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Adam teninbaum 031810 astvfx international particle td

Adam S. Teninbaum00.1.347.234.5278 adam(a) Particle and Dynamic Simulation Work
Reed Krakoff Landing Page Animation (2010), Lead Dynamic Simulations TD for Assouline
Beyoncé World Tour (2009), Particle FX TD
Tiffany & Co. (2009), Animated Promotional Piece, Dynamic Simulations TD The Supernature
Soybean Waterfall (2009), Lead RealFlow Particle TD for Protokulture
Kid3D (2009), Lead Particle TD
Rituxan MS MOA Animation (2008), Genetech, Lead Particle TD for Eveo
Zometa MOA Animation (2006), Novartis, Lead RealFlow TD for Eveo
Vivitrol MOA Animation (2006), Alkermes, Lead Particle TD for Eveo
Filmography and Project History
Comcast Xfinity Spots (2010), After Effects artist for Beast
Reed Krakoff Landing Page Animation (2010), Motion Designer and Lead Animator for Assouline
Architectural Visualization for TBD Design Studio (2010) Director, Lead compositor and Maya artist
The Onion (2010), After Effects artist for Click3X
Manhattan Melodies (2010), Visual Effects Supervisor
NVIDIA Ray Tracing Demo (2010), 3D Technical Director for realtime GPU raytracing renderer
XBOX Animation (2009), CG Supervisor, led a team of 11 artists to complete a large animation in 2 weeks
Beyoncé World Tour (2009), Animated Concert Visuals, 3D Generalist & After Effects Artist
Tiffany & Co. (2009), Animated Promotional Piece, 3D Generalist for The Supernature
Stereopsis (2009), Title Sequence Animation, Motion Graphics and 3D Lead
CenturyTel High Speed Internet Broadcast Spot (2008), Peter Mayer Advertising, 3D Lead
Terrabella Village Broadcast Spot (2008), Peter Mayer Advertising, Lead Animator
Crestor MOA Animation (2008), AstraZeneca , 3D Lead
Rituxan MS MOA Animation (2008), Genetech, 3D Lead
Prograf MOA Animation (2007), Astellas, 3D Lead
Avastin MOA Animation (2007), Genentech, 3D Lead
Neulasta MOA Animation (2007), Amgen, 3D Lead
Vivitrol MOA Animation (2006), Alkermes, 3D Lead
Shrek 3 (2007), PDI/DreamWorks Animation, Technical Resource Administrator 
Over the Hedge (2006), PDI/DreamWorks Animation, Technical Resource Administrator 
Flushed Away (2006), PDI/DreamWorks Animation, Technical Resource Administrator 
Madagascar (2005), PDI/DreamWorks Animation, Technical Resource Administrator
D.J. Z-Trip Sony Playstation and House of Blues Concert Tour Animation (2005) - 3D Lead
African Wildlife Exhibit (2004) - Museum of Natural Science, Houston, TX. - 3D Modeler
Dilate (2004) - Animated Installation. Commerce St. Artists Warehouse, Houston, TX
Synesthesia (2003) - Animated Installation. Commerce St. Artists Warehouse, Houston, TX 
Wormwood, (2003) -  Collaborative dance and animation performance. DiverseWorks, Houston, TX
Technical Experience
Advanced knowledge of: Autodesk Maya | Real Flow | After Effects | Nuke | PFTrack | Mental Ray | Pixologic ZBrush |
Final Cut Studio | Adobe CS4
University of Houston, TX — BFA, 2004 (Magna Cum Laude)
Glassell School of Fine Art, Houston, TX — 2000
University of Texas, Austin, TX — Undergraduate Coursework in Computer Science 1995 - 1997
Flaxman Award for Achievements in Sculpture
Golden Key International Honor Society



PREPARATION FOR BALANCE TESTING   Your physician has recommended that testing be performed on your balance system. Please read and follow the guidelines in preparation for your testing. Your appointment is scheduled on _____________________________ at _________________. Women are asked to wear pants or shorts for testing. Gentlemen are asked to wear loose fitting clothes for comfort during t


Må bra - med bättre mat och mindre medicin År 2007, rubricerades jag som diabetiker. Jag började också få ont i hjärttrakten vid ansträngning, särskilt i kombination med stress - skall jag hinna med tåget! Genom sjukvården har jag fått allmänna kostråd och mediciner. Jag har tagit arbets-EKG och genomgick hjärtröntgen med kärlvidgning den 25/5 -09. Det gick inte riktigt bra

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