tigris): A Prognosis For Survival, A Case Study AtNandankanan Biological Park (NKBP), Orissa (India)Will The Extraction Of The Somatic Cell Influence Antibiotic Drug Residue TesterResults?The Miracle Of Metamorphosis: A Second Year StudyEnhancing The Shelf Life Of The Hard Shell Clam: Mercenaria Mercernaria: AThree-Year StudyCorrelation Of Tardigarde Diversity, Distribution, And Abundance In The Area Of A CoalBurning Power PlantResource Partitioning In InsectsHow Ascorbic Acid Affects The Movement Of Lumbriculus VarigatusThe Habitit Suitability Of The Delmarva Fox Squirrel ( Sciurus Niger Cinerus)Home For The Homeless LadybugThe Antartica Krill And A Highland Microcrustacean From Peru In Their Ecology NicheA Comparative Study Of Feed Intake, Weight Gain, Body Growth, Leanness And MuscleMass Of The Suidae sus scrofaThe Effects Of Cryoprotectants On The Revivification Of Frozen CricketsExamination Of The Fecal Egg Output Of Parasites In EquineThe Advent Of Human-Safe Pest Controls: A Study On The Influence Of Vitamin AInduced Responses Affect Cabbage Loopers On Potato PlantsBug Off!The Ants Go Marching Two By Two: A Multivariate Analysis Of The Physical AndChemical Communication Of Formicidae SpeciesTemperature And Insect MetabolismEffects Of Oxytocin On Social And Maternal Attachment In Neonatal Prairie VolesParasitic Influence On OvinesEffect Of Tityus Stigmurus Venom On Rat Phrenic Nerve DiaphragmSmall Mammals Of Background Ecosystems Of South Yakutia Taiga (Case Study ofYokminsky Reserve)Where Have All The Frogs Gone? A Three-Year StudyOsprey: A Study Of The Effect Of Human PresenceIs Catnip An Effective Repellent?The Incidence Of Intestinal Parasites In Canis Familiaris IN American Samoa Based OnThe Flotation TechniqueCell Regeneration: The Effects Of Symphtum Officinale Of PlanariansEffects Of Gating On Bat Behaviors In Abandoned MinesBehavioral Response To Lowland Gorilla Troop To Silverback AbsenceA Study Of Clomiphene On Mus DomesticusHow Does A Male Dragonfly Recognize Other Males Of The Same Species? Tracing "Juvenile Hormone" Through Ligation In PhormiaEpidemiology Of Metarhizium Anisopliae In TermitesMolecular Phylogeny: A Two-Year Study In Centrarchidae FishThe Physiological Battle Of ProbioticsBehavior Of The Aphanius MentoThe Effectiveness Of Bacillus Sphaericus In Controlling The Larve Of Aedes SollicitansUtilization of antioxidants and transition metal ions by marine and freshwaterinvertebrates.
Effect of heat shock on resistance of bull spermatozoa.
Is the Somatic Cell count the exact culprit of antibiotic drug residue tester mistakes?Rat olfactory bulb response to nerve regeneration.
Effects of Digoxin on the heart rate of DAPHNIA MAGNA.
Can nicotine influence cognitive performance in juvenile Sprague-Dawley rats?Anti-fouling paints and sea urchin fertility.
The effects of antioxidants on the regenerative processes of Planeria Maculata.
Sensitization to Ethanol Teratogenesis.
The effect of Bovine Somatotropin early in lactation on milk production and compositionin cows.
The refinement of Lactate Dehydrogenase Isoenzyme analysis as a veterinary diagnostic.
Behavioral and Social Sciences
Can Goldfish Learn To Eat From A Certain Color Container By Using OperantConditioning?The Effect Of Electromagnetic Fields On MiceInside Your HeadFamily vs Social Interaction In Moral Development A PNA For FatAltruism And The Tendencies Displayed In A Morally Challenging SituationCreatology: Brain Science For The 21st CenturyThe Age FactorBrain StormThe Effect Of Mental And Physical Stimulation On The Learning Ability Of MiceStimulation Station IIIEvolution And The Perception Of ArtThe Impact Of Sleep Deprivation on Mood And Cognitive Performance In Three AgeGroupsOf Mice And MenSound To Sight: Study Of Peoples Cognitive Responses To Mozart's MusicUnseen InfluencesTesting An Idea: An Archaeological Interpretation And Dating Of a Waianae ValleyHouse SiteThe Utility Of Category Fluency Amongst English And Spanish - Spanish WithAlzheimer's Disease And Normal Cognition Educational BiasThe City's Legacy Of Every DayUnprotected Children: The Problem Of Affective Needs In Children's HomesVisual Search: A Novel Psychophysics For Preattentive VisionComparison Of Stress In Reproducing Wild Type And "eyeless" Drosophila MelanogasterComputer Simulated EvolutionEffects Of Coping Mechanism Type On Physiological Stress Response Do Your Fears Change With Age?Effects Of Contrast And Luminance On Magnocellular-Defined BoundariesAdvantage Ambidextrous People Have In Cognitive HearingBeauty And The Bell CurveAutonomous Nervous System ResponseAre Americans Ready For Mom To Be President? A Study Of Gender And PoliticsGender Effects On Story Comprehension And PreferenceDoes Age Affect a Child's Perception Of Time?Car Stereos: Cause For Alarm?The Effect Of Sleep Restriction On The Cognitive Function Of Elementary And SchoolChildrenWhat Do You See When You See It?Are People More Attracted Towards Teddy Bears With Childlike Features Than TowardsTeddy Bears That Look Like Real Bears?Stress And TeachingThe Mold We're Pressed To FitGot Sleep?Patterns, Pressure, And Preference: The Influence Of Social Pressure And MathematicalPatterns On Musical Preference In Adolescents.
What Kids Need To Succeed: A Third Year Study - The Media InfluenceTea Time: The Effects Of Caffeine On The Short-Term performance Of High SchoolAthletesPerceptions Of Our WorldBright Idea: Light Affects Academic PerformanceAt The Beginning Of The New Millennium A Warning Sign: Depression In AdolescentsAn Alternative To "Big Brother": An Investigation Of Monitoring-Style EffectivenessAway From HomeActual Versus Perceived Noise Exposure In Teenage BoysGroup ConformityEffects Of Allelochemicals In Insect Behavior And PhysiologyTraining methods to improve the detection of deception by adolescents.
