will have access to an array ofnew health care options. Call the PERS Health
Insurance program at
Maria & Stan Van Der Zanden atthe Gresham plan change meeting. In response to your requests for more informationabout natural products, each issue of Health Wisewill dedicate this space to focus on timely informa-tion from qualified professionals. As with any drug, it’s important to contact your doctor before changing or beginning a treatment so youcan consider all available treatment options for your condition.
Suggested Reading List
The Arthritis Cure, by Jason
The Arthritis Solution, by
al Way, by Bucci, Luke R.
It’s estimated that one in to rule out other possible as the Alzheimer’s Association causes of memory loss that help families adapt to the will respond to treatment, changes forced by this dis- dementia have been ruled time, medical research contin- out, early intervention may ues to search for an effective longer period of time or may site in Oregon currently con- gives the patient and caregiver information on research both are still able to discuss it (2273).
More and more seniors are utilizing the internet as a resource for education, support, and community-building with other individuals in similar health situations. To make your browsing a little easier, we’ll keepyou informed about some of the most utilized health-related sights. “I finally am connected
to SHN and I’m so grate-
ful about it on behalf of
my sister who has FMS
and CFIDS. The Chat is
the most wonderful
thing. The people are so
honest and sincere and
open. I can’t wait for my
sister to learn how to
operate her new comput-
er so she can get online”
Debra, SHN Fibromyalgia
and CFIDS Community
“SHN will allow me to
make intelligent choices
about how to manage
my illness and make the
most of my life. It is just
the kind of tool I have
been looking for.”
research. Through thisactivity, SHN helps instill Joanne Brayden, Patient
Advocate and SHN
To test the knowledge Answer: (c) The average man 6. Impotence affects
approximately how many
men in the United States?
1. What’s the recommended
4. The doctor takes your
minimum number of serv-
blood pressure and tells
ings of fruits and vegetables
you it’s 170 over 90. This
you should eat daily?
reading is considered:
7. The most common site
of cancer diagnosis is:
2. How often should you
have your blood pressure
5. You’ve taken a choles-
terol test. The results indi-
cate your LDL reading is
low, but your HDL is very
high. You should be:
3. As a man, what nutrient
should make up the bulk
of your diet?
US TOO is an independent network of support group chapters for menwith prostate cancer and their families. US TOO groups offer fellowship,peer counseling, education about treatment options, and discussion ofmedical alternatives without bias. Call the US TOO toll free hotline at:1-800-80-USTOO (800-808-7866) or at www.ustoo.com NEW or CHANGED
Insurance Program
in Mid October. Membersget great coupon benefits you’d like to be a memberof Pharmacy Friends.

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Alzheimer’s association internal conference on prevention of dementia, june 18-21, 2005, marriot wardman hotel, washington, d

T. Musha; Brain Functions Lab., Yokohama, Japan T. Takao; Kurashiki Heisei Hospital, Kurashiki, Japan What is DIMENSION (Diagnosis Method of Neuronal Dysfunction) Scalp potentials for the EEG alpha-component in a normal subject are well approximated by a potential distribution generated by an optimal single current dipole generator (mathematical model), and its goodness-of-fit (dipolarity) D i

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COMPANY ANNOUNCEMENT Living Cell Technologies Welcomes Report On Safety of Pig Cell Transplants April 8, 2009 – Sydney, Australia and Auckland, New Zealand– Living Cell Technologies Limited (ASX: LCT; OTCQX: LVCLY) says that the safety of using pig cells as a method of treatment has been supported by leading international virologists in an independent scientific paper. The report published

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