La Busana (right side): David Uriel Hasson & Rivca Galante Alberto & Jaco Levy family Cohen family Menashe family (Grandmother of Fortune Soriano) Chilibee Turiel (daughter: Lea—Brussels--grandfather of Fortune & Bella Soriano) Dr. Mercado Hasson (lived upstairs & had medical clinic downstairs) Allegra Alhadeff (upstairs) (teacher of embroidery & French) Moshe Alhadeff children: Ner & Virginia Joseph Avzaradel -– wife: Regina Treves (children: Alesandro, Elia, Alberto, Stella, & Allegra) La Busana (left side): Behor Amato – wife: Lea Moshe Amato – wife: Simha Sharhon (tall son Yitzhak (―John‖) moved to France) Hezkia Franco (President of the Jewish Community) Marco Shemaria (destroyed by bombings, now a vacant lot), son: Yakov, daughter: Laura, survivor Calle de la Talmud Torah (right side): David Benun & Behora Franco Community coffins in room across from the ―genisa‖ Mussani Tarica (upstairs) -- wife Ester (short) (son & 2 daughters) Calle de la Talmud Torah (left side): Talmud Torah (later community oven) Cordoval family (travel agent) ―Genisa‖ room where old & damaged books kept until buried (located across from the community coffins) Cadranel family (dress maker) Raul Benveniste Sharhon (worked for the Alhadeff business) El Datilar (Perikleos Street) (left side): Bohor Russo Shimon Menashe?? Nissim Benun -- wife: Camprada Cadranel (of Milas) Yacov Huniu (―carosero‖) wife: Rebecca Algranti (daughter in Israel) Avram Palombo –wife: Lea Franco, 10 children: Behora, Moshe, Ezra, Jacob, Leon, Matilda, Rachel, Regina & Rahamim Jacob Algranti & Rachel Alhadeff Shimon Menashe (children: Eduardo, Joe, Edmond) (moved to Israel) (his 2nd marriage was to Julia from Izmir) Alibamia street entry: Moshe Menashe (tailor, married twice) (children: David, Marie & Chilibee) Yacov Shemaria -- wife: Flor Shemaria; children: Moshe, Abramo (& Amelie died April ’44 bombing) Miriam Sidis Nahmias Abner Notrica (wife: Marie, children: Risula) Bohor ―Kasap‖ Hasson ―Agapite‖ Benveniste (son: ―Haimach‖ died in 1944 bombing) Levy orphans Sarah & Estrella Capeluto & later: de Leon families (daughter: Stella) Yitzhak Alhadeff (wife: Miriam Shemaria) Sarota Shaul Solomon ―Mavro‖ Alhadeff Chilibon Menashe (he was a tailor, wife: Lea Menashe, children: David, Marie & Chilibee) El Datilar (Perikleos Street) (side street): Davidchon Alhadeff (wife: Sol Leon & 6 children) Yitzhak Amato (upstairs) daughters: Sarah, Lea, Rebecca Samuel Capeluto (had notions shop in business square) wife: Mazaltov & 2 daughters Diamante, Perla Levy? Yacov Halfon (wife: Estrella) Arugetti (upstairs)(married Alhadeff) Maslia Hasson Yosef Sharhon (Lucia, Selma & Matica) (Sylvia & Sophia?) Joseph Cohen family El Datilar (Perikleos Street) (right side): Nissim Hasson –- wife: Rachel Hasson (6 children: Natan, Amelie, Bellina, Haim, Fortunee Fani) Solomon Pihas & Sarina Benun Bohor Alhadeff -- wife: Mazaltov Mizrahi (had tavern in Calle Ancha) (5 daughters & 2 sons) Maslia Notrica (upstairs) & Rosa Franco (daughter: Sara Jerusalmi) Morris Soriano wife: Rachel Soriano Giuseppo Alcana – wife: Miriam (or Marie) (had a son and daughter) Rahamim Galante (upstairs) – wife: Lea Hasson, (Baruch, Diana moved to Portland) Avraham Alcana (downstairs) – wife: Yoshevet Notrica (children: Miriam, Josef, Nissim. Daughter, Miru moved to L.A.) Bohor Israel Hasson (―de Megre‖) wife: Rachel Levy (children: Joseph, Yakir, Morris, Samuel, Luna & Matilda) Selim Mizrahi (from Anatalia) Rafael Capeluto Mussani Alhadeff (upstairs) worked at Alhadeff dept. store with fabrics. Sons: Alejandro, Ruben (L.A. after War), (& Felipo died April ’44 bombing). Yahiel Alhadeff (wife: Mazaltov) El Datilar (Dimosthenous Street at the corner of Perikleos Street): Isaac Cohen wife: Rizula Cohen (children: Eliachon, Eliakim, Desiree, Victor, Jamila) Giuseppo Alcana (goal keeper) Bension Levy –- wife: Reina Fereira (children: Fortunee…) Destroyed street (park where Holocaust memorial is now): Benveniste produce stand Italian photographer Natan Hasson (wife: Sarina Levy) (nicknamed: ―Bilizik‖) David Capeluto (upstairs) (made bauls) (son: Victor) Nissim Israel (a haham) (son moved to Los Angeles)

Source: http://www.rhodesjewishmuseum.org/wp-content/uploads/2009/05/List-of-families-around-Kehila-Shalom2.pdf

Pandémie déclaration de la fnec fp fo au cchs 31 08 09

Confédération Générale du Travail FORCE OUVRIERE au Comité Central Hygiène et Sécurité Monsieur le Ministre Mesdames, Messieurs La FNEC FP FO vous a saisi à deux reprises sur le sujet qui nous intéresse aujourd’hui. Nous attendons de cette réunion qu’elle réponde à nos interrogations et donc à celles des personnels. Tout d’abord, la FNEC FP FO entend rappeler son a


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