Media violence: its impact on adolescents and parents.
Does smell affect memory?The dynamics of visual perception in humans.
Music's affect on concentration.
A study of reading retention between computer and written material.
How Nicotine Affects Caenorhabditis elegans BehaviorallyNeurotransmitter-Amphetamine Interactions in Rats Modeling SchizophreniaQuinolinic Acid: A study of Cognitive ProcessingAn FMRI Investigation of Stimulus vs. Perception in Binocular RivalryTemporal and Binocular Averaging of Color Visual NoiseThe Effects of Age Progression on Information Processing Ability: A Study of BothAuditory & Visual Lexical AccessFacilitation of Schedule-Induced Polydipsia by Saccharin SolutionsReaction Time in Serial Learning: A Re-examination of the Ranschburg EffectConditioned Immunotherapy for an Acute Inflammatory Response: A taste of Healing,SweetWater Biochemistry
The Effects Of Temperature On Decomposition Of Muscle Tissue By Sarcophaga Bullata:A Forensic StudyDeveloping A New HIV-1 Lentiviral Vector For Enhanced Gene Expression In MurineCell- Building A Better Mouse VectorCan The Analysis Of Oxygen Demand Show A Possible Loss Of Marine Organisms?Epiregulin RNA Expression In Hypertrophic Rat HeartsDetection Of Novel Centrosome Dynamics In Living CellsEffects Of UV Radiation On Levels Of Thymine Dimers In Artemia Hatched In Levels OfOxygen Free RadicalsInfluence Of Enhanced Gel Barrier On French Fry Oil AbsorptionAn Investigation Of Zinc Binding On Glutamate Dehydrogenase - Phase 3The Determination Of The Amino Acid Sequence Of p-80 Coilin In RatAnalysis Of The Human NBR1/BRCA1 PromterCloning and Characterization Of Novel Isoforms Of Telomere Repeat Binding FactorsThe Degredation Of Plasmid DNA In Rat PlasmaEstrogen Hormone Stimulates Gap Junction Mediated Intercellular Communication InOsteocytesPurification Of Ouabain From Adrenal Cortical CellsSuper CollagenAlpha Lipoic Acid As A Co-Factor For Free Radical Suppression In FruitComputational Analysis Of The Internal Order Of ProteinsThe Role Of Interdomain Interactions In The Activation Mechanism of G Proteins (explored using computer modeling)Screening for Protease Inhibitors To Block HIV Maturation & InfectivityRole Of Reactive Oxygen In Vascular Smooth Muscle CellsDetermination Of A Nuclear Localization Signal In Integrase Interactor 1 (INII): APotential Therapeutic Site For HIV-1 IntegrationRelationship Between Caspase-3 Expression in Malignant and Normal LymphoblastsFood For The New Millenium - Bacterial, No Beef, Protein Preparation Of A Caracinogen - DNA Adduct Standard For Use In Human ExposureBiomonitoringDNA Computation Of a Subset SumUnderstanding the Mechanism Of Cytotoxicity Of Sphingosine and its Derivatives onCandida AlbicansAntibiotic Resistance Fight Against BacteriaThe Occurrence Of The Putative Tr1 Taste Receptor In MammalsMolecular Analysis Of Putative Hybrids From Protoplast Fusion In PorphyraDiabetes: The Carbohydrate ConnectionOptimation Of Plasmid - DNA Yields For Gene TherapyHeme - Oxygenase 1 Reduces Cell Death in Cold StorageOmega 3 - Fatty Acids In The Livers Of Ling Burbot FishOverexpression Of Human Blood Coagulation Factor XII In Escherichia Coli UsingPolymerase Chain Reaction And pGEX-2T Plasmid Vector Genetic EngineeringTechniqueThe Role Of Nitric Oxide (NO) In The Proliferation Of Endothelial CellsThe Synthesis Of Fumagillin Analogs As Potential Antimicrobial Agents Phase IIOptimization Of Transfection By FuGENE 6The Isolation And Cloning Of An A.Thalliana Matrix: Metalloprotease For E-ColiExpressionEffect Of Nerve Growth Factor On Sensory Neuron Growth And SurvivalThe Modification Of A Hydrogen Peroxide Solution To Decrease Susceptibility To Breakdown By CatalaseThe Effect Of Electric Fields Of YeastRitalin And HyperglycemiaAnalysis Of Differential Gene Expression In Pituitaries Of Young Proestrus AndMiddle-Aged Persistent Estrus RatsThe effect of UV exposure on plasmids with carrier DNA.
Magnetic fields and enzymes.
Biological responses to the plant Extractions of the onion family.
Is there an inheritance pattern in mitochondrial DNA?Lactate Dehydrogenase Analysis as a Veterinary TechniqueMolecules That Promote Nerve RegenerationThe biologically Active Compounds of Daucus Carota L.
Genetic Engineering of BacteriaThe Effect of Nucleosomes on V(D)J CleavageMicrobial Fuel CellsNitric Oxide and IL-1 Effects on Insulin Secretion & AconitaseGuidance Cues for Axon OutgrowthStructural and Identification Studies of the Ribosomal S6 OperonThe Molecular Zipper Phase II: Fusion of Epithelial Cadherin (ECAD) cDNA To GreenFluorescent Protein (GFP)Use of Fish To Localize Mouse Transgenes Implicated In Cardiac Development
The Chemical Composition Of Clay Compared To Clay Artifacts Natural Versus Synthetic DyeMechanisms Of The Photoisomerization Of Cunjugated Dienes As A Model For ThePrimary Visual EventDynamics Of Ionic Oilgomers Through Random PoresThe Effects Of Varying Wavelengths On Liesegang Rings A Study Of The Fundamental Charge Of An ElectronImpact Of Environmental Stress On The Chemistry Of the Indian River Lagoon SurfaceWaters: Phase IIEchinacea: A Natural Antibiotic?Chemical Composition Of School Water: Is The Drinking Water Up To EPAThe Use Of XY Zeolite To Reduce Polymer FlammabilityPotentiometric Titration Of Silver PrecipitatesElectrochemical Analysis if the Martian SoilInvestigation Into The Interface Between SA Ceramic Substrate And A Metal OxideCoatingAn Experiment To Determine The Agent/Mechanism Causing Passivity Of Iron inAerated Distilled Water A Possible Synthesis Of Ibuprofen: Phase IUp In Smoke: A Study Of Chromium In Cigarette SmokeContinuing The Search For Corrosion Inhibitors In Tobacco: IIIFractal Dimension Of Diffusion - Limited AggregatesSynthesis Of Disulfated Fucoidan Fragment Does Lipid Content Affect Dough Rheology?Can Coffee Bean Origin Be Identified by Molecular Characterization?The Determination Of Calcium Concentration In Cheese By Atomic AbsorptionSpectroscopy Which Synthetic Ice Cube Has The Best Cooling Capacity?Gems: Genetically Evolved Molecular StructuresControl Of Muscle Cell Growth By PolysaccharidesOil Analysis: Wear Metals And Element ContaminantsThe Tritation Of Air: The Determination Of Oxygen In AirWhich Baby Bottle Brand Leaches The Most Bisphenol-A?Heavily CaffeinatedColors To Dye ForSynthesis and Evaluation Of Alkylated PolyaminesThe Origin Of LifeProduction Of Hydrogen Gas from Waste AluminumGasohol SubstituteThe effect of metal oxides on a clay body.
