Mais les résultats doivent être attendus longtemps et il n'y a généralement pas de temps metronidazole prix L'autre cas, c'est que l'achat d'un ou d'un autre antibiotique dans une pharmacie classique nécessite des dépenses matérielles considérables et pas toutes les personnes ne peuvent acheter des produits pharmaceutiques aussi coûteux.

Medication charges

Health Center Charges

Urgent care visit 10.00
Physical exam 15.00
Women’s health exam 15.00 (plus cost of pap test)
Injection fee

TB skin test


107.00 (plus $7 injection fee)
Hepatitis A 63.00 (plus $7 injection fee)
Hepatitis B

29.00 (plus $7 injection fee)
Tetanus (Tdap) 38.00 (plus $7 injection fee)
Typhoid Injection 57.00 (plus $7 injection fee)
Influenza (Flu) vaccine 13.00 (plus $7 injection fee)
HPV (Gardasil)

139.00 (plus $7 injection fee)
MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) 53.00 (plus $7 injection fee)
Oral Typhoid 44.00


Ace bandage 1.00
Wrist Brace

All charges can be paid using Carroll Cash or billed to your student
account. The only exception is that for students enrolled in the
student insurance plan by WPS offered through the University, the
insurance company will be billed directly and covered charges will
not be applied to the student account.
Medication Charges
Azithromycin (Z-pack)
Bactrim (TMP/SMZ) generic Trimethoprim/Sulfa DS
Cephalexin (Keflex)
Erythromycin Opth ointment
Flagyl (Metronidazole)
Tobramycin ophthalmic drops
Generic Loratadine
Mucinex D or Mucinex DM
Meclizine HCL (Antivert)
Albuterol for Nebulizer treatment
Albuterol inhaler (ProAir HFA)
Clotrimazole cream 15 gm
Debrox ear drops
Fluconazole (Diflucan) 150 mg tab
Fluticasone Nasal Spray
Pyridium (phenazopridine)
Silvadene cream
Triamcinolone (cream / ointment)
Tigan (generic)
Zantac (generic Ranitidine)
Medroxyprogesterone (generic)
50.00 + $7.00
Depo-Provera Injection
Mononessa / Trinessa / Sronyx (28 day, one month)
Mononessa / Trinessa / Sronyx (28 day, 3 month)
ALT (Green)
Iron (Yellow)
AST (Green)
Lipid panel (Green)
Beta strep culture
Lymes titer (Yellow)
Bilirubin-total (Green)
Measles titer (2 Yellow)
Blood type ABO + Rh
Metabolic Panel Basic
BUN (Green)
Metabolic Panel Comp.
CBC with diff (Lavender)
Mono- rapid in H.C.
Cervical / Vaginal culture
Mono WMH (gold)
Chlamydia (pink swab)
Mumps titer (2 Yellow)
Cholesterol-Total (Green)
Creatinine (Green)
Pap test (thin prep)
CPK (Green)
Pertussis PCR (State lab)
Depakote (valproic a.)
Pertussis PCR (WMH)
Estradial (Green tube, no
Pregnancy-serum (Yellow)
Pregnancy (urine)
Ferritin (Yellow)
Prolactin (Yellow)
FSH (Yellow)
PT / INR (Lt. Blue)
Free T4 (Green)
Rapid Strep (in H. C.)
Gonorrhea (pink swab)
RPR (Yellow)
GGT (Green)
Rubella titer (Yellow)
GC / Chlamydia Amp
Sed Rate (Lavender)
probe (pink swab)
TB Quantiferon gold
Glucose (12 hr fast)
Throat culture
H. Pylori (Yellow)
Hepatic fx (Green)
TSH (Green)
Hepatitis BsAb (Lavender)
UA complete
Hepatitis BsAg (Yellow)
Urine culture
Hepatitis C Ab (Yellow)
Urine Susceptibility-
Hepatitis-acute panel (Yellow)
Hgb A1c (Lavender)
Urine dip (in H. C.)
HIV Ab (Yellow)
Varicella PCR (Red swab)
HPV (from thin prep pap)
Varicella titer (Yellow)
HSV DNA (Red swab)
HSV 1 & 2 serum (Yellow)
Wound Culture
Influenza A&B-rapid (in H.C.)
Wound Susceptibility-
Influenza A/B- PCR



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