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Retention A to Z

A is for Agenda: Don't run a meeting without one!
B is for Building a Better Tomorrow Participate in this year's ambitious International Program and watch your club grow!
C is for Community: Make sure your Lions club is a vital part of the community by planning service activities that fulfill
pressing needs.
D is for Dedication: One of the key characteristics of a successful volunteer!
E is for Evaluate: Take the time to evaluate your club and create an action plan to implement necessary changes. The
President's Retention Campaign Clinic Series and How are Your Ratings? can help get the job done right!
F is for Fellowship: Plan social activities for club members to build the bond of fellowship between them.
G is for Grow: Look into ways your club can grow this year. Consider one of the new extension opportunities such as a New
Century Lions Club, Club Branch, Lioness Lions Club or Campus Club.
H is for History: Your club can acknowledge the rich history and traditions of Lions while planning for future success.
I is for Involve: Make each member an essential part of die club by involving them in meaningful activities.
J is for Jump: Be proactive and jump into action at the beginning of the Lions year. Your positive attitude will be infectious.
K is for Knowledge: The best Lions are informed ones. Encourage your members to have a thorough
understanding of your club, its goals and its history.
L is for Leadership: Creating future leaders is important for building a strong club.
M is for Meetings: Long/boring meetings are the number one retention challenge. How do yours measure up?
N is for New Members: A club can't grow without them!
O is for Orientation: A proper orientation is the best way to get a new member off to a great start.
P is for Publicity: Don’t be afraid to "toot your own horn." Obtaining publicity for your club's worthwhile activities will help
ensure its success.
Q is for Quality: Strive for quality in everything you do, whether it be recruiting new members or beginning a new service
R is for Recognition: Recognize the outstanding efforts of your members at every opportunity.
S is for Strategies: Turn to the President's Retention Campaign for successful strategies to combat all your retention
T is for Team: Remember, Together Everybody Achieves More.
U is for Unity: Sharing common goals will help your members feel united
V is for Variety: Try something new to keep your members interested and involved.
W is for We Serve: The motivating force behind what all Lions do.
X is for eXtra: Anything worth doing is worth doing well; encourage extra efforts from all your team members.
Y is for Year-Round Growth: Quality members aren't only available during certain months of the year. Focus your efforts
consistently all year-round.
Z is for Zest Can you take care of business and still have fun? You bet! Make your club enjoyable and productive.
Retention Connection - LCI Website - March 7/03


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