Gas chromatrographic analysis of plants sprayed with pesticide.
Effect of Peroxynitrite on DNA.
Optimizing the polarization of Xenon using optical pumping.
The effectiveness of a Polyphenol Oxidase Inhibitor.
A kinetic analysis of reduction and release of iron from Ferritin.
Chemiluminescence: Hypochlorite oxidation of Luminol.
Analysis of Glucose using capillary zone electrophoresis.
X-ray reduction through film hypersensitization.
The anti-cancer properties of peanut shell components.
Mechanical models for molecular vibrations.
Computer Science
Creating A Computer Program To Teach Water EducationExploring 3D Computer GraphicsComplex Emergent Behavior In A Multirobot SystemExploring 3D Computer GraphicsNeural Fourier Transforms For Shape AnalysisRobotic Design For Environmental InteractionModeling A Dynamic Transportation NetworkThe Cerberus Encryption EngineProgressive Neural NetworkingRedundancy & Entrophy and How They Lead To Data compressionA System Of Gatering, Sorting, Digitalizing, And Displaying Local Weather ConditionsVia The InternetEffect Of Image Size And Interpolation On Face RecognitionThe Role Of Spectral Peaks And Spectral Shape In Speech RecognitionSecure Encryption: How Safe Is Your Data?The Affordable Construction Of A Personal Computer? Microstructure Of The Discrete Fourier Transform Semantic Poetry Creation Using Lexicographic And Natural Language TextsThe Fiber Optic Null-ModemVocalized Translator Internet BrowserOverclocked: Does Temperature Affect The Performance Of Computer ComponentsA Computer Mouse Design For People Without Arms Or With Impediments Of TheirHandsFormulation Of A Document Content Specification System To Support The Developmentand Implementation Of A Content Index Network Safety In Numbers3-D Transformations Applied To Computer ProgrammingPattern Recognition In Artificial IntelligenceView Dependent Continuous Level Of Detail by Multiresolution AnalysisApplication Of Advanced Genetic Algorithms For Optimizing Of Lens DesignBiological Image-ProcessingImproved Object-Oriented Artificial Intelligence Navigation AlgorithmsEvolving A Faster CommuteDynamic Rendering And Lighting Algorithm For Parabolic Approximations OfThree-Dimensional ObjectsGraphing Non-FunctionsVisible Surface Determination For Moving Camera In First Person 3D Software - SmartVSDLANs Without Network CardsObjective Assessment Of A Solo Musical PerformanceWarPort: A Wireless Parallel Port Interface DeviceIntelligent Genetic AlgorithmSurf The Net, Utilizing A Web-Based Math CurriculumA Story Understanding Program In PrologOpenGL vs. Direct 3DX-RAY, Which Searches And Cures The Unknown Computer VirusesThe Evolution Of The Internet BrowserDesign And Implementation Of A Neural Network Visual Image Recognition SystemSimulations of the morphological evolution of photoreceptor cells of the eyes of primitiveanimals.
A rapid self-balancing armature.
Content-based image retrieval using projections of gradients.
The comparability of digitized x-rays.
A computationally efficient speech coding algorithm. Digital signal processing for virtual two-dimensional sound.
Redesigning the floating point unit using an artificial neural network.
Predicting viral outbreak severity.
A cryptosystem based on extended Galois fields.
Training of neural networks by modified Taguchi techniques.
Earth and Space Sciences
Verification Of Lightning Strike Estimation Utilizing Induced VLF InterferenceSimulating Hydric Conditions In Nonhydric SoilsEffects Of Coastal Hydrometerological Setting On The Summer 1993 Mississippi RiverFloodPulsecellular TornadoenesisRelationship Between Asteroid Impact Energy And Crater SizeMicrovariability Of QuasarsSailing Into Space: Reflecting On A SolutionHurricane Activity In Conjunction With Global ChangesSahara Dust: A Correlation Between Sun Photometer Readings And Satellite ImagesSoybeans in Space: Can They Survive The Trip?Development And Application Of the Cloudy Web SimulatorA Six-Year Study Of Eclipsing Binary Stars: Analysis Of Classification vs. CelestialPositioning Using GPS To Quantify The Relative Lightning Risk Of Ridges And MesasSolar EnergyDynamics Of The Formation Of Tidal Structure In Interfacing Galaxies As DeterminedBy Newtonian-Model Computer Simulations: Phase IIStudy About The Nucleation Process and Isomorphism Ionic SaltsRadar Modeling of HurricanesThe Effects Of Different Soil Subtrates On Water DrainageCosmic BubblesSolarnet: A Space Weather Monitoring & Forecasting SystemSpectral Variations In A Cepheid Variable StarWill A Centrifuge Provide Gravitropism For Plant Growth In Space?Safe QuakeShield Volcanoes, Coronae, and Lithospheric Evolution On VenusSolar Activity Tracking In The Visible SpectrumWhich Soil Holds The Most Water Improper MotionSoggy SoilsMagnification of double and quadruple image gravitational lens systems.
Searching for correlations between plate tectonics and chaos.
A study of the Tully-Fisher relation and central mass concentration of southern spiralgalaxies.
The formation of symplectic exsolutions in Nakhlite Martian meteorites.
Morphological comparisons of invertebrate fossil remains found in the Wheeler Shaleand Spence Shale formations.
Ultra-lightweight holographically corrected telescope.
