ParaFlow Two-Stage
The YORK ParaFlow Direct Fired Absorption Chiller-Heater is
Absorption Direct Fired
completely factory-packaged, including a first stage (high Liquid Chiller/Heater
temperature) generator, burner, burner panel, main shell, hot waterheater, microprocessor controls and all interconnecting unit piping COOLING CAPACITY
and wiring. All control and safety devices are mounted and wired. The 703 to 2373 kW
lithium bromide charge is shipped loose.
Vessels and components are, as necessary, manufactured and HEATING CAPACITY
563 to 1969 kW
Refrigerant cycle
The YORK YPC high efficiency two-stage absorption refrigeration
cycle uses water as the refrigerant and lithium bromide as the
absorbent. It is the strong affinity that these two substances have for
each other that makes the cycle work. The entire process occurs in
hermetic vessels in a near complete vacuum.
YORK’s exclusive two-way split of solution flow allows the unit to
operate at much lower solution concentrations and temperatures than
in series flow systems. This dramatically increases the efficiency of
the unit and virtually eliminates crystallisation problems. The
ParaFlow two stage design guarantees a market leading COP up to
1,11 in cooling mode.
Environmental Considerations
Traditional electrically driven chillers generally use halogenated
refrigerants, which can cause ozone depletion and have a high global
warming potential. The YPC-F range uses the most environmentally safe refrigerant - WATER. The absorbent is lithium bromide. That water/lithium bromide solution has no global warming effect. It is non- caustic, non-toxic and non-flammable.
By using the environmental friendly ADVAGuard 750 inhibitor the internal corrosion rate and hydrogen generation is up to 8 times less are performed through the evaporator asstandard. Optionally an additional hot YPC-F units can be operated by either natural gas, propane gas or 79,4°C can be installed. With that option fuel oil. Capacity control is accomplished by modulating the burner’s ISN Millenium Control Center
The Millennium™ control panel combines the very best in chiller
protection with the optimum in system efficiency. As standard
equipment on all chillers it is a major development in absorption
chiller technology, providing the most precise and reliable control and
Vital chiller operating information is shown on the 40 character
alphanumeric display. All information is in clear language with
numeric data provided in metric or imperial units.
The control panel automatic capacity control varies the burner’s firing
rate using a fuzzy-logic control algorithm to maintain the programmed
setpoint for the chilled water leaving temperature in the load range
between 30% and 100%.
Stainless Steel spray heads
YORK’s advanced spray head design provides an extremely uniform
and soft mist that eliminates hot and cold spots in the absorber and
evaporator tubes, resulting in longer tube life and increased efficiency.
Unique Automatic Purge System
When accumulated non-condensable gases reach a preset level a
sensor automatically activates the purge system, with a motor-driven
purge pump. This negates the need for time consuming periodic
purging of the unit by the operator.
Hermetic Pumps
The unique construction of YORK's hermetic pumps ensures low
energy consumption and long trouble-free operation. Service
inspections are usually carried out every 50,000 hours. Maintenance
of the pumps can be carried out quickly and easily due to built-in
isolation valves ahead and behind each internal pump.
No special operator qualifications are required to operate the unit.
The unit operates in vacuum conditions and is not subject to
boiler regulations.
Cooling Capacities
and Physical Data

Weight kg
1 Values are valid at following conditions
Chilled Water Temperatures (in/out) 12.2/6.7°C
Cooling Water Temperatures (in/out) 29.4/35°C
Hot Water Temperatures (in/out) for standard unit 55.5/60°CHot Water Temperatures (in/out) for optional hot water heat exchanger 68.3/79.4°C 2 standard width without optional hot water heat exchanger 3 width with optional hot water heatexchanger 4 add 450kg for optional hot water heat exchanger YPC-F


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