The isotopic analysis of secondary Uranium deposits.
Groundwater carbonate and isotope hydrology.
Testing the theory of Island Biogeography using Macrofossil Peat analysis.
An analysis of physical and chemical changes in thermal vent activity along the CabrilloFault.
Overclocked and Chilled Out: The Design, Construction, And Operation Of AThermoelectric Based Liquid Cooled Personal ComputerHow Would A Violin Make Sound Compared To One That I BuildWhich Type Of Floor Support System Can Withstand The Most Weight In Pressure WithThe Least deflection?The Production And Application Of Ethanol As A Synthetic FuelEngineering The Voice Of The Oboe With Acoustical PrinciplesDesign And Construction Of An Automated Device to Measure Piano ActionCharacteristicsThe Effect Of Agricultural Byproducts As An Alternative In BiocompositesThe Design Of Edible And Biodegradable TwineEarthquake EngineeringMagnetic LevitationDesign And Construction of A GPS Directed Location To Transmit From A Dat ModuleTo A Handheld ComputerAn Automated Power Line Examination SystemBrushless Electric Motors Aerodynamic LiftThe Colorful Liquid Crystal FilterElectronic Traction ControlComputer Automated Rocket Engine Test StandAluminum Powered Fuel CellVariations In Surface Temperature Using Different Types of Aluminum Cladding InIndustrial Insulation applicationsThe Plausibility of a Hydrogen Ion DriveA Performance Evaluation Of Inverted Airfoil Parapet Implementation On Flat RoofSurfaces - Phase VAqua Kleen - Automatic Aquarium Water Changer And FeederCorrelation Between Electric Motor Cooling And EfficiencyHow Does Nozzle Size Affect Thrust, Operating Pressure, And Burn Time?A Study Of Factors Affecting Capacitance In Double Layer CapacitorsDrag Reduction of Submersibles Through The Use Of Active Surfaces The Dissipation Of Thermal Energy From A Microprocessor Through The Process Of TheVaporization of Isopropyl AlcoholThermal Detection For RC SailplanesAutomatic A/V Router An Innovative Laser Bonding Technique For Aluminum/Carbon Fiber CompositesDesign And Development Of A Micro air Vehicle Stability Experimentation AndMicro-Pulsejet DevelopmentA Catalytic Converter For 4-Cycle EnginesA Two Dimensional Dynamic Analysis Of Structures With Emphasis On EarthquakeEngineeringAnalysis Of Wing Design And Angle Of AttackThe Heat Energy Of Air Conditioners As A Substitute Of.
The Development And Construction Of A Robotic InsectVenturi Jet Engine The Effect Of Bank Stabilization On The Yellowstone RiverA Smart Alarm System Used In Throwing Sports ApparatusesThe Phototropic Solar Cell: A Novel DeviceDevelopment Of A Simple Refrigeration System For Third World CountriesRox-544: Walking Like An InsectThe Structural Efficiency OF The Three Dimensional TrussA Remote Flight Data Collection And Analysis SystemA Robust Design Experiment Using An L18 Orthogonal ArrayDeveloping Tactile Sensors For A Mechanical HandGlass III: Toward A StandardComposite StrengthSeen And Be SeenAutomated Vibration Damping Using Passive Piezoelectric TechnologyCan Acoustical Methods Be Used To Detect And Characterize Corrosion?Sensitivity Nulling Of Inertial Guidance SystemsTo Break Or Not To Break" - An Analysis Of Cement AdditivesSolvent Vapor Removal Efficiency Of A Re-Designed Interface Between HPLC And GCDetectorsUse of Linear Induction Rotators To Obtain Composite MaterialsHomemade Gel Couples WellBicycle Helmets And ChildrenWhich Truss Can You Trust? Engineering An Accurate SimulationElectrically Driven MicrometerAxial Cone-Envelope Pipe Closing ValveThe Gyroscopic SundialRobotic RevolutionSail Aerodynamics And Force VectorsNew Materials: New Millenium (Liquid Crystalline Precursors for High ThermalConductivity Carbon Fibers and Composites)High Strength Concrete Bridge Spans Minus Rebar reinforcementFlash ModulationWhite Paving Stones: A New Material For Construction Made by QuartziferousSandstonesDesign And Construction Of A Solar Electric-String TrimmerActive Spin Control: The Next Step After Anti-Lock BrakesExpanding sense capabilities using Fiber Optic technology.
Handicap motorcycle.
Aerodynamic effects of upturned and downturned tip caps.
Deflections of trusslike structures: Elastic deformation of Ladies Safety and DoubleDiamond frames.
Will equalization of atmospheric pressure eliminate lead plate bending?Design and development of the dual chamber isobaric subwoofer enclosure.
Earthquake resistance: Magnetic magnitude reduction.
Venturi jet engine.
Micro-electrical mechanical systems - development of a bistable switch.
Quantifying wind tunnel turbulence using Planar Membrane Drag analysis.
Locomotion of underwater vehicles via mimicry of natural sinusoidal motion.
Magnetic levitation.

Environmental Sciences
Effects of U.V. Radiation On Euglena To Simulate Ozone DepletionThe Effect Of Delayed Incubation On Metamorphosis Of Danaus FlexippusNitrate Removal From Drinking Water Using Elemental IronInvestigating Southwest Florida Water Quality Through The Ecophysiology OfPontederia Cordata. Phase 5Freshwater-Saltwater Interaction In The Florida EvergladesThe Effects Of High Phosphorus Levels In The Everglades: Implications For RestorationEffects of Synthetic And Organic Treatments on Soil And Runoff Quality And PlantGrowth When Applied To Tilled And No-Tilled FieldsWelcome To The Collembola CaféThe Effects Of Commercial Pesticides On Lumbricus TerrestrisLint Mats: An Attempt To Control Fluvial ErosionA Comparison Of Benthic Macroinvertebrate Sampling Sites (Protocol Analysis: PhaseII)Private Well Water Quality And H. Pylori: Does A Correlation Exist?Biopellet FuelThe Effects Of Thiobaccillus Ferrooxidans On Acid Mine Drainage And Copper WireThe Adverse Effects Of Single Toxicity of Agricultural Herbicides On Different TrophicLevels Within An Aquatic EcosystemWetlands _ A Natural Cleaning ProcessPlants To The Rescue: Bioremediation Of Lead Contaminated Soil Ozone's BuddyThe Environmental Impact Of Poultry Litter Fertilizer On WatershedsPlant Growth In the Blue LagoonThe Pressure Is On The PastureFrom Allen Weed To Gourmet DishTreated Wastewater EnvironmentEffects Of Leaf Type: Site Selection And Leaf Pack Removal Time On Stream EcologyImprovement Of Air And Water Quality From Industrial Swine FacilitiesAn Environmental Study Of Lake Dardanelle: Zebra Mussels vs Macro InvertebratesFederal CanalLead - Imminent HazardLivestock Manure Contamination In the Groundwater Of West AlabamaEffect Of Electronic Toll Collection On Vehicular Carbon Monoxide EmissionsEnvironmental Pollutants "Watch Those Waves" An Oceanography MultistudyCatalytic Innovation In Diesel Engines For BiofuelsReplenishment Oysters For The Chesapeake BayFactors Controlling Forest Litter DecompositionPredominant Uses Of Lands In 1950 Of Areas That Are Actually Secondary ForestsThe Effects of Ivermectin On Dung Fauna DiversityHow Should Students Use Correction Pens CorrectlyComparative Study Of Three Stations In The Turabo RiverLow Let Radiation Induced Apoptosis In The NT -2 Cell LineBacterial Bioremediation Of Oils In Two Ecological SettingsCompost: Turn Your Spoils Into Soil!The Effects Of Mining On Park City SoilOrganic Energy Cleaning Up the AirSoil Characteristics of Logan County, KentuckySurfactant Solubilization of Polyaromatic HydrocarbonsThe Use Of Biofiltration For The Decontamination Of waterCorrelating Residual Antibiotic Levels In Public Water To In-Situ Drug-ResistantEscherichia Coli: Is Remediation An OptionSunflowers: A Productive Alternative For Removing Lead From Contaminated SoilLead Content In Apple JuiceAir Particulate Monitoring Of Rural EnvironmentsCanola CarEffects Of Sodium Phosphate, Sodium Nitrate & AmmoniumPristine Water And The Great American Lawn: Can They Co-exist?Ecological Assessment Of The Carton-And-Paper Production Waste By BioassaysDoes EMR Affect Drosophilia Melanogaster?Repairing Ultra-Violet Damaged DNA With Different Light SourcesMore Than Just Milk?Non-Chemical Water DisinfectionInvestigation of lead contamination in particulate matter.
Are our playgrounds healthy?The efficiency and environmental impact of techniques used in oil spill cleanup.
Zeolite: a unique and ecologically safe fire retardant.
Examining possible mechanisms for Diamondback Moth suppression on collardsintercropped with tomatoes.
Axenic culture and restoration of CYPRIPEDIUM species.
DNA structural mutations in pathogenic agents resulting from environmental heavymetal contamination.
The development of a micro-sensor for monitoring Sulfur Dioxide emissions.
The masculinizing effects of METHYLTESTOSTERONE on female Mosquitofish.
Electrokinetic Remediation vs. Phytoextratction: Which process is more effective in theremoval of metals contamination from soil?Microbial cleansing. Gerontology
DNA Structural Mutation In Pathogenic Agents Resulting From Environmental HeavyMetal contamination.
Influence Of Sex Hormones On Development of Bone CancerThe Effects of Antioxidants On the Maturation of E.ColiLong Telomeres In The Long Lived Galapagos TortoiseThe Alzheimer And Its Variability By Sex And Age In YaucoVapor Exchange Wheelchair SeatWith Age Comes Widsom? A Comparison of Selected Diets in Laramie, WYThe Effects Of Nitrate, Oxygen, Ozone and Calcium Levels on Osteoporosis In ZebraDaniosProtection of HeLa Cells From Oxidative Stress: Implication For Affecting AgingSelegiline and Vitamin E for Alzheimer Disease.
Transient Oxidative Stress Results in Delayed Tau Proteolysis.
Multiple Effects of X-rays on Lumbriculus Variegatus.
The Effects of CpG Oligodeoxynucleotides on Bone Marrow Deprived Macrophages .
The Effect of Aspartame on Maze Learning Behavior on Genetically Identical ElderlyFemale Rats.
Melatonin: Does it Alter both GSH and Sod in Drosophila Melanogaster.
The Effect of Benfluorex on Aged Female Simonsen Albino Rats.
Wound Healing in Endothelium in Vitro Aging and Microtubule Contribution to TissueRepair.
Effects of Melatonin on Immune Cell Function Phase II: Aging.
Cloning and Inserting the Mouse Quaking Genes into the pLEX A and pET Vectors:Application to Remyelination.
Pythagorean Triplets: A New DimensionLottery. Is It Really Random?Graphical Invariant SequencesDiscovering And Proving Facts Among Fibonacci NumbersGraphical Invariant SequencesThe Discovery And Application Of C-TransformersChronic Correlations?Random Circle On TargetAnalysis Of Algorithms Using Classic Iterated "Prisoner's Dilemma' ScenarioProjection Of Interplanetary Spacecraft TrajectoriesQuestioning Stonehenge's True PurposeA New Discovery On The Counterfeit Coin ProblemOn The Number Of Special Subgraphs In A Colored Or An Oriented GraphCodemaker: CodebreakerSpirolaterals (Year Four)Dynamics Of The Non Spatial Iterated Prisoners Dilemma With A Continuous Range Of Strategies And PopulationsFour Color Extends To RainbowRecursivitiy II: The Unifying ElementLargest Graphs Of Diameter 2 And Fixed Euler CharacteristicsOptimal Orbit Trajectories For Space Station DockingGame Theory And The Butterfly EffectReciprocity Laws Establishing The Quadratic Character Of Remainder Classes In FieldsCyclic Groups And Other Topics In Finite FieldKnots: Links And Applications To DNAThe Use Of Nonlinear Modeling And Chaotic Dynamics To Analyze The DifferenceBetween Sick And health Cardiac Output: A Computer AlgorithmInteger Sequences That Behave Like The Fibonacci SequenceSynthetic Division For Divisors That Are Polynomials Of Degree Greater Than OneDynamics Of CD4 T Cells In HIV-1 Patients Under Haart: Implication In Immune SystemRestorationFractals: A Study Of Patterns In Card ShufflingThe Sound Of ChaosElliptical TangentsThe Equation Of The Golden SpiralCorrective Codes Of ErrorsSurreal DimensionsUsing Fractals To Model Coastlines And Measure geographical IrregularitiesOrder And Chaos In A Dripping Water FaucetExtension Of A Theorem of Kiming and Olsson for p (n)Fractal Geometry: New DimensionDifference Sets in Groups with Frobenius Image.
The Hamiltonicity of Graphs of Self-Complementary Degree Sequences.
Vector Quantization by Flux Integration over BWT Spectrally Filtered Surfaces.
Ordered Fields.
The Mathematics of Impact Cratering.
Analysis of DNA using Literature-Based Methods.
Evolving Populations of Adaptive ID Cellular Automata Using the Genetic Algorithm.
Chaotic Behavior in Atmospheric Systems.
A Polynomial Based Approach to Mapping Multi-valued Propositional Logics.
Algebraic Generalizations of Van Der Waerden's Theorem on Arithmetic Progressions.
Medicine and Health
Phacoemulsification: A Post-Operative StudyThe Anticarcinogenic Abilities Of Reservatrol: In Vitro StudyThe Government Misleads Both Consumers And FarmersAge Related Macular Degeneration: Interpolative Diagnostic Modeling Of StandardDiagnostic Methodologies And Effectiveness Of Photodynamic Therapy: A ComparisonStudyThe Immune System Response To Viral Infections-A Computational StudyIn Vivo Transfection Of Ischemic Rat Skin Flaps With VegfCombating Resistance to Penicillin in Staphylococcus epidermis ( Can the Magic BulletRegain Its Magic)Effects of Vitamin E On The Infection Of E-Coli By T4 (bacteriophage)Ultrasound Mediated Transdermal Delivery Of HeparinThe Synergistic Effects Of Endostatin And Aspirin On Angiogenesis In Gallus Domesticus EmbryosThe Effects Of Temperature On DEHPFresh Garlic vs Its Commercial Preparations As An Antibacterial, Antifungal, andAntiviral AgentHyperglycemia Induces Oxidative Stress and Caspase ActivityCharacterization of the Immunoregulatory Effects Of TGF-BETAEvidence For Emmetropization By Trial And ErrorOne Step Closer To The Cure: Identification of Specific Protein Interactions Mediated ByMyeloid Zinc Finger 1b Amino AcidsThe Effects Of A Flavonoid On Bad CholestereolEmassager: The Search For A Better Device To Accomplish The Task Or CompressionTherapyDo Nitrate And Sulfite Preservatives Affect Development?Effects of MW On CPA-Induced ToxicityThe Effect Of Growth Factors On Human Cancer Cell DivisionIdentification Of Bioactive Compounds - Phase IIWho's Your Main Squeeze?A Quantative Approach To Reduce Melondialdehyde With Ascorbic AcidA Transgene For The Cardiac Specific Expression Of MCARWhat Is the Effectiveness Of Antimicrobial Identifrices And Mouth Rinses On Inhibitionof Oral Microflora?Possible Anti-Viral Properties of Black Tea, Beta Carotene in Suppressing NPVPathobiology Of Hemodialysis Vascular Access StenosisGenetic Regulation Of The Balance Between Life And Death In Cancer CellsAnticancer Floritoxin In Aleurites MolucannaInflammatory Cytokines And Their Role In Breast PainEffectiveness Of Taraxacum Officinale As An AntibioticThe Analysis Of Drugs That Inhibit Retrovirus-Like ElementsInvestigation On The Nutritional Status Of Chinese Middle School Students By BIA AndDietary InquiryThe Effects Of Echinacea On Bacterial ResistanceAn Atomic Force Microscopy Study Of Membrane Protein CFTRA Succulent Solution To A Burning Problem: Phase IIIThe Effects Of Minoxidil On Drosophila MelanogasterThe Protective Effects Of Vasoactive Intestinal Peptide On ApoptosisComparative Efficacy Of Two Catherer FlushesHow Are Diabetes And High Cholesterol Related To Cardiovascular SicknessThe Effects Of Vitamin And Vitamin D On MCF-7 Breast Cancer CellsHow Does Second Hand Smoke Affect Mice? A Second Year StudyProgressive Loss Of Germ Cells Through Adoptosis in XXY Male Mice: An ExcellentModel For Klinefelter SyndromeA Microscopic Analysis Of The Effects Of Aspartame On Euglena GracillisBST-Increased Milk For The New Millennium IIAn Investigation Into The Function Of The Lymphocte UropodAllergenicity Of The Predator Dust Mike, Cheyletus TenuipilisTooth Decay Caused By Common BeveragesAntiseptic Ability Of Herbal RemediesNatural Mouthwash: New Alternative To Preserve Oral HealthEffects Of Fatigue On The Cardiovascular FitnessApproach To Puertorican Ethnomedicine: Spermicidal And Contraceptive Properties OfEryngium Foetidum Organic Extract Discovery Of Angiogenesis Inhibition By GarlicTesting The Susceptibility Of K-562 Cell To Natural Killer CellsClinical Application Of Uric Acid On CNS PathologyHot Pepper! Possible Therapy For Peptic Ulcer Disease?Thyroid Health. Just A Salt Lick Away, Iodine Vs soy IsoflavonesIn Maintaining Normal Thyroid FunctionThe Effects Of Solu-Medrol-Copaxone On Multiple SclerosisThe Effects Of Fiber On Absorption Of Various CarbohydratesBiology + Engineering = Hope for Future CardiotransplantsDopamine-3 Receptor Agonist as Novel Antiglaucoma AgentHirudo Medicinalis: Phase IIBrand Name Product vs Generic Product - An In Vitro StudyAnalysis Of Acquired Apoptotic Resistance In NS-1 Myeloma Via ProlongedDexamethasone ExposureA Study Of Creatine Monohydrate's Ability To Induce Chromosome Aberations InChinsese Hampster Ovary CellsFas-Fas Ligand Interactions Play an Important Role In Successful Therapy of Cancer.
Papaya Seed: Source of an Anticancer Agent?Are Nanobacteria Linked to Extraskeletal Calcification?HIV-1 Tat Protein as a Transactivating Transcriptional Regulator.
Detection of Antibodies to Recombinant OSPC in Lyme Disease Patients.
Enhanced Acoustically Induced Transfection.
Effects of Sodium Nitrate on Macrophage's Immune Response.
Cockroach Allergens as Risk Factors for Pediatric Asthma.
Novel Regulation of Platelet Activation by Plasma Inhibitory Factors.
Induction of Ho Attenuates Laox and TNF- Mediated Cell Injury.
Garlic as an Antifungal Agent.
Maternal Interference.
The B in Spina Bifida: The Methionine Challenge.
The Frequency Of The MF2 Gene In Streptococcus Pyogenes And The CorrelationBetween MF2 And Spec In The GenomeThe Effectiveness Of Garlic As An AntibioticThe Biological Control Of KudzuIsolation And Identification Of Multiple Drug Resistance As Mediated By OuterMembrane Proteins Of Burkholderia CepaciaSearching For Indirect Evidence Of Microbes In The S.E. Powder River Basin PresentlyProducing Methane From Coal DegradationThe Further Characterization Of Bacteriophage T4 Resistant BacteriaThe Rules Governing The Occurrence Mutations During Viral ReplicationShould Your Cat Come With A Bio-Hazard Warning?Cloning Of The PHB PathwaySearching For Antimicrobial Substances Produced By Microorganisms Isolated FromNatural Food sourcesPhylogenic Characteristics Of Conjugal Plasmid TransferDetermination Of Triazine Degradation Potential In Soils Previously Exposed ToMelamine Through The Use Of PCR & Enrichment CulturesA Rainbow Of Serratia: A Study In Metabolic Pathways And UV LightAdherence Of E.Coli 0157:H7 To Alfalfa Sprouts Antibacterial Effects Of Seeds Traditionally Used By The Hohokam & Tohono O'odhamSurvival Of Bacteria On Waxed vs Unwaxed Tomatoes?One-Two Punch To The Resistance Bunch: Synergistically Combating Methicillin AndAmpicillin resistance In MRSA Inhibition Of Growth Of Bacteria Found In Urinary Tract Infections By Green TeaCatechinAluminum Enhancement By A Recently Discovered Thermoacidophile: Phase IIGrappling With PathogensSingle Celled Spelunkers.The Microbes Of Glenwood CavernsTropical Flavored FungiAnti-EPCR Antibody Epitope MappingSanitizing A Child's Medicine Dispensing DeviceEssential Oils Effect On Staphylococcus AureusWhat Is The Effect Of Added Nutrients And Microorganisms On The TripartiteSymbiosis Of Legumes Grown In Degraded Soil?Evidence For A Lipoprotein Scavenger Receptor In The African TrypanosomeTransfer of Antibiotic Resistance in E.ColiI Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For. Bacteria? New Source For Antibiotics-Halophilic Isolates From The Great Salt LakeAntibiotic-Resistance Inhibition By Bacterial DemographicsSalmonella MutagenesisJet Fuel Pollution-A Microbial Solution: Development Of An Effective BiofermentorColiform Pollution And Escherichia Coli Antibiotic Resistance Patterns In River BasinsAnd Their Relationship To The Bovine IndustryBacterial Transformation In Serratia MarcescensThe Effects Of Herbs vs. Antibiotics Against BacteriaSyntheisis Of CDNA Via Primer AdaptersThe Study Of The Effects Of Prebiotic Treatment On Fermented FoodsFingerprint Type Similarities In Related And Non-Related Subject PairsInhibition Of Salmonella And E.ColiGeorge Washington's Dirty SideEffects Of UV Radiation On The S.Cerevisiae RAD2 And RAD14 MutantsThe Effect Of A Disinfectant On Bacteria Over Time In A Day Care CenterElectric BacteriaTime Course Study Of Mycoplasma Persistence In RatsCrossover Rate Variations In Sordaria Fimicola As Caused by Bisphenol-AEffects Of Lemon Juice On Rhizopus StoloniferComparison Of The Effectiveness Of Ampicillin And Bacteriophage Against AmpicillinResistant E.coliThe Study Of Chromosome III In The Yeast Genome: The Effect Of The UnlinkedSuppressor On The revertant Tyhis3 Insertion At The HML LocusEffects Of Different Restriction Enzymes On Restriction Sites Of Plasmid DNAThe Mystic Realm Of Garlic: Allium Combating BacteriaGrowth Regulators Of Agrobacterium TumefaciensAntiobic Resistance: The Millennium BugThe Effects Of Telomerase Inhibition On The Senescence Rate In SaccharomycesCerevisiaeAllium Sativum: Exploring Topical Antibacterial PossibilitiesThe Effects Of Caffeine, Garlic And Onion Extract On Streptococcus And E. coli BacteriaTemperature And The Susceptibility Of Antibiotics On PseudomonasPutative Role Of Chemokine Receptors And Viral Protein R In Th2-Cytokine-Mediated Pathogenesis Of SHIVIdentification Of Quinoxaline Metabolites By The Fungi Cunninghamella Elegans AndPhanerochaete ChrysosporiumIn Vitro And The In Vivo Study Of Bacteriophage TherapyNitric Oxide And Activation-Associated Cell DeathComparative Study: The Capacity Of Selected Antibiotics To Inhibit The Growth OfBacteria Versus The Antibiotic Action Of Allium SativumCorrelating Yeast And Human DNA Repair GenesBiomolecular TB ControlMicropropagation of Nitrogen fixing trees.
Does prolonged use of antibacterial soap increase the levels of antibiotic?Controlling the successive transmission of bacteria.
The mechanism of replication of viral RNA by a viral Polymerase.
Evolutionary responses of viable SACCHAROMYCES CEREVISIAE in artificial Iodineenvironments.
Identification of Dengue virus in AE. AEGYPTI mosquitoes.
Genetic variability in USTILAGO SCITAMINEA.
Rapid assessment of bacterial cell concentration using ATP bioluminescence.
A complex study of bacterial growth on water bubblers (water fountains).
A comparative study of proteins isolated from Pathogenic vs. Non-Pathogenic E-COLI.
Investigating the mechanism of action of a novel protein in killing Leukemic cells.
Scratch HolographyRadiation In Altamaha River MusselsOptimization Of Gallium Arsenide Semiconductor Laser Power OutputWhat Shaped Parachute Stays Suspended The Longest?The Use Of Laser Interferometry To Create Holographic Optical ElementsLift vs. Angle Of IncidenceViolin Bridge: Will the Stradivarius Legend Continue?A Second Helping Of Sonoluminescence For The SoulThermocoupleA "Battery" Of TestsDiscrete Electron Density Theory: Finite Tensor Solutions To Schrodinger's EquationInvestigation Of Laser Diffraction From A Fractal ApertureFull Range Pressure Gage By Using Optical Refraction MethodHow Does Bounce Relate To Distance In Golf Balls?Power Averaging Of Capacitors' Energy SuppliesAn Electromagnetic CannonEvolution Of The Giant Dipole Resonance Width With Nuclear Temperature In 120 SnDoes Water Pressure Decrease As Speed Increases?Evaluating Primitive ArcheryDirect Measurement Of The Speed Of LightDoubling The Frequency Of Light: Second Harmonic Generation In Periodically PoledLithium NiobateHigh Energy Particle Effects In A Plasma MediaBotanical Survey Using Optical Coherence TomographyDoes Newton Know?Mass Spectroscopy Of Multicharged IonsScratch Holography Viewing Dimensions Characterization Of Oxidation Resistant Magnetic Thin FilmsStudy Of Defects In Thin Film Solar CellsEuclidian Solution In Quantum GravityA Twist Of Faraday: Study Of Electric And Electromagnetic InteractionsBee HeardInsulation: Which Type Is Best?Go With The Flow: Phase II - Testing Drag Coefficients During Air Acceleration AndDeclerationAqua Shock: Effects Of Electricity On The Growth Of PlantsPhotoelastic Stress Analysis Of A Rigid Inclusion In A Polymer MatrixA Study Of The Transmission Of UVA/UVB Light Through Sunscreens With The Same InProtection FactorNon-Intrusive Speed Determination By Doppler ShiftParticle Sizes By Laser Scattering In Cloudy WaterA Crystal Growth Variation Of The Bak-Sneppen Evolution ModelTowards A Framework For Quantifying TimbreFeel The Force: A Study Of The Equivalence Of General Relativity And Gauge TheoryThe Scatter Of Falling Objects - A Three-Year Study - Debris Scatter Uncovers CrashMysteriesShake It UpSound Techniques For Studying Granular MaterialDo You Hear What I Hear?Art Deterioration: Deleterious Environmental Effects Of Tobacco SmokeThe Effect Of An Excimer Laser On Morpho Menelaus WingsIsolating Plasma Species - Initiating Internal Electrostatic Fields For Plasma HeatingDoes the number of G-forces affect the human heart rate?The effects of electromagnetic fields and polymers on cells.
Visualizing fluid flow: Making a 2-dimensional magnetic fluid.
Rapid granular fabrication of Nanocircuitry.
Biotribology: Studies of friction and wear of cartilage vs. prosthetic materials.
The mechanical and optical properties of Polyvinyl Chloride.
Real time 3D imaging.
How does boiler design affect efficiency of solar distillation of salt water?Magnetohydrodynamic power generator.
Reconstructing acoustic image through ultrasonic wave interference.
Sonoluminescence and its potential biomedical applications.
Plant Sciences
Development Of Musa Acumminata DiastaseThe Antimicrobial Effective Of Folk MedicinesPVY Spread In PotatoesHelping Hay Fever Sufferers With Plant Growth Regulators Gravitation's Effect On Plant LifeThe Effect Of Elevated CO² Concentrations On The Growth And Development OfPhaseolus LimensisThe Effects Of Fatty Acids On The Transpiration and Temperature Of Phaseolus VulgarisAnd Pisum SativumBack Off! Allelopathy And The Black Walnut TreeSex Organ Development And Interbreeding Mechanisms Of Cyathea Spinulosa (A TreeFern) Taxonomic Analysis Of Anthurium Species Using Computer Assisted Pattern AnalysisPhase Two: Alfalfa Transformation Senescene GeneThe Factors Effecting The Transformation Of Crimson CloverEffects Of Ultraviolet Radiation On Corn: Part VDetermining Whether Length Affects Grass GrowthPhotoperiod: Key To Controlling Productivity In Forages?Phytotoxic Actions Of NitritesThe Effectiveness And Precision Of Alternative Transgenic Pest Control MethodologyUsing Bacillus Thuringiensis (Bt) in Corn PlantsIncreasing Isoflavones: Sprouting for HealthAn Investigation Of Factors Affecting Billet-Cut SugarcaneCan the Calcium Level In Plants be Raised? Phase TwoScotch Broom EradicationCloning Of Methionine Sulfoxide Reductase In FruitsHow Does the Leachate From Soil Affect Plants Grown Hydroponically?The Effects Of Bacillus Thuringiensis On The Behavior Of Hippodamia Convergens"Juglone" Plant Benefaction Of The Black Walnut TreeIrrigation Scheduling: Efficiency In Water UseAllelopathy? Back Off? Phase ThreeGenetic Engineering Effects On Glycine MaxExtending The Shelf Life Of Rosa BorbonianaPreventing Contamination In Hybrid RiceEffects On Root Zone Temperature On Growth Of Early Girl Tomatoes In AquacultureSystemThe Effect Of Dust On Pinus Elliottii Of The Subtropical Pine Forest RegionThe Effects Of Lighting And Fertilization Levels On Codiaeum VariegatumThe Effect Of Salt On Different Varieties Of CarrotsThe Effect Of Electromagnetic Fields On Algae CellsThe Salt Tolerant Mutant Of The Ceratopteris Fern, Proposal For A New Direction In SeaWater AgricultureThe Effects Of Electricity On Plant GrowthHow Does Hydrogen Peroxide Affect Wheat Germination?How Farming Practices Affect Soil Nutrients And ForageThe Effects Of Varied Levels Of pH In Soil On the Emergence Of Wheat And Soybeans:Phase ThreeDo Different Fertilizers, Their Amounts And An Indoor Vs Outdoor Climate ChangeAffect Wheat?Do Various Types Of Water Affect The Growth Of Abelmoschus EsculentusEffect Of Black Walnut Husk Extract (Juglans nigra) In Tomato Seed (LycopersicumEsculentium) Toxicity And Murine Tumor Cells Proliferation AssaysCan PPM reduce contamination in tissur-cultured BRASSICA OLERACEA withoutaltering growth rates?Using a genetic mutant for PHYTOREMEDIATION of lead-contaminated soils.
Effects of a superabsorbent Polymer on Lycopersicon Esculentum.
Identification of molecular markers linked to morphological mutant.
Angiosperms: Nuclear volume and ionizing radiation.
Do micronutrients affect wheat productivity?Pathogenic Control of Tropical Soda ApplesThe Susceptibility of Taro to Pythium Root as Affected by Trace Glyphosate Exposure

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